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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009 #2

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    Oct 2008

    So confused

    Firstly, sorry for the me post. Will be back tomorrow for persies.

    I have just been so confused all afternoon and have just been out to dinner at DH's parents and have only just got home.

    I wasn't going to write anything on here but I just need to tell you all! I caved and POAS today at lunchtime. The control line came up really fast (as usual) so I just walked away in disgust at another negative test! When I went back a little later (10 minutes at the most) I noticed the faintest, faintest line. I wouldn't even call it a line, it was more a shadow. DH could see it too because at first I thought I was only seeing what I wanted so badly. I read a bit on the internet and BB said it could be an evaporation line but if you can still see the line (or shadow) when holding the test at arms length then there is a possibility it could be a line. Well, DH could still see it holding it at arm's length and he is 6 foot 2 so has much longer arms than me .

    I am still taking it as a negative but it is the closest I have gotten to 2 lines in 20 months so even if I'm not DH and I have had an afternoon of hope

    Not sure if it is my imagination but I have had some cramping tonight (just on my left side mainly) but that could just be the start of AF. I don't have too many symptoms either way so just playing the waiting game.

    Anyway I will POAS first thing in the morning and see what comes up. I'll probably be on here saying RB has arrived

    Thanks for listening

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    Mar 2008

    Haven't had any time to read thru the posts.... we're on our way out the door--DF's skydiving today, and I always take video. Will be back later for persies! for everyone!

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    Jan 2008
    Indiana, USA

    Just popping in for a happy Saturday Gurlies!

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    Jan 2009
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    Morning everyone.

    I think I am out? Temp was below the cover line today. I had a look on ff in the chart gallery and there are not that many pg one's with a temp below the line. I didn't think a couple of wipes of hardly any red blood would be af (sorry tmi) to me that is spotting and I was expecting a pretty full on af after the D&C if I got her, including period pain etc. What has been everyones experience with af after D&C or m/c I expected a late ovulation due to the D&C but I still expected af 2 weeks later not 8 days? Again what has been your experience?

    So now I am not sure what to do, do I keep charting on this cycle or start a new one with yesterday as day 1? I'm thinking to see what my temp in tomorrow?


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    Jan 2009

    Mel - I really really hope it is a bfp. from what i understand if you look at the test within the 10 minute mark then 2 lines is a bfp - 2 lines will only show up if there is HCG in your system - which will only be there when you are preg. How many DPO are you? What brand of test did you use - I swear by first response, which you get a woolies (or safeway). I can't wait to hear some good news for you hun *hugs*

    Sunny - I look forward to seeing you with a cute little ticker too I hope af leaves soon so that you can go onwards and upwards... just remember, you are officially a month closer to your bfp I hope it comes soon.

    Jen and Smi -

    and now to the lovely Cherished - Just keep charting this cycle until you get AF properly.. you never never know - your temp may be up again tomorrow morning. It is certainly odd what our bodies do sometimes, so please don't count yourself out till AF is completely there. still hoping for a bfp for you. Also, i dont' completely remember what my first AF was like after the d&c (sorry, i have the most terrible memory). I wasn't charting but it came 5 weeks to the day after the d&c. I don't remember it being any more crampy than normal... but it certainly wasn't just a tiny bit of red spotting either - I think similar to normal AF, maybe a little heavier. I still have my for you.

    AFM - my temp has gone up slightly this morning... yay! I hope that is a good sign. Although, the spotting is back.. I had a whole day with no spotting yesterday and I must admit I got quietly excited. I didn't want to put anything down about it because i was worried i would jinx myself and it would show up again... look like it decided to do that just with my quiet thoughts. I hope it goes away and stays away!

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    Jan 2008
    Melbourne, Australia

    mel - sending some positive vibes your way - i have everything

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    Dec 2008
    Melbourne, VIC

    Happy Sunday everyone....Mel....did you POAS yet??

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    Oct 2008

    Hi everyone,

    I am sitting here freaking out and have no idea what to think! I POAS this morning (first morning urine) and the 2nd line is definitely darker this time but still so so faint. As much as I would looove to be pg it really worries me I am getting such faint lines. That happened last time and it didn't end well Although last time when I was pg I tested when I was 5 weeks so the line should have been much darker.

    According to Maybe Baby I am 14 DPO today on CD30. I usually o about day 17 or 18 though and sometimes later so if maybe baby was wrong I could be earlier than I think. The tests I am using are cheap internet ones (I brought 50 in bulk) and it does take a while for the result to come up so not sure if that makes a difference?

    Maybe I should go and buy an expensive one from the chemist? So scared of getting another faint line though. DH goes way tomorrow until Friday for work so I will be here by myself going crazy!!!

    Sorry again for the me post, will post persies later. Just needed to talk to you all!

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    Oct 2007
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    Oh Mel - please put us out of our misery and go get a stronger test. What a blast if both of us are pg. Faint could be just so early, so many people get faint tests and go on to have healthy little bubs. for you. I used discover one step this time and it came up so much darker then the tests I used for my angel (can't remember the brand name - but I know it was different) for you hun, and I've got everything else crossed as well.

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    Jun 2008
    Cardiff Heights

    Hey Mel!!

    Sounds good and I have to say I am jealous!!! One of us was bound to get a positive and you've waited much longer than I have for it so congratulations! Any more cramping??? Could just be early pregnancy cramping? and keep us posted xxx

    Fifi: congratulations on your little man!!! Dont know how I missed that?? Gorgeous name too xx

    AFM: Im out, + spotting = AF. *sigh* Back to the drawing board... Just hope DH isnt away at the right time again..he is due to go in couple of weeks...

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    Jan 2009

    Mel - OMG that is great news. Definitely go get a better brand of test if you can and then try again (although will waiting again for FMU be best?????) As i said before, i am a big fan of first response which you get from woolies (or safeway) - if one of those is near by. And the cramping could very well be your body making room for your little one to grow in there. I'm so excited for you. I know that it is worrying, but please try to take this pregnancy as its own and not worry about what happened last time (I know, easier said then done - but its best to try) I have faith that its going to be ok this time. *hugs*

    Coco - sorry to hear that you think you are out.. are you using cheapie internet tests? (I didn't have any luck with them at any point.. i think i bought duds) Your temp still seems pretty high?? I am still hopeful that it will be a sneaky one for you xx

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    Sep 2008

    Mel - with this sticky baby my line was fainter than it was with my angel baby. o I wouldn't worry about it being faint (my DH couldn't see the line and said I just wanted it to be true, even the Doc was skeptical when I showed her the stick but she humoured me and did a bloodtest that showed I was indeed pregnant). I would buy another brand of test because 2 different types of tests can't both be wrong! sooooo hoping this is your forever baby!

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    Jul 2006

    Hey all,

    I feel like a terrible TTC friend. I am so sorry I have been MIA - I just needed some time out from everything associated with TTC and have had my head stuck in a book since Friday night. I have tried catching up on the posts, but it has been so busy that I will have to come back later.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am thinking of you all - particularly in my quieter times.

    Will be back later


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    Jun 2008
    Cardiff Heights

    Boble, Yeah Im using ones I bought from mumstheone. I dont know, I thought my temps would go right down this morning and AF would be here. I still have spotting today so far it has been like dark purple and scarce. Im sure she is coming but the temps are throwing me...

    I mentioned the other day that I played with another software for temping and it gave me a totally different date for ovulation being CD15 as opposed to CD11 and If so, then that correlates with the maybe baby but not the OPKS..I was getting positive results from monday and the darkest one on late wed aft. or thurs. I dont have other AF signs.. no cramping.. *shrug* Still in my heart I think im out...

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    Jan 2009
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    Mel YAY I would take it as a positive! A faint line is still a line and it's still so early I'm sure it will get darker

    Boble thanks for your message I was still holding onto a little bit of hope after reading it by I'm with Coco, I think I'm out, since my post earlier I have started to get what I would call a light flow not spotting anymore. Still so surprised I had a regular 30 day cycle (even though 'o' was heaps later). AND no af pains or signs such as sore bb's. I put light bleeding into ff and it automatically started a new cycle

    So I'm now going to the supermarket to buy ingredients to make a couple of different types of spelt cookies Yummmo (perhaps some chocolate ones!)I made my own spelt bread for the 1st last night too and it turned out great! So chuffed with myself

    Hope you are all having a great weekend

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    Dec 2008

    Yay Mel - my line was so so faint as well any 2nd line is a BFP. It can only be there with HCG so it looks like you caught that little egg hun.....
    I know what you mean though.... I was doing 3-4 POAS tests each day to see if it was my eyes or not ... The POAS companies made a forutne from me those firs few weeks hehe

    Jen: my temp dipped yesteday but i certainly ouldn't call it a surge up today...would you mind having a look for me please thanks

    AFM: well i o yesterday sorry :TMI:. But we both fell asleep on the lounge last night and we tried but no sure he made it as he was so so tired from work. ( no kids and utter exhaustion from my big crying event yesterday damn that women.) so i don't know how successful we will be I am so angry at myself 5 tablets 3 ultrasounds 2 mature eggs and i think we still managed to stuff it up
    We did BD on Friday night and will dtd again late this afternoon or tonigh....so there is still a chance


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    Aug 2008

    Mel - I'd go out and get another brand of test. I got my BFP at 16DPO with Pregnosis which you can get from the chemist. They can test HCG as low as 25. Mine was faint but it was definite. My understanding is that evap lines usually show after the recommended waiting time, which is why a postive shouldn't be read after 10 minutes or so. If you are seeing a second line within 10 minutes I would take that as positive. Maybe the cheapie internet tests aren't as sensitive, so go out and get yourself a more sensitive test. Please! I'm that this is it for you.

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    Mel-Get another test thats more sensitive! OMG id be so excited I wouldn't be able to wait! Much luck honey!

    Coco-Hang in there, its not over til the fat lady sings my love!

    Cherished-Every woman recovers differently from d&c I believe. Your body will work things out. You never know, you may be UTD! Hope so! My first 'real' AF after my d&c was VERY HEAVY and PAINFUL. You could be different though.

    Sorry everone else for lack of persies, will be back soon

    Luv ya!

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