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Thread: Swollen labia at only 29wks?

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    Hi Kerrie, yes i had the same thing i remember looking down there thinking omg what's happening to me, it was a shock a first as it was not something i expected to come on so suddenly.

    Thankfully things all return back to normal eventually.

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    only 29 weeks Like others I have found the varicose veins in the vulva have got worse and earlier with each pregnancy....I am on baby #4 and wow if you could see it

    I find laying down or leaning forwards removes the babies weight from the area allows the blood to move away ...its only short term but it gives some relief.

    When in labour with DS#2 I couldn't use upright positions as it just ached and hurt soooo much which was disappointing and limiting..... I imagine that this time it will be side already swells to about 3-4 times it normal size and I am only 26 weeks.

    Sigh....but they are worth it

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    Kerrie, yes I remember getting those symptoms around the 30 week mark! I thought there was something wrong with me but they have settled down now. Man it hurt, like someone had tied two heavy weights to my labia and I was walking around with them!! LOL

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    well canisten pessaries and cream cleared it all up well. No soreness now, still a little swollen, but I can deal with that!!!!!!!!!

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    Glad to hear you are a bit more comfy now.... makes things a bit easier when you can run around after your little ones without wincing!

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