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Thread: Babies born December 2007 #14

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    LoriRae, I got out of the canteen duty. DP did the BBQ there for a while until Noah's game started.

    Nic, sooooo jealous on your fantastic sleep you got huni. WTG Olivia. Now send some sleepy vibes to Abbey.

    Michelle, hugs huni. You know what I'd say to your DH !! Perhaps I shouldn't write it down. I do agree with Nic though. Just put the baby in his arms, go make yourself a cuppa and sit down for 10 and enjoy it. Or, when he says a cuppa would be nice and say yes it would thanks I'd love one. Oh and get off your lazy a$$ and get the remote yourself.

    Morgan, poor Vicky, she's had a bad run lately too. I hope she get's better soon enough. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to get up and go out for a while kid free. I hope you got some sleep lastnight.

    Jus and Alicia, I "think" I know of what you are talking about. Have seen them online before. Great idea. But nope, don't have one.

    Carrie, this morning I don't know how either. Abbey is whinging on the lounge room floor. Tehya is crying cos I yelled at her for making a noise and I'm way too tired to deal with any of them. Sounds like a great idea with the baby led food. So the idea with the finger food is to give them soft fruits etc I am guessing. Not like you can give them a carrot stick

    So very tired this morning. Partly my fault and partly Abbey's. I went out with a gf lastnight to a homewares party. Stuff was nice enough but tbh there is no point in me buying it. Nowhere to put it around here and my kids would wreck it anyway. Got home just before 11, but there was a movie on tv (behind enemy lines) that I started to watch and ended up staying up til 12.30. Abbey was up several times and Tehya was up by 5am as usual. I got up around 7.30 after Abbey spewed all through my bed, again.

    Going to be one very long day here me thinks. Weather is great for bumming around, but I have arranged to go out with a gf to a market thing they are holding nearby with baby stuff there. Not that I need anything, Just for a squizz.

    Have a great Sunday all

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    I hope you end up having a great day Trish I know the feeling when you are just to tired to care about doing anything.. lol

    Olivia is down for a nap now and when she wakes I will offer some farex.. I want to go out and do something today but have no idea what. Too wet to go to the beach or park..

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