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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, June '05

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    welcome hypnoharmony and jack come and chat to us we just love to talk lol.

    kellee - i am a sucker for those magazines too lol i actually was looking at buying another today but couldn't remember if i had it or not, so i bought new idea for some trashy goss lol. come and join us in the pre ttc forum, hopefully we are going to start ttc in september (i conceived ds when dd was 1 and it was a really good age gap). it is really hard when the bubs are so cute and settled etc you really yearn for another. i am so clucky it is crazy i really could of just taken my new nephew and ran lol have another 2 babies due soon golly gosh what am i gunna be like lol. i love being pregnant, i love the whole birth experience and i just adore newborns ohhhhh i want another lol. i have started charting to just really for fun as i have never done it before, thought i would have a go.

    pee - good luck for the interview. you will go great and be one step towards getting a house. great your dh is going to look after ryley that should make things a little easier. how's the tooth?

    michelle - yay on the new microwave. we too have a stainless steel dishwasher and microwave and got a new stainless steel fridge last year when preg with lani (i always seem to get a major appliance when preg lol - 1st was a new washing machine, 2nd a dishwasher and 3rd a new fridge) the fridge is great and it doesn't show fingerprints.

    okay girls hate to admit it but i did something today that i don't really like but my girlfriend begged me to go with her - i took lani to a baby show gosh i felt so mean parading her around like a little animal but really it was quite cute and she won 6 ribbons, 2 trophies and a medal - forgotten what they were all for but i guess it was a day out and a bit of fun. won't be doing it again as i am not one of those people i just don't really like parading babies around like they are some attachment to the parent. some of the girls were such stage mum types - i was looking at all the babies and they are all georgeous i don't know how anyone can really judge them. anyway as i said bit of fun.

    it is freezing here just turned the heating on and now i better do my shopping on line, last week i decided to take the kids to do the shopping normally BIG mistake i want this, i want that, i'm thirsty, i need to do a wee you know the drill lol, so back on line for me i reckon.

    have a good day

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOL Michelle- IKWYM about the shopping thing, and it only gets worse the more you have and the older they are LOL. Which shop do you do online shopping at? Non of them do it up our way! Not long now then for you to start ttc, why not just start now? LOL *says the person who isn't having anymore*.

    Kellee- how exciting for you too, ready to ttc. I am so jealous, cos not for me, although I am sure I will not think I have done the wrong thing when the kids are older.

    Well did lots of cleaning today,waiting for Arron to take the dryer down so I can clean out the back cos it smelt burny this morning so I have been rotating clothes around the clothes horse, so much fun.

    Jessica's nose is still super runny and her gums are soooo swollen, I just can't wait for the tooth to pop through poor bub, I have an ulcer and that's sore, imagine how sore her mouth is.

    Anyway gotta move along, Arron will be home soon and still got things to organise.LOL must make it look like I didn't spend hrs on hereLOL

    Cheers Michelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey mooshie - it's great that I know someone else who is ttc. I would like to start charting too, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I will visit the ttc forum soon to chat about it. Last time was a total fluke - I wasn't planning on getting pregnant until I was at least 25, but I was 22 when I fell pregnant with Charlie! Oops! But it was not an unpleasant surprise - we always wanted kids, just not so soon! I'm really glad it has worked out the way it has. Not sure how you actually go about "trying" - we're just putting in lots of practicing, going the hard yards (it's not that difficult, really!) and hoping it works. I'd like to start being more proactive about it though... anyway, will save the rest for the ttc forum.

    That's so cute that Lani won ribbons and stuff! I bet she looked adorable. Did you get some photos? I'd love to see them. IKWYM about stage mums... that's kind of why I've been put off going to playgroups.

    Sorry Jessica's having teething trouble. I really feel sorry for bubs when that happens - I've had a whole heap of teething trouble myself lately, so I know how painful it can be... I can't imagine how bad it must be for bubs.

    Anyway, dinner to cook, then shopping with potential SIL tomorrow - my BIL kind of forced us to go shopping (he's very pushy and brought it up in front of everyone so I couldn't really say no) so I hope it goes well. Then we have both of them over for dinner tomorrow night. Should be interesting.

    As I said... gotta go! Bye.

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    mooshie Guest

    hello again lol

    michelle - i use coles on line it's great, although some things can be a little bit more expensive by a few cents in the long run it is worth my sanity - last week i spent $200 at coles when i went and today when i did it online i only spent $120 having said that i still need to buy meat and vegies (you can buy that online but i rather pick my own) so i usually end up spending around $180 gosh that is a lot for a little family like ours. i really should start going to the markets etc but somedays i just don't find the time.

    ouchy on jessica's teeth hope they pop through soon what ones is she cutting - lani has the two top and two bottom and it looked like another 2 bottom were on their way but they have calmed down and it now looks like 2 eye teeth up the top are causing a bit of grief - the buggers just move around all over don't they.

    kellee - if i had a digital camera i could redo my babies on line website and do more photos but unfortuntely i don't - maybe santa will bring one. oh and doing the chart for ttc is easy just go to fertility friend and sign up. we started sort of trying for 2yrs then fell pg which ended in m/c at 11wks then for the next 8mths we were alot more consious of ttc and then fell pg with jess, with jay we just talked about it and i was pg lol and with lani well that took probably around 18mths but part of that was me not knowing if i wanted another child and being scared about loving a child so much then having them ripped from you - also i think my mind was not really there and i was running on i don't know what really, so i think my body wasn't ready until it was time - if that all makes sense. the only reason i am charting now is because i will be 37 in october and i feel i need to get a wriggle on so i want to focus as much as possible on ovulation time - although having said that i know my body so much more that i can usually pinpoint the day i am going to ovulate - although for some strange reason i didn't ovulate this month hmmm i think i should keep an eye on that.
    have fun shopping tommorrow with you future sil.

    night all

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello ladies!

    I didnt get my tooth out yesterday coz I had to umpire finals netball that night and i thought how great would that be- Obtruktn- What ump?? Obtruktn... LOL and today I had my interview!! It has calmed down which is awesome for me- touch wood.

    I think I did pretty well in the interview i find out tomorrow how i went. He said that coz of my uni experience in business and management I will be able to miss all the training and go straight into 2IC which is good. It isnt the best pay in the world but hey it isnt too hard work either!! I'll keep you posted.

    Yay for Lani winning lots of ribbons!! There is nothing wrong with that. I have put Ryley into a couple of comps and he didnt win but that doesnt matter. He didnt even come close and (I also believe in everything happens for a reason) I was becoming a stage parent and it showed me that i didnt need any stranger telling me my boy was awesome and cute- I know he is special and that is all that will matter to him in the end. But dont feel bad- Babies are cute!! (Wish i could remember Lani's face!)

    Have fun shopping Kellee!! So is she your brothers girlfriend? coz you wrote BIL and SIL so i got a bit confused...

    I totally didnt know you could shop online from Coles!! How crazy!! =D>
    Thats good thinking from them- let the Mums shop from their homes. Then there is no extra kiddie stuff. How much delivery do they charge? Or dont they deliver?

    Poor Jessica and teething. I think Ryley's 8th little tooth- bottom 2nd from left if you are looking at him- is coming out and giving him trouble- the other 7 were so easy for him. LOL I know how much teeth hurt too !! Sounds like fun rotating all the clothes around-

    Anyway I am off to bed now so I hope you all have a good day tomorrow

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    Pietta Guest

    Oh yeah I am very clucky too but we could never afford a new house and a new baby!! Yikes!!

    I miss the newborn feeling of needing you. Ryley still needs me obviously but he is so independant now. Imagine how I am going to be on his first day at school... thats why i am glad he is in day care coz it is helping us both to learn to function seperatly.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    pee - lol at not knowing coles do on-line aren't they the company who you went for the interview with. they do deliver only costs $4.95 and bring it to the front door (then my ds puts it all away =D> - i always make sure i order a surprise for him he loves it) and i get the delivery when lani is having her nap so it is one less chore to do lol.

    jay is starting school next year and yup i will be a total mess, ah well at least he is looking forward to it - i often say i will be like the lady in the bega cheese ad missing her son at school (you know when she cuts the funny faces in the sandwiches lol)

    kellee - we might just be pg buddies who knows.

    well i have brought the patches and am raring to go tommorrow morning, am ducking out now for the last one and then patches on. they reckon at the chemist i should stay on the step one for 10wks then go down to step 2 for 4wks then i think step 3 for another 2wks for them to totally work - dunno if this is a ploy or not, i mentioned that some people seem to only need them for a couple of weeks then not at all and she said she always sees those people in a few months later starting the patches again. so if i do the whole course i don't think we will ttc in september and october will be out as i don't want a july baby (jessie's b/day is 24th july) so maybe not ttc until november - we will see what is in store for us i guess.

    anyway am off now will check in tommorrow - michelle send me all your stop smoking encouragement vibes, i know you did it and it did seem easy for you so am hoping things will pan out for me.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- Coles online sounds terrific, wish they had it here! I am sending you the super dooper strong give up vibes that I used. I did cheat and only use the strongest patch for 2 weeks and the second strongest for 1 week and that was it for me but I haven't had a smoke since Feb 24th, so 4 months and 5 days and I am so glad, Arron is still kidding himself, he wore patches for 2 days and then says, I don't need them and then a day later is smoking again. I told him to not dstop the patches. I think he is one who needs the whole course cos he was smoking a pack a day but I wasn't even on 1/2 a pack. Jay will love school and so will you eventually LOL, after a few weeks you'll wonder why you were sad. Although I do miss wednesday pj's day with Josh but we just do it on holidays now. Don't feel bad about the baby show. I took Jordan to a couple and she won some trophies, but I couldn't believe my gf, she told the organisers that she would sell the tickets etc, (which I declined), and next thing you know she is winning everything, and nothing against her little boy but he wasn't the best looking kid in the show. And what's more she said, to just say I'll sell the tickets etc and then I'd win more. My cousin also did heaps for one charity who did baby shows and her not very attractive dd won everything, mind you she sat in shopping centres selling raffle tickets for 3 days at a time for them, so no wonder her dd was winning. I didn't take Joshua as I was working and Jemma and Jessica als haven't been in one, but prob only becos there hasn't been anything around here. Michelle you so need the digital camera, and then like the rest of Australia you can store your pics on the computer and never print them for the rest of your life LOL. Another thing I must get onto.

    Pee- good luck for the job. Hope the mouth isn't too sore. You are right about buying a house and having a baby, we waited to have Josh till we had the house and we are so glad we did cos who knows if we would have been able to after no. 2. Jessica is only up to the 3rd and 4th teeth, the 2 top ones, they just seem like they will burst through any minute but they don't. I am so amazed that they aren't out yet as she is almost 10mths, but they aren't. When you said how many Ryley had I was so impressed.

    Good luck Kellee for ttc, I have never charted or anything, I think I am just super fertile cos the longest it took me was 3 months. Which is why I have to be very careful lol. ALthough I must say I was very envious of the 4 pg women I saw tonight, sort of wished it was me *sigh* Get over it!
    Hope the shopping and the dinner went well. What better way to get to know your SIL to be than while shopping? LOL

    Took Jess to the drs today and he was happy that she doesn't need antibiotics. The other 3 were total pains in the drs surgery and Josh lost 4 days off the xbox. Why can't they just behave like humans in public? All 4 of them were crawling around the floor, now jess and Jem, fair enough but Jordan and Josh...come on!

    Have a great day everyone

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