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    Nettie, i'm glad you're getting attended to. I found my pain went the day I had a doc appointment so I cancelled it. Naughty, but I was too tired and figured it was sorted. I hope yours is soon! Ci and I are also on probiotics. He's on babybiotics (they have different gut flora streams). I recommend them. It really helped him poo and settle cos we got a whammo dose of antibiotics after the c-section, of course. We had to replenish all that. Not to mention c-section babies are short changed in the gut flora department anyway. Yoghurt is a bit weak for dealing with antibiotics. I'm going to keep us both on them for a couple of months at least.

    Danielle, if babe smiled at you at any age, he smiled at you. No such thing as a fake smile. They're all real. It's an old wives tale that there are real smiles and fake ones in newborns. And even better, those smiles they give in their sleep... they are because of an inner contentedness, spontaneous inner peace smiles. I love those ones. Some faces they pull of course aren't smiles, just grimaces or whatnot, but a mama knows when her wain is smiling, it's just another thing psychobabble messed up along the way by misinterpreting it cos they don't understand babies are human too, not inanimate floppy dolls incapable of feeling.

    Grubi, baking soda or vinegar (esp apple cidar vinegar) are great for nappy rash. I also use our aloe plant in the back yard on all his woes, such as a little redness in the creases of his nappy area recently and it cleared it in hours! He was smiling up a storm while I put it on too, cos aloe is such a nice feeling. With the crying, she may be stressed or sad. Just hold her and whisper gently in her ear that you understand and are there for her. It's hard for a mama to hear her baby cry, but they do get sad like the rest of us, and like the rest of us, sometimes just need to let it out and be held. It gets easier to hear as they get older. Strength to you, mama.

    Shoegal, you poor sod! And poor Baxter. UTIs are horrible. I used to get them chronically in my early twenties. He'd probably benefit from some babybiotics, too. I hope he finds some peace now, and you too.

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    Grubi & Danielle: I know what your are going through. Last week I was ready to kill DS1 (Landon) He was just being so naughty. Esp when I would sit down to feed DS2(Wyatt). DS1 brought me to tears so many times, and DH cos he wasn't around to help out. When DH does get home around 6-6.30 he only puts up with DS1 being naughty for an hr before his bed time, and I tell him think how I feel I have to put up with him all day. Wyatt is wonderful during the day and night. Sleeps mosts of it away. Feeds for 5-10minutes max then either asleep or lays on floor looking around at things. I have noticed about DS2 if he is in his rocker/bouncer he is not happy as he is on floor.

    Danielle: I so know what you mean about thinking we have PND, I went through the crying for 3 days was barely coping with both DS's and DD. along with doing DH's book work and invoicing along with running DD to Kung Fu. This week she got to go 3 days, which was great. I'm going through it too, and hopefully we it will be soon.

    Potty Training, well I got day time mastered, DS1 still has pull-up on during nap/sleep times. He has done brilliantly. Granted we used positive renforment (small jar of smartie near his potty and would get 1 every time did wee) which helped alot. To mastered poo's, we got the chocolate gold coins, and he still get's one of them. Granted it was 2 at first to get him all excited but now we are down to 1, and it not every time either. Wee we don't get anything for now.

    Took DS2 to clinic last Thurs, and he has lost 20g. They said if he hasn't put weight back on in next 7 days would report me to Child Services. Was bit peed off with that. So anyway took him back on Monday over here for weight check up, and 'cos he had thrust on his little willy & bits. He had put on a min of 150g-200g in 4 days. (my little huffalump)

    I got to mowe my back lawn yesterday, it was such a lovely time. I got some me time and not have to worry about DS2 and it looks so much better and neat today. I might even try and do front lawn today if it fines up, bit over cast here at moment.

    Well chaos has started, kids are up and fighting already...

    Anyway I hope everyone else baby are doing good.

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    oops double...

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    Oh, has anyone else suffered from MAJOR constipation??

    I was fine for the first week and bit after birth, but have been constipation for last week or so now. I have been taken enerma to help when need to go, along with take a wide range of different pills, fiber, and fruit but nothing seem to help.

    Oh, it would be nice for me to be able to go to toliet and do what I need to with out help or fear, 'cos it going to hurt.

    Any suggestions would be great...


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    Grubi, I forgot your question about the books. I started on her website, that one I linked pages back called the Aware Parenting Institute, and then went to the books via the library. But if you wanted to own them, or your library didn't stock them, you could have the local bookstore order it in. If not, try this: The Aware Baby: Aletha Jauch Solter: Books

    Sarah, did you have a regular birth? I've heard that is common, and perhaps more water? if you are bfing, it really takes the fluid out of you. If you had a c-section, it could be biotic related, and some probiotics might help, along with the usual suspects of water and fiber. I've had diarrhea since the op, only slowly now clearing up as I restock my poor suffering gut flora. The pain radiates down my legs. But this rarely fails: when you wake in the morning, before anything else, drink 500mls of water. Warm if poss. With lemon is good for the pH balance, but not necessary. If you don't go within half an hour, drink another 500 mls.

    ETA - actually, you can do that at any time of day. That protocol above I usually recommend for regularity. But to just "go" now, do it anytime.
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