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Thread: TTC after Miscarriage or Loss ~ March 08 #2

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    Default TTC after Miscarriage or Loss ~ March 08 #2

    Welcome to TTC after Miscarriage or Loss for those of you who have just joined us. We hope your TTC journey is quick and successful. We are sure you will find much loving support from the other women on this challenging journey.

    If you have any concerns regarding anything within this thread please email/ PM any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum (all emails/ PM's are treated equally & confidentially):-

    MistyFying and

    Email addresses can be found here.

    Also, don't forget to check out the informative BellyBelly Conception Articles.

    The previous thread is here.

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    Default Yay! Am I the first post?

    Canary The wedding's in the Gold Coast, I live in London. I'm in a rental as well but it sorely needs redecorating. BTW I loved Hot Fuzz. I watched it during my first m/c (after not seeing a h/b at u/s, before d&c), and it was so funny that it really took my mind off my troubles for 2 hours. I still have a giggle when I see a Japanese Peace Lily. Enjoy your Easter/BD break!

    Jodsan Oooh... very promising symptoms! Good luck.

    BettyBoop :hugs: How frustrating. I understand the fear and uncertainty. It's been 9 months since I was last PG and have only just been given the all clear to start ttc in June (though I'm not waiting that long). PM me if you would like to chat.

    plc Poor DS and poor mum! Hope he gets better soon

    AJC Yay! We're almost cycle buddies!

    Hello & good luck to anyone I missed.

    My best friend just told me about this Parsi tradition/festival. At this time of year, they light a flame every night for 3 weeks, and then are entitled to make a wish for someone other than themselves. Well, my best friend, who is not even Parsi, heard about this and lit a flame for the last three weeks. Then she wished that DH & I have a kid!

    How sweet is that! I was so touched, I had to share it with a bunch of strangers No, I was really, genuinely, very touched.
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    hi everyone,
    I have been reading the posts and keeping up with all the news going on here. Congratulations to all the ladies with the !!! I'm very happy and excited for you. I'm still waiting for the OK from my doctor to DTD, and I hope when I "get the go ahead" I will get a soon too!

    I have finally stopped bleeding from the d and c (it took almost 2 weeks) today I am a little crampy and even though I know its too soon for AF I wish that is what it was. That would just mean that me and DH can start trying again soon.

    I hope that everyone here has a great day and lost of POSITIVE experiances. Take care for now!

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    My Dh and I were TTC for 15 months when we finally started Clomid in February...I wasn't sure if it would work or not but surprisingly, we got pregnant in the first month! I was elated and we were so happy that we decided to just tell everyone and hope for the best...Unfortunately the reason I am here is because about a week later, I started bleeding and ended up having an early miscarriage...I did not have a D & C and my bleeding has almost stopped so I am hoping I won't need one...I have another blood test Monday to see if my HCG dropped below 5 and if it did, then I guess I won't need a D & C. I am hoping I don't need one-I've been through enough already...So, this is very fresh for me and I still have a very empty feeling inside...It just feels like a broken heart.

    My DH and I are going to be careful this month and wait until AF comes and then start the Clomid again and hope we get pregnant quickly again but with a sticky bean...I am glad to have found all of you and I hope that luck will come to all of us soon!
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    O has been accomplished, The Deed has been Done, now I'm just on the nest, waiting. Ugh. And trying REAL hard not to get my hopes up...yeah, right...

    xmuginsx: congratulations! I'll be praying!

    tina_k: sending cyberhug

    Katiegirl: good luck, whatever you decide about seeing your friends

    AJC: sorry about AF and good luck with your friends

    Emmy-Lou: I"m sorry for your loss. best of luck and I'll keep you in my prayers

    LizJessie: it could be implantation bleed or it could be your hormones going a little haywire. unfortunately, only time will tell, but I've got all my fingers crossed for you

    pbstar: sending cyberhug

    pash: you're so funny--mile high club
    is parsi Indian?

    fiona264: I had PCOS back in the 90's and my symptoms were my periods got more sparse and infrequent...I also had weight gain, but they found I also have a thyroid problem...but you're only 41--not running out of time--look at all the 40something celebs getting pregnant!

    Mel A: good luck with TTC

    bettyboop: I"m praying very hard for you

    danielsgirl1113: keeping fingers crossed

    mmteacher: I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll keep you in my prayers and best of luck TTC

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    I feel for you, a new m/c after so long, is a feeling that can't be described. You will be in my heart. I found it helpful to share the details with people that i trusted. It helped me grieve.
    I then latched on the (with all my claws) to the fact that I could get pregnant.

    Also I realised that I had lots of negative and distructive thoughts running through my head; resentment for those that held their BFP. Those who have babies even those that look like they might be able to get pregnant. So as part of this difficult journey, I now chosen to beleive that my body knows what it's doing. (even if it needs some help to get started) If I had/have a m/c then it was because my body knew that something wasn't right. It is protecting me from more pain and ensuring my life when i do have a baby will be a special one.

    Hope reading this helps a little.


    PS. whatching the notebook helped. Sobbing for a good hour.

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    Magda Guest

    Default Hi Ladies

    Hi ladies,

    Hope everyone is having a good day today.

    Canary: Have a wonderful trip, Happy Easter.

    Jodsan: Thanks. back at ya hun.

    Betthyboop: I also know what you mean about time running out I'm trying not to stress out. GL with op next week.

    MmTeacher: Welcome and I am so sorry for your loss. You have come to the right place for support.

    TM: Good luck to you too.

    As for me I am now 7dpo and I am trying to stay calm and not get my hopes up. And I use the term "trying" loosely because it is very hard. Anyways by the time I realized that I had o'd (a few days after the fact) I had BD'd that wed and o'd on fri (sorry if tmi) so I am really hoping.

    Anyways, wishing you all lovely ladies a very Happy Easter.

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    Default Shhhh Dont tell Hubby

    DH is in the shower and I ve quickly come on to just check and saw a new thread... goodness cant have a new thread without

    Ok thats muchhhhhh better

    Ok going back to holidays.... shhhhh dont tell DH

    I have such a massive catch up to do when I get back

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    I am going to try my darndest to do a thorough personals here - I do think of you all...
    angelbabies - bday buddy honey - hope ur having great hols and well-deserved time-out. Thanks for ur post to Canary, I'm sure it did her the world of good as well as the rest of us. You made me cry of course when u talked of ur angels - thankyou again for ur sharing of urself in the special way u do.
    katie - hope all goes well with the catch-up with ur friends this weekend. Be strong hun cos u have a new life to focus on - which doesn't mean taking anything away from what u had with Nathaniel. Didn't angelbabies have the right words for you too - she's a good egg (so to speak). Let us know how u go with ur friends.
    seenabeena - haven't heard from u in a while - hope ur well. Sorry that u have that reminder all the time with ur sil. I had that reminder with someone who was 2 weeks ahead of me. It's hard to be happy for someone else completely when u have sadness inside. Take care hun.
    tina - I know how you feel about being in the mood. I would say that since my 2nd m/c in June last year I have put a TREMENDOUS pressure on myself to BD almost robotically with only the focus of making a baby in mind - esp as I did not want a big gap between #1 and #2. Can I just say - not healthy. Without going into too much detail, it takes all the naturalness out of DTD and just made it really hard for me to reach great heights (hope u know what I mean just don't want to use the word here ). And I know how hard it is when u calculate that "yep, gonna have a baby by certain date for various reasons" - puts way too much pressure on u, sweety. I know this is not what u want to hear - cos I didn't want to either but before now I wasn't ready to here it. Now, I have finally given in and I am just leaving things happen as they will. I am going to have a huge gap between kids (let's say, much greater than I had wanted) but I can't make it happen if it's just not going to on a given cycle. Have faith sweety that it WILL happen for u. But, unlike a lot of things that can be planned and organised, this aint one of them. Be kind to urself hun - if u don't feel like BDing just go with that. Hugs hun - I feel for u.
    jodsan - how r u sweet? Sailing nicely thru ur 2W - hope so!! They sound like good symptoms!!! Enjoy the weekend - as short as it is for u with DH at work...
    berecca - how r u going? hoping things have well and truly settled for u and that u r still feeling more and more pg - how lovely!!
    Canary - hey there!! sounds like ur on ur way in ur 2ww with plenty of activities on the cards as well as a lovely couple of days away right now - good on u, hun!! I think I might take the approach next cycle (when I can start BDing again) that I'm not allowed to TTC til the following cycle so that I can relax while BDing as well as gear myself up for AF. Sort of a "oooh! I'm so naughty BDing when I'm not supposed to be" approach. That's what I say now but I'll prob go for something different when the time comes - go as the mood strikes. Take care!!
    pash - welcome!! heehee about mile high club. I told tina that I did it on the beach during o-time - there wasn't any privacy at the beach house I was sharing with mum, dad & rest of family Hope u have a great trip downunder and manage to DTD along the way. Thanks for ur post re DS - he is still quite crook so we just have to wait it out. Funny thing is that he was crook last year at Easter too - could be change of weather where we are. Take care and GL, hun!
    tempus - sorry I hadn't posted to wish u well while o-ing and bd-ing but hope ur ok during this 2WW and that u have a well-deserved rest after all ur bd-ing!! I hope u manage to keep busy over the next 2 weeks with loads of distractions - try anyway !!
    mollycat - GL - let us know how u went with gyno!!!! Keep strong hun!
    Starrysky - hope ur well - give ur belly a rub for me!!!
    Beaksie - congrats on ur pg - well done!!!
    natty - hey and happy easter to u too!! Hope all is well with u....
    smilanatu - hey sweet, thanks for stopping by, let us know how ur getting on when u have the chance!!
    AJC - sorry about AF, sweet, but GL with clomid for this cycle. Onwards to positivity right? My sentiments exactly being surrounded by newborns - some of that lovely dust has got to stick good for you!! You know I bought a low GI book a little while back with all good intentions and I still haven't read it. Thanks for the reminder!! Someone I know was about to start IVF after being on a low GI diet for a while but didn't have to cos she found out she didn't have to at the last minute cos she was already pg. Wow - pretty inspiring!
    Magda - great to hear from you - how u doin, hun? I hope all is going well
    Fiona - hey there - interesting about GI diet - I've been inspired by u and AJC to get my book out on the subject. I know u said time is not on ur side but I know people who know a heap of other people who have had children in their mid-forties. I hope u don't let it get u down - u r at least making proactive choices like diet and that's so positive. - GL and keep strong!!!
    betty - my dear - to say I have everything crossed for u is a total understatement - 9 days to go!!! got so much positivity going across those waters to you - I hope the wind helps them along.
    danielsgirl - hey - great to hear bleeding has FINALLY stopped!!! When do u expect to get some idea of when ur green light is to TTC? Mine is April 15 - 24 sleeps to go (sigh!). Here's praying for both of us!!!
    mmteacher - honey I'm so so sorry to hear of ur loss - to u at this hard time. Where do u just put that hope and love that u were feeling for ur wee one? Very very hard.Welcome anyway and wishing u all the best for a short stay here. Take care.
    Mel A - I went thru very similar experiences as u described. Yes, The Notebook is a goody to get any unspent tears out of ur system. Hope ur well hun.

    Me - nothing new just waiting for April 15. I think I have or am about to o which is good to know cos I haven't charted a proper full cycle yet but not that I can do anything right now anyway.


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    oooh!!! GL Magda!!!! hoping and praying for you!!!
    Hi and hugs to anyone I may have missed on that last post - I really did try (took me forever)

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    Magda Guest

    Default Hey Plc1805

    Hi Plc1805,

    Thank you so much am hoping for a belated Easter gift. I am so trying not to stress over this but I do find that it is all I can think about sometimes. I want to wish you GL for next month, you get some time to get yourself ready that is awesome.

    Happy Easter.

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    plc1805 Thank you so much for your reply. I have started on the GI Diet and I absolutely love all the food on it. Its all the food I love but my family doesn't really like the heavy breads and stuff. Then again, they are not trying to conceive . I have a bit of weight to lose, so hopefully I will get to a weight that I feel comfortable with conceiving. My DH thinks I am fine, but its what I feel about myself and he wants me happy too. Hes a dollface

    I know its stressful at trying to conceive and the age thing, but I have noticed that the age of conceiving is getting older and older these days, probably mostly to do with careers too. I feel so much better talking to you girls. Thank you.

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    Default Thank you for the Warm Welcome

    Hello again everyone!

    Tempus~Thank you for the welcome-hope your BDing worked out and you get a sticky bean!

    Mel~Thanks for the welcome-I too have latched on to the idea that at least I can get pregnant...I was beginning to think I couldn't after trying so long...Hopefully it won't take long again once I am able to start the Clomid. BTW, I also love the Notebook and I absolutely sob every time I watch it-the most beautiful love story ever! I actually cried on Wednesday night for about 2 hours really hard and besides being tired and having swollen eyes, I have been feeling a bit better since then.

    Magda~Thank you for the welcome-I hope this is your month for a BFP!

    Plc1805~Thank you for the welcome...You did a good job of hitting every personal-that'll give us all something to strive for!

    AFM~Tomorrow we are going to the Renaissance Festival and Sunday will be Easter lunch with some close friends so hopefully it will be a cheerful weekend. I am so glad to have found all of you-I was on a board before I got pregnant and up until this week when I miscarried but I am having trouble feeling like a fit in there now...Thanks for taking me in everyone!

    Good Night everyone!

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    MMteacher ---- I'm so so so very sorry for your loss. My ordeal is still fresh too, and I have found WONDERFUL support here. These women here are AMAZING and STRONG! You will find great friends here and if you are like me you will find it is easy to be the "REAL" you around them. If you have a bad day then have the bad day, you dont have to try to "mask" it for the sake of others. (sometimes I find myself putting on a brave front for friends and co-workers. but here I can let it all out... it really does help.) So welcome and I hope your stay here is short and that you get your precious baby SOON!!!!!!

    plc---- You and your DH "green light" day is getting closer!! I dont know when mine will be.... unfortunately the bleeding started back again. (still hoping it is just AF... LOL) I just dont get how it can start back after being stopped for a couple of days..... I do know that bleeding for any amount of time longer than AF really gets me depressed..... I guess its just a sad reminder. I go see the DR on thursday the 27th.. the day after my B-day. I hope that I'm "healing" well and get the go ahead for around the end of april. I was told no sex for one month (which will be april 7th) and then no TTC until after my first AF. That is why I am hoping being obsessive about wishing that this is AF trying to show up. Before I became PG my AF always came around the 23 to 25 of the month.

    Well ladies, I am off to bed...... (I really need to figure out the time difference between here ((Florida)) and there. its 12:30am here and I have been home from work for about an hour and its my bed time.) I'm off to have peaceful dreams (i hope) and I hope you all have the same and have great days at work or home or in what ever it is you do today! BYE!!

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    fiona , i never thought i would be 41 and wanting a baby so badly, hang in there , hoping it will be out time soon. thankyou to everyone else for your support and for praying for me.

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    fiona264 Guest


    betty boop I know....wanting a baby so bad. I thought I was over it, but since remarrying and loving a baby with my current hubby, its become somewhat of an obsession since my miscarriage last year. I wasn't even trying last year, now I am trying...nothing. Weird.

    It just seems like I am getting older and older and my 42 birthday is coming up soon and its freaking me out! I would love to do IVF but I just don't know where to start. I asked my doctor about clomid and he looked at me and said, lose some weight first.....well, after I left I just cried and thought I had no hope left. I beat myself up about it a bit and now I am on a Low GI eating and I truly believe "If it was meant to will". Until then, I will just keep on stressin!

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    Natty Guest


    Hi Everyone

    Hope your all enjoying the easter break.

    mmteacher - sorry to hear of your loss. Be kind to yourself and let yourself heal emotionally and physically.

    I was wondering - what were some of the really early symptoms you ladies had when you were first pregnant (ie before the BFP on the stick). I cant remember with DD (she is 3 3/4) but the last pregnancy which ended in m/c I had backache, cramps, bloating and really vivid dreams. I am now 6dpo and the last two nights I have had really vivid dreams (normally I am so zonked I cant remember anything in the morning). Jodsan - I had those kind of symptoms too so you are going to have a BFP!

    We have set up the tent in the backyard and are going to sleep in that tonight. DD is sooo excited. DH and I are wondering if our backs will let us get up off the floor in the morning to go and put the eggs, bunny feet and bit of bunny tail out for her!


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    mmteacher - welcome. I am sure you will find some good support in here. Sorry to hear about your angel bub. Best wishes to you & let's hope this year brings you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Natty - my early symptoms (pre +POAS) were sore breasts (from around 8dpo) & that metallic taste in my mouth. I was too scared to POAS but my breasts were killing me and screaming out POAS so I did at 12dpo and got my BFP. Hope you get a BFP this month - crossing fingers and sending your way!

    Fiona & Plc - my low GI buddies. Can't believe the lady who fell pg thinking she had to start IVF .It's so lovely to hear stories like that. I was trying to talk my SIL into the diet tonight, she's a bigger girl and they hope to do IVF over next couple of years so I'll encourage her to start.

    Angelbabies - he he he you are so sweet sneaking in while DH is in the shower. Hope you are enjoying yourself - good luck for this month!

    To everyone else - Happy Easter &......
    good luck to those in tww for all.

    Me - cd3, day 2 of my first clomid cycle. No side effects so far, am only on 50mg to start with. Trying to stay relaxed this cycle and am determined to keep the romance alive this month (sorry TMI).

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