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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, June '05

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi Girls

    Dach I believe the hello cos Jessica said it from bf 6 mths, I swear. Is it any wonder when it is the word they hear a million times a day from the day they are born! And it is very cute.

    Beth- on excema, our dr recommends sorbolene with vitamin e or aloe, 4 times a day for a week and it should clear up, the trick is to be always moisturising and use no soap whatsoever. Jemma is my excema girl and we try to keep it at bay by moisturinsing after her bath every night, she has very dry skin all over her body, but it only flares up very occasionally.

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    oh, Tori was great - though not as good as the previous concerts I have seen... don't know why... - maybe because she didn't talk much

    all is well but very busy so not much time to post. SIL is arriving in Germany with her boyfriend tomorrow and we drove to my parents' place this week as it is closer to the airport (and they arrive at 5 a.m.) and then the week after MIL and FIL are coming as well (just when SIL leaves for her tour of Europe) and we also have to drive to England for a christening and and and... so I might be a bit MIA for the next 3-4 weeks until the inlaws have left again.

    Kylie, it must have been so hard to lose your dad and to have to say goodbye over the phone


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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, Yasin is scaring me now!!! This morning while DH was looking after him he pulled himself along the side of the coffe table to pick up his dummy then turned and grabbed the sofa to try and get DH's phone. All up he traveled about a meter!!!!! :shock: :shock: . eeekk now he's started cruising furniture walking isn't too far away. I feel like his body is travelling way faster than his brain and I would prefer it if he wasn't so mobile at the same time as being so prone to putting everything into his mouth. At his swimming lesson today he started swimming too (well his teacher called it swimming - it just looked like waving his legs and arms about while DH held him to me).

    Beth, to hear about Kaleb's eczema but now you know what it is you'll be able to take some steps to sorting it out.

    Snowy, it sounds like you'll be flat out for the next little while. I hope you enjoy your visitors.

    Colleen, I don't miss being pregnant at all. I wish that it were possible to lay an egg and sit on it for nine months instead of carrying the baby around in front of me (although I did enjoy the first little kicks). I'm hoping that when I'm pregnant with number 2 it will seem to pass faster with Yasin to keep me busy. I'm glad that your friend and little Liam are doing well. 4 hours of labour!!! What a lucky woman.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    wow!! yasin is very mobile!!!

    well, wolf tried to pull himself up today on some flimsy piece of furniture my parents have and it tipped over and just missed him!!!

    SIL and boyfriend arriving today, so just a short post from me


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    Jan 2005
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    just a quick hi to say we are still alive! i have been really busy with various things & everytime i get a chance to get online eliana decides it's time to need more attention
    i have been reading what all your babies are up to - they are growing up way tooooooo fast
    eliana is asleep in my arms so am typing one handed - will catch up with you all soon

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    Feb 2004

    Whoa, go Yasin! He sounds like he sure wants to get up and get on with things, not sit around being a baby! What a clever boy!

    Wow Snowy, you do sound like you'll have your hands full for a while. How long is the drive from Germany to England?

    Good to hear from you Mel, hope Eliana is well.

    Well, we now have a tooth! Sharp little beggars when they first pop through, aren't they? Eczema is clearing up nicely with all the special bath stuff & creams we've been using, so hopefully we'll be able to stay on top of it. Bad news is that Kaleb used to be happy to come back into bed with me for a snooze after his 5am bottle - not anymore. He is ready to get up and start his day now, so after my luxurious 7am sleep ins I now am up at 5am too. Oh well, guess I got away with it for long enough!

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    Oct 2004

    Hi Everyone.

    Haven't been on in ages, too busy! But Jules is now 6 months! It has flown by!

    Its amazing how much she has changed. She can just about sit up now (she topples after about 20 seconds). She is such a little flirt now too. She wants everyones attention.

    Beth Jules has really bad eczema on her face and we have to use steroid cream on her everyday, just wondering what bath stuff and cream you use? We use the QV wash and sorbolene, but just wondering if theres a better cream i could try(already tried so many and none seem to work).

    Well hope everyone is well.


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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    drove back to Berlin yesterday. SIL & boyfriend are sightseeing atm so I've got some time to surf.

    Beth, London is about 1000km from Berlin ... it's kinda like going from Sydney to Melbourne (except you have to cross the ocean at one stage, but with the tunnel that's no hazzle at all). We will stop at my parents' place, which cuts the journey in half and rest for a day. Otherwise Wolf would get too cranky.

    Wolf crawled for the first time yesterday!! 5 proper steps on his hand and feet, before flopping down on his belly and commando crawling the last bit. My father was there to watch (and then called us) and he was so excited to be the privileged one to have witnessed it!

    Hi Mel, welcome to the 6-9 ms group! Howz the pregnancy going?

    Okay, better go and shower. It's almost 10 a.m. and I'm still in my pjs!


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    Colleen Guest

    Hi Everyone

    Jaykob is getting into a good sleeping routine lately! yay!!! Hes so used to travelling that hes a bit late getting in to the swing but good things come to those who wait !!!

    The tooth is coming along well, very sharp and getting bigger every day...

    Beth.. as i just said, they are sharp arent they!!! & Im hoping my sleep ins continue a bit longer, its the best part of the day - sneaking in the extra couple of ZzZz's Sorry to hear yours have stopped, maybe its just a phase? lol

    Snowgirl - Wow on the crawl... be off and about in no time!

    Mel - Hi and i know how you feel about the busy thing! lol Time Flys Hey!!!!! And WOW on bub No #2 already! You are alot braver than me... I always joke i'd like to be pregnant again now but I dont think I could really do it!!

    Well I hope you are all well.... Will try to keep up with you Super Posters!!!


    Colleen xxoo

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    Mar 2004

    WOW SNOWY! Crawling.I think millana may do it soon,she is up on her knees and rocks and commando crawls too.
    Well she is 7 months tommorow,2 nights ago she had a feed at 1030pm and slept through to 630am but last night was a horror.She didnt go to sleep until 730pm she usually goes 630pm and from midnight woke up everyhour making a miserable whingy cry.I think she must have felt unwell as she never slept until i gave panadol at 3am.Does anyone else get these nights.Millana continues generally to have 2 feeds a night.One at 1030/11pm and the other at 2pm or 5pm.She gets up everyday usually at 6pm.I just cant wait until i can have a regular sleep at night.
    Am i just unlucky,am i going to have a baby that always wakes up?
    I envy you girls that have a nice sleep.

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    Feb 2004

    Woohoo on Wolf's crawling Snowy - so cool that your dad got to see it!

    Caddie, big hugs mate - I know what you mean with the sleep envy. I definitely get nights like that. Last night was a shocker for us too - I have had a bit of a cold and I think I've given it to Kaleb despite my best efforts not to (bit hard when you're the primary carer though!) Went to sleep at 7pm, then from 10pm to 1am woke every half hour until I gave in and took him into the spare bed with me... still woke nearly every half hour, but at least I didn't have to move to settle him. He is very snuffly though, poor little mite.

    Hey Mel, good to hear Jules is doing so well. And how are you feeling? Sounds like you're coping great! For Kaleb's eczema I use the QV bath oil and I have been using Cetaphil cream which has worked great. My doc told me about a new cream out called Eledin (I think that's how it's spelt) It's an alternative to steroid creams, it contains immunosuppressants instead. She gave me a script for it incase the other stuff didn't work, but unfortunately it's not on PBS yet, so I dread to think how much it'd cost. Thankfully looks like we won't need it at the moment but might be worth asking about?

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    Snowy, congratulations to Wolf on crawling!!! =D> =D> I hope he wasn't too frightened by the furniture toppling over next to him. Its funny how visits to other people's houses can be fraught with all sorts of dangers that you would never even consider if you didn't have a baby.
    Beth, woohoo for the tooth. They look so cute with tiny little teeth don't they. I think Yasin might have another on the way because he's drooling alot and sucking his lip alot. I'm glad you're staying on top of the eczema. I hope it doesn't flare up again.
    Colleen, Yay for Jaykob's tooth too. I hope he doesn't bite you with it. I'm glad that you're getting a good sleep routine going. Yasin's was getting better but it didn't last for long
    Caddie, Yasin still has a snack at 10:30/11:00 then again at 2am then he wakes up at 4am and tries to convince me that its time to get up and I try and convince him that the day doesn't start for another few hours. usually he goes back to sleep until 7am but sometimes he doesn't. I'm beginning to think that if I moved him to his cot he might just play on his own in the morning for a while before he woke me up. I just try and remind myself that it won't last forever.
    Hi Melissa, welcome to forum. LOL at Jules being a little flirt. Its such a cute age isn't it.

    I just had someone over to look at the flat. They didn't seem very enthusiastic so I can't imagine that they'll buy it. It seems to have stopped raining so I'd better pop down to the shops and get something for dinner before it starts again.

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    hi girls

    sorry to crash your forum you all sound like your bubs are going great guns and we no doubt will see you all soon in the 9 - 12 mth forum.

    beth and jules i was just popping in about the exema cream - the stuff you were talking about beth is the Elidel cream and it's great stuff. it costs $40 for a small tube (which needs to be used withing 12wks of opening) but it is great because of no steroids. i hardly need to use it now on lani. the bigger tube is around $75 and if you have extra's on your hospital cover you may be able to claim for it that way - check it out and good luck.

    okay i am going back to my own forum sorry lovies.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone!

    And to think I thought I would have all the time in the world to post on bellybelly - what was I thinking?!

    After a bit of a mishap a few weeks ago I have finished working and am hobbling around - my knee just gave way (after years of sport etc) and I am booked in for an MRI in a few weeks to see if I will need either physio or an arthriscope (sp?). It isn't sore really but just feels 'gammy' - very scary when I am carrying around Aidan. So that put a spanner in the works with work, but I feel like it was a good thing as it was a long drive away and I wasn't 100% happy with the role - a good thing it was only casual.

    Aidan is well (just got over his 4th cold for the season). He weighed in at 9.3kg's at his 6 month check up. Looks like he is going to be taller than his Mummy. He looks all in proportion so thats a good thing!

    Everyone here sounds happy and healthy which is great news, and lots of milestones being achieved at this wonderful age. =D>

    I am starting to try and feed Aidan three times a day to get him used to a brekky/lunch/dinner routine but not really sure about what I am feeding him. At the moment it is farex mixed with apple or pear for brekky (will change to mutigrain baby cereal next week), vegies for lunch and vegies with chicken for dinner. Any other suggestions for a lunch time meal? Would also love to hear about all the other babies food routines!


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    Colleen Guest

    Hi Jessica,

    Just a quick post....

    Jaykob has museli cereal stuff for breakfast ( the heinz one) kinda smells like weetbix....

    Fruit for lunch & vegies / vegies & Meat for dinner

    Hope this helps!!!

    I used to put the fruit in the morning with the farex but i think the museli one is tasty enough

    or you could have a jelly type food for lunch? im not sure!


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    Mar 2004

    Hi Jessica, long time no see. i'm glad to hear that Aidan is well. Sorry about your knee. I hope they can sort it out for you.
    re the food Yasin has baby cereal for brekky mixed with baby yoghurt or natural yoghurt or pureed fruit. For lunch he usually has some finger food like a bit of leb bread or toast with apricot jam, vegemite or avocado on it. For dinner he has veges again and either a bready thing or some soft fruit (today was paw-paw) for finger food. I usually give him the fruit at night because he makes a total mess of himself with mushy finger food but at night it doesn't matter because its just before his bath. I still haven't introduced meat although I keep meaning to. Maybe I'll try a bit of tuna mixed in with his veges tomorrow and finish the can myself.
    I also give him the baby juice poppers and breast feed on demand (about 6 times in 24 hrs). We haven't had much sucess with water. Mainly because he prefers a straw to a sippy cup and I can't find a straw cup that will fit his little hands. All the straw cups seem to be designed for older babies.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    well, girls, I've got some news to share:
    I'm pregnant
    Snowmonkey No. 2 will be due 20 Feb.
    It was quite a shock (I have known for 9 days now) but I am looking forward to our new little baby and am sure we'll cope somehow with 2 under 2...

    Caddie, we get those bad nights too. Wolf usually goes to bed around 8, wakes again around 10 or 11 and then again at 2 and then at 6. It's really quite tiring. Once in a blue moon he will sleep from 10 or 11 to 6 which is soooooo nice, but more often than that, he will actually wake more often... arrrg... and I am sooooo tired at the moment and I can't do any day time naps like in my first pregnancy ... boohoo...

    Jessica, ouch on the knee. Hope they can fix it.
    As to food routines: Wolf has boob at 6 a.m. and at 8:30 a.m. He has lunch at 11:30 which is a veggie or veggie and meat blend. He has a snack at 2:30 which is fruit or fruit with oats & water and at 6 he was a cereal made with cowsmilk. Then he has a bath and then gets boob again. So it's more like 4-5 meals and a few snacks...


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    Colleen Guest

    Snowgirl -


    How exciting!!! Sorry to hear that your not getting your naps...

    You'll need a new ticker!! hehe


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