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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    Jul 2004

    Hi girls. How you all going?

    Not muchhappening here. Picked up Lily's photos from portrait place tonight. Have added them to my website if u wanna look!

    Take care,

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    Feb 2004

    Hey everyone, glad to hear you're all doing well. Haven't been online - the house was struck by lightning the other night and did something to the computer, so had to get a new modem. Tegan, the photos of Lily are gorgeous! Michelle, I loved the story of Josh's first day, hope he continues to enjoy it! Spiddles, hope Liam is getting better, don't you love the whole conflicting advice thing?? Melbee, saw the pic of you in the Sunday Mail - what a beautiful girl Eliana is! I love Sunshine Plaza, I wish I had rellies living up the coast!

    Well, things are okay here. My 6 wk check up was all good. Kaleb just had a weigh-in for 6 weeks (he was 4915g - what a little unit!) and has a check up with CHN this week for 8 wks. He is sleeping through the night pretty well - 8pm till about 2am, then till about 5am. He is a little terror through the day though - will not be put down to sleep. If he is, he sleeps for 1/2 hour max. Thank heavens for the sling. Also had to up his feeds to 180mls as he was screaming blue murder after every feed, seems a lot more contented now, just hope I don't turn him into an obese baby!

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    hi everyone

    just popping in (had to post in another forum on re hubby's depression) then i better get on with washing, ironing and other lovely things NOT and thought i would reply to dachlostar re milk supply.

    as you know my bb's broke last week lol - this was due to me running around in the heat, not drinking enough water and little miss lani not really wanting to feed that often (even tho offered to her) before you get to my problems just persevere with the expressing i find morning just after first feed good (sometimes tho this is a hastle if it is 5am and not the usual 7am) you will find each morning you will get a little more and drink drink drink heaps of water - also you could try guiness (sp?) stout, i don't drink alcohol so it was quite awful for me to drink it but i mixed it half and half with lemonade and ice blocks and it really did do the trick - also if you supply is low try feeding yasin every couple of hours or massaging bb's in between as this should build up your milk supply - try and make sure you get on top of it before you run dry like i did lol - we are fine now and bb's are back on track for the time being.

    hope it all goes well

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI all,
    It has been quiet here!

    Dasch good luck with the milk supply, hope you get it back on track, Michelle is a wealth of knowledge so if it worked for her it hopefully will work for you.

    Hi Anne- glad things are good with Ashleigh.

    Hi Tegan- took myself to your website and loved the photo of Lily "Sleeping beauty". Your prof photos are really good too. Looking at the photo of you and Lily and DP, brought back memories as you guys are so young and so were Arron and I when we had our first, we were 19. It's funny when we look back at our photo's. Hmmm! and now we are 30, boy time just flies!

    Hi Beth- good to hear things are going well too. Don't worry too much about "obesity" babies usually only drink/eat what they want, maybe kaleb is just hungry.

    Well we went to the Vic meetup last night and Had a great time, got back to Mum and Dad's at midnight and all the kids were awake, even Jessica. Needless to say we are all tired tonight.

    Joshua tried to tell me he couldn't go to sleep but is now snoring away, he is so totally exhausted after the holidays so defintely time to get back into routine. Jemma has been out once so far, and is just coming out now, the little bugger, said she has done Poo's so I sent her to daddy. And he told her to cone to me! Damn!

    We went to Bunnings today and brought doors etc. Arron is working onJessica's room and the door will stop most of the dust from going all over the house. And I brought a new lockable door handle for our room, don't want anyone to walk in on us doing naughty things.

    Must go and change jemma's nappy before she thinks it's staying up time.
    Does anyone know of a free webpage that I could use for our family photos? Something similar to babies online? I want to have a page to put pics of the older 2 kids and all of us. if anyone does could you pm it to me please?

    Best wishes Michelle

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    mipsy Guest

    Ashleigh informed me I was wrong when I said we had a quiet week. Her great acheivements are:

    on Sat night slept through until 2.20am, then 7am, and last night slept until 3am, then 7 am.

    gone up to infant size in nappies

    is able to hold her head up without it flopping allover the place

    has been talking all week

    follows her Daddy and I with her eyes when we walk away

    has looked at the dogs for the first time and realised they are just little hairy members of the family, not just a blob of black or white!!

    has daytime naps under control (well, some of them.....)

    So it has actually been a MASSIVE week for us.

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    Mar 2004

    Michelle, thanks for the advice. I've been trying to feed more often which seems to be helping. He seems more satisfied after his feed now. I think he's having a bit of a growth spurt because I saw a friend last night who we haven't seen for two weeks and she was fairly suprised by how much he had grown in such a short time. I think tonight I will put my pump/bottle beside the bed so that its ready to go in the morning.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone,

    It's been so long since I posted, and most of you probably wont read this as it is Feb already tomorrow. Time flies when you are having so much fun getting to know your baby!

    No-one needs to worry about fat babies, Aidan weighed 5.1kg's at his weigh in at 4 weeks age!!!

    I am however just a tiny bit worried that he is either going through a growth spurt or my something is happening to my milk as he doesn't seem as contented anymore at the end of his feeds. I am just gonna wait and see how we go over the next few days.

    I have my 6 week check up tomorrow at the GP. I am pretty sure I have an infection as I have greeny discharge (TMI -sorry) and it still hurts to pee. I had a urine test last week and never heard back so maybe it is something else... looking forward to finding out. I did consider it was related to my tear but it only started hurting a few weeks ago.

    Bit worried about doctor's appointment and mothers group tomorrow as I dont like to b/f in front of others, only because Aidan is a very noisy drinker and as I said earlier gets funny during feeds so every feed is a bit of a saga... oh well, I may be able to b/f tonight as he normally sleeps from around dinner time till atleast 3am.

    Rambling on as usual, will try to get online more in Feb!

    Jess and Aidan

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    Mar 2004

    Hi Jess, I've been having some booby/milky issues and Michelle has given me some great advice if you just check a couple of posts back you will find it.
    Yasin is a noisy feeder too. I was feeding him when I was on the phone and one of my friends asked what it was that was making the weird noise and when I said it was Yasin she said he sounded abit like a pig :-s #-o

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone- Just saying hi and I will write much more in Feb!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Pee and Jess, good to hear from you both, it has been awhile.

    Jess I haven't bfeed any of my kids, but a noisy sucker wouldn't worry me and I'm sure it wouldn't worry the other mothers. Mother's group should be fun so try not to worry. Aidan is a very big boy, but I always think it depends on how big they are to start and also how long they are. Hope you sort out your discharge prob, how uncomfortable for you. the things we put up with and still keep going, a man would just stop looking after the baby if he wasn't 100%. LOL

    This will be one of the last posts for this month I guess, so I hope someone reads it before we launch into the 2nd month (already).

    Jessica had her first turn in the Jolly jumper today and loved it. I left Arron supervising as jemma was crowding her and he left the room, while he was out Jemma accidently poked Jessica in the eye. It is very watery, and looks sore. I am gooing to give her until tomorrow and if it doesn't look good in the morning I will take her to chemist and see what they say. Then when I went to put her to bed she felt a bit warm, took her temp and she was 37.4. Searched the house for baby panadol and remembered jemma broke the bottle. Drove to Mum and Dad's to pick up what they had, which is only one dose, and stripped Jess to nappy and singlet and got back and her temp was back to 36.7. I am guessing teeth as she is on antibiotics so I can't see why it would be up for infection. So I put her to bed and saved the panadol incase she needs it tomorrow morning. I have to buy some tomorrow.

    Josh's 2nd day at school went well, although he can't remember what they did, only that they made a humpty dumpty and played on the play equipment LOL typical. He also managed to clock the xbox game he has been playing for the last 2 weeks, he is a game wizard, considering he is 5yrs old.

    Must fly, cricket awards are on and I am not interested so I am going to check out the other forums. Oh yeah I have updated Jessica's website but not Jemma's if anyone is interested.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    spiddles Guest

    Well Liam is getting better (I think) Has been averaging 3 a day now YAY!! and his 2nd tooth at the bottom is now through!! Daycare have been missing him *lol* Get results back on sample on wednesday.

    Since he was better yesterday, Went to a baby shower for one of my friends and took him with and had his playgym on the floor and everyone couldnt get over how well behaved he is. One of my friends 10 year old was walking past him and foot got caught on playgym and he fell and triped and hit Liam. I think Liam got more of a fright than anything Was an accident. Liam was ok after about 10 mins of crying and a small bump on his head and my friends child was so upset and crying also. Was trying to calm both of them down. I mean these things happen!! His mother said to him there is no need to dry it was an accident. You would have been crying if it was on purpose as I would have flogged you one *lol* and that seemed to make him feel better.

    I'm working lates this week so DH had to pick Liam up from Daycare. He is so peeved because all he has been saying all afternoon is "Mama" *lol*

    Anyhows I need sleep. No time for personals. Got house work tod doand am working 1 and a half hours of overtime tomorrow. I dont start untill 11 all week but because its so hot dont really want to walk with him so DH will take him to daycare and will start at 9:30 and finish at 7!! ewwwwwww!!!

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    So who is the next bubba to join us girls in the 6mth forum ?? I will miss alot of you as I push up into the 1 yr forum in 2 months


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