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thread: Babies born February 16th-28th 2009 #2

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    May 2007

    For some reson I can't see people's posts! Very strange. So hi all! Even though I don't know what you are up to

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    Tracey just realised I missed your post up there... so good to hear from you, I'm glad the rose is flowering. Thinking of you often...

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    Apr 2008

    Gee you all do talk a lot

    Sorry for lack of personals but I can't remember what everyone was saying

    AJP - we were going to see Watchmen at iMax but we have now given up on that idea...

    J has come out in her hormonal rash so she looks most unattractive at the moment - just in time for the meet tomorrow. I am looking forward to catching up with Odette and Melly there!

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    Apr 2008

    Holly and OP- big to you both. You two are great mums and keep telling yourself that. It is such a big learning curve and think of everything that you have accomplished so far your little ones. You both should be very proud of yuourselves. I remember when I first bathed DD (DP did the hospital bath so I was kind of afraid that I wouldnt be able to do it at home- and I also had a nightmare that dd's head went under the water and I couldnt get her out), then I bathed her and did a great job and I felt really proud- just little things like that build my confidence and Help me to be a little mroe relaxed which I think rubs off on her. Lots of for you both.
    Kaz- THat is fantastic sleep!!!! My MCHN said not to wake up DD even if she sleeps for that long because she is gaining weight so it doesnt matter if she misses a feed- she seems to make up for it during her daily feeding frenzies anyway. My dogs are adjusting as well. I am not putting them out of the house for anyone either (only did it for the midwife), it has been a massive adjustment for them and they dont need anymore stress. Hope the visitors are helpful and dont ovestay their welcome.
    Ellie- I think its so sensible for you to ban them from coming over at the moment. Its common sense that people who are sick should stay away and they should know better. Don't take offence to their emails, you are just being a good, protective mother for your little one.
    Laura- You are doing so well!! First the job!! And the gym!!!! Good on you for looking after yourself. I hope Logan is behaving, that "no" word sounds evil!! Hopefully once he adjusts to having Bella around and having to share you his behaviour will get back to normal.
    Shell- great one about DF's hearing!
    SJ & Nai- I wouldnt worry about wearing your HAB when you have to go to the bathroom, these babies wee and poo in front of us all the time and even on us sometimes!!
    SJ- How is Gracie sleeping today? Hope she is sleeping more for you.
    Jols- How was your 6 week check up? Hope your iron levels are coming back up.

    Was thinking girls, maybe we could PM Tracey our messages so she deosnt have to come in here and read through the posts to see our messages to her. Just a thought.

    to everyone else.

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    Feb 2006

    nai millie has just gotten rid of her hormone rash!!

    ali was just a midwife ck up still need to see the dr was great thoguh, we had a chat about the birth and how it went, the bleeding etc... they think my heamorrage/servere bleeding was partly from the uterus but mostly from the tearing amazing that a tear can bleed so much, though i have a feeling i had varicos vains down there and perhaps thats where the bleeding came from.
    iron levels are crap they should be between 5 and 26 and im on 6...!
    haemaglobin is good gone from 88 to 126
    how is miss Ashlyn today!??

    op they have a fussy period at 5 weeks so maybe thats what isabel is having, millie was fussy last week, very uunsettled during the day, this fussy stage can start at 4 weeks through to 6 weeks, ours lasted for the week!

    holly i hope things get better for leon and yourself soon its the hardest thing this motherhood stuff but its the most rewarding thing you'll ever do ~!

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    Apr 2008

    Jols- no wonder you are tired!! Iron levels that low and a newborn and a toddler!!! Dont kow how you do it!!! DP told me that I had more bleeding from when she was stitching me than the birth. In facvt I think he described the stitching phase to me as being a bit of a "blood bath" and I only loss less than 500mL!

    Do you girls have to have a pap smear at your 6 week check up? It just so happens I am due for one and I am petrified of anything going near that area!! THey say it wont hurt by then but I dont know about that...

    ETA- Ash is sleeping! she has been quite a doll today! I even made DP and I scrambled eggs this morning!!!!

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    Feb 2006

    ali i seriously would have hated to have seem so much blood come from one area im sort of glad i was a little oblivious to what what going on down there!! though i do remember them changing the bluey pads and bedding under me very frequently!!
    i hated anyone looking or touching me down there whilst in hospital so much so that i would shake uncontrollably, it was awful, i will wait to have mine for a few more months, im due too

    glad ashlyn is behaving for you!

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    Mar 2007

    Oh my, I can't remember what everyone has said either!!

    Grace has got the hormone rash happening too Bummer. Went to see the MCHN today and she has put on 220g this week, is now 4.54kg. Still feeding well, yay!! And today she's sleeping!! I have noticed her sleep cycles are about 45mins then she starts squirming and waking up so I have been going and patting her when she squirms and it's working!! She's gone back to sleep twice!!

    I'm due for a papsmear too, uck, I've had enough of ppl looking at my bits!!!!

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    Apr 2008

    i am not saying anything good about dd's sleep habits anymore....go to sleep child!!!

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    Dec 2005
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    I'm jealous of those getting good space between feeds overnight, I'm lucky if she goes little longer than 3hrs!

    Ali- Em hates sleeping at this time, usually can't settle til 10- 11ish. If you don't feel up to pap smear put it off couple months til you feel ready.

    Heaven- Yay on weight gain and keep up with the resettling now will be very handy once sge starts sleeping thru that 45mins. Easier to do now than later.

    AJP- God yr iron is in yr boots! Hopefully starts picking uo soon. At least yr Hb is looking good.

    OP- yes things will get easier! 6 weeks roughly things will peak but start getting better. Just try to take each day at a time and try whatever works that day to settle her, try get out of the house too, fresh air will do you good and her crying won't seem so bad when your walking.

    Holly- Let us know how yr appt goes tomor. I hope you get some help and able to get him more settled and comfortable.

    Kaz- Howd you go with the visitors and them with your dog? Hope all smoothly. Great about the big sleep but I'd prolly be like you and panic, I remembe when Ash first slept 8 hours and I didn't cause I was up checking her all the time!

    Ellie- Stay away from the gastro definately! Last thing you and bubs need.

    laura- Good on you going to the gym, I struggle just taking the kids for a walk.

    We've had a prob with some feeds, I don't know what prob is but 3 feeds in last 24 hours she is on the boob for like 10secs then comes off screaming then is desperate;y looking for it again then screaming so I try burp her and get wind out if that is prob but still does it. Feeding then takes forever and very stressful.

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    Feb 2006

    yay on the weight gain sara!!!! and the sleep!! woot! love the photo in your ticker too, gorgeous!

    ali awww i hope she sleeps soon for you

    ETA soooo shell seen as your the medico of the group just how bad is my iron at 6?????

    millie has been doing the same,pulling off and oh the scream

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    Nov 2007

    OP - I hear you with unsettled bubs - DS is only being settled when he's in my arms during the day, so I spend my days watching TV. He will tolerate a short putdown time (enough for me to go to the loo). I have to have him near me when he's not in my arms which makes food prep interesting and touch him every minute or so, and talk to him all the time! and I'm not saying how he is sleeping at night coz I'll curse the 2hr sleeps (and the hour it takes to settle him between feeds).

    Plus I have to feed him before I put him in the car, when I get him out of the capsule (into the pram) and then feed again before into the capsule and when I get home. Looking forward to the 'big' change in 1-3 weeks time, and wishing he was a dummy baby!

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    Evening ladies

    Wow, I have gotten on twice today, unheard of! I have tried to explain to DH that getting on here is "me time", its one of the few things I can do that is just for me... I'm not washing clothes/nappies/dishes, making dinner or looking after Isabel. So he's tried to help me have a bit more time on here today!

    Isabel had a good sleep this arvo but then screamed from 4pm, through a feed, til when I put her in the Ergo at about 5.30pm. Then she slept in the Ergo til 8pm when we bathed her and she started screaming again. She has only just stopped now. Sigh!

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement ladies.

    All the talk of pap smears - I had to have a swab with the speculum thing at the Obs office on Friday and it wasn't too bad. It is actually nice to know that things can go near that area without too much trauma for me!

    Speaking of things going near that area, how many people are "back into it" with their DP??? DH is v. keen to get things going again but I'm thinking we should wait til the six week check and all clear.

    Tarkine - we'll help each other get through this unsettled phase! It will end. I figure we just have to be the best mum we can be... no more. If it means holding DS all day, so be it.

    AJP/shell - Isabel is doing the exact same thing with feeding! So bizarre.

    SJ, well done on the weight gains and sleeping! Awesome!

    Nai we've got the rash going on here too.

    Not much else to report... the Obs office rang through my swab results, all clear down there. Just normal bugs - no infection. No idea why I smell then!! Will ask Obs on Tuesday - 6wk check.

    Can't believe its been 6wks already...

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    Apr 2008

    Well 6 hours of awake time when she mornally sleeps so well in the evenings!!! I think it was because I had some visitors this arvo and DD woke up wanting a feed and I kept holding off and it must have upset her. She finally went down and has stayed down at 10:00pm.

    The worst thing was I was trying to cook dinner, had ironing to do (as I wont have time tomorrow morning as that is when she normally is at her worst) and the poor dogs hadnt even been fed all day, it started raining and I had washing to still bring inside and I just wanted someone to take her off me and try and settle her. I ended up cooking one handed as I had had it up to my eyeballs feeding her for 6 hours almost constantly on and off the boob with her just biting on my nipple and not sucking any milk.
    Hoping for a better day tomorrow....

    Shell- I agree with you, the longer feeding goes on the more stressful it becomes. I hope tomorrow is a beter day for you as well.

    Jols- years ago when I had iron levels around yours, I had to have an injection of iron into my buttocks every fortnight for 3 months!!!

    Tarkine- I hope that you have some support at home. You must just be exhausted.

    OP- that is great that DP now understands that BB is your time. You have given me hope that pap smear wont be as bad as what I think it will. When did all your stitches fall out? Mine are still there. Great to hear that all your results came back all clear. On the DTD business, DP has asked me twice in the last week!!! I said to him that we will be waiting until the 6week checkup!! He has been so affectionate with me lately though which surprises me becase I thought he would be completely tunrned off after seeing childbirth!!

    Another question for you girls on the DTD front....you dont have to answer if you dont want but what contraception are you girls going to use? I got a script for the mini pill at hospital but havent filled it yet, I also want to make sure that it is going to work as I really dont want to fall pregnant again for a while. How deos it work when DD's feeds arent regular yet?

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    Nov 2004

    hey all
    just a quickie again- still suppose to be doing paper work lol
    all good- MR L a bit unsettled today but zzz now.
    had my 6 week check up yesterday- all is good- OB says I can have another 4 or 5 kids if i want- YEAH RIGHT!!! try convincing DH that !!! Pelvic floor is nice and tight again and uterus back to size it should be! Maybe now i will be game to look down there again!!!

    OP- as for waiting for check up to DTD- well how can i say this- we tried b4 the appointment and i ended up opening up my wound again- so if you try - take it real easy. Got the OK from OB yesterday to resume things now but! Also asked about migranes and got a script for a tab to take on the oneset- maybe i will get it as an emergency - not sure. He said it could be till the 3 month mark till our hormones settle down again and its very common- great!

    Tracey- good to hear from you hon- so glad the rose is blooming- thinking about you!

    Nai- we have te hormone rash here- now it comes and goes- it is worse after a feed and is gone in an hour or so- Levi also has stork marks as well, and his eyes still clog up everynow and then - so between his rash, his eyes and his stork marks- looks like he has done 10 rounds with mike tyson

    oops getting busted not working - so better get back to it

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    Feb 2006

    OP DH is keen to DTD too but im not i know it will be tender when we do try so that puts me off, will try soon though!!!
    i too have a slight odour down there but not too worried, i only have a slight discharge too so only in liners as well.
    hope isabel is more settled today.

    ali contraception probably the dreaded condoms here, i hate the pill were probably not having anymore kids so one of us will get fixed at some stage down the track!!
    my stitches fell out by about the 3 week mark!!

    det, get back to work just joking!! glad to hear your 6 week appt went well!! we have the gunky eye and slight hormone rash again too!

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    Down Under

    Sorry ladies wont be back in here for a few days.
    im really sick atm. dont even know if i will be having my 21st sat night.
    talk soon xx

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    Feb 2006

    awww hun hope your better soon

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