thread: Uh-oh!! I have no oven! How do I roast the chook?

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    Uh-oh!! I have no oven! How do I roast the chook?

    Ok the oven door broke last weeks so I don't want to use it. I forgot about it when I bought a roasting chook yesterday.

    I have an electric pan, you know the big square ones with the vent in the lid. I am assuming I can roast a chook in it... any ideas how? How long would it take? What temp do I need to have it on?
    Can it be done so the skin goes crispy or will it stay soft?

    Thanx in advance

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    Has anyone got a Weber you could borrow for the day?

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    Hi tanya- not sure how or if you can roast a cook in an elecrtic frying pan but i do know if you have a BBQ with a lid you can do one in there... Just use a baking tray and do as you normally would in the oven... Times vary i usually like to cook slow and on a low heat as i like the skin to have a little crunch.... maybe get a chook to test out before you do the reall thing.

    Hope that helps

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    Tanya, if you're keen start it off in the microwave (13 mins one side, 14 the other - i think) and then finish it off int he electric frypan. My aunt did this for christmas a couple of years back, but she finished it off in a large bessemer pot on the stove. It still went fairly crispy, if i recall correctly - but i guess it's a bit of a touch and go sort of thing!
    I always roast my 'roast chicken rolls' (pre stuffed and wrapped and sorts from coles) in the electric frypan and it comes out a lot better than if i do it in the oven...

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    You can definitely do it in the pan, or on the bbq if it has a lid (my DH cooks all our roasts on the bbq and they are just delicious). The instructions for roasting in my electric frying pan say to preheat on setting 8 - 9 (out of 10, so pretty hot) and use a small amount of oil. Then brown and seal on all sides before putting the lid on. Then turn it down to 4 -5 to cook and turn occassionally. When finished cover with foil and let rest for 5 - 10 mins. HTH.

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    My Nanna *always* used to cook her chookies in the electric frypan and they were always yummy so yes it can be done, thanks MantaRay for the instructions I might give it a try one day.

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    Thanx girls
    My partner has a spit that he made... I suppose I could get him to put it on there I'll wait until he is up and ask him if he wants to do it. If not I will follow MR's instructions and let you know how I go

    Thanx heaps!!

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    My mum roasts chooks in her elect frypan, she puts tin foil down first & when she turns it she puts tin foil under it too... IYKWIM...


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    Mum and Dads oven broke just before Chistmas a couple of years ago and so BBQed (gas) it with a rotissary (bad sp!) it was the best turkey we ever had so they do it that way every year now.
    Is there anyway that you could use one of these?

    best of luck

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    So Tanya, how did it go? Did you have yummy roast chicken last night?

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    Oh yeah
    Alecia said it was very yummy So I suppose it worked. The skin didn't go crispy but that's ok.

    I can't remember how long i had it on for but I suppose it didn't matter because it was cooking reasonably slowly. I turned it every 15 mins or so... Also I left the vent open (I can't close it anyway, lol.

    Thanks heaps

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