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Thread: Whoppa size baby on the way!!!

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    Thanks for the massive replies ladies and mids!lol

    Seems that everyone is head strong on their beliefs. I guess bottom line is Yes im a big fat CHICKEN!lol..

    I guess tts other factors as well that i should add in. I didnt have an easy birth last pregnancy with my 9 pounder, and the male midwife and woman were not very supportive of my distress. (Hence me screaming at the top of my lungs, until i lost my voice!), and them telling me to shoosh up!!!!!!!!WTF. As if being in a vunerable position, having your crutch exposed to strangers, and not being able to do a damb thing about it, is bad enough. And then to be told to settle down!. And not to mention i didnt have any pain killers, but gas. But that did eff all.

    And no with this pregnancy, it has plagued my mind and caused alot of extra anxiety as to what sort of midwife will i be getting this time, because there is no way in hell that i will be keeping my mouth shut trying to push out a 10 pounder!, even if i tried to! And no i wont go for the pain killers just yet. Im going public not private, so my choice is who ever you get is what you get on the day.

    I dont have family support, since their all deceased, or live over seas, and that comes to hubby as well. Hubby wont be in the room with me, as he cant stand blood!lol

    And the friends i have are not the ideal people i want in the delievery room either.

    Ive seriously thought to myself, that i will be better off giving birth at home, away from everyone. Thanks to the midwifes/student midwifes attitude towards me in my last pregnancy.

    So i guess, my reasoning, or leaning towards a c-section is because its a more controlled thing, a scheduled thing. And i know it hurts like hell, but doesnt having your b-hole ripped to your v-hole any difference, in terms of the length it takes to heal.

    I know its a cop out guys, to just want a c-section like hollywood style, but im really sheeting myself about this. I might add that my first pregnancy was good, and i wasnt in as much pain, thanks to giving birth to a 7 pounder. So i cant say, that both births were the same.

    Anyway thats how i feel.


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    Default Doula?????

    Mel - have you thought of having a doula with you for support, especially if hubby won't be in the room with you (big chicken - men, think it is all about them LOL)??? That way you could have constant support, reminders about positioning for pain and options - it is important to be looked after psychogically as well as physically!!

    Just an option to consider. My hubby whilst very supportive is too practical for my liking during labour and birth, all my family is interstate & mum deceased too - so we are having a doula for this bubba - finally talked him into it

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    I agree with Sami's doula suggestion... that way you would have some support there, and have someone to speak on your behalf and to help you to not get any [email protected] from anyone.
    Wishing you all the best.

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    Hi SamiH,

    Oh yes, ive thought of the doula, even asked for one through this website, but no luck.

    I guess ill leave it to the gods!lol and hope for a friendly, supportive midwife, who can block his/her ears out while im in the process of doing my thing!lol

    Ive even got a handy pack of ear plugs that im seriously thinking of providing the hosp staff!lol


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    Hi Mel... you sound scared. And by the sound of it you have every reason to be scared! If I may give you a piece of advice? Your difficult labour you had with your last baby may not have been due to size, but due to your anxiousness and lack of support. Your baby may have also been in a difficult position. There is so much evidence to suggest a stressed, scared and anxious labouring woman can hinder the process of labour.

    Just remember that babies are very pliable and flexible and so is your pelvis... both of which are suited to labour and birth.

    Make sure you have a well thought out birth plan and arm yourself with support

    Please don't let your caregivers scare you even more with talk of a big baby.

    I wish you all the best and please don't hesitate to vent or ask for more advice in here.


    ETA: where are you located, Mel? Maybe we could go on the Doula hunt for you

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    Thank you very very much for your help Tanya!

    Your an angel!

    Im definately going to look into it. Ive already PM you, with the same comment.

    The info your provided, is like a weight lifted off my shoulders!!!!

    Yes looking back at things, your right, i guess with added stress, labour does take longer, even though you want to rush it and get out of it as soon as possible!, at least for me at the time it was the case. At that time i felt they were impatient with me, and i was giving them a 'headache' with my winge. I even remembering apologising to them for all my winging!, after when the baby was delievered!! Now i look back and think why should have i apologised, they should know that some woman can only handle so much!!!. So the doula would be great. ALthough i would only need a doula just for the labour and birthing period, and not so much as to adjusting when i get home.

    Yes i can see it now, my doula being a bouncer/body guard for me. Ill direct her to punch a few unsympathetic midwifes out!lol...kidding.


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    Hi Mel, I second what everyone else has said about getting a doula - worth their weight in gold if you ask me. The other thing that you could do to avoid an unfriendly setting is to stay at home as long as possible before going to hospital. Also I would write a birth plan clearly stating to the staff that you vocalise as opposed to internalise your birth pains and that it would be unproductive for them to tell you to 'shoosh up'.

    When you book your doula, you discuss with her what sort of things you need the most and go from there, but it is very handy to know that they will do post natal JIC you decide you do need it.

    Good luck and please keep us in the loop with what is going on OK?

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    hi there...
    i think it depends on who's done the scan.
    I just had my first baby by emergency c-section from a failed induction due to size of baby. I had a scan at 32 weeks and 36 weeks to check on size. At 32 weeks my baby was estimated to be 2.5 kgs at 36 weeks- 3.5kgs.
    At 38 weeks he was born at 4180- 9lb 3 1/2. so estimates seemed to be largely accurate for me....
    mind you, i still dont think i shouldve been induced- but i'm healthy and so is my baby, which is all i can ask for.

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