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    beatrix i sympathise on all counts. let me assure you that there's at least one other person not getting much sleep! plus dd has the most awful cold and is now waking more than ever, even in the sling. every little cough and sneeze wakes her up and it's so sad to hear her trying to cry when she's just about lost her voice. as for losing weight - i really need to do something about this, but it's hard to exercise when you have little ones, isn't it! i could do postnatal classes and take the kids but they're so expensive. let me know if you find any magical weight-loss solutions! i guess with snacks the thing to do is try to keep healthy ones on hand (carrots, fruit etc). not that i'm much good at that...

    nettie brillliant work with your expressing. i've had to express a bit with both kids (a month with ds, a few days with dd) and can imagine what an effort your two months represents. well done.

    fire there's not long to go til the 'magical' three-month mark - maybe things will start to fall into a better routine then. how long have you been putting ci in the cot? they say to allow a couple of weeks when introducing changes; i hope he'll soon start to sleep longer in there. unfortunately dd's cold has made me put my attempts to settle her out of the sling on hold. she did fall asleep in her swing once, but that was only because she was exhausted after a horrendous night of coughing.

    today's whinge: i am SO tired. when dh woke up i asked him to take dd so i could have a sleep but it turned out he'd been woken up at 5 by ds and wasn't in any mood to take the baby for me. i'm not too impressed since i have so far done all the nighttime parenting of this baby and have never once woken him up to help. he's been great in other ways but doesn't seem to realise how sleep-deprived i am.

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    Time for a new thread everyone. Here you go

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