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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, July '05 #2

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi everyone

    I hope you all don't hink my house is a display home cos it's not. I have been happy with it looking tidy for the last couple of weeks but will never achieve that impossible goal. Our bedroom has been tidy for the last 2 weeks but bf that....always clean washing on the floor, unmade bed etc. LOL Bad luck i say!

    kathryn- yay on the clothes, it is so good to have nice things to wear, the countdown to shopping day is well and truly on! ANd your poor boy needing a light up mobile LOL Funny how they work things out so quickly.

    Ambah- sounds like Aidyn is indeed clever, it's gorgeous when they start doing cute things like getting your shoes. Jemma is my helper, she will help unpack the dishes nd clean up and put clothes away. So gorgeous!

    Christy- Yay at you day care lady and wow at the 3hr sleep. Hope she sleeps well tonight!

    What is a Steiner school?

    Anyway, not much to report here. GOt 1 full page completed last night and the writing on another. So I was way ambitious....but I am planning Jordan's first trip to the zoo for next week and want to cut out the pics this week bf I go to save time. I think it will take about 4 pages for all the pics.

    Good night all
    Sorry if i missed anyopne

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi All

    Michelle a Steiner school is a pre-school/kindy (correct me if I'm wrong katanya ) and they have different "beliefs" or "ideas" on child rearing. I actually really like their concept, all wooden toys, fresh food etc. I have only heard from friends who are sending their daughter there next year. & they are driving 30 minutes to go there...

    Matilda went to the day care "mum's" house today and came home to have her nap & she's been asleep 2 1/2 hours!!! (maybe she puts something in the food :-k ) LOL, but I went and spent the first hour with them & then ran around for an hour & half....getting my stuff done while mum cleaned my floors! YAY! Last time she didn't help as much & we fought the whole time she was here but this time she started cleaning & I said go for it, do whatever you want however you want....LOL

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    katanya Guest

    no michelle lol i would be checking to see if you had a circuit board (ala stepford wives) if you were able to keep a display home cleaning standard lol..i'm sure you are clean but within reason..with 4 children you'd have to have SOME mess!

    Christy that sounds brilliant with the family day care, and sounds like she had a good time if she slept so much..yay at you getting your house cleaned and being okay with it (my mum is like that too)

    well exciting news we found out that the ABC child care down the mountain..yes kathryn i will be coming down the mountain lol..is brilliant..i loved the room, playarea, the kids were happy, the group leader is young but great, and Felix just threw himself in..AND she's happy to use cloth nappies!! they have 2 days placement but i thought we'd try 1 day, a wednesday..as thursday we have playgroup i will put my name down for friday and either swap or add a day..i am currently on hold trying to contact the child care benifit people..

    Steiner, basically as Christy said its a alternative schooling system, based on natural ways of teaching, it is christian/pagan based, the playgroup is brilliant, we sing all the time, bake bread, do natural craft, oral story telling, share fruit..it's very calm and both of us enjoy it..

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Katanya that is great news you found an ABC centre that you like. I think they are great Kimberley is always well looked after when she goes.
    When does Felix start ?

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    katanya Guest

    next week 8-[ DP is okay with it..now have to fill out the massive booklet! I thing he'll be okay, in fact it may be good for his eating!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Thats great about getting Felix into the ABC centre Katanya - and so quickly too, without having to wait on a long list!

    Sounds like you've been having a good day Christy, what with getting your floors cleaned, & Matilda's big nap.... YAY!!

    Havent done much today... Went to the gym again this morning, and luckily aidyn has been really good this week and has been enjoying himself
    Then went to the shops this arvo with my sister, had a coffee, and bought Aidyn a new book.

    Anyway... I'm off to bed now, need an early night as I have to get up early for gym tomorrow.

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hey Guys - mind if join in this forum??



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    Christy can I borrow your mother LOL.

    I have so much going on here in the next few days. It is Andrew's b/day tomorrow, his parents are arriving spot on 4pm right as he gets home from work, so I have to do all the housework by myself, cause they will probably actually beat him here. I mean seriously you'd think they could arrive at 4.30 or even come after tea and give the poor guy a chance to change and have a shower.

    My parents are coming sometime late tomorrow night. I still haven't got Andrew a b/day cake or card... at least i have his presents, and in between I have to fit in food shopping which he wont be impressed about going shopping on his birthday !! I can't put food back a day cause it is Clothes shopping day Friday and I am baby sitting Friday night

    Then Saturday is our BellyBelly meet at 1pm at my place so will have to re-tidy for that Saturday morning and no doubt Andrew will have the car anyway cause he usually works 6hrs on a Saturday morning. I am hoping one of the playgroup mums is free in the morning to take me food shopping so at least that is done. ...... oh got a msg back. She can take me YAY.

    Katanya That is great that you managed to get into the ABC centre. I hope that Felix enjoys it

    Michelle I hope you have a great time at the zoo. Apparently my best friend (also called Michelle lol) went to our Adelaide Zoo the other week with her 2yr and she was really disappointed in it, although her son still had a good time.

    Anyway I should be working, but might goto bed now instead.... Mum will kill me tomorrow night for not doing it all, hopefully I can squeeze in a hours worth somewhere tomorrow arvo.


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    Jen ***HUGS***

    I don't mind at all.. Have missed you chook


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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Thanks Babe!!!

    Little Joshua has been such a little terror today. I think he has got the two year old tantrums a year early!!!

    He is very impatient and very eager to grow up. He grabs his spoon to feed himself (and the floor and the curtains and the chairs and mummy and anything else he can flick food over)

    And since learning how to run 2 weeks ago he has been running into doors and walls and anything else he is the right height to bump his head into.

    Anyway he is being an angel now (he is asleep) So hopefully he will let me sleep.

    Love Jen

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    LMAO Jen..... I remember those days actually why remember them when I am living them again with little Lachlan. We haven't got to the running into walls stage yet as he is the early stages of walking, but the floor and walls get a good feeing every now and then but he isn't doing too badly with a spoon.

    Does he sleep all night ??


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Welcome jen, looks like you need a new Ticker.

    Phew Kathryn, after reading all of that I was out of breath. Hope everything works out, I' sure it will, it's amazing what you can fiot into one day, or 2 or 3 in your case LOL. Hope Andrew's bday went well. Did you see the shuttle launch?

    Katanya- well done on the place at the centre. Now ABC centres are what? I am not sure we have them in VIC. The stenier school sounds very good. I bet Felix just loves it.

    Christy- gotta love someone cleaning the floors. Except in my case if it was my MIL!LOL And matilda's sleeping is improving ! Great news, how are the nights going?

    Ambah- you are doing so well with going to gym, good on you. Sounds like a good day!

    Jen- you have a Joshua too! Just saw the 2nd post, good luck cos mine is a terror, something about the name LOL. But they are definite angels when they are sleeping.

    Jemma is also sleeping soundly tonight, has been up once for a drink of water and back to bed. She always comes in my bed for a cuddle about 7am and I don't mind, cos sleeping time is practically over anyway.

    Have a good day tomorrow girls.
    Cheers Michelle

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    I was out of breath typing it Michelle Andrew's birthday is tomorrow, and yes we were up till 1am watching the shuttle launch..... held our breath from T minus 1 min, till about 2 mins into the lift off i think. We both breathed a sigh of relief around the same time LOL. It was a very long night the night Columbia burnt up, had a phone call around 3am in the morning saying we had better turn on the tele.

    Andrew of course idolises Andy Thomas the Aussie Astronaut on board Discovery doing his very last mission.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I must admit to being a little concerned about the missing tile/debris falling off the shuttle. Andy Thomas' family are from SA, any chance you know them? Hope the bday is great and he loves the pressies.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Nope we don't know Andy Thomas and family. Andrew would be a pig in **** if he did hahahahha. Andrew had Nasa TV connected from the moment he got home last night to the moment he went to bed. Must admit there was some good images from the shuttle cameras looking back at earth.


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    katanya Guest

    ABC centres are just a chain of childcares, a few people on here have given them a good rap, Icertainly was impressed, I used to work at this child care (with a child with a disability) and it has improved since ABC took it over (was good before) we have our forms all filled out..I'm actually really nervous that it wont make him sicker, I am having a few guilt feelings but I am looking forwrad to a day off..I'll start him off on a half day..

    Kathryn good luck with andrews B'day sounds like he'll have a good one!

    Welcome back Jen!! sounds like you have your hands full there with Josh!

    Ambah I really admire your dedication to the gym, I really need to start something physical, not so much as for losing weight but just to feel better..I feel like an old woman some days 8-[ Unfortunately I'd have to drive 20 mins each way to one with a creche..seems alot of petrol each day..

    Felix is having his next needles in our 12 month list we have 3 weeks of them to go..will wait with the MMR to next week as he has been sick..his breathing isn't great still..will see if he's well enough today..I have to get a letter from the DR too about his needles being delayed because he's been sick for the Child care..

    Have a great day girls!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Katanya - Hope Felix has fun next week at child care.

    Kathryn - Wish Andrew a Happy Birthday from us. Only 1 more day and you will be going clothes shopping
    You'll have to give us a fashion show on Saturday of what you brought.

    Ambah - Well done on going to the gym.

    Not much going on with us we made some more cakes today. Kimberley is still no further along with her toilet training just when you think she has it then she stops again.
    One good thing she is so good with Alex today he was dribbling milk and she went to get a tissue to wipe his face and give him a cuddle. Also she went to get him a blanket to put over him as he was playing on his other one.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Hi everyone, i'm back, it's hard to get 5 minutes to myself these days.

    Kathryn i hope Andrew has a great birthday

    Katanya I hope Felix has a great time at daycare, Nick used to love it.

    Ambah I wish i was that motivated to excersise, the most i do is get the excersise bike out every day while Oprah is on if i can get the boys to sleep at the same time LOL

    Michelle, i hope everything is ok with you, bummer anout Kimberley's toilet training, i'm sure she'll get back into it soon.

    We've been going quite well lately, Nick has finally started going to the toilet and telling me when he needs to go, so hopefully i can get him fully toilet trained soon.
    He is being really well behaved atm which i am so pleased about, and he has gotten his first 2 swimming certificates too so we are thrilled with that too.

    Well i hope to start getting on here regularly from now on, i will try anyway.

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