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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Howdy Ladies!

    Man, I am soooooo tired and sooooooo over having headaches. I am seriously counting down the days until the end of the first trimester in the hope that these headaches will go. I only get an hour or so reprieve each day and it is starting to get on top of me. Any hints on how to get on top of it besides rest, water, panadol and panadeine would be greatly appreciated. I never had them this bad with the other kids, much less.

    Liam still has a gunky eye. He's been on the drops/ointment for over a week now. You would think it should be gone by now. Will toddle off to the doctor again me thinks.

    Kathryn, Kal is actually going to have a nice temperature today - 30. Almost a cold spell lol!! See that SA is going to be hot today. Hope you're near good aircon.

    Ambah - I'll glad you have been given the bed/cot trial go ahead. Hope it works.

    Sorry, I gotta go. I can't concentrate. :-({|=


    Hope you are all ready for the big day - 2 sleeps!!

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    AARGHHH!!!!! Just got right to the end of my post and then I lost it all!!!!! Here we go again....

    Kathryn, yeah hot chips are Adara's favourite food! Ahh, I had all these high hopes before I had her - no junk until she's atleast 5 yrs old, no tv, etc. but when you're eating and they're going crazy for it, how can you not give them some? He sounds like a great little eater! Really hope those headaches stop for you soon, although being a Melbourne-ite I can't sympathise about the weather! Today is going to be 34 but I'm sure it'll get cold again in a day or so!

    Christy, wow sounds like you really needed that sleep! Must be all that running around after Matilda! Your DH is wonderful!

    Katanya, glad the tests have been ok so far. I'm sure the CF one will be fine, too. Adara had really bad separation anxiety for a while too but it only lasted for a few weeks. Hopefully he'll settle down for you soon too, I know how hard it can be with an extremely clingy baby!

    Kelly, that's a great idea with the 1 finger. Will definately give it a go.

    Well, Adara's well and truly on the move now! She had been mobile but contained to around a 2 metre radius, so just went from toy to toy in the family room. On Tuesday night, I went to the toilet when she suddenly realised that she could actually go anywhere now that she's crawling properly and came out to find me sitting on the toilet! She just sat there and giggled for ages, so proud of herself and for shocking me. Now she's into absolutely everything, especially things she shouldn't be (like inside the coffee table to eat all the magazines and the xmas pressies and tree). I'm such a bimbo sometimes, I really didn't think that it'd be much different when she got more mobile than she was! What was I thinking??? I was offered a playpen when she was a newborn and for some stupid reason, I didn't take it so we're off to buy one in the next few days! For now I'm putting her in a portacot but she gets frustrated as it's so small.

    She's been teething again the last 2 nights, looks like she might get her 2 front teeth for Xmas!

    As Xmas is an epic event starting on Xmas Eve and finishing on Boxing Day for us, I probably won't get any time to come back here soon, so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!

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    Kelli I am a bad sufferer of headaches, just ask Ambah she usually hears me complain LOL. The one thing that helped minimise them was Yakult !! I don't know why but it worked for me and I also know of a guy who said the same thing. Maybe give it a whirl. After it all it is good for you

    I don't think it is going to reach the 38 predicted top today. We are in WNW winds which is keeping it mild. So unless they swing back to Nor Easters then it wont be happening at 11.20am we are sitting around 31c with light cloud cover, and the winds are sitting more westerly now which means the change is inbound.

    Anyway enough about the weather or i will be here all day LMAO


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    Have a great Xmas Mel. Woohoo at Adara getting two front teeth for xmas.

    Come to think of it after tonight I probably wont get a chance to get on either !!! Bah when do i not get online LMAO. I will find time


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    Hi girls.... I started to type a post earlier & lost it and then went away as this is the warmest room in the house & I couldn't stand all the sweat...LOL so the air con's been on for a while & I left this door open so I could stand to be here... ANYWAY...

    Kelly - that is a great rule with the one finger... hmmm have to figure that one out very very soon around here...

    Matlida is so quick now!! She'll go right past the 50 things she's allowed to touch to the one thing she's not! This morning I left her with DH for 2 minutes to go to the loo & I came back in the room, he was packing his bag & she was splashing in the dog water bowl so proud of herself #-o She loved it & DH didn't even notice!! Oh well... yesterday he did everything so I guess he can have today off! LOL! So I couldn't figure out what to say... I tried distractions & replacing the bowl for something she could have but she just kept going for the bowl, and then screamed when we wouldn't let her near it...oh dear... same with the cables for the speakers she will go straight for them & pull them laughing her head off & when we try to replace it or distract her she gets soooo stroppy... Today we went to put her in her play pen & she got really cranky with us as we just needed 5 minutes to ourselves... but at least in the play pen we know she won't be into EVERYTHING... its a new life!

    katanya- maybe we can catch up before the appt?? like hang out in the park or something before you have to go... &

    Ambah if you want to do the crystal thing, let me know as my best friend lives over near pac fair too and maybe I can drive you & have coffee with katanya & then hang out with my friend & drive you home.... it just takes a bit of organising, which I'm not too good at the moment for, but I'm sure we can do it easy enough!

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    Oct 2003
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    oh Matilda just tried a cup today & loved it!!!

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    wooohoo Matilda. What a big girl you are !!! Lachlan steals out of Kameron's cup occasionally and Kameron freaks if he catches him LMAO. I will have to get the other sippy cup out one of these days.


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    Oct 2003
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    LOL definately will have to have one of his own! LMAO at Kam!! I just thought it might be fun as I have one here & she keeps trying to drink my water so I thought I'd give her some cooled boiled water in hers & it became fantastic... especially pouring water on the dogs...that made her laugh.

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    Baby's DOB: 05/04/04
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Ashlynn Brooke
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/a/ashydashy/
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    Hi Michelle

    YAY I don't need a ticker for Lachlan now. I can just look on Ashy's to see how old Lachlan is LMAO *Hugs* matey great to have you here


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    Wheew..wow what a busy day in here!

    Well before I reply to anyone else, I'll tell you all first..NO CF!! I had Felix weighed this morning and the clinic nurse said..oh wouldn't it be interesting if the CF got missed at the Heel *****..I said no it wouldn'yt be 8-[ but finally got the results back this avo, Paed rang me with results and..all normal..thank god..so we'll be back to investigations in the New Year..
    unfortunately he has lost weight..10 grams..I had a feeling he had..due to him crying at every meal..doesn't want to eat either now..

    Okay firsty WELCOME MICHELLE!! Another queenslander!! Hooray!! Christy and Ambah are from Brissy and I'm from the Gold Coast

    Kathryn that is so cute about Lachlan sneeking Kam's cup..it always tastes better from someone's things!

    Christy Matilda is SO clever , better her drink from the cup than the dog bowl!

    I would love to see you guys while I'm in Brissy, we can organise it when I find out when the appointment will be.
    Ambah, I hope you come down here for that crystal thing now, they sound SO cool, I've never seen them at Pac Fair, but i don't go there very often as it's so big! Would be fun to meet you both for coffee there!

    I have been trying to finish this post for over and hour..so I think i should quit while I'm ahead and post it now..Felix went for a short nap woke up grump and tired..tried to resettle him but it's a no go!

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    katanya Guest

    Michelle I tried to check out Ashlynn's website but I needed a password? :-s can we have a looky see??

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    Oct 2003
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    Hello all! I am off to work this morning with Matilda but I just thought I'd post before I went & wish you all a Happy Christmas! & I hope you all get a chance to unwind a bit! Well.... hopefully Kathryn once everyone leaves you'll get to unwind!

    Went to our first 1st birthday party yesterday and it was fun.. Matilda was unwrapping all the pressys #-o but the one year old wasn't into it too much so they worked like a team...Matilda unwrapping & Mia was playing with the toys...LOL! But Matilda LOVED the Xylophone that Mia got and played with it for 20 minutes!! Full on concentrations...LMAO! better get her some musical equipment quick smart!

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    Yay Katanya - glad Felix's result came back clear. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. Hope he's not too grumpy for you today!

    Christy - lol at Matilda opening the presents!! My kids love music and I have got a heap of percussion instruments for them. Just go to a music shop, quite often they have el cheapo instruments which are perfect. Go for stuff like marraccas, triangle, tamborine, claves (tapping sticks) etc etc. She will have a ball.

    Well, I must be off. Mark might be home early from work today so I better get cracking on the surprise I am cooking for him!!

    Merry Christmas and I bet we are all hanging out for our little ones' first Christmas!! I just have to keep Liam away from the paper or he will eat it!!

    Best wishes

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    Jul 2004

    Just popped in to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

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    I hope you all have a great Christmas girls

    @ Felix loosing weight again. I hope you find some soloutions soon Katanya but YAY at him not having CF that is wonderful news.

    Anyway don't have long still in midst of tidying up. Need to mop floors and then make rice salad at it is 9.30pm.


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    Hi everyone, Christmas eve how exciting..I think Felix must know that Santa is coming tonight as he didn't go to sleep nearly 9pm...either that or it was the egg custard I gave him for dinner (after avo and tuna) he was crying and fighting me over the tuna and avo (lunch time he ate some for Daddy) and then as soon as custard was offered..hmmm diffrent baby..I just know that I'm going to end up with a baby that will only eat custard

    Christy that is so cute about Matilda and the presents, and her with the Xylophone, Felix has a toy piano/xylophone and he bangs on it every morning when he is having naked time..he looks like Linus from the cartoon "Peanuts"..very funny..

    Kellli hope you and Liam have a WONDERFUL first christmas I know we are looking forward to ours too!

    Kathryn you are a super woman, good luck with your hosting tomorrow..I'll be thinking of you!


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    Oct 2003
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    Merry Christmas girls!! We had a GREAT morning...lots of photo's on how cute it was!! She had so much fun opening the presents & playing in the paper...and she's playing with her new blocks right now too... apparently they taste really good

    I hope you all enjoyed your mornings frenzy as we did!

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