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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    Mar 2004

    we have a toyota surf and i have the same problem with the front passenger seat being a bit cramped.I really should sit in the front but i perserve in the front.If we had an accident my head would hit the windsheild.I am going to my cousins 21st this sat and its 2 hrs away so i just might sit in the back with millana!

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    i have a two car too but seem to have heaps of room in the front - my boyfriend is over 6 foot & he has never complained of being cramped.

    just have to say that anyone in brisbane who reads the sunday mail have a look at page 38 - that's me & eliana!!! we didn't tell family & friends it was going to be in there so everyone has been suprised to see us.

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    Oct 2003
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    I'll go and have a look!! Thats pretty exciting!

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    Jul 2004

    Mel, glad you could join us in here!

    Caddie, have fun at your cousin's 21st.

    Michelle, hope you're feeling better today.

    Well DP and I went to the Target sales today. Bought Lily this cute little Tigger outfit for Winter. It's so adoreable! Also got one of those metal cylinder things that you put the Birth Certificate in, and a plaster mould kit for printing bub's hands/feet.

    Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

    Take care,

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    spiddles Guest

    Hope Everyone had a great weekend!!

    It sucks having a 2 door car with the seat in the rear position as wont fit in middle properly. Is in the middle now forward facing and can sit in the middle. Is probably beast that you do sit in the back caddie...espeically since its a long trip!!

    Welcome Beth, Mipsy and Melbee70. Will have to grab a copy of the sunday mail and have a squiz!! My mother wanted me to put a pic of Liam in there but DH and I decided against it....Family reasons (a long story)

    Si good to hear about Alana Lara!! Hopefully next vist she will jump up to a higher percentile!!

    Both Michelle's *lol* - I guess I maybe a liitle hard on DH since its only the 2nd time he has looked after him on his own but I still wish he would try and do things/ On my days off I still have to look after him and do housework IYKWIM. On wednesdau was that exhausted as soon as I came home was cleaning all the mess he made. I have so much respect for working mothers just as much as SAHM'S. Some times I feel like I am looked down apon for going back to work and working full time from people. I wish I could be a SAHMm but just cant afford to right now.

    Liam's tooth is now half way out. WIll need to buy a toothbrush next shop. I guess you would sterilise it the same way as a dummy??? Boiling water for 5 mins???

    Liam's has been refusing formula all weekend. Only had 230mls until 2:30 that afternoon. I dont know if it is his teeth or what but sure was hungry. Ate half a can of pear puree and 2 tablespoons of banna and pear farex in 15 mins flat!! Seems to be more interested in food now than bottle expeically during the day. Night time he seems fine ust to have bottles. Measured him this afternoon is 76 cms tall and 9kgs approx. They joke at wokr saying he is going to be taller than me next week *lol*

    Gotta love sales Tegan!! Am sure Lily will look gorgeous!!

    Havent seen Pee and Carmen around in a while!! Hope both of you are ok and your families!!

    Sorry for those I missed....Take care everyone!!

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    Jul 2004

    Well I had my 6 week check-up this morning. Lily's hips are fine, which a relief! She's a little tongue tied, but it shouldn't be a problem. She has to have a skull x-ray to check for any abnormalities, coz of the right side of her head is flat and she always lays on it. So will have to book in for an x-ray next week sometime. I do hope there's nothing wrong!

    Spiddles, must be horrible having a 2 door car with a baby. I hate them anyways, theyre so hard to get out of the back! I spose you would sterilise the toothbrush just like a dummy...

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there all

    welcome to mellbe and was there someone else hmmm sorry if there is and i have not mentioned.

    hey spiddles don't beat yourself up about having to work, you are doing a great job raising liam i take my hat off to you working so hard and looking after your family - boo hoo to the ones that are looking down on you don't worry. on the toothbrush front i may be wrong but i think all you will need at the moment is just to wipe over liam's tooth with a soft cloth no need for toothpaste - just a cloth should be fine check with your health nurse tho i may be wrong - been a while lol and just a struggle to get them to brush when they are older fair dinkum i think i asked jay a dozen times tonight to go to the toilet then brush those teeth - no i will do it tommorror ahhhh fine i say you will get big holes and will not be able to eat lollies i say hah that got him running in lol.

    tegan - fantastic about lily's hips - lani's were ok to, i think they are really careful at checking these days cause the earlier they pick it up the better at treatment so even the slightest loseness (hmm is that a word lol) they get you to check it out further - bummer about an x-ray of her skull hope all is ok there - i am sure it will be

    michelle - hope you had a great night away for your anniversary - hmmm you never know a night away from the kids quite often ends up with a little surprise in 9mths time lol (thats what happens to us anyway lol)

    sorry if i missed on any personals.

    update on lani - she is going well although i think she maybe hungry i have a feeling the moo cow might be going a tad dry lol with all the running around (not to mention forgetting to eat and drink lol) she has been waking up starving the last 2 nights at 4am and tonight and this arvo she was sucking then pulling off arching her back and crying i squeezed both boobies and nothing came out - i think in the end she just gave up took the dummy and went to sleep - am going to feed her before i go to bed tonight to try and build up supply - probably get the expressor out - tommorrow i will knick down and get some karicare sachets to keep on hand - i really wanted to feed for at least 6 mths but if she is hungry i will get her the bottle don't want to starve her. she gets weighed next week so that will be intersesting.

    well goodnight all am going to cruise the forums then finish watching the tennis.

    night night

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all,

    Spiddles- firstly 2 door cars are a pain, we had one with our 1st and had much the same prob, so we brought a 2nd hand sedan (commodore), no more problems. Also I agree with michelle, don't worry about what other ignorant people may think, I have heard one of Arron's aunties say that women should stay home and look after their kids, but I know she is defending her daughter who is a SAHM. I think being a mum is hard no matter how you do it, and working just makes it harder. I did it and now get to be a SAHM, and somedays I think it would be easier if I just went to work. I get what you're saying about you doing things when you are home and DH not doing them, the truth is most men don't pay attention to detail and as they can't multitask, never do things the way a woman can.

    Tegan- hope all goes well with Lily's xray, my MCHN was worried about Jessica's head at 4 weeks but everything turned out fine, we didn't have xrays, but it is starting to reshape itself, although is a little flat still. Hopefully the same will happen for Lily.

    Michelle- no more talk of little bundles in 9 months please! I think we have enough children I have done my share by having 4! We are taking precautions until Arron has his vasectomy, but I am on antibiotics so I have warned him off, cause I will not be responsible for the consequences when I have ,ade it clear to him.

    I took Jessica and nyself to the Drs today b/c she is coughing too and Dr agreed she is wheezy and put her and I on antibiotics, wonders never cease. My reflux/ acid prob has finally cleared up, I am taking double the amount of medication she gave me originally and have had no burning at all, and then I get this chest infection. Grrr to my health in the last 4 months. Good news was all my blood tests came back with positive results, so no iron defiency, no thyroid probs, and cell count is good, which I assume means no major health probs. Just lots of minor painfully annoying sicknesses.

    Welcome to mellbe, hope to hear lots from you and your darling Eliana, did you post a birth story? I don't remember reading it!

    4 more sleeps and Joshua is a school boy, Boo Hoo to mummy! But then again....I will miss my little boy but also I will be glad to get that time with him away, to clean up without him messing etc. I honestly can't believe he is really going to school, time just passes too quickly.

    And Jordan is in grade 5...and we are already starting to think about secondary school. Too much for me!

    Well sorry for any I missed, Hmm where are Pee and Carmen? Hope you are both going well.
    best wishes Michelle

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    Jul 2004

    Hi Michelle,

    I justr wanted to say that with Karicare, I was told not to give it to babies coz they can't digest it properly. I gave it to Lily and she had continuious diarrhea, so was told to take her off it. She's now on S-26 and has been fine ever since. It might be different for Lani. But just thought you should know that.

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    spiddles Guest

    Liam's ben on Karicare gold since 3 moths......Havent had a problem!!! I guess it does depend on the baby!!!

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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda's been on Karicare, the thickened formula full time since she was 4 months but she did have a bottle a day from 10 days...

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    Nov 2003
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    I think you are right, some babies can and some can't.

    My last 2 have been on SMA as it is the cheapest formula I can buy. MCHN said it is heavier than most fromulas but just to give extra water if bubs got a bit constipated. In the first few days Jessica's poohs were a little firm, so gave her the water, within 2 days no more probs. I picked formula according to price as with so many other kids it is a big expense, my theory was if they liked it and did well then no need for a more expensive brand.

    MCHN said last visit my formula seems to be a good one as Jessica is so settled, content and growing so well, seems to fill them up as it is a little heavier.

    Hope Lani goes well on your chosen Formula Michelle.

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    hi there everyone

    thanks for the advise re the formula, did not buy any today as i could not find any sachet packets anywhere all sold out #-o i thought i would try lani on karicare as my ds was fine on karicare he started on s26 as got badly constipated my mchn said s26 tends to cause constipation so i guess everyone is different.

    i range mchn and told her what was happening yup just as i thought supply is low - my bb's are broken lol but i tried feeding her every 2hrs today great in this heat - not, however she refuses if she is not hungry and will just pull off and examine her hands - i also had a bottle of stout tonight - yuck i had to force it down. lani was terrible today - first time in such a long time it was quite a shock she only had about 4 half hour naps in total and screamed blue murder being bathed i ended up having her hanging off the boob from about 4pm to 8pm and she was just getting so hot and frustrated - she got some but really not alot - she drank around 100mls of boiled water so that was good. tommorrow i will express in the morning and give her that bottle tommorrow night hopefully this will work at building up my supply and will see what her weight is next week before i consider weaning her, i really wanted to feed a bit longer but will have to see what happens - her little friend is on the bottle and when lani saw it yesterday she started kicking her legs and reaching for it and tonight when she was drinking the water she was in her rocker holding it and wouldn't let go - makes me think she is maybe weaning herself who knows we will work it out.

    another hotty tommorrow but kinder on thursday - yay but only for 1 and a bit hrs and i have to stay - a kind of orientation day so it will be good, jay is looking forward to his uniform more than kinder i think lol

    sorry no personals tonight - epic post as it is

    take it easy

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    Mar 2004

    Hi all

    Glad everyone sounds well. Grace had her paed appointment yesterday and all is fine. Doc said she does have a small fontanelle but they are not worried because she has all her reflexes and is doing everything she is supposed to be doing at 3 months of age. Plus her head circ is growing and following the curve on the graph almost exactly!

    Re - formula. If you look at the ingrediants and nutrition panel on different tins of formula you will see that there really is little difference between the brands. It basically comes down to personal choice and your baby. I fed Harry on S-26 and he was fine, only occasionally constipated. I started Grace on Karicare which was fine but switched to Heinz as it is cheaper and she has had no problems.

    Spiddles - about getting a tooth brush, with first teeth all you need to use is a soft cloth, like a washer and gently rub the tooth to clean it. I didn't get Harry a tooth brush until he was about 12 months old and had a few teeth, and by that age you don't need to sterilise.

    Well little miss has woken up hungry so better go!

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    Nov 2003
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    HI all,

    Not sure what is going on but I'm not getting notifications, big Grrr!

    I hate hot weather! It is so hot and Jemma won't go to bed.

    Jordan is back at school tomorrow, grade 5. Josh goes Friday, but the rate he's going sleep wise he will be asleep in his chair by 10am. He wanted to get out his uniform tonight but I told him to wait till tomorrow.

    Jessica is stressing me as she has the chest infection and I get really worried with the breathing and the coughing, but she is having medicine so there's not much else I can do.

    No personals as am in a hurry to put Jemma back to bed AGAIN, and need to check on Jess, don't want her to boil.

    Best wishes michelle

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hey girls,

    re. the car thing: we have bubs in the front because the stupid seat belts in the back are too short to fasten the capsule ... doh! Very annoying since we have a 3-door car as well (1993 Holden Astra)

    I am also on another forum that has monthly mommy-groups and had been posting in both the November and December forum since I always thought I'd go overdue. One of the December moms lost her son at 3 weeks last week to a rare genetic disorder. It's so sad. I cried all day yesterday, feeling so sorry for her. I don't know what I'd do if I lost our little darling. It really put things into perspective for me. When Wolf woke up at 3 and was grizzly until 4, I couldn't be angry, I just cuddled him and smiled with him and enjoyed the time.

    Went to the gym on Saturday for the first time but haven't been back yet... just no time... maybe tomorrow, but definitely on the weekend.


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    Happy Austrlia day!!! (or should I say Happy Hottest 100 day)!!! Bugger about Missy getting 2nd!! I ended up working as thought could use the extra money (double time and a half) and was Daddy's day anyway. Was so happy when I got home to find DH had done the washing a bit of cleaning and vacuumed. Ended up ordering pizza for dinner as a treat!!

    Has been a full on couple of days with teething. 7 poos today. Very red bum. Went to bed with a panadol and bonjela but over all has been happy!! Had a big laughing session tonight when was kicking Daddy, Daddy would pretend he was hurt and laghed so hard. Never have seen him laugh so hard and so much since he has been born.

    Thanks for the info on the teeth cleaning girls will have to try that with the soft cloth.

    Great to hear Grace is going well Bon!!

    Ewwww at the stout Michelle. Hope your milk will get back to normal soon!!

    Hope Jessica is feeling better soon Michelle!!

    So sorry to hear about your friend Snowy. When something like that happens it really does put things into prespective.

    Tegan - Liam has a flat spot on his right hand side too. Never really got it checked but it is slowly going. Am always trying to lay him on his left side. After a few weeks he got use to it and now does it automatically. When he fell asleep I would genly turn his head so would lay on left side.

    Thanks everyone for heping me feel better about work!! What you all said really helped. I really shouldnt worry myself with what others think. I still deep down wish I could stay home with him but I try to think of it this way. At daycare he is getting more interaction with other kids which is helping him develop and later on down the track when we have number 2 I will be able to save some money from working now and take more time off and spend with both.

    Sorry for those who I have missed. Need sleep!!

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    Jan 2004

    Hi all,

    Cara will be 4 wks tomorrow so thought I might as well post here!

    Just wondering if any1 else has this exp' with their bub??

    When Cara has a poo it is always a huge drama - she cries very loudly, and looks to be in a lot of pain...I've spoken to a couple of child hth care nurses and they tell me its normal with some babies.
    Something to do with the bowel stretchting etc!
    It would ease my mind alot if I knew others were exp'ing this as well with their babies.

    Other than that all is good here. although I do have problems putting her down once she has fallen asleep on me! As soon as I do she normally wakes up crying wanting to be held again...

    I love to have her close but I cant very well sleep much less anything else if she is on top of me!
    It takes a few tries before I successfully get her settled lying down.

    I do have a bit of reading to do here - I've pretty much just come straight in to the post to ask your exp's of the first question.


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