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Thread: What to do about the BOSS?? *long*

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    Question What to do about the BOSS?? *long*

    Ok, so I don't like my job and after working here for over two years, I have developed an utterly unhealthy dislike in my boss. I have absolutely no respect for him anymore.

    I am not suppose to complain. My work hours are noon to 17:00 and I can work in hours if I need a day off. I get $$$ for pay, which is not bad, considering that I don't have much actually work to do. So basicly I get a full job's pay, for a half-day's hours, for two hours of work.
    Why am I unhappy .... for starters I like staying busy. I hate getting bored. I am not interested in the line of work (agriculture). And I don't feel welcome here anymore, the boss hardly speaks to me and are begining to tell lies about me to my fellow workers, who is acting all strange lately - and no it's not my pg hormones. Something's up. He told the lady in charge that I go home early I don't. Me and the receptionist walks out the door at the same time each and every day. He told her again last week that he told me to order some printing and HE NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!! How can I order printing if I don't know he wants it or even WHAT he wants???? He does not even take my calls. When he speaks to me alone he is abrupt and rude, but when clients are with him, he is telling them how I am keeping his spares-department nice and clean and organised?!?!? So I am constantly defending my reputation. OK now I know some of you might think that if I am constantly defending myself, then there MUST be something wrong. There really is not. I try my best. My work is always done. I am always on time, if not, I'll phone and say I will be late, but then I'll come in the 15 minutes early the next day. I take sick only when I absolutely have to or when the lady in charge orders me home. I am always nice to clients, even those that call me dear, or hun, or little lady

    It began when I confronted him one day about him lying to a client. He told me he did not. He clearly did, because I spoke to the client myself earlier that day. Since then, I think he has it out for me. He lies ALL THE TIME to everyone. He even told one of the ladies here that he has prostate cancer She called his wife and she told her that he has not been to the dr in three years and that he definatly does NOT have prostate cancer. His son works here also, and he also says he does not have cancer. Well, that caused another slip in my thinking of him. Cancer is not something you joke about!!!!
    This morning he promised a client (very good client - pays his bills within two days) that he will be here at 15:00 with the spareparts the man needs. Well, the guy just walked in and the boss is still in another town!!! He has taken away some other spares for a guy that does not even have an account with us and who phone AFTER he promised client nr 1!!! WTF!!! So he is putting a total stranger before a valued client. I don't get it. It's not like this guy is going to buy from us -it's a seasonall thing. Now it's MY job to calm down an unhappy farmer whose work has been delayed already!!! I am just fed up, stuffed to the max.

    I just don't know what to do. Should I ask him straight out if he has a problem with me?? Should I just shut up and eat *****?? Or should I just trow him a left-hook??? Or stick him with a butter knife

    DH said we will have a talk over the weekend about me maybe quitting. I hope I can. DH has a shop and he does need an extra hand there. Thing is the money is good where I am now. WHY IS LIFE SO HARD!!!!

    Little tany over. I am going home to sulk and have some ice-cream. Hopefully I'll be more refreshed after this nice long weekend!!! *pirate growl*

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    I hate it when people aren't happy in their jobs - whats the point in working all day-or even half a day- in a job you can't stand?

    I recently started working as a receptionist for a cabinetmakers, and I absolutely LOVE it! I've nenver been able to cope with fulltime work before, but I have no problems with this job. I actually wake up EXCITED to go to work!!

    I know you've talked about leaving before, and I absolutely think you should do it! It takes heaps of courage, especially if your household needs the income, but its so worth it. And you'll be amazed how much better you'll feel once you're in a job you love! I didn't realise how stressed out I was until the stress went away - now I'm getting paid for a job that I don't consider work!

    So just because you're getting weel paid, doesn't make it worth it. You and your health should ALWAYS come first - there are many other jobs, but only one YOU!

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    Well hun, I am going to slap you first .
    Why on earth are you second-guessing yourself and your performance?? It's not you, HE can't handle being caught out LYING. I'm sure the rest of the staff has some sort of inkling he is a toolhead (maybe he should change industries ).

    If you don't really need the $$$, and you can handle working with hubby - GO FOR IT.

    Then send him a get well card to work addressing the cancer issue....

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