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Thread: Babies Born December 2007 #3

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    Well I hve also had one of those days- I did my first trip out on my own withboth kids, which wasnt too bad, except Liam woke up when I put him into the pram, and so he was awake a couple of hours and now is over tired and having trouble staying asleep.
    Hell broke loose when I gothome because I was trying to feed liam and give Tori her lunch, then I put them both down to bed and though I would get some rest WRONG WRONG, liam kept waking up, tori kept getting out of bed, grrrrrrrrrrrr, then Tori wondered into the lounge and spewed everywhere and did a huge poo in her nappy, and Liam grizzled in his bassinette while I cleaned her up.
    Thankfully Tori is sleeping now, Liam I *think* has just stirred in his bassinette but isnt grizzling, and DH is on his way home with some Sushi for me for lunch.

    I totally sympathise with those of you who are trying to get used to life with a baby and a Toddler, Tori has been good, but I feel like I am missing out spending quality time with her. I had a big sad last night because DH got to go outside and play with her while he was watering, while I got to do the dishes, clean the kitchen and clean the bathroom........woohoo (not). I am going to try and make some special time for us just to do something together I think.

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