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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, September '05

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    YAY Mummy!!!! Good on you for winning that round! =D>

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    Good on you Kellie !!! Well done


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    Pietta Guest

    LOL Kellie- who said these kids of ours can come with attitudes!!
    Ryley is sick- like me atm- thinks he has a chest infection or pnemonia YIKES!! but anyway i wouldnt let him have my glasses so he slapped me and i said NO. and he did it again so i smacked his hand and said No that hurts Mum. He did it like three more times so i said ok no more cuddles if your going to hurt mum and put him down. He just cuddled my leg for about 2 mins then i said ok cuddles? he got up and gave me cuddles and was good!!

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    Oct 2003
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    Thats great Pee!

    We have had a rotten night, Matilda was up from 12-2am and again from 44.30-6am So I'm a bit wrecked...she's still asleep now (of course) but the neighbours are jackhammering & I find it hard to sleep with that noise [-X

    Anyway.,...off to do the laundry while I can...

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    Oct 2003
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    well....we've had the day of tantrums like no other.... she's in the cot right now because her 30min of sleep just wasn't enough.

    I'm positive she's teething as her two top gums are massive & look like little blisters that are filled with something white 8-[ But I just can stand this laying around screaming & when I pick her up she tries to jump out of my arms screaming.... ](*,) ](*,)

    need some sleep :-({|=

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Kellie- yay for a win, and aren't kids such no alls. Paige will prob be the same size as me then, I am half an inch of 5ftLOL. It's a nice size though. And I could prob sleep in a big cot LOL. But not a portacot.

    LOL Kathryn I can picture you in the cotLOL

    Christy hugs to you, hopefully poor Matilda's teeth pop through asap. And bugger the jack hammering!

    We are very sad here. Jessica is on day 3 of her gastro, she is a tiny bit perkier, had a 5 min play and then back to cuddling and dozing. But today is Jordan's 11 th bday and she woke up this morning at 6am to vomit. Poor darling has gastro too now, and on her bday. Can't tell them not to kiss etc. So she has been up and down chucking intermittently all day.

    I thought I may have had it too but I think my seediness was due to wine consumed last night, as jessica was sick we had BIL and his gf here as they fly out tonight for Perth. There was about a dozen people, like we haven't had enough parties around here LOL. But MIL brought all the food. I am going to go to the punching bag when I get a achance cos stupid SIL was here to got smashed and said some stuff! GRRRRR! She is an absolute unhelpable moron!

    Jordan's netball Grand final is tomorrow so i have my fingers crossed she feel better by the morning or they will be in strife. Luckily as goal shooter she doesn't have to run the court the whole game but it is such bad timing!

    Cheers michelle

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    Urgh Michelle I hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon.

    Well today was a bittersweet day at playgroup. Isaac and father didn't turn up WOOHOO and it was officially Kamerons last Friday at Playgroup next Friday he will go but only for the last hour, as we have Pre-Entry information session for the first hour, will have to remember to take a cake next week. I only realised this morning that it was acutally his last full Friday there today.


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    LMAO !! Well done Paige. You go girl.

    We went out tonight and unfortunately my kids were terrors for my parents. Kameron's lip dropped which isn't like him when he realised we were leaving and apparently he had a tantrum for the next 45 mins !! We picked them up at 10.50pm and Lachlan had only been asleep for 10 mins

    I walked in the front door and mum said "never again" :-s Pity she has to have them for 2 nights next march.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    trying to do a quick catch up - have been slack lately with feeling **** for the last 2 wks, thankfully this flu is slowly going and af has gone (hooray can get on with ttc again this month lol) hopefully my monday when dh is back at work all things will be back to normal lol.

    so here is some quick personals

    onelittleone - hooray for paige sleeping in her big bed - what an effort it has been but it is so worth it hey. jessica was 18mths old when she went into her big bed and i was 7mths prg at the time, first night in her big bed she came and tapped me on the shoulder around midnight and fairdinkum i nearly had the baby there and then lol scared the crap out of me. jay was 3 1/2 yrs old when he went in a big bed (bit slack i know but he was comfy in the cot) he used to stay in bed and yell mummy i'm awake, was so funny he had no idea for 6mths that he could actually escape.

    michelle - sorry that jessica and jordan are both sick with gastro. i so hope joshua and jemma and yourself and aaron don't catch it, hopefully the girls are feeling better today. have you got much planned on the school holidays?

    chrisy - how's matilda? is she feeling any better? and is she sleeping well again, i hope so you sound exhausted atm. btw puppy school sounds like soooooooo much fun.

    ambah - how is that bush turkey problem going.

    kathryn - is kameron off to kinder next term? gee they do it so differently in the different states don't they. how many days a week will he go? jay goes 3 days a week for a total of 10hrs and he just loves it. i am sure kameron will have a ball - warning tho if he is anything like jay he will love box construction lol - we save our boxes up for kinder to donate and what do you know they come home with jay as rocket ships, boats etc etc so we get all the boxes back and then some lol.

    katanya - how are you going, hope you are all well and felix is feeling good.

    pee - i nearly forgot you are in here to aren't you. how is ryley, i hope he hasn't got pnemounia, i tell you the stuff going around atm is shocking last friday night (2 days before lani's party mind you) i had jay up at the hospital at midnight with a 40 temp, hallucinations and vomiting - was bronchitis and in the end we got the right medication (bit of a story to that one lol) they said they were concerned about pnemounia and if the antibiotics didn't clear everything up then it was off for chest x-rays thankfully the antibiotics did the job

    well i think that is everyone covered - i am going to cruise round the forums and do a bit of a catch up before i attempt to try and tidy up this pig sty in the playroom lol - we have 300 coloured balls all over the floor courtesy of jay and lani having a play after lunch - she gets it easy she goes down for a nap and jay and i clean up - i have got him throwing them into the ball pit and he is counting them as he is throwing (great way to teach maths lol)

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    May 2004

    Kellie - Well done to Paige sleeping in her big bed now.

    Kimberley is the same when trying to wake me up i now get her pushing me with her feet until i get out of bed.

    Mooshie - The coloured balls sound like they are great fun.

    Kathryn - Hope your mum has the boys for you again.

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    Oct 2003
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    Hi girls.... well Matilda still not sleeping well & I've had enough. I found this service in Brissy where you can call after hours (GP's hours) and they will come to your house and bulk bill you. You pay $30 for a family yearly subscription and whenever you need a Dr afterhours they bulk bill you!!!! I'm a bit amazed, anyway...when I got home from work Matilda had been screaming for 2 hours on/off for DH & not sleeping & we couldn't get anything like neurofen into her, so to make a long story short, a Dr is on their way over here this arvo :shock: you could blow me over right now!

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    Christy - I hope whatever was troubling poor Matilda is now under control

    Mooshie - Yep Kam is off to Kindy next term. He will only do 1 day a week (2.5hr sessions) for 10 weeks then will be straight into full time Kindy (4 sessions a week, 2.5hrs/session) in January. Next week is our information day where he goes with parents for an hour.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Thanks girls, apparently she has a sore throat but no tonsilitis, and more fluid in her ear which would give her a sore ear, but its not infected ATM. The Dr said that I was doing a good job and not to worry about being too "vigilant" because with what Matilda is doing, it needs to be checked out. whew, that made me feel better too. So pain relief tonight & she's been screaming for an hour, she refused her bottle tonight & has been super cranky. I'm on my way back in...wish me luck lol

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Girls

    No let up here, Joshuia started his turn with the gastro this morning, Jordan was ok, Jessica stopped vomiting but had diarrea and wouldn't let me out of her sight! Jem is still hanging in there! I sooo hope she doesn't get it. We are all soooo exhausted and school hols is just starting! Jordan lost the grand final, but they had 4 crook girls and one had to go off the court, so they played with 6 players, they were never going to win with those handicaps, Jordan chot 2 goals, but they weren't too upset, they each got a trophy!

    Michelle- I have a trip to a playcentre on Monday, plus scienceworks on Friday and then the BB meetup at matthew Flinders Tavern on the 29th. You should come too! I also have to take Jordan shopping for some clothes for her bday. What about you, planned anything exciting? Good luck ttc this month!

    Pee- hope Ryley doesn't have pnumonia.

    Kellie- yay at Paige going to bed all by herself. you are right, they seem to click all of a sudden and do a million things at once.

    kathryn- how sad but happy for Kam, I'm sure he will love big kinder!

    Christy- what a great service with the drs! At least you know things aren't 100% with Matilda, that is reasssuring for you, of course it doesn't help your absolute exhaustion atm. I know how you feel I feel that way too atm, seems like not that long ago when the only one not sick was me, then Jessica had her ear infection last wk and now this week it's gastro...which they think is lovely to pass on! plus school hols, and Arron wonders why I am crabby !!! WTF....seems totally obvious to me!

    Oh well, I am going to try sleep in tomorrow, till at least 8am LOL, what a joke of a sleep in that is.

    Best wishes michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    christy - hope matilda is feeling better soon and has a nice sleep tonight [-o< . wow what a great service they offer up there for the docs coming out and bulk billing wish they had that here - i took ds up to hospital last friday night etc and it cost $230 and only got $30 back from medicare - my choice though, i didn't fancy hanging around the local public hospital for 3 - 4 hrs in the middle of the night, which is why i chose to go to the pvt one, at least i got straight in.

    michelle - oh no josh getting gastro - i sure hope he is the last to get it. school holidays are going to be busy for me - jays best friend is in pre-prep at a pvt school so they don't get to see each other much at all, so we have heaps of stuff planned together. alot of catching up to do with old friends as well as it is so hard school days with kinder and school hours etc.

    *michelle* - sorry i didn't say hi to you before. how is kimberley going well i hope, and how is little alex and his kidneys, i read in another post of your rough trot you are having atm - i sure know what it is like, i feel for you, i hated everything about my life when my jessica was sick - doctors, hospitals, nurses, chemo, pallative care - intrusions in the home - all for what "quality of life" not quantity" thats what they told me - anyway sorry i wrote about that, i don't want to get you down - your alex will be fine. your next appointment is a while away isn't it? can you get on a cancellation list for an earlier spot if possible just to take the pressure of you a bit. hugs to you.

    kellie - yep they sure do things all at once lol - i remember when jess was 3yrs old we were moving into a new house and i was so desperate to get her toilet trained - we had been trying on and off the previous summer with not a lot of luck, we were also trying to get her to sleep with a pillow - she never wanted one dunno why, and also that darn night bottle, but i thought i would wait for a bit seeing as we were moving and all - you know what within 2 wks of moving into new house she did it all herself - blew me away lol.

    kathryn - kamryn will adore kinder and you will wander around the house for 2.5 hrs wondering what to do whilst he is there lol - well that usually happens to me cause thankfully atm jay's kinder time co-incides with lani's nap time and i refuse to do housework on our break from each other lol.

    we have just finished watching the wizard of oz for like the millionth time - how bizarre i remember this time last year in the hospital i was watching it, i also remember a few weeks ago grease was on and i said to dh that i remember having braxton hicks last year sitting on the edge of the couch watching grease - just goes to show the program people don't have much originallity (whoops sp sorry)

    must go having a dose of lemsip and had a lovely shower so i have my flannies and ugg boots on - feeling very comfy

    night all ahve a good day tommorrow

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    No rest for the wicked when Kameron starts Kindy next term as it is also playgroup day for Lachlan LMAO. Next year when he starts Kindy full time it will be easier, as our Tues Arvo session of playgroup where we have actual teachers come out would have stopped. we are lobbying it for it to continue as everyone loves it but it was only meant to go 10 wks and by the time it finishes we would have had it for 20wks lol.

    Also I will pull Lachlan out of Friday playgroup next year as Kameron wont be doing Friday Kindy, so after walking down there 4 days in a week to take Kam to kindy, I aint going to walk back again just for playgroup. Next year Tuesdays & Thursdays, will be my morning home alone with Lachlan and Fridays both the kids will be home. Monday and Wednesdays Lachlan will goto playgorup while Kam is at Kindy. Will be really weird going to playgroup 4 times a week down to 2 8-[

    Anyway enough rambling, it is my BellyBelly RDO today LOL.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    WOW, its been so busy in here that I feel that I dont have a hope in being able to catch up with everyone/everything!!

    Michelle - I hope everyone is feeling better at your house soon, it cant be fun for you *hug*

    mooshie - glad to hear your flu is clearing up.

    Kellie - Woohoo for Paige sleeping in her big bed! =D>

    Christy - I hope Matilda is feeling better soon, poor little chookie, and I hope you manage to get some rest as well. That after hours GP service sounds really good... do you know if its just for around your area? As I would be interested in paying the fee for that service - 'just in case' iykwim.

    Kat - hope you enjoy your RDO Sounds like you will have heaps of changes next year with playgroup/kindy to try to get your head around!

    Pee - I hope little Ryley is feeling better soon!!

    Sorry for being so short and sweet here, and sorry if I have missed anyone!

    Turkeys have moved in for good, and there are a few eggs in their mound. They will probably hatch in almost 3 months times. Seems that they will want to use this mound to mate and nest for the next few years if we let them! (I think after this year we will dismantle it and quickly relandscape with stones and stuff so they cant build again) The silly thing is that we have 2 cats here now... so when those little baby turkeys are born, they are not going to have a very big chance... pretty silly to build your nest around some cats isnt it!

    Aidyn is doing well, just has had a snotty nose for the past few days but that is it. I fear that he is beginning to give up his 2nd nap during the day, and now he wants to go from 12.30 - 7pm without sleeping at all! Bummer for me..., and it doesnt look like he is even compensating by sleeping in longer in the mornings too...

    anyway, gotta go and do some housework, talk later

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    I forgot to mention, maybe (my brain has been very vague for a few days now), that Matilda's second tooth came out sometime last week (didn't even notice 8-[ ) and her top two are these huge blister looking things with white on the ends so they should be out any minute lol and an eye tooth is popping through.

    I know I know...so all this CRAP could be teething too.... but I guess I just assumed with all the sickness she's had & ear infections etc, that the screaming everytime she laid down had to be something else. And the Dr did say that she would have a sore throat & ear ache, just no infection.

    I hope all the sick chooks are feeling better today! Matilda's a bit better, no pain relief given so far today so that must be a good sign!! & a 2 hour nap so far.

    LOL at your turkeys Ambah I hope the cats stay away...turkeys can be pretty protective over their eggs

    I hope Paige stays in her bed

    LOL Kat its my BellyBelly RDO today....

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