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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, December '04

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    Pietta Guest

    Forum Name: Pee
    State: Western Australia
    Baby's DOB: 8/9/2004
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl: Little Boy
    Baby Name(s): Ryley Morgan
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/b/bubbs/
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic) None so far thank goodness!!
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc) 2 weeks late almost- emergency c-section after 21 hours of labour without pain relief- but he was worth it!!

    Hey all- Quickie from me- I think Ryley is teething! Poor little guy!! The CHN said it is early but looks possible. Grrr for my poor little boy. We were checked yesterday and he is 63.5cm and weighs 7.7kgs. Yep he is a big boy!! But there is a baby in my mothers group who is 8 weeks old- 65cm and 8 kgs so at least he isnt the biggest!!

    I have found out i may have diabetes and/or arthritis already! grrr... i find out next week.
    Anyway hope everyone is well i will chat more when i have more time! Christmas is crazxy time!!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    pee - if ryley is teething then it might be good that it is out of the way before he gets a little older. my ds cut his first four teeth in august 2000 and he was born in may 2000 i think he was around 12/13 weeks and i can honestly say i never really had a problem, i remember he cut 8 teeth in the month leading up to his first birthday and by 18mths he had them all even his 2yr old molars. only problem with early teething is apparently they lose them earlier. just keep brushing. my ds is off to his first dentist visit next week hmmm i wonder if the dentist will tell him to brush his teeth more like every morning and every night, he certainly doesn't listen to his mum and dad and doesn't seemed fazed if we tell him they will fall out if he doesn't brush them - too busy playing.

    michelle hope all goes well at the drs.

    just wrapped up some chrissy presents, ds is soooo excited to put pressies under the tree for his cousins etc he said he can't wait until santa comes and will santa wrap his in the same paper lol. i said no the elves have special paper to wrap the childrens pressies in (note to self: must buy different wrapping paper). we were at the shops today and he was talking to some older boys whilst playing on a ride (i was near them having a coffee but out of earshot) on the way home i asked him what he was talking to the boys about (these boys would have been around 7 or 8) he said about santa being real grrrrrrrrr i hate it when older kids try and spoil it for the littlies, i said santa is real and ds said yes i know thats what i told them phew he believes and you know what so do i lol

    take care
    see ya

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    spiddles Guest

    Eww at the poo in the bath Carmen...cant say I have experenced that but have been pooed on. Wasnt quite finished when changing nappy.

    Bugger Pee on both counts....Hope results come back fine for you.

    I really dont know what to do. The childcare centre rang and managed to fit Liam in (the one I first booked him into) but is $9 dearer a day than the other I looked at with the gap from government.

    But for $9 extra a day does get formula, nappies,food supplied and all linen. The other would have to take nappies and wipes and pre-mixed formula, food, sheets and blankets. Would have to sterilize bottles and make lunch. So I really don't know. Do you guys think I would get away with it cheaper than $9?? (I have no idea cause I hardly use forumla I guess would have 3 feeds there and maybe 5-6 nappy changes?? and 3 feeds when he is older) I just want to do what more economical as both places seem great and could use the extra money as $72 a fornight extra does sound alot more.

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    Kara Guest

    Hello everyone

    Forum Name:1 Month to 6 Months List - Dec '04
    State: Queensland
    Baby's DOB: 3/10/2004
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Owen
    Baby's Website: working on it
    Health Concerns:beautiful healthy bub - did have an umbilical granuloma a couple of weeks ago
    Notes:2 days early, weighed 4.22kg (9lb 5oz)


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    Registered User

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Forum Name: Iris
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 26th September 2004
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name: Alana Daisy
    Baby's website: Keep posted!
    Health concerns: Cystic Fibrosis
    Notes: 9 days early, long induced labour after waters broke, emergency caesarian. Wish I could say drug free, but ended up having gas, pethedine and epidural!!

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello Kara!! I don't know if I've welcomed you yet, so I will now Owen is a great name!! Matilda too had a umbilical granuloma that stuck around for 8 weeks!!

    spiddles I can't get Matilda into day care anywhere and I'm looking for in 6 months time!! The waiting lists are around 12-18 months! So I would grab what you can! 9$ does seem heaps more expensive, but I guess with everything else covered you would be spending less for at home things? Hopefully!

    Well... had a good day yesterday but I was soooo tired... so today we are going out later to Ambah's house to see the new place & hang out with Aidyn! YAY!!! Then out for a swim! I took Matilda to South Bank on Tuesday and she loved it...splashed & tried to roll around kicking, she even put her own head under a few times & wasn't scared at all! YAY!!! Our own little fish...

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    Pietta Guest

    How cute that Matilda loves the water already!! That will be good for later in life.

    Didnt realise you'd moved into your new place Ambah (MIA for a while so i am a bit behind) i hope it is all great for you.

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    carmen Guest


    Pee - good luck with the results of your tests. I meant to ask - what did you decide about the baby modelling?

    Spiddles - I agree that $9 does sound expensive - but since childcare is so hard to get into, you could enrol and still keep your name on other waiting lists. Do you know what type of nappies/ formula etc they use since if they use the expensive brands then it might be worth paying more.

    This was going to be a long post but Luke is crying for attention so will have to go.

    Have a great weekend

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    spiddles Guest

    After a long discussion with DH have decided to go the one we originally booked him into with is $9 dearer. My thoughts were would be spending probably around $5 on nappies, forumla food a day anyway and I wouldnt need to pack lunh or steilise and make up bottles evey night and cant spend as much time with him as possible. Plus this one is closer to my work and is only about 20 min walk from home. So since I cant drive if I finish early can pick him up and walk home and DH works late on Thursdays for late night shoipping so I can pick him up. Am hoping work will let me leave pram in coat room. (my work is about in the middle from home and childcare and nice parks along the way to walk through) And I do get carers leave from work so when Liam is sick I will be the one looking after him. DH may need to pick us up and bring us home on that occasion. It sucks not being able to drive!!!

    I think the use babylove nappies Carmen (i think they are midrange arent they...I only use huggies *lol*) Not sure on forumla but have been starting him on Karicare Gold at home. When he is older I know they give them one hot meal a day like queche or lassange so when you get home and your not up to having a cooked meal you know he has at least had one.

    I will have to start making my own lunch. Don't think I will be able to afford to eat at the cafe at work anymore. Not when its $6 for a foccasia. Least I dont have to worry about DH. He works near woolies(and KFC, Maccas, subway and HJ's) He usually goes into woolies and buys breadrolls and ham and makes his own and brinks the leftove rolls home.

    Liam has been awake most of the day. From 7 - 3. Last few days because it had been so hot was having a 3 hour nap in the morning as well as the afternoon and up until 11. So *fingers crossed* he will be asleep by 7-8 even though he is napping still now.

    Well Done Matilda on the swiming!!! So good you are teaching her early Christy and I hope that you get a place in daycare soon!!

    Welcome Kara Glad you can join us!!

    Kara or Christy - What is a umbilical granuloma??? Sorry to sound dumb?? Has to do with their bellybutton???

    Have a great weekend guys!! Have DH christmas party for work tomorrow and going out to a restraunt all expencises paid. Think I will give Liam forumla and pig out on oysters and prawns since I cant remember the last time I had them yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    spiddles a granuloma is basically like a lump that happens when the umbilical cord comes off and is left attached with a little bit attached to a blood vessel which eventually dies & it falls off... just looks like a little lump still left on the belly button...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Girls

    What a bummer about the diabetes/arthritis pee, that's not good so early is it? Hope things come out better than expected.

    Welcome Kara!

    It certainly is starting to busy up in here>

    Dr is sending me for ultrasound to check for gall stones, and has given me zantac. I have a feeling I have stomach ulcers and that rising acid is the feeling in my throat. Now I just have to find time to get the ultrasound done as Arron is flat out. If the ultrasound turns up nothing I have to have the endoscopy (camera down the throat). I think that will probably eventuate.

    Hope you had a great day visiting Ambah Christy, it's so nice you are close to each other, and Matilda may be a water baby, it's good to start them young.

    Spiddles, Baby love are one of the cheaper brands but they are good nappies, they are what I buy for when we go out. You have prob made the right choice, sending food and everything would eventually get to be a pain, although $72 is alot of money in your pocket. A tin of formula for bottle fed babies usually lasts a week so the less bottles the longer it would last.

    Hello to everyone else,

    Jessica was 3 months yesterday and I am doing my usual sobbing, as I miss her being a newborn already. She is lying on her back reaching for toys and holding rattles now.

    Jemma is doing so well with the potty, except she still hasn't learnt not to touch her poo. So Carmen if poo in the bath is bad, then toilet training is heaps worse. I have had poo in some places I can't believe and I have to clean it as Arron dry reaches all over the place.


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    Pietta Guest

    Lol @ dry reaching! hehehe
    I am looking forward to DH doing the potty training!
    We decided not to do baby modelling because i dont want him to grow up with issues about his looks and this would be a bad basis to start. Also i feel like we would be exploiting him. I know it sounds dumb but thats how i feel.

    Good choice with the child care centre Spiddles. It sounded like the best way to go.
    I am having my tests done either sat or sun so dh can look after ryley.
    I dont think i said before- welcome Kara!

    Michelle i had gall stones and you get intense abdominal pain with them You normally have an attack after a big greasy meal. i had the op and it isnt too bad. Good luck though

    I had my second game of netball this friday and i must admit it is good to be back! after my first game i was stuffed but after today it wasnt too bad at all! I am almost back to my old self!! yee ha.

    I will let you know how the tests go.
    Take care all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI all,

    Pee, both my parents have had their gall baldders removed. I don't really get attacks, which is why I am pretty sure it isn't gall stones. This problem I have is constant discomfit in the throat area relieved a little by burping , although that is about 1 min of relief, the zantac doesn't seem to be doing much. The stress around our place too wouldn't help. I have had suspicioun about an ulcer for at least 3 yrs but everytine I would get to the Drs it would be because I was preg so it was put on the back burner till later. later has definetly come, as I can't stand this, eating affects it, not eating affects it. the only time I feel normal is when I am asleep, and with 4 kids to run after I don't need it at all.

    Arron has gone fishing again, this time with his Dad, reckons he'll be back at 9pm, you beauty, just late enough that the kids will be ready for bed and all the hard work will be done. Well planned I would say.

    Yesterday a friend was here and he was carrying on about how he used to do this and that and how hard it was, arguing with me about crap, and I could see her raising her eyebrows, thinking "WHAT THE...". I was so annoyed with him and he said it was me who started it.

    He is playing Santa for the kinder BBQ tomorrow, and is not happy about it. They had no one else and he does it at my Nana's on xmas day so I sort of volunteered him and he is ****ty about it. Get over it is what I say.

    Anyway, better go, things to do as usual, I want to put some more photos on Jessicas website and put some on Jemma's as there aren't any at all there.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh grrr at DH michelle!

    Well I went to work yesterday and then to friends house in the arvo & Matilda's been up since 5am and its 7 she's back in bed, DH is still in bed & I think I might go back for an hour or so!

    I just can't think of ways to keep her sleeping until after 5am!! I've tried leaving her in the cot until 6am (unless she's screaming of course), feeding her & putting her back in, keeping her up until later in the evening like 8-8.30pm... and nothing seems to be working!! I've tried all of these for at least a week and so for three weeks now I work hard to keep her in bed until at least 6am but the last two days she's caught on and starts screaming around 5.30am and when we finally get out of bed & to her she starts laughing #-o . I hear her wake up around 5am and chatter away, and I'm happy leaving her then, but she sometimes gets stuck with legs caught in the cot so I untangle her & leave her in there & lay in our bed listening to her...

    Its getting really tiring! I have to go to sleep at 9pm to get a decent nights sleep!! :mad:

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    mooshie Guest

    hey everyone

    christy - re matilda's waking at 5am, my neice is 18mths old and has done this since she was around 3mths, they to live in qld my only thought would be that up there at that time of the morning things are happening, it is getting light, birds chirping etc - i may be wrong. maybe try and put extra blockout on her window so the little peak of light doesn't come in, sorry no other suggestions.

    michelle - hope things get all sorted out with your throat, and grr and dh and there crackiness. i forgot to reply to you the other day re my hubby and the anti depressants - thankfully they are really good and he is not quiet or withdrawn (he was before lol) if anything they have made him come out of his shell a little.

    welcome to kara.

    yay to pee with netball - i am going to start back at the gym and also volleyball in january can't wait got to shift the extra weight from my back - tummy ok - back and boobs not lol.

    hi to everyone else i am off to help dh and ds set up the xmas lights on our house ds is soooooo excited.

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    spiddles Guest

    What a weekend!! Went to an 18th Friday night and am glad didnt send Liam to the other daycare centre now as one of the girls sent her kids there and had a bad experience.

    DH had his chrissy party last night and there was 14 of us there and had HUGE seafood platters for entree's of crab, prawns and oysters. Only 2 of us ate oysters and I didnt want them to go to waste so ate 3 dozen *lol* They were so fresh and delicious!!! DH couldnt believe it!! and we had a good night when we got home too *wink*

    Liam fits into his first pair of shoes he was given now. Are size 2!!! has such big feet. Hopefully wont be like his Daddy and have size 13 as so hard to find and expencive!!

    He had his first go in his jolly jumper today and LOVED it!!! Should have waited long than half an hour after a feed though as had a tiny spew.

    Liam gets up at 5 too Christy but after a feed usually goes back to sleep. I think its because the sun is up so he thinks its time to get up.

    Have put a few more pics on his website for those who are interested.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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    carmen Guest

    Hi Everyone

    We had a good weekend, although we went to visit someone who we met at antenatal class who had a little girl born the day before Luke and she is not having much fun since her daughter is not feeding/ sleeping very well. I felt guilty because Luke was on his best behaviour - feeding, sleeping and playing.

    Christy - I find that when Luke wakes up after about 4:30am, he won't go back to sleep in his cot, it is as if he thinks I have been in here on my own and now it is daylight, but I bring him into our bed. I feed him lying down facing him on our sides and then we both go back to sleep for a few hours.

    Spiddles - LOL at the oysters - that is pretty impressive!! Great pics on the website, Liam is very cute and looks very happy.

    I am thinking of getting a jolly jumper - are they all the same or is there different brands/ types etc?

    We took Luke to Harvey Norman to get a pic with Santa and it has come out really well. However, last night DH was talking to his mum and she said that in the last week in the UK, a store santa was handing a baby back to his mum and she didn't have hold of him properly so he fell on the floor (head first). Luckily the baby was ok but the santa was so upset that he walked off the job and refused to come back - our santa was very careful to make sure that I had hold of Luke before he let go.

    Hope that everyone else is well

    Take care


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    spiddles Guest

    Carmen - I think there are a few different brands. Like Jumping Joey as well as Jolly Jumpers. I think they are pretty much the same and can be used around 3 months onwards. I picked mine up from Big W. There is a few post around here somewhere one Ambah started and one I started.

    Am sooooooooo happy!! Went to pay the depost on Liam's daycare today and they must have calculated wrong over the phone and works out $8 cheaper a week!!! I made her double check. And they asked what brand of forumla he uses and I said Karicare Gold and they will supply that for him!! Wasnt sure if I would get to choose or not!! So with the money I had put aside for the deposit and was now cheaper bought him a wiggles backpack for daycare and a teething ring (thought it might stop him from chewing his hands)

    Hope everyone has a good day!!

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