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    Hi, I am new here, sadly we lost our gorgeous little man Cooper, 5 wks ago tomorrow. He was born at 23wks+ 5days, still haven't got any test results back from the hospital yet, just waiting. Anyway my question is how long did it take you to take get your cycle back after the loss of a baby? And were you told to wait before conceiving again? We are not 'actively' trying yet, but really want to start soon. We have a healthy 18mth old boy thankfully, who is just wonderful, so was a big shock when I went into labour with Cooper so early.
    I wish you all well, for getting that BFP!!


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    Hi Helen. I am so sorry for the loss of your boy Cooper. I know it is a terrible experience to lose your child and I hope you are doing ok.

    I did not deliver my baby as I had to have a D&C but it took about 6 weeks for my first period. I had spotting on and off for 6 weeks and then had what I considered to be my period. I then had a 28 day cycle and my period again - I then fell pregnant during my 2nd 'proper' cycle. My ob had told me to wait until after I got my first period before trying again - and I asked him what would happen if I fell pregnant before this - his answer was that he did not believe my body would 'allow' me to fall pregnant. So I think you should just give your body the time it needs to heal and trust that it will know when it is ready.

    I hope that helps a little. Big hug to you and please feel free to join us if you feel you need to chat about Cooper.

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    Hi Helen,
    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your son.
    I waited 6 months after my miscarriage, my doctor recommended it, said that I would be better off if I waited 6 months. But everyone's different, as long as you feel your up to it, I'd start trying.


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    Helen, I am so very sorry to hear about your little boy Cooper Everyone cycle varies after birth, for me I had the post partum bleed for about 5 weeks and then at 6 weeks started again and I thought it was a period but ob said it was probably not and then about a month after that bleed I got a regular cycle back so we took that as the return.

    When you do start trying I wish you all the luck in the world for a speedy BFP and a healthy pregnancy and baby

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    Oh Helen, I'm sorry for the loss of little Cooper. I hope that you're taking care of yourself and getting support from the people you love.

    I lost my boy on 10 April and just got my period back yesterday which makes it about 7 weeks. I bled for nearly four weeks so I had three weeks of no bleeding then my period.

    I haven't got any answers for why my baby died either. My ob just said to wait for the full autopsy results - expected to take about 2mths - but there's no reason for us to wait much longer.

    I'm all over the place emotionally so we're doing a preconception program with naturopath to give us something to do with ourselves. The program is recommended for 4-6mths so I hope to TTC towards the end of the year.

    Take care of yourself, Helen.

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    Helen, welcome to Belly Belly and I am so incredibly sad to hear of the loss of your son Cooper.

    As the other women have said - it is such a variable when your period will return. Take the time you need to - lean on the wonderful women here.

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