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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, May '05

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    May 2004

    Hi Girls,
    Well Violet slept through again last night.... I'm still knocking on wood though. We slept on the couch because I thought she was going to play up. I fed her at about 9:30 and she was fussing a little bit. I put her to be and she started screaming, so I grabbed my pillow and her dummy and layed her down on the couch and she went straight to sleep. Maybe she was a little uncomfy in bed?? Dunno. She slept until 4am when she started grunting and squirming, but she went back to sleep until 7:30!! *knock knock knock knock knock knock knock* She's also got a bit of a pimple face going on too... must be the age (Was about the same age when Teyah had the same thing Trish?).

    An Official Welcome to you Fi...lol. Yay Jenna!!

    Nat I hope your insurance comp. doesn't have any hassles with the car seat you bought... can't see why they would tho.... fingers crossed.

    Good luck at your Mothers group Sarah. I haven't joined one. I'm not the most social person in the world, just not much of a conversationalist.

    Yay for your good day yesterday Nell!! I can't blame you for walking out on Matty either, sometimes that is the best thing to do.


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    Aug 2004

    Hey All,
    Yay - we made the first month!!! Only another 20 years of sleeless nights, worrying, money spending etc.

    Nat - I agree with you. Just get the car set and let the insurance company worry about it later. Its not like they can expect you to put a baby in a car without one! Its a pain only having one car huh? Thank goodness shane has the harley, so at least we aren't in a complete bind.

    Sarah - I hope you have a great time at the mothers group! Just remember that you aren't supposed to be a perfect mum, and maybe you trying to force a bottle down Zanders throat while he's chucking up all over you will be agreat ice breaker, and let all the other mums loosen up a bit. I've heard they are pretty funny with the mums that come all perfect with make-up and babies looking pretty. I'll probably go to mine in PJs and slippers, with chuck all over me!! I'll have to have a look at that fisher price toy - I dont know it. Not that I can afford it!! Jenna loves her playmat though, so I should be happy about that.

    Trish - hers hoping todya is a good day for you napwise. Why did you try the formula? I've just been told I have to do a full day training course for netball, and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it. I have about 4 feeds in the freezer now. Shane said he'll hover around the training course all day, but I dont think he's realised what a snacker she is during the day. Its only night time she goes 3 hrs between feeds. Formula could be the answer? But I'm loathe to try it in case I get hooked.

    Nell - the chucking doesn't seem to upset Jenna, but the wind does. Shes better today though, and I'm wondering if its something to do with my diet. I had a lot of chocolate on Sunday!!!! As for the spewing at mothers gourp - read the note to Sarah above! It makes you look human I'm sure.

    Deb - my sister left 3 years between her two, and that was really tough for her. Just when she had her independence back, it was taken away from her. But then again, the older daughter is now really good with the toddler. So there are pros and cons.

    Tanya - still using the nipple shield, although its all getting alot more bearable. No foot stomping for a few days now!! Yay on the trailer! You have to post a photo of the girls on it so we can all see. And as for fitenss - I walked realyl fast to the MCHN yesterday and my hammy's were killing me! I'll have to do anotehr walk today I think.

    Well Mum booked my tickets back to NZ this morning - we go back for a week's holiday in a month. She booked reward flights on Emirates, which I'm stoked about cause they give out these really cool baby gift packs on the flight. She had to pay $29 for Jenna's ticket, and has booked us the fold down cot at the bulkhead. So I now I just haveto get her passport organised. Luckily her birthcert arrived today. Yay, I got one of the flowery coloured ones, and its so pretty. well worth the extra $15 or so.

    My only other news is that Lily (the cat) attacked the hugabub, and I have two large holes in it. Anyone want an annoying burmese cat? Free to a good home!


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    Fi - oh no @ Lily attacking the hug-a-bub!! Naughty kitty! Honestly, they know how to do the most damage by getting to the expensive stuff, don't they? Hope you hamstrings feel better today. LOL @ you going to you mother's group in your PJs with spew all over you. At least you will look like the most realistic mother there!

    Tanya - Wow @ yet another great sleep from Violet. Sounds like she is getting the idea (but I understand why you keep touching wood!).

    Sarah - I hope you enjoy your mother's group. You will have to tell us all about it. I still haven't heard about mine. If I don't hear by the end of the week I will be really annoyed. I just can't wait for mine to start. I bet it will be a dud group because I want it to work out so well, LOL.

    Nat - hope things work out ok with the car seat and the insurance company. Surely if it is in the same price range it shouldn't matter?? It makes you wonder why you bother paying for insurance when they get so darn picky about silly things when you make a claim.

    Not having the best day today though I shouldn't complain. Gabby slept from 11pm-6am this morning but, for some reason, Neil's shower woke her up this morning and that hasn't happened for the last couple of weeks. Grr! Of course, I was super tired this morning too. So I fed her and tried to put her back down but to no avail. I tried for 2 hours to get her to sleep longer than 10 minutes then gave up and took her into the bathroom with me to have a shower. Another feed and a big play. She is starting to use her voice a whole lot more by cooing and talking. It's so cute! She did a poo and because I have cheap nappies on her (using up the newborn size so I can move on to the next size), her poo went right up her back. That has never happened with the huggies! So I had to completely change her. More bb then a cuddle to sleep. I put her in the rocker cos she looked like she had zonked it. Came out to the shed and "WAAAA!!" Bloody hell! I tried settling her again but gave up and put her in the hug-a-bub. It still took her half an hour to settle in that. I think it's just gonna be one of those days. Stands to reason because yesterday she had 3 sets of 3 hour naps!! 8-[ Calm before the storm I guess!

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    Feb 2004

    We are back & all went well It's not exactly a mum's group that we're going to just yet, more of classes for new mums. Today was just getting to know everyone & telling all of our pregnancy & birth stories. Next week is sleep & settling then there are 5 weeks after that on different topics. After that we can decided if we want to continue on as a mum's group. The scary thing is that we have to leave our babies :shock: There are 15 of us and something like 5 ECHNs to look after the bubs while we have our class - they feed & change them if needed & bring them to mum if they get upset. I was totally expecting Zander to cry the whole time, but surprise surprise he was not one of the three bubs that wanted their mums It was really good to meet some other mums - the youngest baby was 3 weeks & the oldest was 5 months but was 11 weeks premmie.

    I hope Gabby is better for you this afternoon Deb. Yucko at the big poo this morning. I have just finished the cheapy newborn nappies and luckily didn't have an incident with them.

    LOL at going to the mum's group in your pj's Fi. None of the mums had makeup on, but all the bubs were dressed nicely - not a wondersuit in sight LOL! Yay for getting your tickets to NZ, I didn't know that you could get cots on the plane, that's gotta be helpful. As for the pretty birth certificate, we got one too with animals on it & are planning on getting my sister to have it framed with either hand/feet casts or baby memorabilia (pins, dummy, cord clamp, hospital bracelet etc) for Zander's baptism.

    Yay for a good sleep last night Tanya I'm not much of a social butterfly either (just ask the girls who've met me how quiet I am at first!) but I just had to do something to get out of the house & speak to people.

    Nat, I hope the car is fixed soon. We only have 1 so I know how hard it is, but with the boys as well it's gotta be crazy. I hope Christian is feeling better soon.

    Oh oh forgot to mention, we are going on our first big car trip on Saturday. Friends rang last night inviting us to a 30th in Berry which is about 2.5hrs away. They have 2 kids, so said if we can't make it no big deal they understand.

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    Sarah, your class sounds wonderful. As for leaving the baby - sign me up!!! A couple of hours without her would be wonderful! J/K I shouldn't say things liek that cos people will take me seroiusly.
    As for the wondersuit - I bloody hate them, adn still haven't had Jenna in one. Oh - thats a lie, once shane dressed her in one, and about 3 mins later she poo's and it came out her leg onto the suit, so she was changed! Thats the only poo leakage too we've had too. One the plane at the fron of each row they have a fold down cot that they latch onto the wall. Its kinda crappy, and I dont know if Jenna will even sleep in it, but to have the option is great. The other wonderful thing is that generally unless the plane is absolutely choccers, they give you three seats!! Yay - no fat stinky person beside us!

    Deb - what a bugger about the cheaper nappies huh? Maybe she was the wrong size for it? A bit too big so it didn't sit properly on her? How much does she weigh now do you think?
    And as for the hugabub - well I've done a patch up job on it, but I'm totally unimpressed. Seriously - does anyoen want a cat?

    Tanya - know what you are saying about the grunting and squirming, but its amazing how much longer they will sleep for huh? We can usually get at least another hour out of Jenna when she starts up just by bringing her into bed with us. Must be our smell? So important not to pick them up when they first squirm huh?

    Right - well Shane will get home soon, so we'll have to go and get Jenna's photos done for the passport. I know I should dress her up in something super cute, but I have a funny feeling it would just end up covered in puke, so whats the point??


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    Sarah, I forgot to ask you if you have tried wrapping Zander for when he goes to bed. Thought it might be a good idea to try and stop him from kicking his blankets off. Violet reminded me this morning... when I unwrapped her she was soooo toasty . I did stop wrapping her but have found she sleeps a lot better when wrapped.
    Glad your mum's meeting went well!!

    Fi, I love wondersuits... . I think they are great, their feet don't come up the leg and they are so convienient! But that's just me

    Trish the funny thing about her pimples is that I have had a break out too... did you?


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