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Thread: Babies Born April 2008 #3

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    Nessa - to you.... Sorry it's turned out this way.

    Sharon - on the dildo cam! Nothin's been there since the birth and I really didn't want it being a 'probe'! ha ha ha...

    Liam seems to be sleeping more but is still very hungry every 3 hours. Hopefully this will settle down. The ff doesn't seem to be making any difference to his sleeping or poo-ing habits. Little tyke is so very impatient when he's hungry!!

    Got to go & bury SIL's dog... Will check in again later.

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    Nessa - I am so sorry hun.

    Short post, just wanted to say that Baxter's renal scan yesterday was all clear so that is a relief.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Beatrix~ View Post
    thinks not well her. DH and i have seperated for good. he has taken all his stuff and left.
    Oh you poor thing. This is not a happy ending. I can understand how streeful it is going to be for you as I separted from DD father when she was only 2 weeks old. God it was hard to deal with newborn and being alone.

    I do hope you find your happy ending some day soon.


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    Well DD wouldnt let me sleep in this morning (i dont know why!!) But she would fall asleep so i would go to bed, she would wake, so id go in to check on her and she is still asleep!! Cheeky monkey!
    SO ive been updating her site and browsing the forums and what not..
    ~beatrix~ Oh no hun im so sorry to hear that!! Like we said the other night on chat though, they start it may be for the best

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    Hi Girls.
    I'm not very good at personals, so please forgive me. I simply don't have the attention span.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    I'm feeling kinda lonely today. It's the first day we've had completely on our own, and well, I don't really know what to do.
    Hunter hasn't got into a routine yet, so I don't know if he will be asleep for 4 hours or 1. So I cant really start any thing, hobbie wise. He has been waking at 2 hour intervals the last 2 night, and I'm stuffed!
    Our story is this:
    I had had blood pressure probs since early in my preg, that gradually got worse. then at 31 weeks I had a Ob appt, and she took a blood test. First thing the next morning, she called me saying " Get into hospital RIGHT NOW!!!". So in we went. later that after noon Hunter was delivered via emergency C-section. I had apparently developed HELLP Syndrome, which comes on very suddenly. It's a type of Pre-eclampsia. But causes organ failure. My liver and kidneys had shut down, and I hadn't known about it.
    Hunter would have been very happy to stay there till his due date (thats tomorrow by the way!), but my body would have killed him and prob me with him. So, no he wasn't in a hurry, but I was.
    Well we are both happy and healthy now. Hunter has doubled his birthweight. He has just hit the 3kg mark. Has grown 5 cm in length, his head cerumference is upby 8cm. and he has put on 600gm since leaving hospital. thats twice what they expected!
    So there we are. And here we are. 8 1/2 weeks later. Wow.

    No hope for a sleeping routine yet? Oh bother! So tired.
    Can't sleep during the day.


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    Holy carp, Bea, I'm SO sorry to hear that. That must be so tough on you, the timing. Have you got real life support?

    Taurusa, Ci puts on half a kilo a week. It's perfectly fine. I worried too though, thinking I'd have a heffa. They get fat until about six months and then they gain really slowly. Some, like ours, put it on straight away and it tapers off a bit earlier. I was shocked, too, with his two kilo gain in his first month!

    Those wanting to keep AF away, there's a book called "Natural Child Spacing" that lists the six or seven "rules" for keeping it away for as long as you choose. Frequent night feeds, no pacification (ie, dummy), daytime nap/feed every day are some of them. Apparently, prolactin keeps ovulation away, and prolactin has a half hour half life, and it is produced by sucking stimulation. So frequency is the key, plus those other things I mentioned. Sounds like hard work, but I'm already doing it anyway, I hope AF stays gone for the year. Big ask though.

    Nettie, I just borrowed a great book from the library called Mother Food. It is written by a woman who had low milk supply and how she got it increased. It's really interesting, and there's some things in there I wouldn't think of, also stuff on creating amazing milk. I have good supply, and I've learned it may be due to my regular diet, which is grain rich and herbal and spice rich also.

    Lisa, that's rough. I hate that lost feeling. Maybe he'll start to stretch his sleep now that his body has caught up with his due date. I've heard premmies do that, do their stages from their due date, not their birth date.

    I've just added a whack load of coconut to my diet. Coconut is a miracle food at the best of times but I learned that it is great for milk, as it gives the milk a high oleic oil content etc. So in my morning porridge, I put half a cup of coconut milk with my spices and berries YUM.

    Well, Ci often sleeps the first night sleep cycle, 7pm to 10pm, but sometimes he decides to spend that cycle awake. This is DH's time with him, while I sleep WITH EARPLUGS but I still feel bad when he does that. Although DH doesn't seem to mind. He's better at settling than me.

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    Well, checking in for today. And what a BLOODY long day. Ava's not slept at all today, I did take her to visit my mum so I think she was just a bit restless being somewhere new and having so much noise etc going on. So she's only just gone to sleep now. On top of this my cesar scar has opened up recently and got infected, i've got the flu AND today my doctor informs me that my eardrum is infected so now im on anti biotics. *sigh* Ava-Jayde had her 6 week check up. She's now 4.14 kilo and she was 4 kilo exactly last week. She's grown 3 cms in length and 4 cm in head circum since birth and the doctor was amazed at what a happy baby she was whilst getting poked and prodded and having her clothes taken off, she didnt cry once. So hopefully that means in 2 weeks time when she has her needles she'll be good too. Hope we're all well.. Hugs to you beatrix xoxox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire View Post
    Frequent night feeds
    My OB told me this as well, so not really worried when I have to get up during the night if it keeps AF away!

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    beatrix i'm very sorry to hear your news. hope you're managing OK and have lots of support from family and friends.

    shoegal and fire - my son was an all-night feeder and i didn't get af for over a year after having him, so there's definitely something in the theory that regular feeding (or 'on demand' both day and night) keeps it away.

    all right, must try to get dd to sleep now...

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    MGM, how long did your son night feed frequently for? A lactation counsellor told me that most bfed babies night feed for at least the first year, usually more. Ci's cluster feed session is between 2am and 6am, I'd love to flip that to pm, or any other time basically. But I'm not forcing a routine on him. Just looking at what I might be up for. Cos to be honest, I'd rather AF than frequent night feeds!

    Ci had reflux last night, and he had trouble sleeping. I had icecream yesterday. Last time he acted up I'd had icecream. I introduced dairy back into my diet last week, I'm thinking of taking it back out again for a while, until he's at least 3 months perhaps.

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    I had a long night too... I think Caleb is getting his dad's cold. Really mucusie breathing, and coughing if laying down. DH has a really sore throat with it too... wonder if caleb has it too. He screamed half the night, but a cuddle seemed to help. This is my first cold with caleb... Can anyone suggest what i should do for him??

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    Taurusa - colds are awful for babies, aren't they. The worst is when their noses get blocked and they can't feed properly. A few things that helped my son through his colds are a humidifier, sleeping propped up (works well if your baby's in a cot or bassinet, you can put something under the mattress to tilt it), and - if nose is blocked - fess. you can buy fess at the chemist, it's a saline solution with a little device for squirting it up the nose. or you can squirt breastmilk. good luck, hope your dh and ds get better soon.

    fire ds fed every 1.5 - 2 hours at night til he was 2 (when i weaned him). by then he was really only feeding at night and after two years of it i was a wreck. i have a really good method for nightweaning two-year-olds if anyone ever needs it! yeah i would have taken af over the night feeds too... how long did you go off dairy before you could see an effect?

    had a good night after a bad start - dd cried for ages and dh couldn't handle it, said he wanted to return her to the hospital . when i eventually got her to sleep she slept midnight til 5.30, went back to sleep til 6.30, fed, then slept again til 8.30. that's as good as it's ever been around here, so i'm thrilled.

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    hi Guys,
    My little fella had a great night! (possibly his best yet!)
    Fed at 7pm, took a little while to settle, but he was just in his cot making noise, he wasn't requiring one on one!
    I didn't bother feeding him at 10, decided to let him dictate the feeds (was finding that even doing a dream feed at 10 or 11, he would still wake for a feed between midnight and 3 anyway), he woke at 12:45, fed, went back to sleep, woke at 6, fed (he would normally stay up then for a couple of hours), went back to sleep and woke at 10 for a feed, has had a feed, and then a little top up and is now laying on the floor with his plug (dummy).
    DH and I went to bed at about 11, so I've had lots of sleep and am wide awake, which is good cause its Dh's b'day today.

    I have to be brave later, I bought DH and I tickets to Indiana Jones tonight, and organised my boss (the director of a child care centre!) to babysit DS....I really have to mentally prepare for that!

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    oooh, BW, your first night out! dunno when i'll be brave enough for that.

    mgm, that's just scary. i hope my one doesn't stick with this pattern, blech.

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    hey everyone just thuight i would pop in.

    Had the scariest day yest, MJ had her first trip to the hosp. I was vacuming the floor in the longe and she was laying on the couch and ANnika was fussing over. Only i didnt realise Annika decided to feed MJ and put a 5 cent peice in her mouth. I saw her throw up and something shiny in her mouth, she was gaging on it got it out and decided i would take her down their just in case to make sure Annika hadnt feed her anything else.
    She is ok, i think i was more of a wreck. the poor nurse and DR had to calm me down. I felt like such a horrible mum.

    you really need eyes in the back of your head.

    BW- thats great night your bubba had!!

    Taruasa- i would recomend a vapouriser

    question for you all, are your bubs holding their heads up??? i mean for how long. MJ can hold her head up but she flops all over the place, looking left to right and that. not very steady. i cant remember if this is normal or not

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    Beatrix Oh no im glad she is okay!! Must have been very scary!! My bub can hold her head up, but like you said not for very long and floppy all over the place, i think its just at the start where its not all that strong but strong enough to lift and be a bit floppy and out of control..sometimes if im walking with isabell on my chest she will lift her head to look over my shoulder and occasionally she will flop her head forwards which will sometimes hit on my collarbone so now i make sure she is positioned so this doesnt happen if she were to lift her head..
    BW Ohh sounds like a fun night out. DP won me 2 tickets to some movie but i ended up giving them to my parents coz DP didnt wanna go with me to the movies and i didnt really want any one else to come with me coz i wanted that alone time with DP..*sigh*

    Isabell had an awesome night last night. She has dropped he midnight feed..and now will feed around 9/10 and then go to sleep (once i get her to sleep lol) and will wake around 2/3am for the next feed, so gives me quite a good sleep..she has always given me long periods to sleep at night..but they are gradually getting longer and longer i think ive got a pretty good baby!! apart from the arsenic hour in the evening but most babies have that.

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    I sooo cant keep up with you ladies! But i love to hear how you are all doing. I decided i would join the may baby group so that i am going through the same things at the same time and not weeks later and would you believe they now have half month groups like our belly groups were! Sothe groups wont be as big which is great ( only cause its easier to keep up if there are less) and there should only be a few that need tochange groups if bubs come early or late, so you get to go through it all with the same group. Anyway that started as of the may groups so we are split into two there, i have found Lulu and beth so thats cool, mind you i have only just got my butt in there so havent chatted with them yet!

    Anywya beatrix huge for you darl there is no worse time to discover that type of thing than now when your hormones are all over the place! I hope you have lots of people around you as the more support the better. I left my ex when i my 3rd was 10mths and that was interesting to say the least! But you are a strong woman and you will get through this!
    Glad to hear that DD is ok after your big helper tried feeding her! They certainly keep us on our toes, dont think you are a bad mummy these things happen and we are only human!

    Mummymeg hope all your health issues sort themselves out soon so you can continue to enjoy your little girl with worrying about yourself

    Shelley thats awesome that BJ is doing so well, i always found with my others that the dream feed was a waste of time as my babies would stil lwake up an hour or two later as if they hadnt even had that feed. Then when i cut it out they were much better sleepers! So i havent tried it with Molly and dont think i will. Its great if it works but it just never has for me. Mine do much better without it.

    There is way too much for me to catch up on but to those of you who have bubs with colds i hope they get better soon, definately get the little fess drops as they work a treat, and vapourisers also.

    Well Molly is doing well, we seem to have a good night followed by a not so good night! On a good night i will get either a 6 to 7hr sleep from her 1 or 2am feed, but on a bad night we only do 4 to 5hrs of a night. So still not really bad but i am hopeful to have Molly sleeping through regularly by the time she is 6wks (fingers crossed) this is what i have managed with the others so that will be the case again!
    Well Dh started back at work today, he does 2 12hr days followed by 2 12hr nights and then has 6dys off. So lets hope i get through the next four days! I was pretty impressed today though as i mangaed to go totown and do some minor grocery shopping with all kids (minus 17yr old DS) in tow!
    Oh well best go cook tea i guess before they all think their throats have been cut!

    Hi to everyone i missed

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    taurusa i meant to say vapouriser, not humidifier! for some reason i always get them mixed up...

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