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Thread: Babies Born April 2006 #3

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    Hi everyone,

    Well the sleep clinic went fantastically, he slept so well during the day and then did 8 ours straight for me that night. He is sleeping so much better and is a much happier boy!!

    Kelli - good to see you back in here, I can imagine it is like being a first time parent all over again as you have quite a big gap in age between the girls!

    Jacci - good to hear that Charlie is healing nicely!

    Well we had Tyron measured on Wednesday, he is massive, 6.6kg and 65cm long!

    Susan - when are you moving back to Perth??

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    Jacci yay on your brave little boy! Glad to hear it all went well for him.

    Lisa, great to hear that Ngala helped you.

    As for me, Charlie slept from 8pm to 5.30am this morning! I could get used to this...

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    abs Guest


    hmmm, maybe we should investigate some sort of sleep clinic

    still back to the waking at midnight, 3, 5.15... I did the midnight and 5am ones. Both times the aussies scored goals I was changing nappies (lucky he is soo cute)

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    lisa - can i ask what they taught you????

    Abs - that is funny you should of changed his nappy more often - we might have gotten more goals!!!!!

    Sush - that is a great nights sleep hope he keeps doing that! I put charlie in his bed at 8.30pm and he woke up at 4 am - not too bad - another 2 hours woiuld be nice then i could just stay up and not go back to bed.

    KelliC- Charlie had a grumpy day once - it nearly killed me!!! i'm so used to doing everything while he is just watching me in his rocker!!!

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    Jacci, thats great that Charlie was sogood after. Holly's pooin every 4 days now, since 2wks ago, but it's like all missed poos saved up & done at once, keeps overflowin & huge puddle still in there, but is b/feed.

    Theresa, great news on Georgie

    Abs, cool, Holly hasnt discovered hers yet (not lookin at them), other than stickin her fist in her gob, hehe. Hair on ear, yeah Holly still has a lil hair on tops of her ears too & still some hair at base of her back, she seems to have lost the hair across top of back/shoulders (lanuga maybe?).

    Rose, sounds like u have ur hands full, bet ur enjoyin every min though.

    Meagan, wow on the rolling, that is early & great smiley pic. U 2 Shazz. Holly rolled from back to front once several wks ago but nuthin since but nearly has, she cant figure out how to get her arm out of the way.

    Mel I posted in the other thread bout ur new pics, they're great. I have a yellow ducky outfit just like that but still too big for Holly, hope it fits b4 winter ends. Someone else here also had the yellow ducky suit (Jacci I think).

    SUsh, sounds like ur gettin more sleep now, that's great.

    Lisa, good to hear ur still ok, & that the sleep clinic helped. Wow, work, yeah time has flown hasn't it, feels like yesterday that all our bubs were born.

    Hi everyone else.

    Well Holly still weighed 4.8kg dressed this Tue too, hopefully next wk will be diff, she wasn't measured though but was 55cm last Tue (10wks, & at 9wks).
    I've added just a few more pickies, 1 is of Holly & her 2nd cuz Milly who's 18 days younger (mum's are 16days apart), Holly looks so tiny next to her. Oh & I stopped bleeding at 9.5wks & spotting at 10.5wks, yay, no curette needed.

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    Hi everyone never got round to typing personals the other day!? Still dont think I'll get there today either???
    just finding it hard to get time to myself with both boys with a cold, they are a little more sooky than normal-Especially Jasper?
    Logan is very similar weight to Tyron, Lisa. He is now 6.5 kgs and 62cm long. I get a dead arm from feeding him and thats when Im sitting down!!
    I have managed to get some photos up of the baptism if anyone is interested in having a look.
    Better go get dinner started. Talk to you all soon I promise!LOL

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    Just locking this thread.

    The new one can be found [url=]HERE[/url]

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