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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, August 2005

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, DH is out playing golf so I thought I would jump on the computer but not for long because its a lovely day outside.
    Michelle, I thought that the ending of the Amazing Race was fantastic. I wanted Uchena and Joyce to win and when they said they were going to spend the money on IVF I was all teary too. It made me glad to live in Australia where you don't have to be wealthy to afford IVF.
    Good luck with TTC. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your BFP.

    Lara, woohoo at getting a great ECHN and another woohoo for your great wieght gain.

    Michelle, OMG at your SIL. How can a woman of her age justify 'cleaning' a room by throwing stuff under a bed - what a rotten example to set for Jordan. Those girls at your footy club sound scary

    Kellee, you seem to be flat out at the moment. So far the MS seems to be staying away for as long as my tummy isn't empty so I'm eating all the time. I'm going to get really fat if I'm not careful. I'm hoping to find out the gender. We don't have any names picked out yet except Maryam as a middle name (or unused first name) if its a girl.

    poor little Yasin had a really exhausting day yesterday. He was on the go all day and every time he got to sleep he was moved and woke up again. My ILs kept him awake until 10pm :evil: not happy!!! They're expecting us to visit again tonight for MILs birthday and I really just want a night at home.
    SIL has sent out a registry list for her daughter's 1st birthday. The cheapest present is over $100. Geuss who's not getting a present this year?

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi everyone

    Wow Kellee that was one hell of a week! bet you are glad that's done, but sounds like you had loads of fun! Good luck with the singing. I wish I could sing- well I can sing but it's not real singing IYKWIM! Not a vwery good vocal range here LOL. I would cry too if I was you. I have seen the ads for the special on tv called Lisa's story, she is a mum of 2 with soe illness given 6-7mths to live. I sort of would like to watch it but I cried in the ad, how will I go with the movie! I think I wuld be very depressed after it so I may not watch! OMG at Charlie's bday already, on riday. Hope you have a lovely lunch and hope the party is super! I am arriving on Friday 18th and Christy is picking me up form the airport, I am not sure where we are meeting, do you still want to come? I will let you know as soon as I know LOL! Good luck with the bding.

    Michelle- same to you!LOL, what exciting news, esp when we are the only ones who know! I understand that too, and I think that is prob good for you to do that. Hope Jay is feeling better. How's the quit campaign going, and yay at the weight loss, lol now you'll get pg and put it all back LOL

    Dasch- how do you pronounce that name, it looks lovely! Typical inconsiderate IL's! And I PMSL at the niece with no pressie. That is pretty rich expecting gifts over $100! WHat is on the list? If you buy something heaps cheaper will she carry on?

    Well Jemma is improving but still not 100%, jessica's 4th tooth is about to pop, and she has a yucky nose and is still miserable, but worst of all Arron is sicka nd dying, spent all day feeling **** and got up when the kids went to bed, saying he felt a little better, but not much. he does have a temp and a cough, seems like he has what Jemma has! just hoping nobody else gets it and esp not me!

    I have started on jessica's bday invites, can't decide on which pic to put on and Arron is no help, I showed him 4 options and he said "Yes!" to what? All of them. Grrrr!

    I am ****ed off though at BIL. He is going overseas, I had heard he was coming here before he left and that he would see Jordan for her 11th bday. Turns out he arrives in Melb at 10am on the 16th Sept (jordan's bday) and leaves at 9am on the 17th. That's fine except now I find out that he expects a big send off with all the family invited. So MIL says that she will have a finger food thing at her place. And I say "But it's Jordan's bday!" The usual thing is family members come to our place for the bday and we have a cake in the night! So then she suggests that my family will hav to come to her place to see Jordan! WTF!!!! So then Arron says "NO we can just have it here!" Now I know that means that Jordan will still get her bday, but she has to share it with BIL and I have to have heaps of extras here. Well MIL can do all the food n stuff cos I'm not. And I think it's unfair to Jordan, she waits all year and has to share her day! of course Arron can't see a problem, after all it's his brother. I knowmy family are going to be sort of peed to end up at a big party instead of a small gathering too. I really don't have a choice though. But to top it all off, Jessica's 1st bday party is on the 11th and then BIL's thing/Jordans bday is on the 16th, which is also the last day of school! So sorry for that rant girls, am I being a *****! I sort of think it sounds like I am but I can't help it. I was so ****ted of at Arron when my sistr moved to QLD, cos he didn't come to her going away party cos his brother had a bday party on that night (now it wasn't any special bday, not his 24th), and my opinion was that he should have came to my sister's thing cos she was moving and he could see his brother anytime.

    ANyway gotta go, bed is calling. School for the kiddies tomorrow and hopefully I'll fire up and clean up a bit.

    Cheers Mcihelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    well i should be cleaning as jay is at kinder at little miss lani is asleep, but i thought a coffee break was in order lol.

    dachlostar - omg at that wtf a gift registary for a one year old. i would be very annoyed about that, some people really just don't get it - its all about the thought not the gift. i also like the name you have chosen as a middle name but i think it sounds pretty as a first name. are you feeling tired. i remember being prg with ds when jess was 1yr old and it was good cause she was still have 2 sleeps a day and i used to sleep then to in the first tri. the worst thing tho was the "teething nappies" when i was suffering from morning sickness omg the dry retching (sorry tmi) it was awful.

    michelle - omg you poor thing you are going to be a busy bee in september. i don't thing you are being a b-tch, it is jordan's day not you bil, if i were you i would insist people come to you and your mil can cater the whole thing. it's not fair, if your mil is anything like mine (and i am guessing she probably is) she probably think it is no big deal for jordan cause she will be 11, i know my mil would think that - yet my mil is not the sharpest pencil in the pencil case. poor aaron being sick lol no i shouldn't laugh but i was just there a couple of weeks ago with paul he is still carrying on about feeling yuck grrr. touch wood lani and i have escaped it so far. hope jemma feels better soon, sounds like the virus jay had high temps etc, he is a lot better just a terrible hacking cough.

    well i best being going and at least hang some washing out, sun is out so it may dry.

    have a good day all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- you hit the nail on the head, my MIL would certainly say, it's only Jordan's 11th bday, nothing special, and you have to remember it is her son we are tlkaing about! She still insists on family photos at special occasions where I am not in them. She says "Ok I want a family photo, Arron, Luke Brooke quick come on, not Michelle though, this is just a family shot!" Arron knows how much it ****es me off too, he has even said no that I am family too but she refuses! It happens at weddings, at her mother's funeral and always in a public place where everybody can see and hear, esp since she has the loudest mouth. I was telling my mUm today and I said that MIL can supply the lot and do everything and I don't care if she is working or whatever. All I will do is clean my house!

    Anyway almost school pick up and I havent had lunch! Typical, that's why I end up feeling yuck! Haven't even had a cuppa since 11.45.

    Oh yeah had Jessica weighed, SHe went from 8.03 kgs to 8.55kgs, grew 3 cms to 71cm and HC is 44.6cms up 0.6cms. So that is good, and MCHn said to reduce the amount of fformula and also need to take her for her 3rd Prevnar injection. Best news is the big 3 are next month! Ouch!

    Hope everyone is having a productive day, unlike meLOL

    Cheers Mcihelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Can I just say that ILs suck? You guys seem to be having so many problems with them... maybe there's something in the water? Why in the HELL would someone keep Yasin up until 10pm? That's just crazy. There's a little boy who lives behind us (probably about 6 months older than Mr C), and I remember on their first night there, they were having a party and the little boy was in his swing with them being grizzly at about midnight! All I could think was, "That poor little guy, someone should put him to bed!" It's not fair, is it? They don't know how to tell us! And what the heck does your SIL and her DH do for a living? They must be loaded if they expect that everyone can afford a present that expensive. I have told my friends NOT to buy anything for Charlie, as none of us have much money right now. Just being with them will be special enough.

    And you're NOT being a *****, Mitch. If it was just this one thing, it would be almost forgivable, but your MIL seems to be like this quite often, doesn't she? Poor Jordan - I'm sure you guys will make her feel really special anyway. And hooray on Jessica's weight gain. That's great.

    Yay for ttc, mooshie! I haven't really been able to visit the ttc thread as I've been too busy. It's probably for the best, anyway, as I tend to get a bit obsessive about it. We're not taking temps either - just going with O pains and things like that, and bding a lot! I hope we both get BFP at the same time - then we can have two bubs the same age! That would be fun. Please excuse my ignornace, but what is a nuchal fold test?

    Anyway, I'm supposed to be doing some uni work. My head has just turned into mush - that's what happens when you have a year off from studying (a year! I can't believe it's been that long). My grade point average is good, and I've already got my rating from Education Queensland, so I'm just aiming for a pass in this subject - that will do! Psychology really sucks. Better get back to it.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    michelle how are the sickies all going. hope you or jess or josh haven't got it and jemma and jordan and of course dh are just about over it. if it is anything like what jay had it just hung around for weeks and weeks with every couple of nights his temp spiking up for no reason - he still has the hacking cough. wtg jessica on your weightgain - she is just so much like lani in the weight dpt lol.

    kellee a nuchal fold test is the combined blood and u/sound they do between 12 & 14 wks to check the risk percentage of a down's prg. with lani as i said my combined test result was only 1 in 1800 however my maternal risk (age at prg) was 1 in 241. my concern is that it has come down heaps from when i had jay and also comparing to others - but i guess we shouldn't compare hey. how is that ttc going good i hope - i am on cd19 and would be really shocked if i get a bfp this month, we only really decided yup what the hell when i was on cd15, think i "o" on cd13. we will see. how is charlie boy going - hope he is looking forward to his big day on friday.

    i was in a shopping mood today so i went down to kmart and got a couple of lovely outfits for lani for summer so cute i love the girls stuff, i couldn't find anything for jay (or he didn't see anything he liked lol) jeepers he is terrible to buy clothes for worse than a female lol. and i bought a couple of summer maternity tops - lmao i have never done stuff like that but i figured in the past i find it difficult to get nice stuff as it all gets picked over, i thought this is new seasons stuff they have 20% off what the heck i will put them on layby - can always return them if i have to.

    well i better get a wriggle on - i have some veal for dinner so thought i would make veal corden bleu, never done it before watch out kfc we might be visiting later lmao.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle PMSL at look out KFC! Yum! I wish we had one here, the closest is 30mins. And the bad news is....Jemma and Arron are on antibiotics/penicillin, Jordan got picked up at 2.15pm from school with a temp, Jemma was up all night again with the 39 deg temp, so we went back to the drs. Jessica also has a cough but no temp so fingerscrossed she doesn't get worse. Everyones chests were clear including Arrons, who has not had a smoke since Sunday and is on patches. Josh also has the temp and looks like he is next to go down, so that leaves......ME! And I am feeling cold, and a bit sinusy, I so hope it passes me by cos there will be nobody to look after me! Or anybody else if I go down!

    Would be good if you got a bfp straight away Michelle but you are prob right it won't be this time. LOL at laybying Mat stuff, oh well you can return it if it's no good! And good on you for starting summer clothers shopping.

    Anyway Jemma came in coughing her head of and literally coughed her guts up and chucked all over my leg and the floor. Oh well better out than in I guess! She was like this Fri and now she is like it again. Sounds exactly like Jay Michelle.

    Anyway my cousin had a mc yesterday with her 2nd so I was sad to hear that. But I guess there are always reasons for these things, not that that makes it easier.
    Cheers Michelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Big hugs to the Family Mooshie and the Family Mitch. Gee, you guys are really having a rough year with these flus! I hope they go away soon. I also hope, Mitch, that your flu is gone (or doesn't even appear at all!) before you come up, because, while I would love to see you, I can't risk bringing Charlie in contact with anyone who has a cold or flu because of his tracheomalacia. That would really suck. So I hope the Healthy Fairy visits both your families and you have no more problems.

    LOL at buying maternity stuff, mooshie! That's awesome... I really hope that the fact that they were on special is an omen for you. I'm trying not to get my hopes up this month, but there are certain things that are making me wonder if it might be good news... I will test Friday morn and next Fri morn if af doesn't make her appearance.

    DH's birthday today. Went into town and had lunch with him during his break - Charlie had a 'babycino' and he loved it! He had such a big milk moustache, and because there was chocolate powder around the rim he got a big chocolate circle that went all around his eyes and cheeks. It was very cute. We (C and I) went to check out this crazy big new David Jones center in town. I really wanted to go into Tiffany's (Brisbane is a REAL city now - we have a Tiffany's!), but they all looked so elitist that I thought I would get kicked out (I was in my gym gear), so 'twas not to be. Maybe when Charlie's all grown up, but until then I will have to drool from a distance!

    Anyway, short one for me (it's funny that this is the shortest my posts get!), as DH has a rehearsal and I need a very early night tonight. Hope you're all well.

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    Kellee Guest

    BTW, sorry to hear about your cousin's mc, Mitch. That's really horrible. I hope that she's ok, and that she conceives quickly when she decides to ttc.

    Do you guys remember me talking about a friend whose baby died at 10 weeks old when I was pg with Charlie? Well, they had another baby on Monday and I think everything is going well. I imagine they're experiencing a whole gamut of emotions right now, but I hope they're well.

    Anyway, I'm really going now!

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    mooshie Guest


    well finally i can get onto bb lol - i had my lunch all ready today (yum noodles) and jay was watching telly, lani was asleep and no bb i was so sad lol - i just sat and played cards on the puter instead of housework which needed doing - but i figured it was to cold lol.

    michelle - hope you don't get sick, so far lani and i have been lucky and it was only the boys that caught it. jay is all better now and back to his normal self. sorry to hear of your cousins m/c, it's hard isn't it. hope they are looking after themselves

    kellee - sounds like you had a nice day for dh birthday, jay still has baby cino's although now he calls them coffee's lol at brisbane finally being a real city having tiffany's. there is one in melbourne but i have never been game enough to look. you testing friday - isn't that charlie's birthday ohh i hope you get a bfp what a lovely pressie to know that you will be giving him a brother/sister - good luck hope af stays away for at least another 9mths. that is so nice your friends had another bubs, it is hard to make that decision to try for another baby after you have lost a child - the emotions they are having will be so raw, it is a hard, happy and sad time .

    not much here - trying not to analysis whether or not i may be prg as i said i highly doublt it, think i o'd on wednesday and the decision wasn't made to ttc until sat so i reckon we missed this month, even tho i say i am pretty cool with it - go with the flow kind of thing i look for symptoms crazy woman i am - well i will know in a few weeks, af is due on 18th august but i am going to try and hold out testing if af doesn't arrive until at least the 25th.

    lani is going well she just loves sitting up on her knees now - oh and her new "favourite" food is chalk. she was so quiet the other day i walked in and she was having a lovely feast chewing white chalk lmao - found chalky bits in her nappy yesterday lol. i think tooth #6 is on the way - one cheek bright red and she is chewing on everything.

    tommorrow jay and i are off to school to enrol him for preps next year and to have a tour, he is so excited and i am so sad lmao i am going to be hopeless next year.

    well i am going to check around other forums before going to bed


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Kellee
    So far so good with the flu, the symptoms went away prob just my imagination as I was just thinking how I would get it LOL. I totally understand about not having Charlie arounds colds/flu so hopefully I am all clear when I come up. Hope you get that early night, good luck for the testing. That is good news about your friends, I too imagine they are very apprehensive and nervous with what happened to them bf, I don't know how I would cope. I was so upset when I thought about my early mc when I had Jemma (she was born 6 mths after the one I lost's due date). And I only got to 11 wks with my mc, I didn't have a baby and lose it.

    Today I had everyone home. Jordan is very mildly ill as she spent the morning being Miss bossy and didn't need panandol all day. She even thought she might get up and dance to the wiggles, so there is a chance she will be back at school tomorrow. Josh will def be home , his temp lasted most of the day. Jemma is actually the sickest of all, but hasn't coughed much today and temp has been reasonable. Jessica's nose is running like a tap and the tooth must be killing her, it is suh a wide on and is trying to break the gum all in one go. I really feel for her! Josh told me today he is growing another tooth, his 6yo molar is starting to push.

    Jessica was so funny today, since she was about 8 mths old she has been able to blow on the recorder, mum dropped in and heard it being played, poked her head in the room and said "Hi Jemma!" expecting it to be Jemma playing and Jessica poked her little head up still blowing the recorder LOL.

    Anyway must move on, missed my chance at forums today and am trying to catch up tonight.
    Hope everyone is well

    OMG Kellee just realised you only have tomorrow left and then you leave, how sad! And hapy, oh and Happy bday to your DH!

    Cheers Mcihelle

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    mooshie Guest


    how cute with jessica blowing on the recorder, i just love watching them grow it really is amazing to think how they develop.

    lani did something quite funny today she loves elmo and sesame street was on and has she is standing now she likes to stand at the telle - like they all do, anyway she was giving elmo kisses on the telly and her hair was all static from electricity it looked so funny - jay and i were rolling around laughing then she thought it was a big joke and laughed (she snorts like a pig with her eyes squinted and her nose scrunched up) and she kept on doing it.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOL Michelle at the chalk, naughty girl Lani is. Amazing what they'll eat., esp since they don't always want to eat what you want them too.

    Isn't it funny how even when you tell yourself not to be obsessive about getting pg you sort of are anyway. LOL Hope the miracle happens and it is this month, otherwise, fingers crosses for the next one.

    have fun on the school tour, OMG isn't it so sad, to think Jay will be in school next yr, I feel sad and he's not my ds LOL>

    Cheers mcihelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    hi everyone
    i can't believe eliana is now 9 months old - doesn't seem that long ago i found out i was pregnant (still got 2 more days to wait to see if im pregnant again)
    we went to see bananas in pyjamas yesterday - eliana loved them but the rat was her favourite
    eliana still isn't crawling - moves around a tiny bit on her bum - but other than that she is doing well - i will get her weighed etc later today so hopefully she has put on some weight
    hope everyone is having a great day

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Welcome Melissa, nice to have you both back LOL, this coming and going is sort of funny! I have already poked my nose into your business in the 6mth forum. Hope Eliana has put on wiehgt this time, just to set you rmind at ease. It is also very common bt 6 and pmths not to put on weight cos of teething so I am sure things are fine.

    I am trying to read up here and then I have to go clean the dining table which is the nesting place atm for all things that need to be put away. It was a good idea at the tie, cos other places look clean but now I have to do some real cleaning up and find places for everything. I have a very mild sore throat which I am fighting, I am saying over and over, I WILL NOT GET SICK! I leave for my wekend in Qld in 1 week, yay I can't wait.

    Anyway may get back later have a good day everyoine

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    Kellee Guest

    That is so funny about Jessica on the recorder and Lani with the chalk. I had a bit of a giggle at that.

    Hi melbee - I never really get to chat to you, but I see your name around the place. We only overlap here by a few days as today is my last "official" day here. *boo hoo* Hope you get the BFP you're waiting for!

    No, you WILL NOT get sick Mitch! We want to meet you! What's the reason for your visit, anyway? Do you have family here?

    Well, I can still pretend, for the rest of the day at least, that my little boy is still little. I can hardly believe that a year has gone so fast. I'm going to stop talking about it now because it will make me sad. I bought all the ingredients for baking for the birthday picnic and it cost me $70! Crazy stuff. Especially since the boy of the hour won't really be able to have any of it!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd pop my head while I'm on a study break, so back to it!

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    Kellee Guest

    That is so funny about Jessica on the recorder and Lani with the chalk. I had a bit of a giggle at that.

    Hi melbee - I never really get to chat to you, but I see your name around the place. We only overlap here by a few days as today is my last "official" day here. *boo hoo* Hope you get the BFP you're waiting for!

    No, you WILL NOT get sick Mitch! We want to meet you! What's the reason for your visit, anyway? Do you have family here?

    Well, I can still pretend, for the rest of the day at least, that my little boy is still little. I can hardly believe that a year has gone so fast. I'm going to stop talking about it now because it will make me sad. I bought all the ingredients for baking for the birthday picnic and it cost me $70! Crazy stuff. Especially since the boy of the hour won't really be able to have any of it!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd pop my head while I'm on a study break, so back to it!

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello ladies!!

    Welcome Melissa and a big bye bye to Kellee!! Some of us are moving on soon arent we!! I cant believe all our bubbas are growing up so fast!!

    Melissa I hope you get the BFP in a few days jusy let us know!!
    Yukko at the chalk! I cant imagine eating chalk- mind you i was bathing Ryley a couple of days ago and put th soap in the bath and he bit it and didnt like it one bit- obviously!! #-o

    I hope you dont get sick Michelle- that would be crappola! I hope you have fun in QLD!!

    Quickie on us- Ryley still wont sleep! this has led me to have high blood pressure- 160/100 but i have cut out alcohol and caffeine this week and excersised more and got it down to 135/80. Thats not brilliant but it is HEAPS better!!

    I just went to the gym for a bit and then played netball and I am KNACKERED!! LOL
    I spent $80 at Target today and saved about $100!! I got a pair of thongs with a strap at the back for Ryley plus a pair of wiggles shoes (he loves the wiggles!!) a peasant skirt for me and a pair of jeans for DH plus some formula and a new bag!! hooray!!

    Out of interest I am back doing psych again at uni!! LOL
    Also when did you all stop giving your bubs or intend on stopping giving formula and start giving warm glasses of milk for a drink?
    Also when do you start giving them their own fork and spoon and get them to drink from a cup?
    Ryley has a straw mastered and eats with his fingers but i'm not sure about the rest.. 8-[

    Lastly (not such a quickie!! LOL) My dad looked after Ryley today while DH and i were at uni and when i called to see how he was dad said to me- when did Ryley start walking? I was DEVASTATED thinking i had missed his first steps!! Then after a few minutes he says- just kidding... Grrrr..

    anyway off to bed! Take care all!!

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