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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    Jan 2004

    Forum Name: hindonly
    State: Qld
    Baby's DOB: 31/12/04
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl - G
    Baby Name(s): Cara Katherine
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes: 1 hr 10mins before her EDD : emerg Caeser

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi!! & Wow that month went really fast hindonly!! Matilda fought having a poo for a good few months there and gradually it got to be less of a drama. I hope that eases your mind a bit O

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    I really enjoyed my holiday, its just a shame it had to end. Yasin wasn't his normal cheerful self for the first day but then he settled down and seemed to really enjoy himself. I caught up with heaps of my family which was fun. My brother is living with a friend if his who owns a worm farm so I got a guided tour. I never knew there was such a thing or that they were so complex. I have to say that after a week in the country I'm beginning to think that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to move there. We have seen a yabby/mango/macadamia/carob farm for sale that we kind of like the look of and its in our price range but probably will be sold by the time we make a desicion.
    I'm about to start trying to induce Yasin to have an occasional feed from a bottle because I'm going to the grand-prix in about a month and I want to be able to leave him with a freind's mum for a few hours so I can go out to dinner. I'm tossing up between using formula or expressed milk but I'm leaning towards expressing because its free and I've noticed formula babies seem to have smellier nappies. I'm not the world's best expresser but if its only a few hours and I feed him just before going he won't need a very big bottle, just a snack to top him up if he gets sooky.

    Michelle, I hope your boobs start working again soon. You will have to give them a good talking to. I worry about my supply drying up occassionally because I wouldn't have a clue how to bottle feed and I find the thought of all the sterilising and measuring a bit daunting.
    Snowy, I'm glad to see you back. Yuck at getting sick, it must have been difficult looking after Wolf in those conditions. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Things like that really remind you of your peiorities don't they.
    Spiddles, I'm glad you're feeling better about working. You're doing the best you can for your baby and that's all that counts. Being a great parent takes more than just staying at home.
    Tegan, Yasin has a bit of a flat spot too but they generally go away later.
    Michelle, I hope that Jessica's chest clears up really soon and that your health improves too!
    Carol, welcome to the forum. Yasin used to go all red, pull his legs up and cry when he poohed. It made feeding a bit difficult for a while because as newborn he often seemed to poo when he was being fed so feeding would take ages because of the pooh break and nappy change in the middle. Now its just his brekky feed and lunchtime feed that he poohs in which is a relief. I've noticed other babies doing the same thing. MIL was convinced that SIL's baby (@ 1 week and breastfed) was constipated because she fretted when she poohed and gave the poor little mite prune juice!!!!! I think that it is a bit uncomfortable and scary for them so they freak out a bit but unless thier pooh is funny there is no need for concern.
    Bon, Its a relief to hear that Grace's fontanelle is not a concern and that she is developing well.
    Welcome to Beth and Melbee.
    sorry if I've missed anyone. There's alot to catch up on after a week away.

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi everyone!

    Sounds like everyone and Bubs are doing well.

    Carol, Alana is very animated when she poos. She doesn't cry with pain, but she goes bright red in the face and makes lots of pushing and grunting noises. We find it kinda amusing! LOL!

    Alana put on another 335g the fortnight. So she is consistant. No difference in her height. DB ended up going to MCH today. I needed a break from going. He seemed to handle things great. She even changed Alana's nappy for him! Thats never happened for me!!

    Alana's new dose of enzymes are going well. We have cut down at least one poo per day and the best thing, she has slept from 8:30pm to 6:30am for the last 7 nights. Woo Hoo!!!

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    spiddles Guest

    Well after the 7 poos yesterday and 2 this morning. Wasnt sure wether to take Liam to day care or doctor. Spoke to the team leader at daycare and siad is probably best to get check out as he isnt usually like this and is probably teething. If its teething he can come back but would need all clear from doctor.

    So off to the doctor we went. Doc said he seems happy enough but wasnt too sure about all the poos and teething. (they havent been really runny but still a bit sloppy) So ended up having to get a poo sample/ Was hoping he would have done one by the time he was weighed and measured as could just get it then and sullivan micolades is next door but NOPE!! As soon as I paid the bill then he went!!. 6 poos already today am kinda sick of changing nappies and hasnt got clearance to go back to daycare until Monday as if a bug going around shouldnt be contageous by then. So 2 days off work. Luckly still have some sick days which can be used for careers leave.

    YAY for Alnana!!! What excellent news!! Gotta love it when they start sleeping through!!

    Welcome Hindonly!!

    Glad your holioday went well Dacholstar!!! IF you can express do it and yup formula babies have stinker nappies. Gawd I wish Liam was being breast fed right now *lol*

    Liam isnt really a crier when it comes to pooping. He has the past couple of days though but thats because he is getting a rash (Go the sudocream) so I think he has a sore bum. Poor little thing.Just try offering cooled boied water and see if that helps!!

    Hope everyone is well!! Sorry for those who I have missed!!

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Welcome Carol. Well, I can assure you it's quite normal. Wolf cries a lot of the time when he has to poo. Recently he has just been pooing once a day and then a huge amount and for quite a long time before the poo he cries and grizzles. Today he is super unhappy and crying a lot and the poo just won't come out. He sounds like he is in pain and I feel really terrible and am tossing up seeing a doctor... I have never seen him this unhappy. Poor little thing.

    Met a friend yesterday and he was the first person to actually ask about my boobs. I was wearing a thin jumper and a polar fleece over that and he could still tell the difference in size.... Damien always tries to tell me that it's not noticable when wearing clothes... yeah, right. The left one is about twice the size easily.... am thinking of buying a silicon thingie to put into my bra on the right side because I feel like such a freak of nature, especially for when we go to Oz and I can't rug up in 3 layers anymore...

    It's been snowing here for 3 days and the day time temperature has remained below zero, i.e., the snow has stayed on the ground and we have this magical winter-wonder-land outside. I love snow! Damien and I went for a walk with Wolf but half way we had to go into a cafe for a hot choccie because our faces were just freezing. Wolf does not mind the cold at all. He is wearing a snow-suit in the pram and he is nice and warm, just his cheeks get really cold but he is happy and sleeps really well in that cold weather. I am really curious to see how he will handle the Australian summer (what a temperature shock!).

    Hope you all had a great Australia day yesterday.


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    hi there everyone

    cara - welcome - sorry about the crying when pooing - haven't really had that problem although lani used to cry when she burped and spewed in the first few weeks - i remember discussing this with a friend and she said her ds used to cry every time he pooed just hated the sensation (same as lani with the spewing) but they have both grown used to it now.

    michelle - so sorry about you guys not being well. it is scary when they are little and they get sick, i remember jay getting a chest infection when he was 2 and a bit months old, really scary as he would not feed and slept all the time, then the antibiotics gave him the runs. how was first day back to school - i bet you were relieved to have a few less running around the house all day.

    dachlostar - sounds like you had a wonderful break, maybe a move to the country that should be nice if you do it. try expressing, lani loves her bottle of ebm and now i have finally built up my supply - my bb's were like rocks this morning lol, i express after the first feed in the morning - can manage between 50 and 100mls (used to be able to get 100mls in 5mins not so long ago) - i just use a microwave steriliser but i sterilise the expressing equip on the stove in boiling water - once i put it in the microwave steriliser and they melted. i also give lani a bottle of cooled boiled water during the day - today she just wanted to chew the teat to sooth the gums, sometimes i give her water in a cup but she splutters a bit and she does prefer the teat at the moment.

    spiddles - poor liam and his poo and nappy rash, my first dd was always getting nappy rash quite often red raw it was terrible especially around times of teething, don't know what cream you use but i use destinin (sp?) it is a little expensive around $7 for a small tube but i have found it to be the best i have come across and over the years i have used heaps of different creams - i just paste it all over at the first sign of rash and usually overnight it disappears. hope all that action down there is because of teething and nothing else. and yup ewwwwww about the stout - but i think it may of worked.

    snowy - brrrrr you guys must be freezing. i know how you feel about bb's being a different size - lani is a one sided feeder 90% of the time, so i quite often have one bb bigger than the other although i do have it alternate bb's lol. ahh the things we do for these little georgous creatures - gotta love em. also sorry to hear about your friend who lost her child - it truly is the worst thing in the world to happen - at jay's kinder day today i met 2 other mums who had lost children, it is quite shocking to here - i tell you, sometimes i think i am the only one in the world and then you hear of others it is just terrible.

    lara - that is absolutely fantastic news about alana's weight gain - she is overtaking lani in the weight gaining stakes lol - i am lucky if she puts on around 500gms in 4 wks, you must be thrilled. it is wonderful to see everything seems to be working out for you. good on the health nurse changing the nappy - i must admit my health nurse once changed lani and dressed her as well - i was quite shocked, she is a lovely lady, over the years i have had a few and must admit the very first one with my dd jessie was an absolute shocker. and great about alana's sleeps lovely.

    well as i have mentioned jay had first day at kinder, although only really an orientation session for an hr and a bit and we had to stay so not a big deal really, he was so excited to get his t-shirts and jumpers, he only goes 1 day next week for 2 hrs - can't wait for it to be normal hrs but will have to wait until mid feb for that - they have a rather long settling in period.

    on the milk front - my supply seems to have increased much to relief, i express once in the morning and i give that to lani at her bedtime feed around 7pm and for the first time ever she gives me that dreaming drunk look, i then finish her off on the bb, she woke at 6.30 this morning not 4am - fingers crossed everything is sorting itself out.

    on the formula thing - i found this interesting some formulas are milk based and some are vegetable based which i did not know apparently nan and s26 are milk based and karicare is vegetable based.

    boohoo - i bought a big block of mint aero choccie today and i just went to get some and it is all melted - this stupid darn heat - oh well i am having a iced mocca frappe - delicious, could do with that chockie tho, wonder if it is ok know (i put it in the freezer)

    sorry for the epic - again.

    see ya

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all

    Dasch-Good to hear you had a great holiday, moving to the country sounds nice.

    Michelle- good to hear your milk is back, and I sympathise about the chocolate, I would have been upset too. Glad Jay enjoyed his first kinder day. Josh's first day is tomorrow, video and camera are ready and I am a little sad, he said I can't cry though. Jordan had a good first day as a grade 5'er, although she ahd an attitude on when she got home and asked me "Are you stupid or something, you know I don't like that cheese?" When I dished out dinner. I was not amused at all and she got a talking to.

    Yay to Alana's weight gain Lara, things seem to be going really well.

    Spiddles- hope Liam is better soon, all that poohing is tiring for you let alone him. But 2 days off to be with him is good.

    Carol-Jessica never has any trouble poohng, just gets really red in the face and makes grunting noises.

    Snowy- Not good about the bbs, if you are really self concious maybe your idea is best, you need to feel comfortable. How cool about the snow, I've never even been to the snow, it must be like a different world living on the other side of the dateline.

    Sorry if I missed anyone.

    We are getting better, Jessica has been fairly quiet the last few days but has found her voice again today, although she still has the cough. Arron has been working in Jessica's room, snding plaster and is as white as a ghost, he remembers how much he hates plastering evry time he starts it.

    Better go he's a little frisky tonight and not listening to me tell him I am on antibiotics and he needs protection, I will not be responsible for any more pregnancies, that's for sure. I said if it's not on it's not on! LOL And I MEAN it too. I think a 5th child could just send me out to pasture. 4 is hard enough.
    Cheers Michelle

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    hi everyone
    i am still getting the hang of this & find it interesting reading about everyone's days with their babies.
    eliana & i drove to my parents on the sunshine coast today & will be up here till sunday night. had a great shopping at the plaza - got eliana heaps of clothes & toys on sale - good to have a nanny that spoils her.
    think the shopping has worn her out as she has been asleep on & off since we got home.
    anyway hope you all have a great day

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Mel
    Sounds like a lovely break for you both, and you are learning quickly, taking nannies shopping is great, esp if you have no money and they do, they can't resist. I love taking my Mum shopping, cause when I can't afford something she nearly always buys it for the kids.

    My little boy is at his first day of school. He was up at 7am, and came into my room in the nude as we hadn't put undies out for him the night before and he had none in the lounge LOL told him to go get some and he said but I'm cold, no wonder with no clothes on. He got dressed and then we made him undress so he didn't put breakfast all over his uniform, he had a sandwich for bfast and then got dressed and we made him change again so he could brush his teeth and not get his unifoprm dirty LOL poor thing. We videoed and took photos and then went to school. My Mum and MIL were there to see him off, and he went in without a problem, as his little mate Eddie is in his class and they immediately went off playing. No tears, no drama's, and it was as easy as that. I didn't cry, I didn't need to, he was fine. I did have a bit of a teary last night before I went to bed, just thinking about how my little boy has grown up, but I am proud of him for being so well adjusted.

    I am going to call a gf and invite her over for a cuppa, so catch up again later.

    Best wishes michelle

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    spiddles Guest

    9 poos yesterday and 2 today so far.....hopefully he will get better soon. Have thousands of things going through my mind like since I have been back at work maybe I have been neglicting cleaning and he caught something or didnt I wash my hands properly or did he catching something from day care.

    And now to top it off reived a letter in the mail saying they want to do a valuation on the home on tuesday. We only just moved in 3 months ago. PLEASE dont say they are selling. I hate moving and I love this house only if they do sell we dont have enough for a deposit right now. So am freaking out!! We only signed a 6 month lease to beign with. You would think they would have gotten a valuation before we moved in if they needed it for bank, insurance etc And if we do have to move its going to be so hard finding another house for rent so close to work since I cant drive.


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    spiddles Guest

    I couldnt take it anymore so I rang the real estate. Just asked wether the house was going on the market because lease runs out in april and can start looking elsewhere or start saving a deposit. Wasnt sure if they could give me any info due to privacy laws but they told me the owner is refinanicng hasnt mentioned selling to them. I think the owner must have a few investment properties because the house next door is owned by them and rented out also. So YAY!! Hopefully it is just that!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Oh Spiddles, it's stressful enpugh with Liam unwell, house stuff just isn't what you need, hopefully you don't need to worry, fingers crossed.

    Cheers Michelle

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    spiddles Guest

    Me too Michelle. *Eveything is crossed*

    Upto 4 today so far. Doc didnt really say to do anthing different but I took him back off of solids. Hasnt had any new food introduced in over 2 weeks but then a lady my mum works with who use to work for a peadiatrison (sp?) said to give 1 teaspoon of plain asodophilous (sp?) yugurt before each feed to help fight infection (if there is one) Then the lady at the parmacy told me to put him off formula all together for 24 houts and feed him as much rice cereal, potato and apple puree as he likes with whater and gloucolite. (sp?) The introduce formula again at half stength and work its way back up to normal. I donoo what to do. Poo sample wont be back for 5 days.

    Whe you get a chance cant wait to hear how the rest of Josh's day went. Is a bit silly them having their first day on friday and get all hyped up and then its the weekend at least in QLD they start on Mondays.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Gee Spiddles that is alot of conflicting info. I guess if I was you I would stop the food altogether and just give milk, whether it be bottle or breast as that is the most important part of babies diets at Liams age, I haven't started feeding solids to Jessica yet as she doesn't drink the recommended amount of 180mls which is up to 4 mths and definetly doesn't make the up to 6 mths recommendation of 24omls x 5 feeds, so she isn't hungry and really doesn't need anything more. My other 3 started on cereal at 4 months but they are all different.

    Ok Josh's school day went really well, except I got to a point that I didn't know what to do with myself as both the girls were in bed by 12.20pm and I sort of didn't want to really do housework, I had already been online, pd bills and checked bellybelly and emails so... I called a girlfriend and then my SIL dropped in with my niece and nephew. I had vacced and tidyed and the house was clean, Arron even commented on the work I had done.

    We all piled into the car to go pick up Josh and Jordan and funnily enough I almost didn't recognise Josh in uniform with his hat on. The teacher said he had had a good day and that he was tired, which I realised. They all brought home a decorated letter about there day which tells you what they did which is a great idea as they can never remember as they are so tired, he was acting really silly too, showing his tiredness. When we got home he told me he didn't want to go to school as it takes too long, he wanted to play xbox. I just laughed, Bad luck buddy it's only jus begun. This morning I told him to brush his teeth and he said he couldn't. So I told him that he was too young for school his comment was " Too Young! I'm 5 you know, I'm almost 10" LOL yeah right slow down is what I say. I don't want him to go from 5 to 10 in 12 mths, what a nightmare.

    Anyway Jess is in bed, the others are watching true lies and I am in the middle of updating the girls websites. I am also going to start a Vilinskis family website so I can put photos of Jordan and Joshua on there. The websites are a great way of my sister watching the kids grow up from QLD.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    HELLO EVERYONE! No times for personels as we are going to the country for my cousins 21st.First time millana has slept outside of home.I am taking her bassinet so it will be something familiar,and her nightlight.I hope it goes good as i would like to have a good time too.I havnt been to a party for so long.
    Millana is now 8 and half weeks and weighs 4480g and 57cm long.I seen another baby at the clinic that was 6.5 months and her name was milla.She was so tiny.Only a bit bigger than millana.I think that sometimes mine is going to end up being a big boofa.
    Carol,millana goes all read in the face and sometimes can be unsettled(kicking legs around) alot until she poos and then she relaxes for the day after that.She cries when she farts and most times does poo when she is having a feed.
    Sometimes i think millana is 6months and not 8weeks.She watches tv and the computer and likes to be placed on your shoulder so she can look around.I bet she will be one of these kids running in all directions wanting to explore.Apparently i was fascinated with those rides that you pay 20c for in shopping centres.There probably a $1 now! Payback for me! as i was terrible to mum.A RATBAG!
    Have a good weekend everyone.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    my attempts to convince Yasin to drink from a bottle are not being very sucessful. Mainly because I'm not able to express much. I expressed heaps a month or two ago and froze it but now thats run out (mainly thrown out after being thawed and then refused by mr fussypants). I geuss I'll have to spend a day or two feeding more often to boost supplies or soon there won't be enough. I looked at formula but was kind of freaked out by the variety and had no idea what kind to use.
    Caddie, I hope you have fun at your cousin's party and Millana sleeps well.
    Spiddles, I hope Liam's tummy settles down soon and that you don't have any dramas with your house.
    Michelle, Its good to hear that Josh's first day at school went well LOL at all the dressing and undressing in the morning.
    Melbee, your Eliana's a lucky girl to have a nanny who spoils her. Lucky you being able to get away to the sunshine coast. Its one of my favorite parts of australia.

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    mipsy Guest

    Just touching base, we are still here! Not much to report on this week, lots more smiles though. Starting the big move into the cot, just day naps at the moment and will move next weekend when DH has weekend off incase of very unsettled night!!

    Caddie - you've terrified me - Ashleigh is 7 weeks and 4910gm last Monday. She is not fat, but is very long baby (they didn't do her length that time) Paed said she is doing famously.

    Michelle - good to hear first school day went well!

    Spiddles - hope Liam is OK, not nice for a little bloke.

    must go - Mouse is asleep on me and shouldn't be, it's bedtime in an hour!!! I really battle to keep her awake around 5-6pm so she can still go to bed at 7.30. She's doing alright though.


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