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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, June '05

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    lilyd Guest

    Well Lily got all 4 teeth through OK, she was a bit unhappy for a couple of days but she is fine now. Once all 4 came through they seem like they have all had a growth spurt as you can see them all clearly like fully grown baby teeth, all in three days, she looks so funny with all these little white teeth.

    Lily is pushing herself round in circles atm. We have not a single scrap of carpet, not even a mat in our house so she slides around on the floorboards, she gets around though. It's such a crack up when I put her onto our bed she gets up on all fours and then tries it on the floor and splat, straight onto her tummy!

    Tried her on some watermelon & rockmelon today, the face was hilarious, she didn't like either at all, but sardines she loves - go figure!!

    We keep trying a sippy cup with water but there is no way she will suck.

    Well, time to go and clean up, as usual. I am sure some days all I do is pick up after everyone.


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    Mar 2004

    Hello ladies, wow its so quiet in here I can hear an echo.
    Kylie, woohoo on Lily's teeth =D> . It must look so differant going from no teeth to 4 teeth almost overnight. I'll have to try Yasin on sardines. DH likes them so if they both like them they can eat the same thing. Yasin loves it when he gets the same food as us. It doesn't happen often because I have a full on chilli addiction. I even put it on my eggs in the morning and in my hot chocolate .
    Colleen, I'm glad that Jaykob recovered well from his needles yay for the chubba legs. I hope you've recovered some of your energy. My house is looking a bit scruffy too. Since we've got it on the market at the moment I have to get it looking spic and span tonight. I hate housework!!! ](*,)
    Beth, I see Kaleb is another brave little victim of the Drs and thier nasty needles. Yasin doesn't talk alot either but he is getting quite good at communicating and catching our atrtention when he wants it.
    Tegan, I'm glad you're enjoying QLD and I hope that you enjoy your new home. Good on Lily for being so brave for her needles. I think that they do grow more slowly once they hit around 6 months and also once they get more mobile they use more of thier foosd for activity as well as growing.
    Bon, I only have fold out washing lines on our balcony so usually I use a dryer and I hate it. Its really bad for the clothes and sometimes it doesn't dry them properly and if I forget about it I get them out the next day and they are all smelly so I have to wash them again #-o. I hope my next home has a washing line.

    Its really windy and clear here at the moment. Perfect kite flying weather. At one of the parks near us they have Afghani style kite flying (kite fighting) every sunday and I really wanted to go but DH is working on an assignment so he won't move.
    Did anyone catch that In the Womb show on channel 10 last night? Whenever I see the photos taken inside the womb I always wonder how they get the camera in there but I'm glad they did because the footage was just amazing.

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    Hello i am still alive and so is millana.I have so much to do that i just forget about forums.I am usually watching tv as soon as she is asleep!
    She is 6 months and 2 weeks now.She has had 2 bottom teeth since she was 4.5/5 months old.She looks like she will crawl any day now and its real exciting.Millana is quite a demanding little thing and latley she has been yelling at my husband and i for attention.What do you do?Try to ingore it? I still get up to feed millana twice a night and sometimes she wakes up an extra couple for fun and games.She also gets up at 6am on the dot! Usually with a nice suprise in her nappy.
    Millana weighed 6.1kg at her 6 month needles and i am sure she has put weight on the last couple of weeks as she seems to like solids more.
    Well she is crying in her cot and i will go and save her,so i will say goodbye and not leave it so long for the next post.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hi mums and bubs - hope you are all well.

    Jess - just letting you know I have transferred your details to this thread - Happy 6 months Aidyn!

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    Colleen Guest

    Hi Everyone...

    Veryyyyy quiet in here!!! Everyones busy?

    Sometime I wonder how I get in here to post.. but I do usually pop my head in once a day lol

    Kylie - Wow on the teeth, I cant imagine Jaykob with Teeth it will really alter their look? And I have to say that Jaykob may miss out on Sardines lol, I cant even look at them without feeling ill hahahaha not one of my fav foods ... Maybe DP can do that feed one day lol

    dachlostar - I missed that show on 10 - I really would have like to have seen it, do you know what it was called? You must have a real chilli addiction!!! IN your hot chocolate!!!!!! wow... I bet you were addicted to those Chilli Tim Tams.... I never did try one lol

    Caddie - Im the same sometimes, I read but dont get that extra few minutes to post but, after my whinge in the Boo Hoo Room, DP has really started helping out at night and I get a bit more time to myself, which I spend in here lol (of course) - Jaykobs still up once through the night, has really only slept right through a handful of times.... Every bub is different, but I do think its getting worse at the moment, Maybe a growth spurt? The nurse said I should expect a bit of abnormal activity around 6 months....... but yeah.... every bub is different.... *crosses fingers* maybe she'll settle soon

    Hope everyone is well... Where are you all? Take care

    ~ Colleen ~

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    lilyd Guest

    Hi again ladies,

    Thought I would have a sook on here, feeling a bit sad today, and they say if you write it down you feel better so hoping it works.

    Just thinking about my wonderful Dad in the last few days. He died one week before Lily was born :smt022 of leukemia after having it for 3 years. Mum & Dad live in WA so the week we were actually told he would not live was the hardest of my life. I had to decide to either go and maybe risk my baby or stay and not be there for him and my family. I ended up staying home, which was such a horrible thing to have to decide, but the right choice for me in the circumstances.

    Mum asked me to say goodbye to him on the phone the morning he died, he wasn't talking at that stage but she said he could still hear what people were saying, what do you say to a dad you love with all your heart and when you know he was always so afraid of dying. I mainly cried.

    Dad knew we were having a girl and what we were going to name her so I am glad he was able to be a part of that.

    I just miss him so much.

    Well I don't feel any better #-o

    Sorry, just needed to get that out. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.


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    Colleen Guest

    awwww kylie! big hugs to you.... I can relate, my dad passed away when I was 19 - 3 yrs ago - from mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) and I have really bad days....

    I was pretty close to my dad & never got the chance to say bye, it was 6 weeks from diagnosis to death,

    Try taking some time out and having that big cry... I always find it helps.. ?

    Sometimes I look at Jaykob when hes pulling a cheeky face and I think he's been here before or maybe its just my dad showing through to say hi

    I hope your day gets better, I didnt know your dad but Im sure he wouldnt want you to be sad
    I reckon my dad gives me an invisible kick up the butt when I start feeling down


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Wow, Kylie and Colleen, you are two very strong girls to have to deal with what you have - I can't begin to imagine how painful it must be. Big hugs to both of you, I'm sure your dads would be so proud of their daughters and grandkids!

    Caddie, it was good to hear from you. Glad to hear Millana is doing well. Yep, the yelling for attention thing has started up here too, big time. At the moment it is still a bit of a novelty, but I'm sure that's going to wear off real quick - not sure how I'll deal with it then either.

    Dachlostar, I'm with you on the chilli. I put it in pretty much everything I cook, DH is the same. I think Kaleb is going to follow. He likes capsicum and DH gave him some hot mustard pickle the other day (the man is insane) but Kaleb just ate it like he'd been having it all his life, didn't even pull a face. Being the one who has to change his nappies however, I won't be giving it to him again till he is toilet trained.

    Had a shocking couple of days here. Thursday night after the needles Kaleb was in such a bad mood. He was just generally grizzling until bath time when I washed his face and he got hysterical. He cried and cried and I got him out and cuddled him, but he was inconsolable. Ended in him making himself sick - it was scary, like grown up sick, heaving and everything, not a little baby chuck. He was then really clingy for a couple of days but today seems back to normal. Having a few sleep issues too, but last night was good, so I won't jinx myself!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Big hugs to you Kylie- the worse thing about losing someone is that the pain doesn't go away, and some days are better than others. It was hard for you too that you couldn't be there, but I am sure that your Dad is with you and watching over his darling grandaughter.

    Colleen you too have had a rough trot losing your Dad so quickly and when you were so young. It makes you really take note of the important things in life doesn't it.

    So who is next to be 9mths or have you all got awhile yet. Sorry for crashing in, just wanted to offer support. Kylie you can be sure that people here will be happy to be here for you esp when you need a shoulder or an ear.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    Kylie I really feel for you. My mum died three months before Yasin was born so I have some idea how hard it can be. She was ill for a few years before she died but her death was still unexpected. I think of her often, I miss her like crazy and I wish that she could still be with us because becoming a mother myself has made me understand her much better than I did before. She was so looking forward to meeting her grandson and really excited about becoming a grandmother again. Sometimes I feel a little angry on Yasin's behalf that his stupid grandmother is still alive and his smart one isn't. i haven't ever bothered sharing this with anyone else but I also feel really angry with my father. my mother was feeling ill all day yet it wasn't until my sister finished work for the day that she went to hospital. I often wonder what would have happened if my father had made the effort to drive Mum to hospital. I know its not constructive but I can't help it. Even though my mum can't meet Yasin I hope that I will have the oppurtunity to tell him about her and how much she was looking forward to his birth.

    Beth, I hope that Kaleb gets back on track with the sleeping soon. I know how frustrating and exhausting the bad nights can be. Last night Yasin didn't go back to sleep for almost an hour after his late feed and I really felt insane for wanting another one. I used to want 4 children but now I feel like once I have a sibling for Yasin I'll call it quits (at least for a few years)

    Colleen, when were the chilli tim-tams? I can't have been in Australia at the time because there is no way I would have missed them.

    Caddie, its good to see you again. Yasin yells for attention alot too. Even if I can't get to him pysically for a minute or two I always answer him verbally just so that he knows that when he tries to communicate I'm listening. He shouts at people in the shops too if he's a bit bored and wants some attention.

    Yasin is still busy trying to pull himself up on anything he can find including me. Often he can't do it but sometimes he does and since he's really wobbly on his legs he usually sits back down again quite fast. He's getting more used to the shock of finding himself back on his bum again so now he doesn't sook about it as much as he did last week. His favorite spot at the moment is in front of the big mirror in the bedroom. If he goes there he'll be happy for ages checking out the mirror baby and using it to try and stand up. It keeps me happy too because I can lie in bed with a book while I keep an eye on him.

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    Colleen Guest

    just a quick reply..

    We can still get the chilli tim tams at our local supermarket...

    They have been out for about 3 months.. maybe longer?

    along with the truffle ones and blackforest ones mmmmmm i might just pop down to the supermarket... lol

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    Mar 2004

    thanks Colleen, I've seen the black forest ones in one of those end of aisle displays so next time I'm at the supermarket I'll check the biscuit aisle and see if I can find the chilli ones =P~

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hey girls,

    sorry, been away for a week and couldn't post. DH, Wolf & I drove to Switzerland and back via Nuremberg (where the Socceroos where playing Argentinia). We did some 2500km and it was quite exhausting, as Wolf got sick on the trip. He had 38.8 fever (though the stupid doctor I went to see pointed out that that's not a fever, a fever starts at 39 ... grrr) and got this awful rash all over his trunk. He was quite miserable... not my usual happy little boy. but he is better now.

    Tori concert tonight... very excited!!

    Caddie, good to hear from you. It sounds like Millana is quite the handful!

    Welcome to all the recent graduates!

    Ouch on Yasin getting a frisbee in his head

    Wolf is commando crawling through the house at some serious speed. I am wondering if he might skip proper crawling as he gets around the house so quickly on his belly. He uses one arm to pull himself forward and the other one is for grabbing or holding stuff. It's so funny to watch! We have now opened up the play pen and given Wolf the living room and fenced DH and his PC & cables in . I think I also will need to buy some of those powerpoint protectors as he has taken an interest in those boxes at eye level ... ](*,)


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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    Yasin is a little champ!!!! I think that I'll have him sleeping through soon (I hope I haven't jinxed myself 8-[ ). Last night he woke up for his 4am snack and I tried bouncing his hammock a bit, he screamed and yelled for about a minute and then went back to sleep. If I can keep this up I'll try and convince him to drop his 2am snack and then he'll be sleeping from 10:30 to 6:30 Its about time too!!! In a way I'll miss the 2am call becasue its so quiet and peacefull then and I like snuggling up in bed next to him while he has his snack.

    Snowy, lol at locking your DH in the playpen and letting Wolf have the rest of the space. What a stupid Dr!!! I can't believe that he would quibble over .2 of a degree in a baby especially when there's a rash as well!!
    I hope you enjoyed the Tori concert. Did she play any of her old stuff?

    Colleen, there were a million biscuit flavours but no chilli. I'll have to check at the big supermarket in the next suburb. The old mint slices that I love have all sorts of new flavours now like cherry and so on =P~ . I should visit the biccy section more often but then I'll have to buy them and I can really do without any fattening foods in the house. I've still got a bit of baby flab on my tummy and I can't really diet because I'm breastfeeding so its not going anywhere in a hurry. I should excercise more but its hard to find the time.

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    Colleen Guest

    dachlostar.. If you have no luck, let me know and I can send you some maybe lol ?!?!

    Depends how much you like your chilli suppose ....

    Good Luck with the sleeping through, i jinxed myself because Jaykob was sleeping really well last week.... & now Last night was terrible... and I get the feeling tonight will be the same, he seems annoyed or something, he makes this horrible noise! like a higher pitched grunt....

    Ive tryed everything, but I think its teeth coming through, Last night when I was feeding him he squashed my boob so hard it brought tears to my eyes LOL If he had a tooth already, I think I would have needed a doctors attention hahahha

    A girl I know is hopefully in labour right now, I havent heard anything but will keep you guys updated! Its exciting to see a lil baby again, especially coz Jaykob was never really all that little .... A playmate for him will be nice too

    Not much else is news.... Bub is getting grumpy....


    Snowy, I love a good roadtrip! lol Although Im not keen to go on another one for a lil while yet, Have fun at Tori & Jaykob runs our living room as well and hes not even crawling hahaha, his toys are just everywhere ....

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, my little monster is asleep so I can take a little break \/ . He's just racing ahead at the moment. Yesterday he clapped for the first time and went from struggling to pull himself up and not always suceeding to being able to do it every time and then staying upright for about a minute or more before his legs give out and this morning I peeked around a sofa at him and said 'hello' and (I know this sounds like I'm imagining things) he looked at me and tried to say 'hello' back. It came out as hela la la but I'm sure that he was trying to say hello. And.... the night before last he woke up at 4.30 and I convinced him to go back to sleep until 5.30 before his feed and this morning he woke up at 5.30 for his feed. I made him wait until about 6 while I tried to bounce him back to sleep but at 6 he started to get grumpy so I fed him. I'm hoping that over the next week that we'll move it back to 6.30 or 7. [-o< . The other fab thing is that after his early feed he's slept until 8am for the last couple of days. . I'm sooo happy. I hope he keeps it up because its been suggested to me that he'll never sleep through or modify his behaviour unless I use control crying and I can't wait until I can tell the CC person that he's sleeping just fine with no tears or stress for either of us [-o<.

    Colleen, Yasin bit my boob just a while ago with his teeth :shock: . OMG it hurt!!!!! and it was really hard to break the seal because he was biting not sucking. I asked the girls in the breastfeeding thread about it and Katanya gave me a great answer. Maybe you could check it out. I hope your friend didn't have a difficult labour and Jaykob's little playmate is well and beautiful. Whenever I see a tiny little newborn in the shops I get so clucky.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Wow Dachlostar, you must be very proud - Yasin is doing so well! And extra sleep, well, that is just the icing on the cake!

    Hey Colleen, congrats on Jaykobs tooth (I read about it in the woohoos), how exciting, I hope he doesn't give you anymore nasty bites though!

    Snowgirl, how was Tori? Hope you had a great night!

    Well, had to take Kaleb to the doc on Wednesday because what I thought was dry skin was getting out of control, he woke up and his cheeks were red raw. Turns out it is eczema, so we have modified a few things to see if we can get on top of it without resorting to the steroid cream. Anyone else have any experience with this?

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Haven't heard from Jess123 for a while - she must be working hard!

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    Colleen Guest

    Hi Beth!

    Thanks, its all very exciting! As I said in the WooHoo's just for anyone who didnt see it,

    Jaykob got his first tooth!!!! Its come from nowhere ! Although now that i had a look, I think the 2nd one is there too so I think by the end of the weekend we'll have two front teeth.... It is very sharp but he hasnt chomped me yet so hopefully we'll be ok

    I cant say that Ive had any experience with excema but I hope you get it under control... good luck with that....

    He had a few restless nights but last night he slept right through til 6 am so it musnt have bothered him too much!!!!

    Dachlostar - Like I just said, Im hoping not to get any more bit hard bites because it hurt enough when he had no teeth lol My friend had a baby boy, Liam, 4 hours of labour, shoulders got a lil stuck but apart from that bub & mum doing well...
    Im a really clucky person now ( i never used to be) But i miss being pregnant, I think I didnt really take it all in when it was happening as much as I should have and now I think geee I miss this & that.. IYKWIM

    And everyone else seems to have these tiny lil bubs and I got a biggen (no complaints though!) but they are so sweet to see

    Well Jaykob is sleeping ( epic nap ) and I have finally found myself with time on my hands to rearrange the lounge & dust & do the little things I leave til last....

    I hope you are all well.....


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