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Thread: Sciatic pain

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    Sandy036 Guest

    Unhappy Sciatic pain

    Hi All,

    Would like to know if anyone has or is having experiences with Sciatic Pain. I currently have it and would like to know of different relief methods that may help. It is driving me up the wall and is a real pain in the butt!! excuse the pun...hehe. I get it on my right side and can hardly walk some days. Thanks

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    I know exactly how you feel. The best ways to treat it are either physio, accupuncture or massage. They did the trick for me.

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    So sorry, Sandy. I have been learning about sciatica in my studies to become a massage therapist. I haven't yet completed my unit on pregnancy massage, so I can't help you with techniques just yet. But perhaps a visit to a massage practitioner who specialises in pregnancy massage would be worthwhile?

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    Hi sandy, i have found heat packs are good too, and to rest!! I have terrible sciatic pain, especially when i stand for most of the afternoon (i was on a cooking spree) and boy did i pay for it last night!!
    I just have a nice bath, heat a heat pack and have some panadol if need be. Also DF massages it for me.

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    I have had a lot of trouble with my sciatica since my 1st pregnancy and has gotten worse during this pregnancy. I had a massage which worked wonders for a few days but what has helped more has been not lifting DS or anything too heavy, not wearing high heels and trying not to stand for too long a period of time....sitting doesn't help either of course, lay down when you can. I still have problems with it but no where near as much as I used to.
    HTH.....good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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    I've been getting it quite bad too. I'm seeing an osteopath and going to yoga. i'm finding that is helping. I do stretching whenever i can too. Heat packs are good, hot showers and baths, lying down is good and if you're at a desk all day like me, getting up and walking around regularly.

    Hope the pain eases for you.

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    I had it, not pleasant!! Baths helped me heaps. Hope it eases for you soon

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    Default I know how you feel

    I got a Swisse Ball and sit on it and do Pelvic floor tilts, rock my hips from side to side, sit on and do circles clockwise and anticlockwise (this was from my pregnancy Pilates class). I also say a physiotherapist and she said to get my husband to dig his elbow into side of the buttock. It hurts lots but the muscle is very deep and hard to get to apparently. These things all helped me as I could barely walk some days around the 28 to 32 week mark!

    Now I am much better but the pain returns at night. My Physio place a pillow between your legs or if its really painful use a swisse ball. I know hilarious when you are in bed with a giant ball! But make sure your knee is higher than your hip in bed (this is for sleeping on your side)

    I love my Swisse Ball!
    Hope this helps!

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    I also know what you mean, it was painfull!! I was still working while i experienced this so i had a pillow on my chair and i just kept a heat pack on as much as possible. I didn't actaully go anywhere to treat this i just put up with it. I can't remember exactly when i had it but i'm guessing it was in the last 2 months, one day it was there, it lasted for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden it was gone. It felt like a whole lot longer than 2 weeks but my god i was happy when it was gone, i remember saying to people 'i feel like i could go for a run around the block!!' Good luck!!

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    Sandy036 Guest

    Smile Pain in the butt!!

    Hello All,

    Thanks for all your responses to my pain in the butt...LOL. I am currently pain free for the time being. I had the pain for 2 weeks and boy am I glad that it has gone. I hate being immobilised. The worst was not being able to pick up my little girl for the 2 weeks. I missed my hugs... Am sooo happy now I can get my daily hugss... hehe. One thing I found was that rest did help the pain but also moving every so often as much as I could helped. Heat packs to some degree and I changed my mattress over too as I think this was a part of the problem that kicked it off in the first place. I also lay on the opposite side which helps too. One thing I must say I would rather go through childbirth pain over sciatic nerve pain any day. At least with childbirth pain you can breathe out the pain and bare it, then it goes for awhile. You also know it won't go on for 2 weeks!! Ouch. Hope all have found or find help with this horrid pain in the butt problem. Just hope mine doesn't come back again. Safe journeys everyone and thanks.

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