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Thread: TTC after Miscarriage or Loss ~ February 08 #2

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    wow fingers crossed for those about to test, nothing happening here

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    Default Canary & Katiegirl

    Canary.... You make me laugh with all your scattered thoughts... but I sooooo understand... my head space is enough to send the sane ... insane.

    I am wishing so badly for a BFP for you both

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    Jodsan - sorry about af.

    pbstar - completely understand how you feel. It seems so unfair - I have no idea how their bodies could possible supply the baby the nutrition required to develop for those 9 months.

    Canary - good luck when you poas. Sounds positive and sending positive vibes your way.

    Tina - Hoping you got a BFP today.

    Kategirl goodluck for your test tomorrow, wishing you a BFP too!

    Tempus - have you tested yet? Fingers crossed.

    Hi to everyone else. Sending hugs and to all!!!

    Well as suspected, my temp went down today so i think it was just a little higher over weekend due to hayfever. Today should be O day actually so fingers crossed for this month. Have timed bd much better this month. Speaking of bd - catch yas later...... he he he - sorry TMI isn't it!!!

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    hi girls

    ooohh katiegirl and canary i can feel a coming....fingers crossed...

    jodsan, plc1805 & AJC- thanks for the support, am feeling a lot better and more rational today about my friends isn't fair in a lot of ways but you just have to get on with it and focus on the positives, and really, compared to a lot of people i am lucky.

    hi to everyone else and hope you are all well

    i am having a really weird TWW so far, it is such a mental battle against myself. One minute i start having preg symptoms (impossible as i am only 5DPO) and the next i am so down and exhausted because i have convinced myself i am not going to get a BFP...just want to find a happy medium!!

    this is the first TWW i have ever really monitored through charting etc so any tips on how to stay sane would be helpful???

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    Hey there!!
    First of all I want to wish all the girls in 2WW (katiegirl, canary, tina, magda, tempus, pbstar - so so sorry if I've missed someone) all the very best of !!!! Got EVERYTHING crossed for you!!!

    more to Nickster & StarrySky!!!!!!!!!!!

    A for AJC, jodsan, angelbabies(bdaybuddy), bettyboop, and the rest of u lovely ladies - with an extra special additional for bettyboop!

    As for me, had another acup appt today. Got it from him that until my kidney energies unblock it is unwise to conceive (toxins etc) - kind of have to wait anyway cos my OBGYN asked me to wait til AF arrived (assuming kidney energies unblocked by then). When I rang OBGYN today to confirm that "no sex" til AF really meant "no unprotected sex" til AF, I was told that I needed to in fact wait til my appt with him (post-surgery check-up) in mid April (not when AF arrives) before TTC. But he told me after surgery to wait til AF!! Boy oh boy! I'm not a patient customer and I'm really being tested!! Agree that when u break a bone or twist an ankle you can't do anything major for 6-8 weeks so is post-lap surgery the same? maybe cos they had to physically cut something out than it is precautionary. Anyway, needed to vent....thanks.

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    Default General

    Well I got some news I didnt like tonight..... I made the "mistake" of getting on the scales at the gym tonight.... yeah sounds good saying I was at the Gym but it was only the second time since I lost my angels. OMG I knew my clothes didnt fit since the Miscarriage. I knew I had gotten bigger.... but I didnt realise by how much. All I can say is OMG!

    So I had to take a serious look at what s been happening and make some dramatic changes. From the Gym we went to Woolies and brought a weeks worth of food. I know to most people buying your groceries weekly is standard stuff... its not with us. We buy our meals on the way home from work each night. We decide on the way home what we are going to eat that night and what we have is dictated by what time we leave work. Lunch is whatever is available from the takeaway around the corner from work.

    So I ve spent the remainder of the evening joining online (obviously I like online groups..... ) the Biggest Looser Club. I had to put in my weight and measurements... ohhh NOT PRETTY it also asked other questions and decided my goal weight is 46kg less than I am at the moment. I knew that I was about 20kg above my 'goal' weight but when I weighed myself tonight.... I have put on more than 25kg since starting IVF 8 months ago.

    Sometimes I think of what differences there are in my life over the last 8 months.... and here we go... another change... major major major weight loss required.

    Ohhhh well... One Day At A Time.

    Now as for everyone else... I keep feeling like I m missing people when I catch up on here at the moment.

    PBL1805 (Birthday Buddy) I ve got an accupunturist as well.... WHAT a little power rocket. SHe is just so full of energy and excitement. Her standard line.... "How are you today"... Reply.... "Good".... her reply...."OHHHH THATS GREAT... REALLY GREAT"... She talks about whether I m "shining" she uses the needles for my kidneys and all sorts of blockages I have... Apparently I m a "mind" person so some of the needles are to allow my energies to leave my mind and go back to my stomach area instead.... OHHHHH there is all sorts of things, she can tell what ovary i m ovulating out of... it just goes on and on. Personally I think she is wonderful. I look forward to my appointments. This whole no sex thing though that your Dr has you on... until after AF...... Hmmmmm not sure on that.... when DH and I are happy chappys with each DR can ... well I think you know the rest

    Tempest..... hmmmm your very quiet..... whats going on there girl

    Nickster.... dont be a stranger girl.

    Well I suppose if i catch up with a couple every post... I ll be up to date in no time.

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    angel babies- i am the same as you , i have put on so much weight since my M/C and all the stuff going on at the moment, i know that i am a emotional eater.

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    angel babies and bettyboop- me too, since the m/c the weight has been climbing.

    Last week i was looking at the biggest loser club website too and i decided against it because of the price, but found - Australian Online Diet and weight loss club. Lose weight for good! which is pretty similar, you put in your weight, height, measurement etc and it sets you goals and tells you how many calories to eat and how much exercise to do and then you have a food/exercise diary where you put it all in and it calculates it for you, and it has recipes etc- best of all it is free...

    anyway it was one week yesterday and i had my weigh in and i lost 1.2 kilos! Not much but its a start...

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    OMG ladies I am the same with the whole putting on weight thing. My theory is that it is usual as after a m/c it is a natural thing for women to emotionally eat. Both my gf's who have also had m/c have also found they have put on weight!
    pbstar - thanx for that fre site, am visiting it as soon as I leave here! for all of us doing something about our weight!!!

    A quick question for you all about charting temps:

    This morning my DH got up at 5am. I woke up and had to pe (sorry TMI) so decided to take my temp before I got up (I usually temp at 6am). It was 36.7. Then I went back to sleep and of course slept in. Didn't even hear the alarm. I awoke again at 6:45 and took my temp - 36.8. My question is which temp should I use or doesn't it really matter. At the mo I have used the 5am temp and changed the time but any input would be great!

    Good luck to all and

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    DH is going away tomorrow on a business trip, so he commandeered the computer last night. This is my first chance in two days--talk about withdrawal pangs! But my temp went down yesterday and I started to spot and today I'm full flow. So I'm out of the TWW club for now! But I go for bloodwork on Thursday and next thursday is the hysteroscopy. I had it all backward before--I thought this week was hysteroscopy.

    pbstar: my "off the cuff" impression is your progesterone might be off, which you already know it takes a few cycles for your hormones to get back to normal. but I could be wrong.
    and yes, I totally get your frustration with people like that...but like you said, it's kinda hard to say such things in "real life", you just think them in your head.

    STARRYSKY: you crack me up--"morning sickness...couldn't be happier!" keeping fingers crossed

    Angel Babies: great attitude about one day at a time. Would you describe yourself as a generally optimistic person? And you go girl, weight-loss wise

    Canary: the answer to both your questions is yes. because your temps should stay up until 14dpo and "technically" it doesn't matter how high they get, as long as they're higher than the cover line. but from personal experience, during my successful pregs my temps tended to creep up higher than a regular luteal phase. but that could be just me--I'm always afraid of building somebody up too high (even myself). But the pee in the night would happen even before AF due when I was preg...

    Katiegirl: fingers extra crossed

    AJC: too funny--and good luck!

    plc1805: kind of like a bait-and-switch, isn't it? but probably to prevent infection or something.

    berecca623: the basal temp is the lowest of the day. And they recommend you take it at the same time within 15 minutes. If it were me, I'd chose the lower one.

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    Hello Everyone
    Wow it has been forever since i have posted here. I will admit i have been lurking and seeing what everyone is up too. What great news there has been....
    Congrats to all the people with BFP that is wonderful i hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.
    Hello to all the newies i hope your time here is suportive and short.

    Just a quick question about temps
    My temp has started to rise and my af is due to arrive tomorrow. Can anyone explain this...

    Good luck to everyone here and i hope you can help with my question. Sending everyone lots of
    Take Care

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    Just a quick hi ladies, feel like I've missed so much in just one day!

    Pbstar, Angel and betty - I have also put on weight since the MC, I just think its your hormones going beserk so please dont be hard on yourselves ladies.

    pbstar and angel - it sound like you have made a positive move, just take it slowly and not too much pressure. Excessive dieting can make it hard to conceive. But eating healthy with well-planned meals to ensure you get all the nutrition you need to conceive will probably result in some weight loss also.

    I also think exercise is very important for a huge number of reasons: aids digestion, helps body detox, is a de-stressor, burns calories and I think this could be a key in assisting conception. I used to be a competitive runner, running for about 45-60 mins, 5-6 times per week, with some hard sessions thrown in there. I really haven't had that kind of time or energy since having Aiden and it would take too much toll on my body (I'm too old!). So when embarking on TTC I have been doing the following: 10 mins on the rower, 10 mins on the bike, 10 mins on the cross-trainer (kind of like a ski machine) and 10 mins running on the treadmill = 40 mins aerobic exercise. I try to do this 3-5 times per week (though I've been a bit slack since MC bc I felt a bit too depressed). I was being very disciplined with this in November/December and got a BFP, and even though that didn't work out, I really feel as if it helps my overall body balance so I'm going to be a very good girl this month . BTW - I even did this exact routine, 3-5 times a week all the way through my pregnancy (did the last session 2 days before he was born) and I was back to pretty close to my normal weight within about 6 weeks after the birth without doing any exercise.

    Good luck Canary and Katiegirl - and everyone else on the 2WW .

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    Jodsan you go girl! I'm trying to remember the last time I did that much exercise and I am sure the answer is NEVER! lol I'm inherantly lazy, and really need a big kick up the a$$ to get out and do some excerise.
    In fact I'm sweating just thinking about it, i think that counts as exercise!

    Well my waist line too has expanded since being pg then the m/c. I can only fit into one pair out of 3 jeans. I think I have lost a little weight but still need to lose at least 5-10kgs. If I was being totally honest probably another 5-10 after that. I just love my food too much and it's a real hard slog to stay at that "healthy" weight. Healthy to me is what I am happy with, I'd be happy fitting into my jeans again, so that's goal 1. Just not sure when this so called Goal 1 starts

    Going home tomorrow YAY! can't wait to see my DP.
    Good luck to everyone in the TWW, hopefully won't be long until I join you!


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    hi tempus- my temps have gone back up again yesterday and today, it was really cold the other night and my DH had a window open so perhaps my temp drop was just related to that...hope so anyway!

    jodsan thank you for your concern, i really am not being too hard on myself trust me! the good things about what i am doing is that i am still enjoying the foods i like but just trying to stick to about 1300 calories a day. So if i have some choccy mud cake like i did yesterday i just have a bit lighter dinner...anyway like i said it has only been a week so we'll see!

    agree with you on the exercise front, i aim for walking or a session on the cross trainer about 5-6 days a week and i feel so much better when i do it, really does exercise your mind not just your body... also helps me sleep better and have more energy which comes in handy with all the BD'ing!

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    Katie girl: have you POAS yet today? Im still working up to it, and waiting for DH to get home from work. Still dont know if im brave enough to deal with a negative at CD30. aaahhhh!
    good luck to you and all the other girls who are testing soon
    i think we are really needing some:

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    Gooooooood luck on the POAS but DONT let it be the end of the world if its not BFP. I m back to CD 9 after my recent 2ww. So best of luck but PLEASE dont work yourself up to the point where you will be devistated with a negative result.

    If you try to find a positive out of it..... If you havent worked out yet, thats something I always try and do..... The positive is that they are short cycles.... its not like each cycle is 6 months or a year. By the time you get over the fact that it was a negative,its nearly time to BD again. I find the biggest trick at the moment is making sure i m not chitty at DH at BD time........ LOL

    So absolute best wishes for your POAS..... many many many

    Tempus.... sorry about AF...... join me on the seat in the leading up to "o" I ve got a week to lead up to BD..... he snuck one in last night ..... TMI... but he can back off between now and then. Like I ve already said.... hopefully I m talking to him at BD time. There seems to be a pattern happening at the moment... when I m "o" I m peeved at hime..... when I m about to AF have to have it.... I know.... TMI again. But it seems to be the cycle for me at the moment.... not sure on how to work on that one....

    ll80..... NEVER...... ohhhh toooo funny.... laughed at that one.... soooooooo similar to myself when it comes to excersice. I ve always said I was to busy. Well not busy no more.... I have it set now.... Monday mornings is cycle studio.... Tuesday nights is tread mill and boxing circuit (hey the boxing circuit might help get my frustrations with DH sorted so i BD on time.... heyyyyyyy love it when a positive pops up like that) Wednesday morning is body balance... thursday is tredmill and body balance and friday is body pump..... saturday and sunday are OMG it got throught the week and monday back to Cycle Studio again. Plus I ve got BL club website that counts it all for me... it has me on over 2000 calories a day.... Ohhhh well.... If i can do IVF and Accapunture then I can do this...... ONE DAY AT A TIME!

    Jodsan..... Dont believe in excessive dieting.... eating healthy YES... eating silly... NO..... Exercise will be between and hour and an hour 1/2 five out of 7 days a week. Thats more to get myself addicted to it and a habit of my work week.... there is deffinately a theory there.... my head space if I do it every second day is "ohhh I ll do it tomorrow" and of course tomorrow never comes.

    46...... 46......46..... thats 46 KG I have to loose so thats enought to get my butt (HUGE BUTT AT THE MOMENT.....LOL) out of bed each morning to go to the Gym.

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    Good Luck Angel. I'll try not to influence you with the tempting idea of cakes and all things that are naughty!
    Perhaps now that you're all nice and motivated you can come and kick my butt into gear.
    Actually ... I wonder how much BD'ing counts in your weekly excerise routine.
    I'm sure I could amp it up to compensate a bit


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    Katie girl and Tina K - Good luck for POAS and lots of for you both!

    As for me, well I am pretty sure I have o'd by now. Monday and Tuesday were + OPK and tonight -. Think that is where I went wrong last time, I didn't keep doing the OPK once I got a + and then I think I missed out on night 2 of BD. Sorry for TMI but last night didn't think it was gonna happen either, we just couldn't seem to get it to work. Got there in the end, just. Sorry did say TMI. Today I have felt terrible as DH had been sore and then we still BD'd and this morning I appologised and said I hadn't taken his feelings into consideration, I am a cow, one tracked mind, etc, but he is beautiful and said he wants it just as much as me and that is why he was still willing to get there! Sometimes I remember why I love him so much!!!

    So for me and everyone else in here close to or just o'd, and saving on hold for the rest of you until you get here:

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