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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, December '04

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    Mar 2004

    Hi girls, I hope that you and your babies are all well.
    Yasin must be going through a bit of a growth spurt he has decided that sleep is for wusses and is feeding heaps. I hope he settles back down again soon. He is asleep at the moment, I hope it lasts for a while. I'm cursing the dummy. DH has taken to popping it in at the slightest wimper so he is getting more dependant on it as a sleep aid and if it falls out before he is in a deep sleep he wakes up and if he doesn't get it back soon enough he needs settling all over again. He was quite good at putting himself back to sleep but the dummy seems to be changing that.
    The good news is that I can fit back into my littlest jeans again (although they are a bit tighter than they were) but I have a little bit of flabby gut hanging over the top.
    Pee and Michelle I will have to follow your example and start excercising again ASAP. I have my six week checkup this week so if I get the OK from my Dr I can get back into it.

    Spiddles, I'm glad to hear that the daycare worked out cheaper than expected. What a bonus.

    Christy, I don't have any suggestions to help with early rising but I hope you sort something out soon. Do you have a siesta?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ah yes daclostar I couldn't survive without a sleep during the day!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Good morning!! Yes thats right GOOD morning! LOL!!! I shut Matilda's door and put a blanket up over the blinds & she slept until 6.30am!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Mummy!! unfortunately though she had a few disruptions during the night around 3.30-4 and I finally put some bonjela in her mouth after exhausting all other possibilities & yep straight to sleep! ahhhhh....

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    spiddles Guest

    WOOHOO! Glad to see it worked!!! Liam woke at 5:30 (was overcast and raining) but I dont mind He slept his first 8 hours striaght!!!! So I am a happy Mummy too!!! Donno if it was because it was overcast or because have been giving him 2 formula feeds and 3 breast a day or he is just getting older but YAY!!!

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Glad to hear some of you are having success in the sleeping department. Can't wait for the all night sleep!

    Well poor Alana is on antibiotics for a bad nappy rash and thrush. We have been fighting this since she was about 3 weeks. We have seen several Drs, but with no success. Now with her new GP (recommended also by her CF paeditrician) and him being aware of her CF, she has been put on Antibiotics. The poor little thing just doesn't seem to be able to get a break. She just keeps smiling though!

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    carmen Guest

    Poor Alana - she seems to be having a rough ride - good to know that she keeps smling, it must make things easier for you.

    Just a short post since I have to pick DH up from the station, hope you are all well

    take care

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    spiddles Guest

    Awww the poor little chicken....hopefully the antibotics will clear it all up and I hope all goes well on Monday with the weigh in!!

    Can't wait to see pics of your little munchkin Iris!!! And am sure soon enough Alana will be sleeping through too!!

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    Feb 2003
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    I'm in the same boat as Carmen - Elijah wakes at 5am and wont settle again so he comes into my bed and will sleep. It's so lovely

    Iris, with the antibiotics, wont that make thrush worse? Unless it's a special antibiotic, they generally kill all bacteria, good and bad, which can lead to an overgrowth in bad bacteria, hence thrush. I would have thought you would have been prescribed an anti-fungal? Just a thought...

    Have gastro at the moment, it's gone through the family so I can't wait for this years installment to be over. I swear it must be Melbourne LOL the weather here is so bad and I was never this sick in Adelaide! I get gastro or bugs all the time now!!!
    Kelly xx

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    I have been away for a week at my mums but now I am home and back to reality.

    Grace is now six weeks old, we are both going for our checkups this week - I can't wait to see how much Grace weighs and how much she has grown. I know she has grown heaps in the last couple of weeks - she is getting chubby and feels so much heavier.
    Dachlostar - looks like Yasin and Grace are both having growth spurts! Grace has been feeding every three hours during the day and has also been unsettled - I think she is a bit colicky.

    I am feeling really fat lately. I felt so light and trim for the first week after giving birth, but now I am noticing the extra weight on my thighs and belly. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes though, so it's not so bad.

    Anyway, gotta go.
    Quick question - what is everyone getting their bubbas for christmas??


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    mooshie Guest

    yay for all the lovely babies sleeping nicely and a big yah for lil matilda way to go girl. the lovely lani has gone back to 8pm to 6am she did it at 7wks for 3 nights in a row then started waking at 3am again, but for the last week she has gone right through this morning was 7am but i think that was cause yesterday was so darn muggy and she did not sleep well during the day.

    kelly - boo hoo for gastro, i myself am not a vomit person don't mind the other end lol but if my kiddies vomit i am shocking, i can't seem to get over it sort of a silly phobia or somthing oh well hope you are all better soon.

    poor lil alana - nappy rash is not nice at all - at the slightest bit of redness i smear lani's bum with destinin (sp?) cream and it clears it quite quickly. hope it clears up soon, and also good luck for the big weigh in, i know i am excited by lani getting weighed next week can only imagine what you are going through.

    bon - good to see you're back - 6 wks gees it goes quick. ikwym re clothes i managed to squeeze myself into my jeans (with button fly) i think 3 buttons were undone lol, when i went for my 6wk check up, i couldn't breath but i had to do it lol, now thankfully i only have 2kg left to get back to pre conception weight.

    just found out my lovely sil and bil are expecting their 1st bubs in june next year i am so excited and i burst out crying - sheesh i am still so hormonal, i know when i see their bubs and lani will be 9mths old i will get sooooooo clucky watch out hubby lol.

    anyway sorry if i missed anyone - have a good night.

    see ya

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Wow so much I have to catch up on.
    Amelia has dropped to 4 feeds now. She is only 3mths old but the mchn said it was fine. Weighed yesturday. Length-62cm, weight-5.785kg, hc41cm. The nurse thinks she has exzma, but it does not bother her atm. Hopefuly she will grow out of it. Her feeds are pretty reg. atm
    Wakes 7.45am feeds, back to bed 9am, wakes/feeds 12pm plays, back to bed 1.15pm, Wakes/feed 4.30pm plays, back to bed 6.00pm then wake for last feed 9.30pm then sleeps from 10.00pm till 7.45am. She has only been doing this since Saturday. I was waking her for feed at 6.00am thinking she would not go much longer being bf but I thought why not try. BIG BOOOOOBIES though. Ouch!!!

    My ds was waking at 6am with the light when he was a baby so we darkened the room with a aheet. Since then he usually sleeps until 7.30/8.30am. Gives me time to myself in the am.

    Bon and Dachlostar, Babies usually have a growth spurt around 3w,6w,12w and 6mths.
    Kelly, hope you and your family feeling better soon. Gastro eeww.,

    Lara, hope little Alana feels better soon. Nappy rash is not fun. Is it related to the cf? Have you tried canastan cream and savlon?

    Yay to matilda for sleeping longer and for the swimming.

    Spiddles, glad you chose the one that supplies the works. I think if you pay a little extra and it gives you more time with your baby then I'm all for it. Wow, if Liam likes his jj then I should get ours out and try Amelia in ours. Could not remember when ds started in his. She does have good head gontrol so I suppose she should be fine.

    Mitch, hope you are doing fine. Sounds yuck.

    Gotta go now, sorry for those I have missed and welcome to the newies.

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    Marcia Guest

    Hi all!
    Well I have been missing for a while, but I have finally found the time and energy to get back lol! Have been having sleeping probs with Hudson and family probs (xmas seems to be the season for it) which have been taking up a lot of my time.

    Sounds like a lot of you are having trouble keeping your bubbas asleep. We too are having sleep problems atm but it is with Hudson waking up numerous time a night, sometimes hungry and sometimes not. He was doing so well with sleep and had been sleeping through for quite a while, but over the last month or so it has all changed and we are playing a whole new ball game. He is waking up a lot, not feeding well (drinking 1/2 the amount he used to) and being very grizzly. We also seem to have a regular 1 hr battle every evening where he just doesn't know what he wants and nothing is right. After the 1hr he usually decides he does want his bottle after all and once that is all gone everything is fine again. It is a real turn around from the happy, feeding, sleeping baby we have been used to. I am wondering if it is teething as he seems to saturate himself in drool and chew his hands(and mine) a lot, but can't see any physical signs of it like hard/white/red gums? Maybe he is just trying to keep us on our toes lol. It has had me worried, as he is just not himself and I have constantly had the thermometer under his arm, but temp seems fine so I guess he is just generally cranky.

    Well there is so much I have missed so I won't do personals, but I will try keep up again now lol. Hope everyone is doing well!

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    spiddles Guest

    Marcia - Liam has been fussy too of late and hardly drinking formula when I give it to him. Fighting to get 100mls down. His gums are hard and red/white and has been drooling and chewing/sucking hands alot/Not sure if he is teething or not but bought a gummy teether by happy baby and he sits there and chews it and throws it around (thought it might saving chewing hands) and he seems quite content.

    Poor little Amelia - exzma isnt nice I hope she grows out of it. They say around 3 months for JJ or when they have good head control which Liam does. Never had floppy baby neck syndrome (which is one thing I hate about babys seem so fragile like they will snap)

    Good to see Lani is behaving and sleeping well Michelle

    Bon - I hear ya about feeling flabby but I shouldn't complain as I havent really been exercising *naughty naughty* I bought Liam a jolly jumper for christmas but he got it early. Am thinking rellies will spoil him and we need as much money as we can get right now.

    Hope you feel better soon Kelly. With any luck Elijah should be fine if you are breasteeding.

    Anyhows am off to bed!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,
    will hang out here until someone joins me in the newborn forum.
    Thanks again for all the good advice and support re. my last post. I am still feeling pretty clueless half the time but am starting to be able to understand my little boy more and more every day (though still a heap of guesswork involved).
    Haven't used the dummy since that one occassion.. midwife told me not to.. hmmm.. so instead he is sucking on my finger... what's the difference I wonder?
    We transitioned Wolf to his cot last night. The cot is right next to my bed and I took one of the side of slats off, so I can just reach across and grab him for night time feeds. I guess the next step will be to put the slats back and move the cot away from our bed and then the next step will be to transition him to his own room, but decided to leave step 1 until he drops the night time feeds and step 2 until 6 months or thereabouts... (that's the goal at least).

    Wolf had a terrible day yesterday - it must have been something I ate ... really bad gas and crying all day ... I was so tired by the end of the day, I had a cry myself. Today he is back to his normal good natured self ... phew.. I was worried I had jinxed myself there for a while...

    lol re. the pee and the poo in the bath... Wolf hasn't had a bath yet, the midwife said to wait for the belly button stump to fall off and it still hasn't. had to mop my little boy today though since he peed right in his own face today when I was changing the nappies... I was in stitches.. he was totally unfazed by it all as if he didn't mind the slightest that he had just peed in his own eye and ear... filthy little boy!

    I have a question for those girls with a Caesarean":
    how long did your bleeding/lochia last for and how strong was it?
    I still have fresh blood and my midwife reckons I should see my obgyn again - any thoughts?


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    Pietta Guest

    hey snowy and good to see u in here sweet!
    I had blood until 4 weeks. Apparently it was nothing! I still have a littlte pain.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi, I hope everyone's well.
    Yasin is sleeping better today =D> I hope he can keep it up. He fussed all yeasterday but then he slept really well through the night and only woke me up a couple of times which was a nice change.
    We have our 6 week checkup tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he weighs. He's been growing out of all his cloths so he should have put a bit of weight on.
    Snowy, lol at the pee in the face. Its amazing how far they can shoot it. DH is a total clean freak and has a panic attack every time Yasin pees or poos when he's changing the nappy. The first time it happened I literally ran to Yasin's room because from the way BJ was screaming for me I thought something really awful had happened :roll: The midwife told us not to use a dummy too - we should have listened #-o). We still use a finger too but he's been known to suck it until DH gets a cramp in his hand. In the car we can't use the finger because I worry about what would happen if we braked suddenly.
    Spiddles and Marcia, I hope your bubs stop being so fussy soon and thier teeth don't worry them for too long.
    Rose, I hope that Amelia's ecxma clears up soon and continues not to bother her.
    Michelle, congrats on becoming an aunt to be. Is this your first niece/nephew? I love being an aunt. I spoil my niece and nephew rotten.
    Bon, lucky you having a week with your Mum. I can't wait to hear how Grace went at her six week check.
    and how much weight she's gained.
    Lara, I'm looking forward to finding out how much Alana has put on too. I hope that the nappy rash/thrush clears up soon. Thrush is no fun at all. you must be very proud that she is such a troooper.
    Kelly, ughhh at the gastro. I hope it clears up really soon.
    Christy, I'm so glad to hear that Matilda slept in a bit. Yay for both of you!!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi all! Not so great this morning, but she went to bed really early last night, just couldn't keep her awake.... 6pm!! So no wonder she woke up at 5.30... oh well...

    I bled until around 8weeks post Matilda...

    re the dummy... Matilda didn't like the dummy at first, but she loves it now & we use it only to settle her at night when she wakes in the middle of the night, we pop the dummy in and she goes straight to sleep. We also use it now when we are out & she needs to sleep & is tired. We were told that using the dummy and/or bottles would cause nipple confusion, but we never had that issue. Matilda from 2 weeks would have a bottle in the evening and fed really well off the breast with no confusion at all... so I guess some babies get put off by it and some dont... as with everything I guess... we went to bottles only because of her reflux and would have kept bf otherwise as she was so good at it and we had no attachment probs... sometimes I miss it now and I thought I never would as I didn't enjoy it all the time, that was when she was feeding every two hours for the first 16 weeks though...bit tiring....

    Anyway... I'll stop my epic posting lol... I hope you are all well... its another rainy day here & no car so I am trying to come up with something to stimulate her later as I think she's getting bored now after a few days of being at home in the rain no walks... hmmm....

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    spiddles Guest

    Bugger about the 5:30 wake up Christy...hopefully things will work out better soon!!!

    Hope everything goes well at Yasim's 6 week check up!!

    Re: Dummys...Seems all midwives hate them (and formula and disposable nappies) You gotta do whats right for you and your baby!! Use your motherly instinct.

    *lol* at the pee in the face snowy!! Poor little Wolf!!

    Well I finally did it....twisted DH arm (wasnt that hard to do as he was fed up with it too) and bought a new pram!!! Was using my nephews old steelcraft one he is now 6 and it has finally had its day. ( Felt like a shopping trolly to steer and the fabric was starting to rot so would always have to have the lambs wool in it And a bout a month ago went shopping with my mum and we couldnt get it to fold up and had to walk all the way home from the shopping centre GRRRRR!! stuburn thing!!) Target had 20% off prams and still had a $50 voucher left over from my credit card points after buying chrissy presents and a $10 off voucher from bounty bag. So a $250 pram we only spent $140 - vouchers discount etc. Was looking at a Jeep Cherokie one as was cheaper. The padding felt soft but DH said the toy looked tacky (wouild have probably came off) but got the Mothers Choice Regal. With all the walking I will do when I go back to work and pick him up from daycare so needed a new pram. I guess now I have no excuse not to exercise more!!!

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