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Thread: too early to pack bag??

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    Default too early to pack bag??

    Hi there!!

    As you can see i have just ticked over into 3rd trimester!! hehe very excited....

    was wondering if it is too early to pack the bag for hopsital??

    What are the essentials i need for bub and myself?? would like to hear what others packed and used, and things that were packed that weren't needed?

    looking forward to hearing ur replies!

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    There's no such thing as too prepared, hence of course it's not too early to pack!!!

    The essentials i'd pack that aren't 'obvious' are:
    A good roll (or two) of really soft quality toilet paper. There is nothing worse than hossy TP in the first few days.
    Some URAL. It alkalinises (i'm positive that isn't really a word) your wee. Really really good stuff.

    Then you've got pads, breast pads, mat. bras, a dressing gown, slippers, a hair dryer can be really good on stitches! Make sure you have breastfeeding friendly tops!

    I didn't use one single thing i packed in my labour bag but... gatorade, music player, massage oil, bathers (well a top) for you and support person (for the bath), snacks...

    Ill come back when i think of more.

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    Hi there congrats!!
    I dont think its ever to early to pack a bag, its up to you and its fantastic that you are so excited!! i was to with my 2 boys.
    I dont really remember what i packed, so i cant give you advice on that sorry
    all the best

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    It's NEVER too early to be prepared!!! Anything can happen
    um i can barely remember what I packed. A nightie for labour, that didn't get used until after as I stripped off before I began pushing, LOTS of surfboard type pads, LOTS of old/yucky undies... grandma ones are excellent as they hold evreything in, ural to help ease the pain of #1's ( I didn't use it, but have heard it's very good), Baby book/record book, to fill in when visiting hours are over, you can't sleep, and theres noone to talk to, LOLLIES!!!!, energy drinks, SOCKS!!! you're feet get mega cold, Towels just in case the hospy doesn't supply.... not sure of what else for you

    For bubs, about 5-10 outfits... I may have gone overboard, but better safe than sorry. Nappies to use to go home, bathing accessories( an icecream tub with cotton wool balls, cotton tips, baby bath etc), beanies, socks, blankets for going home.

    umm.. soo much I have probably missed, but my brain was misplaced during labour ( I swear!!), so someone else will be able to fill you in on the other basics.
    How exciting!! 3rd Tri! Not long to go now, good luck

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    firstly congrats! and i think i packed my bag when i was still in 2nd tri i just added to it as time went on and im still adding to it cause i didnt want to go puitting in munchy food if i werent to go into labour till 41 weeks so i am just about to put in the final touches of my bag.
    Many many woman told me to pack plenty of black undies that was allways there number one thing to tell me to pack. clothes for you and him to go home in. and plenty of batteries for photos.

    good luck with everything

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    I'm 35 weeks and have almost finished packing my bags, I'd better hurry up!!

    A couple of good ideas I've been given to pack are:

    Lollies for labor to give you energy. I've already cheated and eaten the packed of snakes I packed! Guess I'll just have to buy more!

    Comfortable clothes for DH - just in case he arrives at the birth in his suit from work? I've packed him some bathers (for use in the shower if I have one), trackie pants and two t-shirts.

    I still haven't decided what to wear during labor, I know it should be something I don't mind getting blood and ick on, was going to wear one of DH's old t-shirts but won't be able to BF straight away with that on? Hmmm.... I'll get back to you about that...

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    Im slowly packing my bags so just on the labour thing...... I went into a mens store and bought in the biggest size a button up work shirt. Just a cheapie $10 one and its fantastic. Covers my bum but can be unbuttoned when it comes time to push so I have skin to skin contact. I have asked DP to wear it around the house so itr smells like him by the time I get to use it. I'm a bit soppy like that LOL.

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    Great idea smudgies_mum, I really want to wear something that covers my bum! But also that I can unbutton for skin-to-skin contact..... I'll go and get a shirt tomorrow! Thanks!

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    hey bugalug,
    we are due the same day. I packed my bag with pg#1 as soon as I had finished work (@36wks) The other times it was only a week or so before bubs came. I will probably be the same this time round too. I am busier with the kids and it is like 'when I get round to it'

    All the best!!!

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    There was a fabulous thread somewhere on BB asking the same question with lots of comprehensive lists from lots of people. I just searched but couldn't find it, but I'll continue to look and if I find will drop back in and advise.
    Some of the things I remembered from others advice and have packed for myself were:
    Lip balm
    Hair ties
    Food (cuppa soup, bikkies, lollies, muslie bars etc)
    Energy drinks
    Socks (apparently feet can get very cold)
    Change of cloths for partner for when he/she gets wet in shower/bath with you
    Maternity pads & Breast Pads
    Music / essential oils / inspiring photo's
    Dressing gown / slippers etc
    Rescue Remedy (I never leave home without it)
    List of those who need to be contacted after the birth
    If I remember any others I'll come back.

    Best of luck to you.

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    hello and congrats on your upcoming bub! Very exciting time for you!

    Big stretchy nighties are a must, anything thats comfy and doesn't rub on your tummy in case you have to go for a c-section. A few of the women I've come across have used disposable undies so they didn't have to give their hubbies bloody undies to take home, i thought that was pretty neat u can get them from the chemist. Definitely lollies during labour, u cant bear to have anything more n gives u extra energy. ur hubby mite wana bring sum board shorts, most women sit in the shower leaning over their hubby and he gets saturated lol. Definitely bring your own pillow, most hospitals dont have enuf and are never comfy so u want plenty especially if you are breastfeeding. For bubby take heaps of singlets and jumpsuits but just one going home outfit, all they wear in hospital is their little jumpsuits and lotsa bunny rugs. I think thats all i can come up with at the moment, all the best and happy labouring!

    student midwife and registered nurse

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    Hi ladies,

    well heres my list, as well as the hospitals.

    For mums:

    t-shirt or nightie for labouring if not wearing hospital gown
    day clothes, ie tracksuit/comfy casual or night wear like gown, tops/shirts with front buttons, for easy access to breast feeding
    maternity bras or crop tops
    underwear disposable or black
    toiletries, ie toothpaste/brush, hairband, brush,comb,shampoo/cond, bodywash, towel, toilet paper, hair dryer. (maybe some lippy, deodorant to freshen up)
    breast pads
    2 packets of maternity pads or overnight pads (get extra if needed)
    1 pen and pad
    camera or video (make sure its charged!lol)
    change coins for phone
    Magazine or book (if got the time for you!lol)
    boomerang or standard pillow lol

    Extras that im taking since i had trouble with breastfeeding and if stuck in hospital longer, eg a week, then you better double up with clothes and pads for you and bubs!!!

    bottles, teats and yes the good old breast pump doesnt go astray.

    For baby:

    1 packet of disposable nappies and disposable bags to put used nappies in
    bunny rugs either cotton or muslin, maybe a baby blanket
    cotton balls, face washer, baby towel
    baby bath soap, shamp and conditioner
    baby wipes, powder, barrier cream
    baby clothing ie caps, singlets, socks, suits, mittens (take as much depending on climate and how long your staying).

    dummies, bibs, bottles, spare teats, pads, lots and lots of pads!!!!!lol.

    Anything else that might pop up, will add to list.

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    Talking I packed at 32 weeks.

    I am already packed. LOL! I have three different bags. My Birth bag, Big bag and Baby bag. My hospital provides everything for baby apart from going home outfit. They won't let use a video camera!!

    I packed pretty much everything that the other threads said, but I think almond oil to wash baby with. Great for yukky frist baby poos, rescue remedy, calendula and anica and pawpaw oitment (my friend said the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour stuff - like pawpaw oitment) can be used for for sore womens bits and nipples. Lavender pillow - just the small ones you buy for undie draws.

    Food for at the hospital - musli bars, soups, whatever.
    Some women suggested gatrorade or an electrolyte drink. Have to buy this. But I went for apple juice instead!

    Hope this helps

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    I may be repeating what some people have said before but I'll add anyway! These are the most important I think. I won't add everything, there are some really good lists above and as I said, I will only be repeating!

    * Good fitting black undies are best. You need them to be firm so they hold everything in place and black so if you do leak, you won't have stains! And lots of 'em!
    * Your own pillow! Godsend for a half-decent nights sleep (I never slept that well in hosp. I was always too excited or overtired to sleep.)
    * A book. You will probably get a little bored in between visiting hours and bub sleeps so much the first few days, you need something to get by. You can't rely on TV!
    * Panadol. I always take my own. Midwives get busy and sometimes it can be over an hour before they get back to you with some panadol for after birth pains.
    * Don't forget your purse/handbag! When you are filling out forms you will need certain information (from what I can remember) that you carry in your purse/handbag! And a pen!

    Hope these help!!

    Good luck, I'm not that far away myself! The above lists have been handy for me as well as I seem to have forgotton some them!!


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    It's never to early to pack your bags as far as I was concerned. I had almost 4 weeks to go when I went to hospital and gave birth.... I was so glad my DH pushed me to pack my bags with 6 weeks to go!!! It's better to have the bag packed than be rushing around home trying to remember things whilst having contractions

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    My bag has been packed for a few weeks now, i like to be over prepared than under prepared.
    I just have to pop a few little things in it now, but thats it!

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