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Thread: TTC after Late Loss/ Recurrent Miscarriage/ Stillbirth after 1st trimester ~ Dec 2006

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    OMG Spring,

    I am hoping so much that it is a You know what I think about it, a line is a line - and a shadow might still count as a line. I am for you so much! If you do get a definite line you have to text me straight away, you will make my day. I know it is best to not get excited but it is absolutely impossible and I would be like you, I'd be in there testing, testing, testing.

    Anyway my AF is gone (I think) , she was really kind this month - maybe she knew I needed her to be because of having such a rough week. We are actually not going to "try" this month. DH made me agree that this month we wouldn't deliberately try (as in OPK & bding 5-7 nights around O) but on the other hand wouldn't do anything to prevent it and that if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. It is because of Nicholas' birthday but also cause DH wants me to have the hysterogram I am booked in for on 14 Feb and obviously I can't if I am pregnant. BUT... between you and I (and everyone else who reads this, lol), I have remembered what you told me about if you do it every 2-3 nights throughout the month there is still a chance of falling pregnant (and considering I have O'd on CD14 every month since I have been testing and am due to O next Saturday I guess it could just be conincidental that we happened to bd on that particular day!). Hey he did say if it happens it happens!

    So far the kids are being really good, they weren't too impressed before because we told them we are ALL doing a big "toy-chuck" today, we heard this big "ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh" and we told them that seeing as they got so much new stuff for birthdays (oldest end Sept, other 2 both Dec) and Christmas they would have to throw some stuff out cause there is no room for everything, and half of the stuff we haven't seen them touch in a long time. They still argued it and said but they like all of it. We then said well that's ok then you can keep it all, guess we will have to write to Santa and tell him he can't bring anything next Christmas cause we don't have the room. Surprise, surprise... we are doing a toy chuck today, lol.

    Anyway, keep me posted on how things go

    Love Mel

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    kirsty Guest


    Hiya lovely ladies time to lock this thread & a new one is over here

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