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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #6

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    yay a bit more busy here lol!

    bindy - yer jaylens in crawler nappies too, they area bit big but the ones b4 were getting a bit short!

    kate - yer what is a size 10-12 it would be nice to be that size again... im a 14 atm 12 in some tops
    jaylens feeding a bit different lately, usually he drinks all the 180mls but the last few days hes only been having about 100mls.. oh well he seems happy! and a few times he'll drink the whole 180mls and hes sleeping the same so im not going to complain!
    woo on seeing michael again, omg i so know what u mean about pregnancy hormones changing how u think, i couldnt have thought of anything worse than having a bf or anything like that but now it seems more 'ok' haha

    april - 4 weeks omg! r u's organised!?

    thanks 4 the comments on the pics, omg i cant beleive how much they grow...
    well better go he's awake even though i just fed him hehe... he's not crying, just kicking his legs heaps in his bouncer and making cooee noises haha!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Jess, sounds like Jaylen is doing really well Madeleine is currently in her bouncer too and kicking like mad, she won't go to sleep and has just had a feed. I will stay on here until she decides to go to sleep and then take her to bed with me and hopefully sleep through until 5am. Oooohh look out, I just looked down and her eyes are shut, good work Mummy.

    Well...tonight she poo-ed all over my hand, just when I thought she had finished her poo in her nappy, mistake! We had to have a bath at about 10pm! It was everywhere but gotta love her.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    April, I can't believe your wedding is so soon! Are you excited? Is everything organised? How awesome.

    Bindy, Billy has been a litlte unsettled but nothing to major. I did give him some Panadol that evening and he slept for hours! He's asleep now so that's nice. He just looks quite pale and tired. I am assuming it's the vaccinations.

    Jess, sounds like Jaylen is feeding the same as Billy. I won't worry too much then.

    Well, I'm going out to get some new black jeans. Mine are dead. I'll be back later.

    Hope you're all having a HAPPY FRIDAY!


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    Jess & Kate: Yeah I can't believe it how fast the weddings come along. Have pretty much organised everything now, still got the place cards & table seating (not looking forward to that) to do. There are about 70 people on my RSVP's so we were happy with that number. We're putting Bodie in the cutest little suit. It's a size 00. It will be a white long sleeve button-up shirt, black pants, black vest & a bow tie. He's going to look so handsome hehe.
    I will be putting pics up for everyone to see.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend and plenty of sleep.


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    time for a new thread everyone

    the new thread is here -

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