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Thread: Babies Born August 2005 #4

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    Grrrrr Cass...better luck next time..i know there is a jj just waiting for you to call yours.

    Busy busy lady Georgie..i had attempted to reenroll but now im so glad i havent...too lazy methinks 8-[ LOL at the pina colada..they do look so relaxed in them dont they..mind you Sammy leans forward and tries to slurp the water.

    Whhhoooooo on sitting Zaccie...clever littlun eh. LOL at one on either side....too..i can picture it now. Emily is a gorgeous name got your fingers crossed for a lil girl arriving soon. Hope the kids arent too feral for you too. Im going to have the opposite today...the kids are knackered.

    Whoohooo on the biccie Lucie..wtg. Soph Sammy pretty much eats anything now...he loves and downs most of a milk arrowroot biccie..will slurp on apple, watermelon,mango, broccoli,carrot,cheese slices, toast, hot chips 8-[ ,banana. I gave him a bowl of pasta the other night too mashed a bit and he used his hands and devoured it..huge mess but hey he loved it! The yoga sounds fantastic too...thats so great you enjoyed it. Im sorry you feel like you have been suffering from pnd these past few months We are all here for you sweets :flower: :flower: :flower:

    Well Ive just put Sammy down..he is so tired. Ive been watching the girls do all their running,relays and team sports..He was on his very best behaviour and loved all the attention..sleepy boy now though.

    Got to go and do the never ending stream of housework


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    Hey Girls,

    Thanks for all your kind words. And yep, I had a lovely time with my Mum the other day, thanks. We had a nice picnic lunch with my sister and then Mum looked after Josh for a couple of hours in the afternoon so DH and I could go to the movies together.

    Soph, I just wanted you to know that I have a small idea of how you feel re Lucie's feeds. Josh has never been a big eater, but just lately he's been worse. A lot of feeds, he will only drink a small amount from his bottle and then refuse to drink any more. He clamps his little mouth shut and nothing more will get past his lips! And he gets cranky if I try to give him more. I'd say he would drink about the same amount as Lucie each feed. (From what you have described in your posts). I make him 200ml bottles and he never finishes them. The only time he comes close is during his dream feed when he's practically asleep. I find it really frustrating and can understand why it upsets you.

    Jo & Cass, at your poo stories!! I have yet to come across anything quite that gross! (I've probably just jinxed myself!) And Cass, I'll share one of Josh's secrets too...some of his poos come out like playdoh too since starting solids! Also, (and I know this is going back a while now) Josh and I are going to the meet up. Will you and Kaitlyn be going?

    Jo, good news re Sammy's sleeping. You'll feel like a new woman with a bit of extra sleep. And what a great idea with the apple too. Josh is still on the mushy stuff, but I'll remember that for when he "graduates". Well done to Jess too!

    Georgie, I had a laugh at your post about being a "tissue licking, awww muuum" type of mother because I think I will be the same! I can already see the thoughts running through Josh's head when I clean him up and if he knew how to roll his eyes at me, I think he would, LOL. Do you get to see your family much, being in Albury?

    Storm, yay for Zac sitting up on his own! Clever boy! I can't wait until Josh can sit up too.

    Fletch & Louise and Zane and Maria...hi to you all. How are you doing?

    Well, Josh and I have had a nice day out shopping today. I went a bit crazy in Borders - so many beautiful childrens books to choose from. I bought Josh the funniest book called "Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear". I think he will love it when he's old enough to understand it! Today is also our 3rd wedding anniversary, so once Josh goes down to sleep tonight, we're going to order in some Italian and open a good bottle of red that we've been saving for a special occasion. Plus, I bought some Belgian choccies for dessert. Yum!

    I hope everyone has had a great day, chat again soon!

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    ohhhhh I just lost a whole LONGGGGG post . Probably would have bored you all and it was the universes way of telling me to keep it short hehe.

    I hear ya on the PND , it has only been about a month or 2 since I started to feel really good. I remember when Kaitlyn was home for about 2 days , so she was 9days old (thankfully I was in private so I asked if I could stay 7 days instead of 5 hehehe) I remember saying to DH I wish I could put her back and what had I done I thought I was not meant to be a mummy ...even though all I ever wanted to be in life was a mum and wife !. Anyway obviously it was PND making me feel that way as now I am in 7th heaven being a at home mummy and wife!.

    Jo you are so good on the fingerfood!. I dont give Kaitlyn anything except her teething rusks which she loves. I think I might try the arrowroot biccie for her.

    Bec I am glad you had a nice time with your mum ..and a movie date with DH to!. Have a great dinner tonight ...I love those special nights . I think I will be going to the catch is 27th isnt it?

    Kaitlyn and I went and visited a girlfriend in Hosp today , she has just had a new little girl...ohhhh talk about a flash back!. The smell of the lillies in her room made me remember so vividly being in hosp with Kaitlyn and a room full of lillies!. Then we came home and because she missed her morning sleep she was a bit grumpy for the rest of the day the poor love.

    Hope you are all having a nice night.

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    Im sitting here with the phone of speaker waiting for *$#@&%* AAPT to get me from hold (8 mins so far), so a good oppourtunity to catch up.

    Go Zac on the sitting! It iwll be no time Storm before he's really good it; once they get the hang of how to move thier legs and balance, they can do it for hours. And I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I gorw up, it changes every few months Id love to work in policy for the govt or an ngo, but dont have much luck with those jobs. And now that James is around, not much interested in full tiem work anymore! One day...

    Thanks for run-down on Kaitlyn's early morning Cass; its pretty much what we do, although I dont always do the nappy cos it gets changed at supper and they hold so much, and Im half asleep and such a bad mother 8-[ , and that might the clincher. It certaily worked this morning! Does Kaitlyn get really hot when shes wrapped? James sweats like a boxer, I wonder if its a problem somettimes. Would like to wean him off the wrapping, since he wont sleep now without it, so if he wiggles out its all over. Hmmm

    Jo, Sammy is a champ on the finger foods! I must try James on more. LOL at Sammy trying to drink the pool - I guess its good for their immune system!!! Dont wear yourself to a shadow with all that housework! You are such a super-mum, keeping up with Sammy and those girls!

    16 mins on hold so far....

    Bec, ther are sooooo many good kids books arent there? I am such a sucker for them (but Im a book fiend in general anyway), I hope poor James likes to read when he's older! Congrats on your anniversary (remind me what the gift for 3rd is? Ours is in May!) and I hope you have a really lovely evening. Actually make that "had" because I hope you wont be rushing to check the forum in the middle of it! Unfortunately I dont get to see much of my folks being so far away; usually every 3 months or so. And they run an accomodation business, so find it hard to get away to come up here.....we are trying to get down there more cos its important they see James. Even more so since his other side of the family is all in Germany! DH is the only one who escaped from the village to come to Aust!

    23 mins...just got to talk to someone who couldnt help me!! grrrr :fuming: back on hold

    Well done on getting to yoga Soph, Im glad its helping you relax. No matter how stressed I am, I always love getting to a class, it makes me feel so much better. Mums and bubs sounds brilliant. And yay Lucie going under! Did she come up with that spluttery surprise look? Storm's suggestion about not watching is a great one. Its not the same thing, but when I look back at the times Ive had trouble with feeding James (usually with supply), the more worried about it I get, the worse it becomes and I just got all tied up in knots. When something distracted me, it usually came good again. I know its not the same, but the principle of not watching every suck is a good one! About the PND - it might be really worth following up with your GP or MCHN.

    Fletch, Tracey, where are you guys this week? Hi to Zane and Indah!

    30 mins, and given up. I'll do it from work tomorrow 8-[

    We had a really nice mother's group today, but I think James is coming down with another cold (childcare strikes again), and he's always a bit unsettled after hanging out with the other bubs. And Im upset with myslef cos I got cross with him when he wouldnt eat dinner. Think I need some of Bec's yummy chocs!! (for me to feel better, not for the child!!) Wonder whats in the cupboard....chances are good since DH is on a diet!

    Have a good night everyone, lots of good sleeping and eating vibes!


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    sorry you had not luck with AAPT Georgie!! I hate waiting on hold!.

    I have just changed Kaitlyns night time nappies to Huggies as she was starting to fill them ..big girl that she is now!. I wish I could get her to sleep longer Last night she went down at 630pm and woke at 3am , I managed to resettle her and had to finally feed her at 4am ....then she chatted in her cot ...did a poo ( reallyyyyy sick of these early morning loo habits!) so I changed her and we both managed to get back to sleep at about 530am ..arrrghhhh not every morning is good i guess hehe.

    You know I have a feeling something has to be going on ...teething or something as she is just so out of sorts at the moment.

    Kaitlyn sweats BIG TIME ...sometimes her little head is smelly after a big sleep . Plus her bedroom door is always closed because of our two cats so there is not as much airflow so that does not help . When it was peak summer I actually made her a 1/2 wrap so it just wrapped her arms and left her legs free and cool..the things we do!. I cant wait to get her out of them...I am slowly trying ..I wrap her left arm a little loser and I think she is starting to get used to it.

    Well I hope you found something in the cupboard!. DH and I are getting into a bit of a ice cream habit at the moment which is very naughty. So strange as I am not a sweet eater really ..I think since DH told me I was looking really skinny in the face I realised I was walking to much and not eating enough so I have started eating a little more hehehe. Anyway didnt want to have ice cream tonight so I am having a baileys on ice ..mmmmmmmm just like ice cream anyway !

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    locking this thread ladies....

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