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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, May '05

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Naomi, what a pain that Ryan has reflux too. Atleast you have a diagnosis for him. Great that he is still gaining weight nicely though.

    Kayla, I hope all goes well at the Drs for you and that he can somehow help you with your back. Is that wishful thinking? WOOHOO at Phoenix being a month old now. Tehya sleeps in bed with me of a night time too, she starts out the night in her bed then when she wakes for her feed she comes in with me til morning. One day I will have enough energy to make her stay in her own bed. LOL.

    Deb, the hug a bub looks great. How long can you use them for? I love the button up vests too. They are even better once they start crawling as everything sort of creeps up on them, atleast you know something wil stay tucked in and down covering up their backs. Theres another thing I found with little girl clothes, dresses... you are constantly pulling them down and making sure their singlets and other stuff are down. Maybe its just me

    Sarah, I think when you do have a "good" baby first time around you get a rude shock when the next one isn't so good. That happened to me with Joel and Brandon. Although Noah was the worse one of all and you'd think by no.3 I'd be able to handle it. NOT.

    Fi, fantastic that Gabby now fits into her other nappies, no excuse for Shane not changing her now hey.

    Tehya was a bugger again last night. She was down by 8, up at 12.20 for a feed, again at 2.30 - gave her dummy, no feed, again at 4 ish for a feed and up just before 6am with a feed and she had wet all though her clothes. Must have had too much milk to drink. She has been changed and fed again and is back to sleep in her rocker for the time being.

    Noah is in the bath and the boys are starting to get up and ready for school. We are off to the cemetary today to visit the family. How sad is that. My little brother is burried with my Nan and my Pops ashes are burried in with them. My dad is cemated down there too. I hate that I have to take my babies there to visit family they will never get the chance to meet.

    Have a great day all.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH :happybday:

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    :happybday: Noah! Such a big boy now! 3 years old - wow!
    Trish - sorry to hear that you have so much family to visit at the cemetary. Still, it's good that you don't shelter the kids from it. After all, death is a part of life, hey? I want to be able to tell Gabby as much about her grandparents as I can find out. Unfortunately, Neil and his brothers didn't ask many questions when they were kids and their Dad never spoke about their Mum (which is a real pity!). So I just grill the relos whenever I get a chance. I find out all kinds of info that shock the boys. Like, when their Mum was sick with a brain tumour, they thought it was just morning sickness because she found out she was pregnant with her third baby. She died when he was 10 months and the autopsy found it was a brain tumour. So she didn't even know what was wrong with her before she died. The boys had no idea. Honestly, I don't know who they thought they were helping by not talking about it with the kids. My Mum has always talked to us about when my older brother was still-born and I think it has meant that all of us have a healthy knowledge of death and how it's not the end of the world when rotten things happen to us. Uno... life goes on even when it really sux?? Ok.... time to get off my soap box.
    It's funny how you say that Noah was your worst baby even though he was your third. Mum says the same about Hanna and she is the third. She always says that if Hanna was her first, she would not have had any more children, LOL. Must be 3rd Child Syndrome
    Yep, the hug-a-bub is great. Thanks to Fi for showing me hers!! I am such a copy-cat but I am sure that she doesn't mind

    Naomi - bummer that Ryan has reflux! That's no good at all. I hope the infant gaviscon can help him out. It's great that he is putting on weight despite the reflux. Still, it can't be pleasant for you to have to deal with gagging ang crying all the time because of it.

    Kayla - ikwym about the first month feeling like 6 months. Everyone raves on about how "they grow up so quickly" and I was rolling my eyes thinking; "Well, Gabby is taking her fricken time!". LOL I hope the Doc can help you out with your back. Maybe a visit to a physio would help? Back pain is the worst. Thankfully I don't suffer from it too much (carrying around a big belly most of my life 'prepped' me for pregnancy I reckon! ). I might have to try the cool boiled water on Gabby next time she has wind if it works for Pheonix. Good luck with getting her to sleep in the cot. All you can do is keep trying, hey?

    I tried expressing again today but I wasn't very successful. Missy moo didn't want to attach so it was hard to do the ole feed and express at the same time. Ah well. I managed to get one ice-cube worth. Better than nothing! Plus, I think it may be mainly hind-milk because it was from the boob that she had already had a red-hot go at. Hmm.... that reminds me, I have a question about fore and hind milk. Will have to visit the breasfeeding forum I think!

    Not much on today. I am going to make more scones (we are scone crazy atm). I have to return a DVD and maybe wander around Target but that can wait. I really should walk. Target is within walking distance from my place but it's probably a good 45 minute walk one way. Not sure if I am that confident yet.

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Deb, you could always walk there & catch a taxi home if you need to.... How sad that the boys didn't know anything about your MIL, it's good though that you are finding out as much as you can for Gabby.

    Had to laugh at Noah & Hanna being the worst babies out of 4 cos Amanda was our worst & she was 3rd too LOL!!

    Bumma about Tehya last night Trish. We had an odd night last night, will explain in a bit. I agree with Deb that it's sad you have so many family members in the cemetary Happy Birthday to Noah as well

    Awww Naomi, your poor bubba. We were told to put Zander on the AR formula, but it just made him constipated. It's thicker so it's supposed to sit heavier in their stomachs so it's less likely to come up. We were told to try gripe water before each bottle but it didn't help so Zander was put on medication. He still throws up alot, but the medication stops the production of stomach acid so it doesn't hurt him anymore.

    Aww Kayla, sorry to hear your back is still giving you grief. I hope the Dr can help you today.

    Had a good night for Zander last night, but a bad night for mummy! He had his bottle at 7.30 & was in bed by 10.00, where he slept until 6.00 \/ Problem was while he slept through, he kept spitting out his dummy or throwing his blankets off & whimpering in his sleep for me to fix him up. So I was up at least once every hour, sometimes more ](*,) I took him to bed with me after his feed at 6.00 and he finally got bac to sleep so I had a 2.5hr sleep this morning - it's sad when you get excited over a 2.5hr sleep

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yay for Zander's good sleep but it's no good that you still had to get up so much, Sarah. They are such restless sleepers, aren't they? I close her door and ours now. We can hear her when she cries but we can't hear her fussing (otherwise I would never sleep). I only use the monitor when I am out in the shed on the puter now. All her noises drive me nuts, LOL.
    LOL @ Amanda being the 3rd child aswell! Hmmm... note to self... stop at 2 kids...

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    Feb 2004

    Problem is Deb he's in the room right next to ours. The house is set out a bit weird - there is a door from the loungeroom into Zander's current room & then a door from that one into ours. So basically to get to our bedroom have to walk past him, if that makes sense. His actual bedroom is right at the other end of the house so I'm a bit nervous having him in there at the moment cos it's so far away.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fair enough too. I am lucky cos our house is so little so she is nice and close. I think if I had a bigger house it would be a different story.

    She has been asleep since 9:30am! Having a good nap this morning. YAY!

    LOL Shannon - yes! Block your ears!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Fletch... that's what they allllll say!

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    Aug 2004

    ARGHHHHHHH!!! I had my first night of a really, really, really windy baby! She wouldn't stop screaming from about 3am to 4:30, and finally only calmed down when I cuddled her in bed under my arm with a little finger in her mouth.
    The poor thing gobbled down too quickly cause she was really hungry (had a 9:30-3am sleep), and it was just awful. So I got crap sleep after that.

    Deb - the hug-a-bub looks great!! And I was only copying everyone else, so its all good. As for the noises. Jenna is a real snorter, but I guess I am just getting used to the noise and sleeping through it. I couldn't bear to not have her in the roomwith us. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when she is too big for the bassinett. I think our front living room will turn into the nursery, and then the glass french doors can be shut. we will still be able to hear her though.

    As for the third child - I was one, and I was the best baby!!! Or so I believe. My mum complains most about my brother - he wouldn't sleep at all, was terrible when it came to solids, and was permanently attached to Mum. Oh - and it was a horrendous labour. Mum definitly doesn't have fond memories of him!!

    My fuzzibunz nappies are AWESOME!!!!! She wore one for about 5 hours, and I couldn't feel a thing - and there was no leakage. when I opened it up, the lining was dry next to her bum, and the padding was sopping, sopping wet. So happy! I am definitly going to get some more of them.

    Happy birthday Noah! I hope mUm and Dad buy you lots of cool toys to make up for your little sister arriving on the scene! Trish, shane has the same thing at the local cemetary where we do the rounds every couple of weeks. His little brother died of leukemia at age 5 - he's there, so is his Mum who died a few years ago, as are the nieces who were stillborn over the last couple of years. Shane always takes a choccy for the girls and his Mum, and usually sits down to have a beer with her at Chrissie. Last week we glued a cool toy car to his brother's grave. Very sad visiting the babies section. but its a lovely cemetary, and his mum has a view of the bay!

    Naomi - bugger about the reflux. I have a funny feeling I may get the same diagnosis. How long does reflux last for?? If tehre is light at the end of the tunnel, I can definirly cope!

    1 month tomorrow for us! Unreal, it does seem to go quickly, although when I stop to think about the number of nappies I have changed, it puts the time in persepctive!


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    Aug 2004

    And another funny story. Last night shane lifted Jenns in the air to kiss her on the lips, and she chucked in his mouth!!!!! SOOOOO funny (and really glad it wasn't me...) I was on the phone to the insurance company and had to put the phone down to laugh!
    Poor little bugger had a bad chucky day yesterday.

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    May 2004

    Hi girls,
    Naomi, I am sorry to hear that Ryan has refux! I hope he grows out of it real soon.

    Happy Birthday Noah!! I hope he has a great day.
    Trish IKWYM about the visits to the cemetary, I won't go into it, but I hope it all goes well.
    I hope you can sort out those catnaps soon too, Emily used to do that too... drove me INSANE!

    Deb, sounds as though you little school friends miss you. When are you thinking of going back?
    Wato was adopted so I want to find out about his parent too... a bit easier in my case. But apparently his bio mother didn't tell her father about him and he still doesn't know. I asked Wato if he was going to try and find her (he has met her once over 15years ago) and he growled at me telling me he'll do it in his own time, so I haven't said anything since.

    Sarah, Sounds as though Zander loves his dummy. Poor you I hated getting up for the dummy! I use a rolled up nappy push up against the side of the snuggle bed (she has the snuggle bed in her cot) and her dummy to keep Violet's in (when she uses it, which is becoming more often), it doesn't cover her nose, just her dummy. If she has hers at night most of the time it stays in until she is almost ready to wake. I bought a Tommy Tippy one (cause that's all they had when I decided to buy one) and have found it doesn't come out easily (it's hard to get in too if she id crying doesn't open her mouth for it)... not sure why, maybe it's just Violet.

    Congratulations Kayla for Nixee's one month birthday!! I really hope your Dr has some answers about your back. for a few weeks after my delivery I found my pelvic region and round ligaments were killers! I was going to call the midwives a few times to make sure it was normal. My sister told me it was normal, so I didn't worry about it.

    Fi, how's that nipple going? Are you still using the shield? Sounds like Jenna is getting big!

    Violet is doing really well *knock Knock* (that's me knocking on wood) she has slept through the pasted two nights!! Sunday night She slept with me cause i was way too tired to be bother fussing around her... she slept till 7:30. And last night she slept till 6:00 (her last feed was 9:30pm), mind you when you was stirring this morning she was minging away on her dummy trying to get something out of it... poor girl.
    Got our trailer, and Emily looooves it!! But I now know how unfit I am!! I haven't been on the bike for a loooong time. The trailer isn't heavy to pull, it's just me


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    ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) wouldn't you know it. Tehya is actually having a decent sleep - the first day one in ages and bloody Noah is being a bugger and won't go down even though I know he is really tired. Doesn't help that so am I. Girls really just stop at one baby

    I will have to see if I can remember what has been said because for some silly reason I have no review at all.

    Tanya, what a good girl Violet is sleeping like that. Do you think she could have a word to Tehya and Noah for me.....Atleast you are getting ont a bike, there is no way I could do that atm. Good on you.

    Fi, had to LOL at Jenna spewing in Shanes mouth. Always funny when it happens to somene else. Did you notice there was no poo in my last post?? Thats all my life seems to relove around lately. Sh**ty life I have hey My eldest brother takes a beer down to have with Daniel (my little brother) he sits there and has a drink with him. I hate that we have to do that. Life is so unfair.

    Deb, I have always made sure that my kids remember Daniel, he died when he was 19 yo -10 years ago this October in a car accident. Joel had just turned 4 so it was really hard having to explain things to him. We talk to him and Brandon about death as unfortunately for us since Daniel we have lost so many others close to us. I think other than Daniels my gf's 3 month old was the hardest I've ever had to go through. It was also the hardest one to explain. Thats really sad that Neil never found out much about his Mum, it is so important to know about family and health issues too.

    Fletch, I'm sure you were a wonderful baby. They say the good ones grow up to be horrors Just kidding.

    Sarah, you can't win can you. Great sleep if only hey... Now you have a dummy dependancy to deal with. All to soon he will be able to put it back in for himself. Thankfully Tehya spits hers out when she crashes and doesn't care for it while she's sleeping.

    Better go Tehya is awake now. May as well give up on Noah having a sleep now too.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Trish - Gabby is the same. She will spit out the dummy and if she is really asleep, she doesn't sook for it. She doesn't have it at night because she falls asleep so well after the bottle. She only drank half her bottle last night and zonked it which was good. I always worry when she drinks the whole thing because 120mls of formula is a LOT on top of a BF not long before. Grrr @ Noah not wanting to go down for a nap! What do you think? I should leave a good 5 years between kids??

    Tanya - I bet you are fitter than me girl! Good on you for getting out there on the bike. I should be doing that too. Sounds like Violet is sleeping really well. That's a fair effort!! Well done!

    Fi - LOL @ Shane getting spew in his mouth. That must have been a crack up! Sorry to hear you had such a crappy night last night. Wind is the pits, hey? Great news about the nappies! Worth the money, hey?

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Ladies,

    Hope all is well...

    Sarah - glad to hear that it's not your sisters gallstones and that she is feeling better.

    Trish - Happy Birthday to Noah! Good on Teyha for having her afternoon snooze too, sorry that Noah didn't have one though.

    Naomi - oh no at Ryans reflux, does the chucking upset him?

    Fi - does the chucking upset Jenna? Oh and LOL at Jenna chucking in Shanes mouth. Glad that your nappies have worked out.

    Deb - love the hug a bub piccie, glad that you got it and Gabby likes it. Also glad that the trip to school went well... it would have exhausted me as well.

    Tanya - yay on Violet sleeping through the last 2 nights!

    Today has been a wonderful day after a horrible day yesterday. Had mums group in the arvo, which was good, but Matty was very very spewy and spewed all the time and everywhere - yuck! Then he wouldn't settle and cried for most of the time we were there. Then we had my twin neices birthday last night and there were people everywhere and sticking their face into Matty's despite me telling them not to. I wanted to get him to sleep at 7.30 like he normally does at home because if I don't he is awake for hours and won't sleep. I was so cross! I almost walked out with him when miracoulsy he did fall asleep.

    Today he has slept, feed had play time, another feed and now sleeping again. A great day.

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Nell, it must have been very annoying having everyone hovering over Matty, I know it annoys me when I am trying to get them to sleep. Good to hear that he is having a great day today, atleast it didn't upset his routine.

    Deb, you kknow I once overheard someone I know saying they were going to leave it 5 years before having their next and I told them they were crazy as you are then having to start all over again. I think it was me that was the crazy one. BTW they didn't wait that long either I tried Tehya with some formula the other night and she wouldn't have a bar of it. Just kept on spitting it out. Think she doesn't like it???

    Noah has really been in full form today. Maybe it is that I am really tired today too. I was so looking forward to an arvo nap and I think it made things worse because I had my mind set on it. When Brandon came home I got him to take Noah out the back but of course they were still coming in and out of the house. I lay down on the lounge for a while with Tehya though and she got to have some more sleep \/ Thats 2 good sleeps today. Don't let me cheer too soon I could be eating my words.

    She is laying down on the floor just having a chat and a smile atm. Now thats what makes it all worthwhile .

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    LOL at the number of nappy changes putting things in persepctive Fi, I never thought of that! Yay for your nappies, they sound great I hope little miss Jenna is better for you tonight & not so windy. LOL as well at Jenna spewing in Shane's mouth! My sister did that to our dad once!

    Zander has a Tommy Tipee dummy as well Tanya, but it just doesn't stay in there real well! He's in the hammoc as well, so not much space to put a rolled up nappy in there. If it wasn't the dummy last night it was his blankets being kicked off! Yay for Violet sleeping through Zander is getting closer..... Yay for the bike riding, I really need to start doing some exercise too.

    D'oh at Noah not having a sleep this afternoon & Brandon coming in & out with him! The dummy dependancy is a shocker! Worst thing is he doesn't always have to have it, he just picks his nights I think!

    Yuck at your day yesterday, it does sound like a shocker! Yay for a better day today though

    Our day has been ok. Zander has been pretty clingy & won't let me out of his sight for some reason :-k I'm hoping he gives me a break when daddy gets home in 1/2 an hour cos I have some work to do, one of the girls at work has a new customer & I'm the one that sorts out their order forms & she needs it for tomorrow.

    Zander has also found his favourite toy - it's a Fisher Price Kick & Whirl Carnival. Pretty expensive at something like $90, but soooo worth it cos he has been laughing at it for the last 5 minutes & for almost 1/2 an hour earlier today

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    Welcome Fi to this forum offically


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    Feb 2004

    We're all very quiet at the moment.....

    Happy 1 month to Jenna

    Well we're going to our first mum's group this morning, should be interesting. I tried to give Zander his bottle just now so he wouldn't need it while we are there, no such luck. He's refusing it so he'll have to have it while there, so I've made sure I have plenty of spare clothes & bibs!!

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Wow so much can happen in here in a few days. Just popped Jacob down for a napand set Christian up on the couch (not feeling well and home from school 8-[ ) and thought I'd catch up. I spent yesterday phoning and running around trying to find a new car seat after the accident. I was supposed to replace it with the same model as the one I had but apparently Big W was the only place that stock this one and they don't have any in all 5 of the closest stores, so I just went to Babyco and got one in the same price range. They can argue all they like but I needed a car seat for us to take Jacob anywhere (not that I have my car :evil: ). Now I just have to organise myself for tomorrow morning so I can take Jeff to work so I can get down to the insurance office and give them the old car seat and receipt for the new one so I can be reimbursed.

    LOL!! Fi at Jenna spewing in Shane's mouth! And a happy one month old birthday for Jenna.

    Sarah - Have a good time at your mums group today

    Trish - Happy Birthday to Noah!

    I'll try and pop back later and catch up a bit more...............

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