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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone hope your Christmas was wonderful and all the babies had a wonderful time with the wrapping paper!
    Felix had a great day, I took heaps of photos, you can check them out here..he even had 2 day sleeps still and ate homemade ice-cream which i was amazed at (little junk food addict ) He had a ball playing with his Grandmas and his new toys..


    My best friend who lives in Belgium gave birth to her first child yesterday, a boy called Arquinn James Farr, 3.53 kgs, 51 cms..17 hour labour of which I am yet to hear the gory details!! Both are doing really well..so exciting she is Felix's fairy godmother...

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Those are great photo's of Christmas katanya!!! How cute!! Well... MAtilda's decided not to settle anymore again!! She just screams & refuses the dummy or to be held! Last night & today its just screaming....and then collapsing! I hope it doesn't last too long!! Maybe too much stimulation and excitement...

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    @ Matilda. Lachlan is asleep YAY after not having much yesterday. Kameron has had a chocolate rush, so Andrew has taken him for a drive in the car as he is tired but wont goto bed. We know he will fall asleep in the car


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    katanya Guest

    Christy have no help with matilda's current tanties, sounds hard only I have found that Felix's new skills make him harder to settle..he just wants to roll and roll and roll...I have to hold him tight sometimes just to get him to sleep to stop him rolling away! he grumbles but falls asleep..

    Kathryn LOL at the chocolate rush...don't you just LOVE cars for their sleep inducing qualities???

    today he did the best EVER at sitting up, he has learnt to lean and correct himself and didn't topple once in a whole hour of playtime... and he has started saying dadda..and here I was think Lachlan was young saying it! It is very diffrent from the babble he used to do, he whispers it and then just says it over and over and it's in this cute baby voice..I just love it!! I don't care he can't say Mum mum yet! Although he woke up at 4 am one morning when DP was away and was telling me "dadda dadda" I said hmm go back to sleep...and ignored him..

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    lol katanya!

    wish i could say hmmmm to liam and just ignore him lol!!!

    his latest words are "no no no no no......essss essss (yes)"!!!!

    deary me!


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    katanya Guest

    well Kelly..maybe it wasn't THAT easy..
    I just pretended to be asleep until i heard him quieten down and then I fed him back to sleep..and he slept in =D>

    Kelly did I just total miss the whole fact you are PREGNANT???? wow CONGRATULATIONS!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello girls.... Matilda's still going through this not settling phase...grrr last night it took an hour and half to get her to sleep & this morning an hour & she's only slept 30 minutes rather than her normal 1-2 hours!!! hmmmm... thank goodness DH is here to help!!! I'd be going mental by now! LOL!

    Well...off to pick up some bargins now that she's up & ready for the day! I hope you girls have a great day!

    Kathryn... how are you recovering?? LOL at the chocolate with Kam... we've been taking Matilda for drives lately to settle her...wish it worked!

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    Yeah recovered well. Andrew has been getting up to the boys in the morning as well so have been getting a sleep in.

    Lachlan not a happy chappy just touched a hot oven $(&(*#$(*@ guess he learnt that lesson the hard way.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Girls!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Christmas!!!!!!
    Sorry I have not been around much!! I spent all day of the 24th freaking out and cleaning up as I was hosting Christmas dinner this year.
    Then on the 25th we went down to the Gold coast for the day, and nearly died whilst trying to drive back up that night in torrential rain - we had to do 40kmh on the 110kmh freeway!!!
    Yesterday was cleanup and recovery, and to make things worse DP was sick
    and today I went shopping in the sales... I got some great bargains for Aidyn & myself!!
    Just popping in to say yes I am still alive!! I will hopefully be able to repond to personals tonight or tomorrow... I just need to devote a lot of time to DP atm as he only gets tomorrow off as well, and these are his only 'holidays'.

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    katanya Guest

    Christy it is no good that Matilda is going through this, has she got her teeth? At least your DH is there to give you a hand otherwise it would be SUPER hard! Hope you had better luck shopping!

    Kathryn, poor little Lachie, still it's one lesson he won't forget in a hurry! It would be hard to watch though.. :smt022 owww..

    Ambah great to hear you had a good christmas ..another one hosting..god you girls are amazing! sounds like your christmas has been quite full on! Not good to have your DP sick ! but gald to hear you got some good things in the sales..I have only ventured out to buy baby clothes for my friends baby born christmas day and DP wanted to buy himself a car stereo, which he installed yesterday afternoon. You spend quality time with your DP, it's so nice to have them home for a few days isn't it?

    DP bought me a digital TV box for christmas, and when we opened it and it wasn't in the box!! So we went back to where he bought it (target) and it was still sitting on display! The guy said it was broken too..so none left..I found out how much it cost and I said we didn't really need it, (I got other presents) DP was a little disapointed, but I said that he could spend the money on his car stereo so he soon cheered up..

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Wow...I don't think I could have hosted either katanya!! You girls are amazing!! Although I am having friends over for dinner tonight to celebrate my new plates & bowls!!! YAY for sales!!! I've wanted new ones for a few years because I've broken most of mine & there aren't any unchipped things etc etc... so.... we took the big plung and with 20% off everything it was a bargin! YAY!!! but exhausting!! I got a bit dissappointed with clothes etc...but soon cheered up with this!!

    Matilda went okay last night... just doesn't want her dummy, I'm sure its teeth as she's got nappy rash for the first time & weird poo & just wont have an empty mouth... but I've given the teething relief stuff & even panadol at night to get to sleep.... oh well.... finally last night I put a bit of bonjela on her dummy & she was out for the count within 1 minute!!! *mental note...remember the bonjela earlier!!!*

    Poor Lachlan! Thats so hard to see!!!

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    katanya Guest

    Christy just a thought about the teething..have you got a "gummi" they are teething dummies that are shapped like a mouthguard and EXCELLENT, I couldn't have survived Felix's teeth without one, just make sure you get the stage 1, they are avaliable from Coles and woolies, you can apply bonjella on them or chill or just let them chew away..they are brilliant..
    I am really glad you at least know what is causing the sleep issues, at least it won't go on forever!
    Congratulations on your new dishes! And have fun with your dinner party, hope Matilda behaves for you!

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    Morning Girls

    OMG @ the empty box Katanya. I thought things like that usually only happen to me LOL. I do have to say though I would be lost without my digital set top box. We never had very good reception on any channel till we got that and we couldn't get channel 2 at all. Now everything is perfect.

    Matilda honey what are you doing to your poor mummy. I think mummy needs to fly you down to your Aunty K for a week

    I didn't mind hosting xmas day actually, just the lead up to it, ie cleaning the house etc etc was the worse. I suppose if I kept my house clean it wouldn't be too bad LOL, but try telling 2 kids to keep the house clean. We had our laundry trough full of ice with the drinks in to free up the fridge etc.

    Alot of shops in Adelaide haven't opened yet. Monday was the xmas day holiday/boxing day and today is our Proclamation Day, so our shops here have been shut for 4 days. Everything opens at midnight

    Lachlan has a nice welt across his hand from touching the stove last night but at least he is using it to commando crawl again, he was crying trying to crawl last night so we would sit him in his rocker and he would cry being stuck in his rocker, so we couldn't win !! He also got a tad of sunburn yesterday when we were walking around the wetlands, so he has a pink nose and cheeks. Looks kinda cute actually LMAO.

    @ driving in Torrential rain Ambah we were like that out storm chasing the other week. Doing 30km on a 110km freeway. Everyone had to pull over as there was rivers of water across the roads, and your not meant to stop on the freeway !!

    LMAO at the yes and no Kelli. I remember when Kameron went thru that as well too cute !! Although it gets no better the older they get lmao ](*,)


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    Well Lachlan was in the wars again today !!

    We were out on a walking trail and Kam went to push the stroller. The wheel caught a stone and the stroller flipped on its side, before i had a chance to get there Kam was trying to get it up but turned it upside down meaning Lachlan was face down in the dirt with the stroller on top of him !!!

    He is okay a couple of bruises on his forhead and one or two scratches, I nearly killed Kam though, he was told not 5 mins prior not to touch the stroller.


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    katanya Guest

    OMG Kathryn..HOW scary 8-[ so glad Lachlan is okay after the pram mishap..I can imgaine Kam was in the bad books after that! poor little Lachlan must be a bit of a war zone at the moment..sigh got to love the holiday season..a least he's not bothered
    Felix rolled into a metal bar under the foot rest on our recliners yesterday, I was in the toilet and DP was in the offending chair...I just heard screaming , and I rushed out with toilet paper trailing..poor little guy has a big bruised bump on his head and a graze..as DP says his first injury..I'm sure there will be more, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for this watching my baby boy get hurt stuff

    Interesting what you say about the digital box thing..our TV reception is terrible on most channels, I almost want it back now..maybe we can get a cheaper one..

    Good luck with the Adelaide sales if you go, I strangely have had no desire to battle the crowds, I will go today and exchange the pink clothes I bought for my friends baby who came out a boy! Hopefully i don't see too many things to buy!

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    We battled the sales and I got all my plain coloured xmas wrap for the coming year for $2.50 a roll YAY. brought 3 rolls of plain gold, plain silver and plain copper last year and ran out xmas eve, as i use them all for b/days thru the year as well which is why i buy plain colours So got 4 this year.

    Was eyeing off some very nice xmas crackers but they were still @ $15.00 so not sure if they were on sale or not so might check back on Friday. I like the crackers that have nice things in them not junk.

    Brought a 10pk of photo frames for the fridge as well was half price YAY so I have put that away from someones b/day or xmas present next year and all the photo paper was half price too so grabbed more of that and managed to get Kameron a "Baby's 3rd Christmas" ornament for under $5 !!

    Then we hit Golo and Cheap as Chips, and spent money there too LOL. I couldn't refuse the cheap as chips flashing shot glasses and tall glasses LMAO. I am a sucker for crap like that hahahha.


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    katanya Guest

    Kathryn you did so well at the sales..the idea of the plain christmas paper is a fantastic one, not only cheap but elegant! Perhaps I will brave the crowds again and go look for some..

    I unfortunately could NOT refuse to buy anything.. #-o got a little something for everyone..I exchange the baby clothes, bought a matching bonds hat at DJ's, and found a size 1 and 2 pumpkin patch outfit for Felix(I bought size 2 shorts because he is so tall and it seemed crazy to buy size 1 when the waist was similar and has a draw string..thank god for baggy styling! I bought a diary for me, and a t-shirt for DP..I saw plenty more I wanted and put several things down before the checkouts, as I thought I don't REALLY need this..

    Felix is currently lying down on a sheet chewing on a rusk..he has been waking up early from naps today hope it's not more teeth og well they have to come sometime I guess

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    Oh girls I forgot to tell you some important news !!! Lachlan has tooth #2 !! he got it 2-3 days ago I think by how much is through. We noticed it yesterday.

    Katanya there was plenty more i could have got at the sales as well but my poor bank account was looking a tad sick LMAO, and I have had to stop myself a few times today from jumping in the car and heading back 8-[


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