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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, September/October 05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2004
    GONE MAD....back in 10!!

    Morning everybody.
    Not much happening here, just plodding along, trying not to stress too much with all the kids being so BORED!

    Having a major hard time dealing with what the princess(SIL) ((COW)) did to Zac on Saturday, never ever leave that B???? with my boy again.
    I had to take my girls for a hair cut, so Bill stayed behind with Zac, princess turned up with her kids, then Bill got a call to go hatch some gecko's I was on my way home so we said to princess to stay till I got back, (Zac was asleep, but due to wake)anyway when I got home prob 10 mins after Bill left, walked inside , her daughter is jumping on my lounge, but more to my horror, Zac was lying flat on his back with his bottle propped up on a nappy, ON THE LOUNGE!!!& where was she??!!!!! Out the back having a fag!!OMG I nearly throttled her all the "what if's" have been running through my head since then & I cant even say them out loud stupid, stupid, stupid. Zac had a terrible night Saturday, he woke a 2 am & we couldn't settle him until 5.30, wonder if it is related, ........... she wouldn't have heard a thing out there!!
    ************************************************** ***********

    Hi Fletch, glad you enjoyed the wedding & of course Zane was a hit, look at him, he is a stunner!!

    Oh Jo, I hope you're feeling better.

    Hi Yvette, glad to hear you're special girls are well, we don't have much of a routine here either, Zac is the boss & we work around him.
    As for my horrible birds, we have a pair of eclectus & a major mithcell cross corrella & what a cheeky bunch they are too!!

    Hi kate, how are things? Gee Kelsey is a beautiful girl, you must be 1 proud mummy!!

    Sorry for my big cry girls, but i am still horrified at her.

    I have changed the picture in my sig for you all, I must stop being lame & do a website #-o

    Take care

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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hello ladies

    OHHHHHHH Storm..you poor thing. How horrible..id have some choice words to say to you SIL too...silly woman. Big hugs to gorgeous little Zac who is looking very handsome in his photo too i might add. I cant see why a cigarette could be that darn important..poor little baby.

    Yaaay Fletch on the exercise routine. I will do the same thing when the kids go back to school next week. Hows your gorgous little man going? Thriving no doubt.

    Well i really dont have much to say ive been sick all week and weekend..darn virus will not leave me alone. We have the lamest of school holidays though the kids have been keeping themselves pretty amused and for that i am very proud of them.

    Well my little boy is awake and calling for his breakfast...does anyone elses bubs start calling out now instead of whimpering....i think its so cute..

    Hello to everyone else.


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    Feb 2005

    Forum Name: kitten2b
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 27 August 2005
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl Girl
    Baby Name(s): Maria Louise
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic) 5 weeks 4 days early.
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) 3.5weeks in newborn care.

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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hello lovely ladies

    Im hoping today tonight will be a better night...i went to the dr and am now on antibiotics..i have a chest infection that will not go on its own darn it. Sick of coughing...i know..woe is me.

    Kate glad your baby boot camp went well..it sounds like a great idea. I bet Kelse sleeps well after her 75 minute class...and all that walking as well...you put me to shame..sigh. Maybe Kelse is going through a height spurt and hense not putting on as much weight as she has previously. I guess it doesnt help her having reflux...poor darling...you must be always worrying about how much is going in her little mouth. I hope the extra feed helps and puts your worries at ease...but please dont worry babies let you know when they are hungry..LOL.

    It is kinda weird isnt it Shannon that lots of babies just seem to slow down with their weight gain at around 3 months. I must get the girls yellow books out and see if that happened with them as well.

    Geez its very quiet in here isnt it....oh Kitten welcome...and little Maria. Glad to have you in here.

    Well Sammy is sleeping alot better at night now thank goodness..i was going a bit mental for a time. Hes now going to bed at 11 and sleeping til around 3 or 4 which is huge for him...little piggy...LOL.

    Well hope everyone else is doing fantabulously...Mel ...havent seen you in here for a while sweets..hope you and darling Hunter are doing fantastically.

    Talk soon


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    Melody Guest

    Hello lovely mummies

    For those of you not in Sydney I extend my condolenses (sp?)..... is this a magical spring day or what!!!?? there is that certain smell in the air outside, the promise of walm nights & good wine. Days like this make me feel human again, an overweight human but human none the less!

    Jo I'm so glad to hear Sammy is sleeping better, it can really do bad things to a woman when she is responsible for a little munchkin & running on empty. Sleep is the key for me too. Now that the kids are back at school (?) hopefully you can get some day-time naps in.

    Yvette you are still my mothering guru! The girls are beautiful so keep up the good work. Maybe mention to DH that at some stage you will get romantically inclined again but the speed of that could depend on his ability to clean the kitchen floor? Either that or buy a dog & spread some crumbs

    Storm I must say i am LIVID at your SIL! I dont know how or if you managed to maintain your composure but she would have been out my door with a size 9 up the a**! There is no excuse for that with a baby at stake!

    Fletch Zane just seems to get cuter every time i look at your site & the photo's dont even need to have been updated! That one of him with the milk running down his cheek is just priceless! I'm glad everything is smoothing out for you.

    Kate Kesley is dreamy.... she looks like a little doll with hair everywhere. I wont offer crap tokens about 'knowing how you feel' regarding weight worries but I can imagine how awful it would be. Please keep your chin up & understand that you are on a mission & you will fix the problem.... isn't that what mumies do?

    Hunter & I are fine.... (I have updated his pics) whatever it is he is supposed to 'go through' at 6 weeks, he is dutifully 'going through'. It's hard, hearing him cry & seeing him emotional breaks my heart but all i can do is feed, cuddle, sooth & try to keep him calm. He is still sleeping really well at night so that is the godsend. Weight gain is phenominal (he is 6 kilo's now) & overall he is just a really sweet baby.

    Personally I am REALLY ANGRY at all those people who said "Dont worry, when you breast feed the weight falls off" LIARS! No weight has fallen off me.... I'm eating well (no rubbish) but just miss 'me'.

    I have also been having cigarette cravings which has taken me by suprise. Let me just say that I have absolutely NO INTENTION of giving in. Saying/typing it just reiterates the ridiculous nature of what is going through my head but I am finding it popping in there quite a bit. I'm not going back though.... no way Nicotine Demon!

    I hope vereyone is having a great day

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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Hi all there, long time no see.
    BF mums bodies keep up to 10 kg in store for "just in case times" we lose weight, but not all of it IYKWIM!
    Well I have been busy , school hols we went here there and everywhere, but has settled down mildly. They are talking of a specialist for Dion, as he cant seem to get over the bronchiolitis, bugga!! Havent had him weighed for ages, but is a fat little bubba so am not worried!! he feeds 3hrly. Chris ( DH) has been giving him a bottle at the dream feed each night (EBM) as I am back at work in 2 weeks, so he needs to get the hang of it ( doesnt really like the bottle)

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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Kate, yeah I will BF all the time Im not away. I even get up during the day, from my sleeps to BF so I dont miss out iykwim. I have done this for the other 3 too, as I have been working nights for 9 yrs.
    I have usually got more time to pop in here when Im working, than when Im home!
    Well I got pp dresses for the girls the other day for Dions baptism ( all 3 the same!!) and found a new shirt for myself too. I have an outfit (pp) for Dion to change into afterwards, but he will be wearing the same gown the girls wore

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    Nov 2004

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry haven't posted for ages. Hope you are all well, I have had a quick read how you are all going. Amy slept for 10 hrs last night. Poor DH waited for her to wake for her 1am feed and she didnt'. She ended up waking at 3:45am and DH went to bed at 4:30. Luckily he can sleep till lunch time.

    Kate - Your baby bootcamp sounds great. You should do really well and tone up fast. Sorry, don't know about the red nose. At least Kelsey is putting on some weight, better than losing it. How are you plans going for TTC? I am on Lite N easy and lost 2.7kg in the first week. Have to get the body back to normal by Dec!

    Fletch - Lite n Easy is great and the food is delicious. We are still bathing Amy in the baby bath and showers with mum or dad. It is much easier to shower but we only do it a couple of times a week as she loves playing in the bath. Poor Zane with the motorbike, I suppose it was too quick to get the rego.

    Melody - Good on you for not giving in to the nicotine cravings, you can do it!!

    Jo - I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Hi to everyone else, we are off to the next thread, see you all there soon.

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    Melody Guest

    Just a quick question.... what is the ballpark cost of Lite & Easy per week?

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    Nov 2004

    Lite n Easy is $118 for b'fast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It just went up $3. The website has all the info. Kate, we are not using anything ATM just doing Billings again but haven't done temps as it's too hard because Amy doesn't feed at the same time every morning. I have ordered a diapragm (sp?) and have to pick it up from the chemist. Still only 80% sucessful so will still do Billings.

    Hayseed are you still around? We are going away in a couple of weeks and are staying at Cape Otway Cottages for 4 nights. I think it is near your place. Taking the dogs, should be fun.

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    Melody Guest

    Thanks Gemma & Kate, I have just been on the website (being such a pc geek i should have done that first #-o )

    It looks great! Not stupidly expensive either.

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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hello lovely ladies and bubs...glad to hear you are all well. I hear you on the whole breastfeeding - weight falling off myth!!! What a load of balony! LOL...

    Kate hope you figured out what was making lil missy's nose red...maybe a bite or something..or was it cold? Cant say ive had the whole red nose thing :-k Wow at aiming to be pregnant again so soon...hope it goes well for you. I think i will be the only one in here not ttc again....but ive done the toddler and baby thing..this time i just want to enjoy Sammy. Please dont forget us..pop in and chat...we will miss you both.

    Hi Fletch..yah for Zane's weight gain. You must be so thrilled. Im so glad for you. Sammy has either a bath with me, or a bath with Daddy or a bath with Olivia and Emily (with me holding him..god its a back killer). He loves it and goes crazy splashing everywhere. I did put him in his bath the other day to see if he still liked it but he sooked cos he didnt have the freedom he normally has in the big bath.Awww at the noisy motorbike too ... poor Zane. Sammy is the same and is starting to frighten very easily with load noises. At the show he didnt like the police band that seemed to follow us whereever we went!

    Hi Vanita...wow at going back to work..i dont think i could muster the energy at the moment...good for you though.

    Bye Gemma and Amy..will see you in the next thread..come and pop in though wont you.

    Hiya Mel..i love the photo of gorgeous Hunter smiling...and all that hair...puts my little baldy to shame..hehe.

    Hiya Storm...hope youve recovered from your ordeal with you SIL.

    Well my little darling is calling out cos hes awake...so best go get him up..am taking forever to get over this chest infection..i think when the kids go back to school next week it wont be so hectic and for 6 hours of the day anyway it will just be me and little boy and we can chill a bit. Im hoping that will help it out anyway cos the antibiotics are taking forever to do anything.

    Talk soon ladies


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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    LOL @ the police band Kate..it did sort of feel like that...wtg Kelse..what a huge sleep...you gotta be happy with that...mmmm...wonder if Sammy is listening..the longest he ever goes is 4 hours and he seems pretty proud of himself sleeping that long LOL. Bugga bout the red nose still....mmmm :-k

    Fletch i forgot to say congrats on the weight loss too..its a nice feeling isnt it. Ive lost lots lately but i cant take any responsibility for it though cos ive been so crook..i dont think it really counts.

    Im making the most of the fact that Emmy and Olivia are walking Sammy in the pram round and round the house (we have full patio surrounding house) He loves it so we are all happy.


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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Hi GUys

    Yep, have been off the face of the planet for a while! Been out walking walking walking heaps and have lost 16kg which is all my pregnancy weight and more!!!! Also following the Total Wellbeing Diet and it is working well. DH is losing weight too!

    Zahra is going well - can't believe she is 11 weeks old next week! Time is flying! She is such a cutie!! (very proud mummy moment there!).

    Had my check up with the ob and got some bad news. Abnormal pap smear result. Have to see him again in 2 weeks (he's away) and see what the "go" is. Can't understand how you can have a normal smear 12 months prior and a dud one this time round. Oh well - the colposcopy will tell all I guess.

    My bsl's are largely normal again but sometimes at the higher end of normal. Total Wellbeing Diet is good for that too as it is mostly low GI food.

    Well, must toddle off and do my housework while all the kids are asleep. Will try to check in more often!!


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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hello Kel...so nice to hear from you. Wow at 16kg you clever little thing..sounds like a great diet. Sorry to hear about the abnormal pap result. At least if you had a normal result 12 months ago chances are if there is anything wrong you have plenty of time to treat it. Fingers crossed its nothing though. I had a colposcopy when I was pregnant with Jess years and years ago and its no more stressful than a pap smear.

    Its hard to believe our babies are getting so big isnt it. Zahra being 11 weeks next week and Sammy will be 10 weeks on Tuesday. I love it though cos with each passing day you can see them learning more and doing more...i look forward to little giggles and dad dads and food...lol.

    Well hope to chat to you more Kel


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    Melody Guest

    Fantastic! Congratulations Kell (so nice to see you back here ) & Fletch on the weight loss!

    That is a 4 letter word to me at the moment.... i caved today & went out & bought some clothes that fit.... my reasoning being that i am even more depressed in tracksuit pants 24/7 & i refuse to wear my maternity stuff so being confined to 2 pants & 3 tops is really messing with my head & making me feel 100% more unatractive.

    I shopped very cheaply & picked up some really nice little tops & pants etc. At least now i can try to look like a woman again

    Jo are you feeling better? is everything on the mend? Kate any chance those scales were playing up hon? #-o

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    Jun 2004

    Hi girls,

    I'm just popping in to let you know that I am going into the next thread (3 - 6mths) as Pup is now 13 weeks, or 3 months. God time has flown.

    I haven't been on here much over the past week - I've had a nightmare week and an d ok week all rolled into one. Last Sunday morning, I was going to church and carrying Pup out to the car when I fell down the step carrying him! #-o . I went down like a bag of poo and have badly done my ankle. It is so swollen and bruised. DH ran outside and picked us both up and got me some ice and bandaged the ankle which helped. But a week on, the ankle is still very very swollen and bruising is now creeping up my leg. Whilst I have given the crutches away as a bad joke (had them from when I done my ankle last time! 8-[ ), I am hobbling around. But my ankle and lower leg are killing me. So I relented and went to the dr this morning and have to get an xray on Monday (no xray in our town over weekend unfortuantel, which is why I didn't go into hospital last Sunday when I did it).

    And to top it off, DH and I were supposed to be going to Melbourne for a quick getaway and do some shopping. We delayed going to Melb, but went Monday night and came home Thursday afternooon. But unfortunately, we only got to do about 3 things we wanted to do (out of about 10) because i just couldn't walk around the city. I was on crutches at the time.

    But the good bit was, that one of the things that we did do was buy me an eternity ring!!! Yep, DH came good with getting me something for having Thomas and we bought a channel set diamond and ruby (Pup's birthstone) eternity ring. It needs to be made and I won;t get it until end Novmber, but I LOVE IT!!

    And DH and I bought Pup a gift to commemorate his birth. We bought a silver spoon from Tiffanys & Co. Cost a fortune, but hey.....I never thought I'd be a mum, so I'm happy to splurge out!!

    Well, I haven't read back posts so I don;t know what is going on, except that I have picked up on the fact that weight is an issue for some. Me too. I have got back down to pre-pregnancy weight, but was already about 20kg overweight to start with. I thought breastfeeding would strip off some of my weight, but it's not looking that way. Although, my boobs are sooo much bigger than pre preg, that they make my waist look smaller!!!!!

    Well, I'd best push off into the next thread. See you all in there!


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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi everyone,
    New face on the block here - Max just turned one month old, so here I am!

    Melody, you're an inspiration, I've been wondering what to do about clothes because I don't quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet, I'm a bit too 'squishy' about the middle, but I certainly don't want to be going around in my pregnancy clothes either, most of them just exaggerate the remaining bump and it's not a good look. I was going to wait until I had some sort of waistline back until I went shopping for new tops, but your post makes so much sense, I think I'll go out and pick up a couple of nice, bright tops this week for a pick-me-up.

    On the weightloss front, I'm back to what I was before I got pregnant, which is still 20kg overweight as far as I'm concerned, so it's time to get back to exercising and all that jazz! I've been pretty good about keeping up the exercise levels for the past few years, but I ended up being on bedrest for the last month of the pregnancy, and that plus the recovery time needed after a c-section has just made me lose SO much condition! I feel like a total noob, I'm going to have to build up my stamina from scratch again. It's a looong journey back to fitness after this length of time lying down, but it's nice to be able to actually MOVE again without a huge weight in my belly!


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