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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, February '05

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    spiddles Guest

    Hi Everyone!! Just thought I would pop in before I hit the sack. Have been working from 6 til 2 or 4 depeneding if I have been doing more overtime so 4:30 wake ups for me!!

    Past few days Liam has been waking up with me but this morning he didnt and had left before he woke up. Well was Daddy day today and screamed all morning until DH bought him down to my work for lunch. DH tried everything. Bonjella etc no go. As soon as he saw me he was fine. He is getting so clingy lately. He is fine if he knows where I am but I think he got a shock that he didnt wake up this morning and I wannt there.

    Will try and catch up with personals on the weekend. Hope everyone is well!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI all

    Dasch you wouldn't believe it but I missed Medium, Mum, Dad my Brother SIL and Niece turned up, couldn't hear so turned the telly off and missed it. Arron and I are both spewing. We really liked it.

    Spiddles- I used to hate leaving when the kids were in bed, but at least you get lunch together. I went to a meeting at Jordan's school last night and she was so excited to see me when I got back, it surprised me too. Arron tried to put her to bed 3 times without success, but I walked in and put her straight down and she slept. Clingyness is sort of nice but can be a prob sometimes.

    Anyway going to bed too.

    See ya tomorrow

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    Feb 2004

    Hi everyone! Welcome Elle, look forward to chatting with you! Bon, glad to hear you had a good mini-break, hope your SIL is going okay. Hope you had a good day Michelle, and that Jemma's finger is okay.

    Kaleb had his needles on Monday, he did quite well, but was really sleepy for the rest of the day. Bought some baby Panadol, but the pharmacist talked me out of using it - I don't think he needed it anyway. Then had his 2mth check up on Tuesday, going well, now weighs 5980g and 61cm long. Told CHN about his questionable daytime sleep habits and all she had to say was try controlled crying - hmm, not sure I want to do that, after all, isn't he far too young yet?

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi all,i havnt posted for ages! Too busy,tired and all that! Plus when i reply to any topics it wont email me back that there has been a reply.Fustrating.
    Anyway,Beth as far as i have read controlled crying begins at 6 months.However i use some of the principals of it such as when millana cries in her cot i never pick her up if she cries.I just go in and stick her dummy in and dont talk to her.I f it doesnt work aqfter 15min i ususally pick her up comfort her and then try again.It works for me and i dont have any problems putting her down.Millana is the type of baby that will cry before she falls asleep and too much handling and she gets cranky.
    One thing i cant do and that is get millana to go to bed at 730 -8pm instead of 6pm.She will sleep usually from 6pm to 1am at nite,have a feed and then sleep to 4am.Most times she then comes into bed with me.If she went to bed at 8pm she would sleep through im sure.Anyway gotta go and show millana off to mum and dads friends.Catch u all later.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    Yasin had his echn visit on tuesday. He's 63.5 cms and 6.6 kg now. He seems to get really hungry in the evenings even though I've done my best to increase his supply so she suggested that instead of giving him formula which can interefere in breast feeding I try a bit of rice cereal instead. He's only a week off 4 months so I guess it might be worth a try but he seems so young for solids. We tried a bit yesyerday mixed with ebm, once he started to understand what was going on he seemed to quite like it although he dribbled heaps out. After about 3/4 of a teaspoon he'd had enough, since so much went on him instead of down his throat I geuss he ate about 1/2 a teaspoon. Maybe I should just express a feed in the morning but I always seem to forget or not have the pump assembled and if I don't express just after he's had a feed I don't really get a letdown and if he's fed there's not alot left over for expressing.
    Its been a big week because as well as his first solids he's started rolling from back to front. He's been rolling from front to back for a while now so now he can roll both ways. I'm so proud of him.

    Beth, Good to hear that Kaleb handled his needles so well. Yasin is due for his next needles in a week and I think the cat is due for his as well. I think that you're right about him being to young for controlled crying. Maybe if you post a question in the baby/toddler forum you might get some ideas to work with. I noticed Pinky McKay browsing around there and advocating massages for all and maybe she's right.
    Michelle, bummer at missing Medium. I ended up watching it and it seemed ok so I'll probably get hooked. I hope that Jess's finger x-ray went ok,was she really interested in being able to see her bones. I remember when my brother broke his arms when I was a kid we were both fascinated by the x-rays. Your Dh sounds a bit like mine sometimes. Out deal was that on days when he works he needn't help with the housework, just spend some time with Yasin and on his days off he helps in the house but he seems to have forgotten the part about helping on his days off. His mum waited on him hand and foot so he just drops everything everywhere and expects it to be tidied up. He's beginning to adapt to the concept that things don't just clean themselves by magic but he's got a long way to go. I have a real bee in my bonnet about women who don't get thier sons to help in the house. The way I see it if we all make our sons help out then we all ensure that our daughters get properly domesticated hubands.
    Spiddles, ugh at the 4;30 wake-ups. I get them too but I have the luxury of being able to go back to sleep afterwards. I geuss he must be going through a bit of seeration anxiety. I was talking about it with the echn the other day, supposedly it helps them form relationships when they are older, I can't remember why.
    Bon, i'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. Its funny how having babies suddenly makes you feel so much older. I hope your SIL's Dh gets over himself soon.
    Mel, lol at Eliana thinking the news people are talking to her. I hope you find a good baby group soon.
    Michelle, I'm glad that Lani likes her formula. I hope her rash clears up soon. Yasin has developed this wierd habit of putting his finger in his ear when he eats and sometimes whne he sleeps and he keeps scratching it up with his nail. No matter how short I cut it it still scratches. I can take it out when he eats but when he does it in his sleep its harder. So now he has little scabs inside his ear and he keeps scratching them off. I don't know what to do about it and forgot to mention it to the echn #-o
    tegan, I hope DP did well at his interview. Yay for the long sleep. i think Yasin is on the verge of sleeping through. Some nights he does and some he doesn't.
    Hi Elle and Lachlan, welcome to bellybelly.
    caddie, its good to see you here. Its nice to know that you're ok even if a bit busy and tired.
    Sorry to anyone I've forgotten. Blame it on baby brain!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls just popping in to say to mel pop by the local members discussion forum in QLd and ask about playgroups...there are a few of us that go to some and Ambah & I go to the same one, the bubs are different ages, but I find hanging out afterwards & chatting helps.

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    spiddles Guest

    Hi Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!! Was so glad for the sleep in!!

    Michelle - Liam has a rash around his mouth too! Am thinking its just from all the saliva and he keeps chewing on his hands and rubbing his face. Have put some zinc and caster oil cream on it and seems to be clearing up. If it was a food ash it would be more than just around his mouth wouldnt it??

    Dacholtar - Yay for Jasin!! Hope the solids solve the hungry issue!! The grow up so fast!! Liam's at the trying to crawl stage now. WIll not stay on his back allways on belly moving arms and legs!!

    Michelle - GRRRRRRRRRRRR @ Centrelink!! How's Jemmas finger??

    Bon_W - Yoour poor SIL Hope everything work out ok for her. That is absolutly discusting what her DH has done. Glad you had a great holiday!!

    Liam is still being a sook and all he wants is me. Went and picked him up from daycare yesterday and could here him crying as soon as I walked in. The girls were trying to confort him and as soon as he saw me again stopped. Hopefully this stage wont last too long!!

    Have updated Liam's website again. He is getting HUGE!! Is in 0's at the moment but I think he will be in 1's soon because of his height.

    Sorry for those who I have missed!!

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    Mar 2004

    Oh don't get me started on women who don't teach their sons to help around the house! Have issues about that too Dachlostar!

    What a boring Saturday, I think I better get myself out of the house today. With DH working away I seem to spend more time at home, probably because when he is home it is easier for us to go places because there is one adult per child!

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    Mar 2004

    Spiddles Liam is gorgeous! He is a big boy but it suits him, like he is just the right size for him.
    The other day at immunization clinic (I took Harry to get pneumococcal catch up) I was talking to a mother sitting next to me and I was looking at her lovely son thinking 'he must be here for his four month needles' so I asked her if he was four months and she said "no he is 8 weeks!" I felt a bit bad but she didn't mind, I mean he was seriously big, bigger than Grace who is about 2 months older than him! Breastfed too, she must have some wonder milk!

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    *Rachel* Guest

    LOL at the 'wondermilk' - I think I am a supplier of the stuff, 'coz we get raised eyebrows of disbelief when I tell peeps that Keenan is four months old. He's pretty big.

    Liam is one handsome fella.

    Hope the rice cereal works for Yasin - it didn't work for Keenan, but I think it was just that our timing was out - he doesn't really seem too interested in the 'hungry' part of eating as he is in the 'action/going through the motions' part. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

    Hi everybody else.

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    spiddles,liam is cute.amazing how quick they grow.
    I too have updated millanas photos.just 3 new ones.She is sitting on my lap making a meal of my hand.It feels horrid but allows me to type a quick message.She is also starting to hold her soft toys.So cute.Last nite at 3am she had a feed and it took me an hour to get her to sleep.So am a little tired .Gotta feed her as she is now screaming!

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    Awww at all the new photos. The babies are all growing up soo quickly !!!


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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    ahh see what happens when you don't come on for a few days - i won't do any personals as i am bit busy.

    lani still has her rash but now it is going down her arms - she itches aroudn her neck like crazy - no rash around the mouth just around her neck and down her arms - just took her to the chemist and have some antil fungal creams and powders and am going to start her on qv wash. i have a feeling it is exma (sp?) but they say it could just be viral or food allergy - it is really just a guessing game so now she just has her pumpkin in the late afternoon and rice cereal in the morning she is not liking the bottle that much only drinking 100mls and then finishing the boob - i have put her on nan formula as i have a friend whose bubs is on it and i can always give her the tin if it is unsuccessful. lani is still waking in the night but i just give her a feed and she settles in a couple of minutes however whilst i am feeding her she itches around her neck - if it is fungal (and i pray it is) then i must continue with the anti fungal cream for at least 1 wk after it clears up - then hopefully i will start reintroducing some other foods. dunno might go to the doctor and get an allergy test done though and put my mind at rest - although she is going around middle of next mth to get her needles so i may wait till then - i guess it is just a guessing game and watching game - i will keep an eye out for any temp or any unusual behaviour - lets just hope she is a hot bod baby and will be prone to little heat type rashes

    have a great weekend

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI all

    I had a laugh too Bon at the wonder milk, there was never any wonder milk coming from me (I couldn't brfeed to save my life) but my first 3 were all 90th percentile. Poor Jess is sitting on the 50th percentile, and Yasin is about the same size as Jessica now Dasch, and she is 5 and a half months.

    Hi Caddie, good to her all is well, hope you satrt getting more sleep soon.

    Well no good news for Jemma I'm afraid. The middle bone on her left little finger has the top part bent back, so it isn't broken right off, but leaning back, which is why it hurts so much when she knocks it on stuff. So we are of to Children's hosp on Mon morn for an orthopedic surgeon at the fractures part, to take a look, worst case scenario appears to be surgery and a pin inserted, which is general anasthetic stuff, I feel so bad as it has been 2 and a half weeks since she did it, and it has been broken all that time. I took her to the drs after 1 week and he said not to xray.
    for another week as he didn't think it was broken and I feel terrible.
    And Monday is her 2nd bday and she has to go to the hosp, poor darling.

    Spiddles, poor Liam wanting his mummy, but don't feel bad or guilty, you need to do what you do to give him things and that's all there is to it. My eldest got just as much love with me working.

    Yes Arron was a waited on son, never made his bed, put his clothes away, worked around the house or did a dish in his life, and his mum even left a coffee cup on the bench for his morning coffee with a spoon of coffee and 2 sugars, so all he had to do was put water and milk in it (get that!) He has done so much around the house in the last 7 yrs compared to what he did his whole life. The training never stops, and Dasch you are right, we just need to train our boys to help out.

    Arron has been working today, and rang to say he wanted to go out, but I am not going to Taberat or the pub cos they are crap so who knows whether we will go any where, plus I was thinking of getting MIL to mind the kids next week so we could go to the Vic dinner at the German rest. Any other Melb people thinking of coming. Post for details is in the member meetups forum.

    Anyway going now, sure there is housework to do.
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Mine was really boring. I had a big arguement with DH on friday night because I told him I won't be visiting his parents for a while. We didn't do anything much today or saturday which was kind if nice.
    I have been feeling a bit guilty about starting Yasin on solids so early but tonight he gobbled it all up so I geuss that if he wasn't ready he would be spitting it all out or refusing it. I'm still hoping to limit it for a while and keep trying to increase my milk supply
    Bon, LOL at the wondermilk. I could do with a bit of that round here to save me from the solids drama.
    Michelle, I hope that the anti-fungals work on Lani's rash and its not an allergy.
    Spiddles, I hope Liam's rash clears up soon too. Its really very sweet that he's being a bit of a sook and wants his mummy and as Michelle says you shouldn't feel bad becasue you're a great mum and you're doing what you have to to provide the best you can for him.
    Michelle, what a bummer for poor little Jemma. grrr at the Dr for not getting an x-ray done sooner. I wish someone would leave a morning coffee out for me!!

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    Mar 2004

    Bon, dont feel bad about that, Aidan is b/f and very big and I am never embaressed but proud of myself and him for being able to get the hang of b/f, as we all know it aint easy to perfect it! I bet that woman feels the same.

    TMI warning, but Aidan still has lots of snot from his cold, poor little munchkin! He also has 'sticky eye' (blocked tear ducts) in both eyes but it doesnt seem to bother him.

    Other than that we're doing pretty well, although I am STILL recovering from the birth. I have been to the doctors twice and have been told I dont have an infection but I am still just healing, but it has been 9 weeks and I am still sore??!! The doctors just told me to have salt baths, and that hasnt really helped. Any suggestions? It is very sore both ends, if you know what I mean!


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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    hope you all had a good w/end.

    dachlostar - sorry bout the argument with dh - we have them all the time too - mainly over how much my dh drinks etc etc - typical male. don't feel guilty about the solids - lani still has her pumpkin at night and now apple in the morning - i feel guilty i am trying to get her to drink the bottle for her last feed - but she has got me twisted round her little finger and drinks around 100mls then fiddles and farts around till i give her the breast - cheeky monkey - i still enjoy feeding her but i want to her sleep longer through the night like she was up until what is it now 3 yes 3 weeks ago - arh 3 weeks of getting up again couple of times a night yuck.

    michelle - sorry about jemma's finger the poor little mite hope she feels better soon - will it need to be plastered? if so maybe they can do the plaster in her favourite colour and you can draw faces on it so she can have her own little finger puppit.

    jessica - bummer about aiden's cold - lani to has sticky eye now in one eye - i hate it. have you tried the fess nasal drops and sucker thing for the nose - they are great. sorry no idea about your soreness hope it gets better soon.

    well took lani to doctor yesterday as the rash had spread all over her back and was red hot. she has a virus and around her neck a tiny bit of exma (sp?) so basically i got some cream for her neck - and amazing that is just about gone and nothing for the rest of her - so i now wash her in qv wash - no more bubbles fo her and i just use sorbelene cream to give her a little massage at night - my poor baby used to smell all pretty with the other lotions and potions - ah well looks like i have a little girl with pretty sensitive skin. doctor does not believe it has been caused by food - hooray but am still just leaving her on pumpkin and apple till it completely goes and as for the formula he says what i feel - i drink heaps of milk so if she had an allergy to dairy then it would have come through the breast milk anyway - so fingers crossed she does not take after her brother with his allergies. anyway i say the dr is spot on as today she has sticky eye so have been bathing it in salt water and squirty booby milk into it when she is feeding - poor little thing ends up with milk all over her face, and today i feel yucky a bit of a scratchy throat so i guess we have the same virus. so hopefully all these little dramas will cease soon and she will start sleeping her previous 12hrs at night - i suspect tho she is very thirsty at night and it really only takes a few minutes and she is settled.

    sorry for the epic - am going to 3rd tri now to see what is happening with all those babies due soon

    see ya

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Well the news is all bad for our birthday girl Jemma. The finger needs to be operated on this week as it is already 19 days since it happened, so I am waiting on the call to tell me when! They have to cut the back of her finger, realign the bone and then wire it up and she has to have it plastered for 3-4weeks. I feel so bad for her and am sort of blaming nyself too that it has taken so long. We'll have to buy her some nice goodies when she has it done. The finger puppet sounds like a terrific idea Michelle.

    Poor Lani not being well and you coming down with it too is a bummer. But at least your dr knows what he's talking about.

    And poor Aidan, Jess, and you too, I hope things improve quickly for you both though I have no ideas for you, sorry.

    Sounds like arguing with DH's is in the air, We are arguing heaps too about time out and who gets it and who doesn't.

    I went shopping yesterday, spent $150 and laybyed $140 and was really plesed to be buying size 8's again, since just last October I was in 10's. Got cool pants, jeans and also trackpants and jumper, and a bargain top for $2.98. Also picked up curtains for both the babies new rooms for $59 a pair x 2, and was just rapt.

    Jemma's bday today so we are having the rellies tonight, am waiting to see SIL as she went to the school last fri when Josh and Jordan were in class, told the office girls a whole pile of **** (that it was one of their bdays, that she wouldn't get a chance to see them and that she was leaving to go to Melb in a few mins-all lies and it was Jemmas bday and she doesn't go to school) and got them to let her into their classrooms at 12pm. I told the office today not to let her do that again as it disrupts the kids, esp Josh in the prep grade, so we are gonna have a go at her tonight.Jemma got a dollshouse and furniture and playdough and clothes and 2 carebear books and has more coming, oh and $15. She has loved her bday this year and so have we

    Anyway hope everyone else is well
    Best wishes Michelle

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