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thread: Babies Born February 16th-28th 2009 #3

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    ok umm dont know where to start!!!

    Heaven - So happy that you have worked out your feeding, there is nothing worse than having an unsettled baby after they have been fed!!!!

    Kaz - i hope things are settling down for you, i just got a script for motillum to boost my supply!!

    det - glad to hear the funeral went well and your eulogy. i would have been a mess trying to read something! you wont know what to do with yourself now that the twins are back at school!!!

    meg - i think its just a jelously thing, i am going through the same kind of stuff with DS. dont feel guilty, you are not 'getting rid of him' you are allowed to have a break every now and then what is the white noise?

    Ali - LOL @ the foot tapping, i find myself rocking or swaying even when im not holding bella!!! hows ashlyns rash?? what things are you concerned about? that photo of ash is gorgeous! yay for getting your hair done!!! make sure you post a photo!! bella is still in 0000 clothes apart from her bodysuits they are 000. and nappies - the next lot i will be buyin infant ones although i went to aldi and bought the newborn ones and i think she will be in those for a while!

    shell - woohoo for DF's party, thats so good that em slept for you! im happy to hear that the wind and stuff is starting to settle down! lol god they are cheeky sometimes, you really want them to go to sleep but they are soo cute when they talk to you! ash does have a pretty good imagination!

    Holly - i would have been so angry at DP. making you worrried that whole time. i swear men dont have a brain sometimes!

    Ellie - hello! yeah men have it so hard dont they

    tarkine - HAHA hairy nipple.... do you wrap alex? i have found that bella only settles (at night time) wrapped tight and i have to hold her in the same position as i breastfeed so she is close to my boob. KWIM?

    OP - good to hear from you!!! sorry that your going through a rough patch

    AJP - im having trouble getting bella to have sleeps during the day. today was the worst so far she was awake from about 3pm till 9:30pm and only had 2 10-15 min power naps. i dont know why she wont sleep!

    Nai - woot for miss J!! shes so clever!

    im sorry if i have missed anything or anyone!!!! i tried really hard!!!

    AFM - i went to the funeral today it was so sad. My cousin was a mess and as soon as i hugged her i lost it as well. She lived in a flat with her dad and she said to me "i dont know what to do, i dont want to stay there but i don want to move as there are so many memories..." i didnt know what to say to her.
    i made mini quiche's for tea they were soo yummy!!!
    Bella is doing ok we are still BF and FF. she is not sleeping very well during the day but she does make up for it at night time (9 or 10 till about 8 or 9.)
    I have just signed up to be a girl guides leader and my first meeting is wednesday night im pretty excited.
    I had an awesome night on saturday night.. it was good to get out and have a FEW drinks lol

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    Ali- Ok, I think all the feeding at night is a growth spurt. OMG. She usually feeds every 3-3.5hrs. Yesterday it was every 2 hrs, and then last night every 2-3hrs. And she was feeding for AGES too. I feel asleep one time and woke up later and she had been on that side for 40mins!! My poor nipples are a bit tender this morning. I can't imagine how much milk I'm going to have now when my boobs catch up, I already had heaps. I tried co-sleeping after the first time she woke up last night to see if I got more sleep and I think it was easier. She settled heaps easier coz she just fed and then I didn't have to move her she just fell asleep. Except for one time when I had to change her nappy, that woke her up Bugger. But it would have leaked if I didn't change it.

    tarkine- I agree, atm I'm just doing what works wrt sleep. If she wants to only sleep in the sling during the day I don't care as long as she sleeps! lol. I have a vision of carrying an 8 yr old child around in a sling non stop, pmsl.

    meg- DH has been really good so far at looking after her but he hasn't been in charge of feeding before as you can imagine, lol, so that freaked him out I think, it was funny.

    shell- Oh bummer about the cold, I hope it's not too bad!

    det- Yay for the peace and quiet! I bet you don't know what to do with yourself now! Tell me your secret, how do you get levi to sleep so much at night?? I'm so tired!! Is it just a growth spurt and she will suddenly sleep more?? I need some hope, lol. The last 2 nights were not good!

    laura- I don't get it, why don't they want to sleep in the day? When they're clearly tired!! DD seems to fight sleep. She gets tired and I try and put her to sleep and it's like everytime she realises she's closed her eyes and almost fallen asleep she cries again. I don't understand, seems simple, if you're tired, SLEEP!!!!!!!!! lol. Hope you have a better day today.

    Grace still fits into some 0000 clothes but also 000. I really have no idea bc there's so much variation between brands!! No idea how she's even fitting into some 0000 coz she's a porker! Most of the things she wears though say for 3 months, lol. She's using the newborn ALDI nappies because they are pretty huge! But wouldn't fit into a newborn huggies anymore, she needs the infant size.

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    Hi girls!

    Shell, that's scary that your DP had a massive bruise! Yeah DP doesn't know how to drink in moderation either The tummy tub sounds really good - we are using a baby bath with the sling/hammock attachment. DS loves his baths but I always have to keep pouring warm water over his chest and arms and putting a facewasher on him to keep him warm. It would be good to get the tummy tub so he wasn't as exposed.

    Heaven, DS isn't a fantastic sleeper either. At mothers group yesterday, all the mums were saying how their bub's are sleeping for like 6-7 hours over night! Here I am thinking a 3 hour sleep is great... he usually has one decent sleep over night (the first one), which is about 3-4 hours. During the day though, he will sleep for maybe an hour at a time and that's only in the HAB! Oh and we're co sleeping, otherwise if he were in his cot there's no way I'd get that 3 hour sleep from him...

    Nai, that's great that DD was settled while you went away. Hope it continues!

    Ali, yeah you shouldn't have a problem exchanging the nappies, I've done it without receipt. L has graduated from newborns into infants! Still haven't gotten around to using cloth...lol I've got a whole stash but the thought of all that laundry really isn't appealing right now. L is wearing mostly 00's and still some 000's but only just. Lol at tapping your foot! Umm I'm guilty of rocking the pram when L isn't even in it! LOL

    Det, have a good time at pilates! If I was more coordinated I would try something like that, but I'd probably make an idiot of myself!

    Laura, have fun with the girl guides! Glad that the feeding is settling.

    Hi to everyone else!

    AFM, L has his 8 week check tomorrow. Keen to see how much he's put on this time! Will organise to get his 2 month jabs next week, but he's not having all of them. He'll have the DTP, Hib and rota virus and that's it! Hep b, polio and pnuemoccol can wait for now...

    Oh he's up, better go...

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    Hi All, Miss J has been great since her vaccinations - they don't seem to have affected her at all which is good.

    Ali, she is in 000 now for clothes. She wears the infant 4-8kg size nappy when I use a sposie but she is mainly in cloth so I don't use that many.

    Like most of the other bubs Miss J is not a great daytime sleeper and I am lucky to get 45min out of her in her bassinette however if she is in the pram or sling or on me she can go 2 hours at a time. She must wake after 1 sleep cycle in the bassinette. She sleeps all night in it though! She will do anything from 4 - 9 hours straight in it so not sure what the story is with day sleeps

    Holly, good luck tomorrow with the check up!

    Laura, good on you for being a GG leader! I hope it's fun.

    Det, enjoy pilates - I love going to mum & bub exercise class

    Hi to everyone else - Miss J crying again!!

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    Holly- DD has her vaccinations soon too and I'm still undecided what to do about it. How did you decide which ones to have? I don't like the idea of vaccinations (esp MMR) but I know there are some I should get her. Def not Hep B, she is not at risk of catching that for a while!

    Nai- I don't get it either, DD will sleep fine in her bassinette at night but not during the day!! Doesn't make sense!! OMG how do you get her to sleep so long at night!! Maybe after this crazy growth spurt DD will surprise me and sleep better at night. Hey, I can hope.

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    Heaven, don't despair! As they get bigger they tend to sleep longer. She has only been doing it a few weeks. Anyway, she has just made a liar out of me - she has been asleep in her bassinette now for 2 hours!!

    I decided to have all the vaccinations done with Miss J - mainly because DD1 is at childcare and mixes with a lot of other people so she could be bringing anything home with her. DD1 is vaccinated but quite a few of the kids there aren't so it is a bigger risk for us. I guess you have to look at all the risks and weigh up what you are comfortable with.

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    Thanks Nai. DD has now been asleep for 2.5hrs!! wtf!! And she's snoring, not looking like waking up. Hope this doesn't mean she'll be up all night!

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    sara the more sleep they get the more they sleep!
    BBL need to cook dinner while DD1 isnt here, jsut saw a 24hr old bub today, so little!

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    im so proud!
    for tea i cooked (from scratch) beef casserole,12 mini quiche's and garlic bread! woot

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    well done laura!!

    im off to bed, think im in for a bad night with missymoo!

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    OMG bad night, I'm so tired
    DD was farting all night so I guess that was the problem but she still wanted to feed every 2-3hrs!! ENOUGH!!!! Then she would feed for ages and I'd have to put her to sleep so she was up for an hr each time so I was only getting 1hr sleeps here and there. She didn't sleep between 10.30 and 2.30!! Soooooooo tired now. I don't know what her problem is but I wish it would stop!! Wondering if it's something I ate. Onion? Garlic?? Hmmm....... maybe I'll just live on water.

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    in my head

    Massive to everyone having bad sleep nights atm!! We are pretty lucky in that J generally goes down between 10pm and midnight and then wakes for a feed at 3-4am and then again at 6-8am. So I usually get about 5 hours of broken sleep a night. Last night I got 4 hours straight so am feeling pretty good and even got myself out of the house this morning! Now that I've said that he'll probably change it!! We do have trouble settling him in the evenings to go off to sleep most nights - he's pretty ferral at that hour and it's usually when I'm feeling my most sleep deprived!

    How do you guys define a sleep cycle? J usually has a two hour sleep in the morning and then, if I'm really lucky he might do it again in the afternoon (so I can sleep too!) but mostly it's 30-60 min sleeps or not at all and we've got buckley's of getting him to sleep after about 7pm. He's so overtired he's beside himself and can't decide if he wants to feed, fart, burp or scream so tries them all intermittently and often tries to do two or more at once There's some good info on sleep in the Raising Children Network website. I'm going to try and read more of it today.

    Ok - I have read everything but can't remember who said what
    J is wearing mainly 000 clothes now but I don't think he'd still fit into the Bonds 000. I got sick of those little Bonds growsuits - I think it was the fluffy material I hated - so he doesn't wear them anymore
    He's still in newborn nappies but we've had quite a few leakage problems with wee the past couple of weeks and sometimes I need to change his clothes and bedding 3 times. We're thinking of going up a size. He did that even with cloth nappies (which we're slowly starting to try out) but that's possibly because I didn't pre-wash them enough times.
    Tarkine - are you guys in cloth?

    Both my mother and MIL have had whooping cough injections and DP and I both had ours done as well when J was a couple of weeks old.

    Nai - have you tried lightly slapping Js bum when she's in the sling? We can sit down with J here but need to tap his bum pretty regularly to keep him settled.
    Holly - Hope L's 8 week check went well today.
    Laura - How is the Motilium going darl? I am still expressing and topping up but not as often as before. Need to get J weighed again this week.

    AFM - Had my Nan's funeral on Monday. It's really sad but I know it's what she had wanted the last few years of her life. Her quality of life was pretty poor and she was very religious so wanted to pass to be with God. She's told me for years not to cry when she goes - I think my tears are more for me, that I won't see her again, rather than her. She would have been 92 today.

    My MIL is coming up today for a few days and then my sister is coming to stay this weekend so I'm not sure how much I'll be on BB but I'll be thinking of you all girls!

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    Hi all,

    Kaz - a sleep cycle is the period when bubs goes from light sleep to deep sleep back to light sleep. For Isabel her sleep cycles only last about 40mins during the day, sometimes I can settle her back into a second cycle but often not! I heard a sleep and settling expert say that babies rarely need only one cycle so it is important to try and encourage them to sleep through into the second cycle.

    I go in as soon as I hear Isabel stirring during the day and try and settle her through but she wakes so quickly, when I go in she has big wide eyes and huge smiles for me so getting her back to sleep is pretty useless! Ah well!

    SJ, you poor thing! I completely sympathise - Isabel is going through a growth spurt too and we've had a few patchy nights. I had my MIL here yesterday which helped - can you call in the cavalry to give you some rest??

    AJP - how was your night??

    Laura, sounds like a great dinner, well done! How's the supply going?

    Holly - how did your 8wk check go?

    Ali, about clothes - Isabel is in some 000 and some 00. She doesn't fit Bonds 00 gro suits anymore and is mostly in 00 during the day. Pumpkin Patch size 3-6mths. She's a big bubba - a whole lot bigger than some of the bubs at Mother's Group who are much older! (Det - she weighs more than Heidi and Heidi is up to 16wks LOL)

    She's also in cloth nappies so can't comment on the size of sposies...

    Cloth users, what are you doing overnight? Isabel is good at the dream feeds without fussing about having a wet nappy but she's wet through a few times... thinking I should get a booster or something so I can leave her in them.

    AFM - my MCHN friend says she thinks DD is going through a growth spurt, hence the feeding over night every 2.5hrs. I'm so tired but at least the end is in sight, if its a growth spurt it'll end soon. My BBs were so sore last night, she cluster fed from 7pm til about 11pm when she finally went down and she was pulling off and screaming in frustration, beating my BB with her little fist because there wasn't enough there for her.

    It was quite funny - we had friends round and she had fed at 7pm, then DH brought her back after an hour of grizzling so I fed her again, then at 9pm she was crying so I got ready to feed her and one of the guys goes "She can't be hungry again can she??" with this incredulous look on his face.

    So tempted to grab a bottle of EBM or formula and give her that... but didn't and she settled eventually. Then she woke at 2.30am, 6am and 9am. So a bit better than the night before. Hopefully she'll start settling into longer sleeps!

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    Kaz - Yeah, you really have to wash the nappies well.

    Heaven - I hope you can have arest today.

    Nai - I am giving Miss E her vaccs, but she has a cold this week, so I am not getting them done till her cold has gone.

    Laura - Do you wanna come cook at our house??

    E was weighed yesterday. she is now 4.8 kgs. Everything else is going along pretty well for her.

    I am getting her to do maybe one sleep in the day in her room, the rest is touch and go. For the past 2 nights she has slept 8pm to 3am, then straight back to her bed till 7:30am. So that's nice.

    Anywone give me good advice on what to do to help clear her nose? I have one of the Fess little nose thingys but she is stil lreally congested. Maybe I shouldd borrow mum's Steamer thing for her room??!!

    Oh and it is my 15 year school resunion at the end of May. I need to drop the 10kgs that I am still carrying so I won't be considered the fat chick!! So I joined back up to the gym today. Looking forward to getting back into shape.

    ETA - OP we posted at the same time. Wow she is a big ub
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    Oh, that reminded me. We're thinking of trying out cloth but I don't know where to start?? Help!! What nappies does everyone have? I want some that aren't too chunky. Some of them look so big and chunky that their clothes wouldn't fit over! I have no idea what size either, I don't want ones she's going to grow out of in a week. I was reading about all the nasty chemicals in disposables and now I don't want to use them anymore! lol.

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    I have cloth, but I didn't start with J till he was 6 months, so I am going to do the same again, as I don't want to buy more.

    my fave when J was little were greenkids pockets. I also like the Blueberry's pockets. (but I bought them online from the US when the dollar was practically 1:1 so they were quite cheap) I tend to go for pockets, but that's just me. Jump into the cloth nappy forums and ask the ladies in there.

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    millie is wearing 000 and 00, 00 wondersuits which are getting too small

    we had a good night after i was worried only woke once at 2.15 then 6.15, was down at 6.45pm but was up feeding at 7.45pm which was why i was worried.

    sleeps millie goes down every 60-75 mins some sleeps are 45-60 mins we usually g et a longer one in the arvo of a few hours, the last one before bath/book/boob/bed is usually in the sling.

    nappies we use cloth, mainly fitteds, i love kissaluvs for the fit but they arent very absorbant, bamboo lushies, bubblebubs aio's, tot bots bamboozles. covers i love motherease rikki or imve vimse (sp) ihave prefolds but i dont really like them. i have heaps of other nappies such as blueberry and bum genuis but they dont fit yet
    heaven depending on what your after, OSFM fitteds such as cute tooshies would be good, or BBH bamboo they need covers.

    i do use sposies and if i to it huggies infant or the aldi ones.

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    Miss A is going through the 6wk growth spurt, not sleeping well at night and wakes every 2-3hours. Hopeully only 1 more dayu of it as its been going on for the last 2 nights.

    Went to MCHN today and she is now in the 50%ile for length and weight so she has sloed down on the length s 3 weeks ago she was in the 97%ile! She gained 520g in 3wks so she now weighs 4.75Kg and is 57.5cm in length. They didnt do Head circ.

    I asked about the sleep thing and the MCHN said not to worry that they wont normally start sleeping through until 3months so all of you that have babies that do are extremely lucky. She said DD should be having at least one 4-5hour sleep though.

    Got my hair doen yesterday but not happy with it as I dont htink they left the toner on long enough so have to get the guts up to call them and say I want them to fix it! I am not good with these things but am going to do it as my hair looks to yellow.

    Went to bed early last night as we had a blackout at 8:30pm then just as I had fallen asleep with DD, the power came back on and everything started blaring and lights were on, etc! LOL! i soon fell back asleep though. I got my Rudd money today! Woo hoo! Got to pay off the credit card but might go and buy a few things, think we need a heater for DD's room for Winter as it is so cold in there. I wouldnt leave it on overnight, but just to warm the room up for her. Do you guys know which are the safest to use?

    Have visitors this arvo so I will be back later tonight xo

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