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Thread: what to wear when giving birth?

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    You'll probably end up naked. They have seen it all before... thousands of times.
    I was starkers, but I did get to the hossy at 8cms dialated, and then it was only 3 hours till Lach was born. CLothes just get in the way. Trust me, you think of NOTHING except breathing in and out, and pushing when you have to! lol
    I am not a small person, but I couldnt give a rats!

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    Off with the fairies.


    I had on my most comfy, favourite nightie and shorts on at first, ( the shorts were that worn they had a few holes in the bum part and the nurses laughed at me. Hehe )
    They offered me one of those gross out gowns... but in the end I just had my nightie on.

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    Nude. That's was the way to go for me. I had no idea what to wear. So i had a singlet top on and tracky pants. When i got into the labour ward i was so sick of it I took it all off and got into the shower so i was nude for about 6 hours.

    After the epidural I got into the hospital gown. Take socks (like the other mums said) and lots and lots of undies.

    Also if you have a *natural* birth you'll need some pads to help with the bleeding. Sorry if TMI. Take the big nanna pads or a friend of mine used the incontinence undies and she didnt have to wash anything when she got home!


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    Can I add to luua? Don't just take pads - take millions of the flamin' things!! I had to get DH to go and buy some more. I had no idea - maybe that's just me.

    I was in total shock about the mess I made (TMI). I think the last thing I said as they wheeled me out of the labour ward was, "Are you sure you don't want me to clean up??" I was so embarrassed......... as if I had any control over that!! I'm a little prudish about that. I have to talk myself in to smear tests for months and months. During birth I was really not caring who saw what and when........... all I knew is that my husband kept taking the gas away to chat to the midwife and itermittently look at my hoo haa.

    But, hey!! Bring on the S-E-X............ ha, ha!!

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