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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    katanya Guest

    Yay Lachie getting tooth 2!! Kathryn, when did he get the other one? Felix got 2 teeth about 10 days apart at 5 mths and none since..I think everyone's different aren't they? Obviously it didn't hurt him if you didn't notice it! how wonderful! He's had quite a week hasn't he?
    I can relate to the bank balance blues, it is my new years resolution to have savings..which means of course I must stop SPENDING>>!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Well... I have had such a busy few days... I will try to condense it all!
    Christmas eve went really well, though I was stressed to the max trying to prepare! We had our lovely German family tradition dinner of pork schnitzel. Aidyn enjoyed the dinner too- we gave him some morsels of schnitzel, asparagus and potato. Then we opened our pressies! We usually open them on Christmas morning, but as DP and I were heading down the coast on Christmas day we decided we may as well do it whilst everyone was there.
    Aidyn got so many lovely gifts! Toys, books, baby tupperware, clothes... I have even put away his Peek-a-blocks train set, plus another small set of Peekablocks, for his 1st birthday, as he has way too many toys as it is and he will probably appreciate the train more when he is a bit older.
    Christmas day on the Gold Coast went OK too. We stuffed ourselves sick with turkey and ham (yummmm!) and then both got to have a nap in the arvo whilst MIL played with Aidyn. OH yeah, BIL gave Aidyn a giant stuffed Tigger toy which was gorgeous! I have a photo of Aidn chewing on Tiggers nose, so I just have to compress my photos then I will put some up on my website. Aidyn wasn't used to his strange surroundings and it took us 5 hours to get him to finally fall asleep for a nap! And then the drive back up was so scary( but I've already mentioned that!)
    I have had a BALL these past few days at the shops! I spent my Jeanwest voucher some nice 3/4length jeans and a top, and I have almost bought Aidyns entire summer wardrobe now. I cannot believe he is already in size 1's - and some size 2's as well!! (I figure what is the point of buying a 1 when he will grow out of it in a month anyway!) I bought some books as well as Dymocks had 20% off everything

    Aidyn is doing a bit better with his solids now, but he pretty much will only eat what we are eating for dinner!
    Oh, and his 4th tooth (2nd top one) popped through yesterday!!
    His overnight sleeping has actually been ok for this past week, so we havent seen the need to put his cot next to our bed. He just seems to go through these difficult short periods... our problem with him atm is getting him to settle for bedtime... its like he truly knows that he wont be getting up again until morning, and he will scream and cry and carry on for hours until h drops off with exhaustion.

    Sounds like you have done well at the sales too Kathryn!! And YAY for Lachlans tooth!!
    Oh dear re the stove and pram accidents, poor little tyke has been in the wars hasn't he? Hopefully the next few days will be nice and sedate for you Kat, or is that asking too much

    Katanya - woohoo for Felix sitting up, and saying Dadda!!! (Aidyn is saying 'bababa' atm, so I hope it will turn into a word soon!)
    and that is fantastic to hear that he does not have CF.
    Those Christmas photos of Felix are gorgeous too btw!

    Christy - I hope you had a lovely dinner lastnight with your friends and your new dinnerset!
    urgh, it does sound like Matilda is teething again doesnt it? I really hope it pops though soon to give you both some relief and rest!

    Ok, well this post has taken me over 3 hours to write (I've been trying to settle Aidyn for AGES) so I had better just post it! If I have missed anyone/anything hopefully I will remember in my next post!

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    katanya Guest

    Wow Ambah you have been busy busy BUSY! Great to hear from you again!

    your christmas sounds great, and Aidyn sounds like he got heaps of very cool things, the clothes sound great..can't believe that Aidyn is in size 1 already? Felix is still wearing 00 and 0 are big and baggy on him...I bought the size 1s because I figure he'll at least keep growing up ways if not out

    Glad to hear the eating and sleeping are going well, and YAY Aidyn for getting more teeth..wow it's teeth city around here isn't it?

    Hope he settles better

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!!! I feel like I've neem away forever...but really just to work... I was supposed to go in for the day while DH watched Matilda for a normal 8-5 shift, but then the 11-8 person called in sick so I wound up doing a 12 hours shift & then at closing time someone came in with their dog who had just cut his paw so then I had to hold down the rottweiler while the Dr stitched up its paw...thank goodness it was a lovely dog & I just had to lay on top of him to keep him still...otherwise it would have been like when I was PG holding down a dog that wanted to eat me.... wow its been a long time!!! Anyway... I loved working & wish I could more now. I wouldn't put Matilda into full time care, but I miss working... oh well... earned heaps of $$ today YAY!! So I think I've paid off that dinner set!

    Anyway....I'm exhausted so I'll come back on tomorrow!!!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Ok, I have made one page of pics so far(theres only a few up there!) they were taken on the 25th and 26th... and will hopefully have another page up sometime tomorrow as well.
    PLEASE forgive me for the very long loading time, you are best to go and read some other posts whilst waiting...
    I have compressed them as much as I can, but as my camera takes photos that are 4.0 megapixels, they only compress to around 200kb each instead of 100kb... still trying to work that one out!! here it is...

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    katanya Guest

    Christy what a work day, 8-8..full-o! it's great that you love your job so much, I always wanted to be a vet nurse when i was little, of course you get older and other choices gets made, what a greatt job, of course when you have good animals it's great too! I looked at your Christams photos on Matildas page..how cute she is I particularly love the one of you and her and is your singlet "nightmare before christmas" the Tim Burton film..looks like Jack Skullington on the front? How apt if it is!

    Ambah your boy is beautiful, I love them all, and they actually didn't take that long to load..he isn't overly big I would say very much in proportion..look at those biceps..wow! I have seen much smaller babies who are don't probably weigh as much but look chubber, they have rolls on rolls IYKWIM, Aidyn looks like he is meant to be that size..(still can't believe there is about 4 kgs between our boys though!) *sigh* I have fat roll envy again

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Thanks Katanya....yep its Jack on my shirt, YAY for Christmas pressy's! & lol at the fat roll envy!

    Ambah those are great shots of Aidyn!! I love him in the shopping bag!!

    Well Matilda woke up at 5.30am and I went & fed her a bottle & she fell asleep again until 8.30!!!! WOW!!! DH & I couldn't believe it! =D>

    I needed it after yesterday...just getting good sleep helps heaps!

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    Awww at Aidyn in the pics *jealous* of him sitting up. Wonder what Lachlan is doing wrong LMAO.

    Katanya - Lachlan got his first tooth not long after he turned 7mths. So I think there was about 5-6wks between the two. Kameron used to always cut two within a day of each other as well so waiting for tooth 2 has felt like an eternity.

    Couldn't help myself and hit the shops again today. Needed food shopping anyway. Went back to target and the crackers i was looking at yesterday were gone, so I got the next best $15.00 for 12 crackers. Which was better than the $15 for 6 crackers I was looking at yesterday lol, but they have some great stuff in them and have put them away ready for next year.

    Well I think Lachlan has a bit of a cold or something today ](*,) He has been sneezing and coughing alot and his eyes are all glassy. I actually have a tiny bit of a sore throat myself and slight runny nose which I woke up with so it is quite possible that Lachlan has the same.

    I am with you Katanya. Time to stop spending now and start saving again


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

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    They are gorgeous Ambah. !!!!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Sssssoooo CUTE!!! Now Aidyn & Matilda have matching green stripes!! LOL!

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    katanya Guest

    Ambah he is so cute, I can already see the man in him..love the face in the Jolly Jumper..
    I have a bit of a thing for stripey bonds gear too, but haven't got the green, we have the leggings in every size, different patterns each size though, he is still in the 00's though, we have 0's and 1's to grow into..

    Glad to hear you got your crackers today Kathryn, and resisted other temptations, I went to Pacific Fair today for a look around, and spent hours there but only bough a few computer games for the little girl I work with (wiggles and Hi5) I just bought some MORE cloth nappies from America today 8-[ ..hmm..it may have been cheaper to stay with disposables..Ah well I can always resell them one day on ebay..I have to say I have MUCH more fun with cloth than I ever did with disposables..except I keep buying lots of cute fitted nappies.. :-k

    Yay matilda, great for you Christy..good to hear she is sleeping so well again! I LOVE nightmare before Christmas, it is one of my favourite movies..cute top!

    Felix is not sleeping so well either, hopefully a growth spurt, I know they aren't due for one at his age but it's got to come sometime? One can only hope! [-o<

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry, this one has to be real short and sweet as I didn't even have time to read all of your recent posts, let alone reply to them! Flat out packing ATM, less than a week to go before the move now!

    Had a wonderful chrissy, Adara enjoyed it way more than I thought she would. I dressed her in an elf costume and she looked adorable, and she knew it!!! I think we could officially open up a toy store now though! Hope you all had a great Xmas too! Didn't end up getting that tooth, still teething badly.

    Won't have time to come back before the move so I'll catch up with you all again after my cable gets re-connected on the 7th...

    Happy new year everyone!

    Take care,

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    weetie_ewing Guest


    He just wont sleep!!!!!!!!!!! He's refusing to. I think he just wants to be up playing. Right now, it's 2:35 am and he's up because he's refusing to sleep. We tried just leaving him there to try and teach him that it's really bed time now but he just screamed and screamed until we came and got him. He does this every few days practically and it's getting really tough. He's also refusing his bottle because he knows it means sleep (we put him to bed with a bottle because he doesn't like dummy's). The little punk is sitting on my lap right now.
    The other night he went to bed at 9:30 (9 is his bed time), woke up at midnight for an hour and a half, went back to sleep only to get up at 5:30 and only have a hour nap during the day, all because he refused to sleep.
    What do I do???

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh weetie how hard!! Matilda went through a rought patch of being awake in the middle of the night. I always left her unless she was screaming, then I would get up & change her nappy, rock her for a little while gently reading a book or something and then give her a bottle if she didn't start settling by then... if she was still awake afterwards I would either take her to bed with me or just go back to sleep & give her a toy to play with in her cot. Usually she would play for around 20 minutes while I slept & then I could resettle her & she would go straight to sleep....HTH!! Now she gets up at 5.30am and I get up & give her a bottle & a nappy change & put her in the cot with a book & she's happy until around 6.30 and then wants up (but it gives me an extra 30 minutes sleep!! YAY!)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Sorry, just a quickie!! Love the photos Ambah, they are soooooo cute!

    Will talk more later.


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    Just a quickie as i have a bloody head cold. Hope you all have a good night tonight no matter what you do and if you have tickets in the $31 million megadraw goodluck for that too.

    Oh yeah. i put lachlan on the floor last night to sit up and he sat there for 15 secs before flopping =D>


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    Marcia Guest

    Hi girls! I know I'm not quite here yet, but just wanted to stick my nose in and say how good the chrissie photos are of Aidyn and Felix! They are both such cuties! One more month and I will be joining you all. I can't believe the time has gone this fast!

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