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    Something different wanted

    Just after a few ideas.

    Bit of background

    My BIL is getting married at the end of the year and I was to be one of the bridesmaids. His bride to be is a little older then him and her daughter is the matron of honour. We chose the bridesmaids dresses a few months ago and a fortnight ago they were picked up from the shop (these dresses were chosen to suit my figure as the matron of honour suited so much more). Anyway, I found out I was pg about the same time the dresses came in and obviously won't fit in the gown for the wedding (i'll be 8mths by then).

    I've told the bride and offered to pull out of the bridal party and pay for my gown if required. She has found a substitute and the shop will exchange the gown (but only if done by the end of this week - so that's not a huge problem).

    She'd still like me in the wedding party and is trying to find a "role" to fit me in.

    So..... I'm after suggestions..................

    What could I do for this couple at their wedding.

    She suggested a reading - but I'm not that confident to stand up and read in front of people, she also suggested a "ring bearer", but not sure about this one (don't know how I'd look as a page boy).

    Can anyone help?

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    What about giving a speech at the reception. I know you said that you are not confident to read in front of people, but if you are speeking from your heart would you be more comfortable? You could just look at the couple the whole time and not look at everyone else (kind of stand side on so you don't have your back to everyone though).

    Are you crafty or have some other special talent that you could use to do something for the wedding?

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    What about doing a slideshow presentation with photo's?? then buy a canvas frame for signatures and get everyone at the wedding to sign it and place one of the wedding pics in the middle.

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    Depending on how close you are you could always sign the paperwork with them instead of someone in the bridal party. It doesn't have to be the main bridesmaids job and depending on the age of her daughter she may not be allowed to.
    Hope you find something special to make their day wonderful.