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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #6

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    Default Babies Born January 2008 #6

    This thread is for parents whose baby was born in January 2008.

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    lol kate on seeing the DTD post, same here hehe, had my mate msg me last night saying could he stay the night & im like ah no not yet ROFL... also a bit of $hit going on there, too long of a story haha...

    ohh its so early... im actually used to getting up at this hour now since jaylen doesnt sleep after his 5-6am feed lol

    well hes pretty settled in his bouncer so i might go lie down and watch tv.. omg my neck is soooo sore, no idea why

    OMG a month old... lol how quick has this time gone, i remember when we were all like 20 weeks preg lol
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    Yep how time flies hey! LOL. Wow Jaylen is up early!! Cara was like that too. Luckily Jackson is a far better sleeper than she was He'll normally sleep ti 7ish then an hr or so later he's back down again - as he is now... But trying to settle him at night is bit of a trial. But I can complain since once he's down he's great! Its mostly good.

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    morning ladies,

    haha kate on seeing the dtd post. just thought i'd put it out there!! hehe.

    jess - i know wat u mean about getting up early!! still not used to it tho unfortunately!

    sazz - no offence taken at all. us mummies will always create something to worry about....!

    amy's still really congested i actually got tweezers out this morning to pull a booger out of her nose!! hehe it was huge. no wonder she's so clogged up! hopefully it goes away soon. not much we can do for it....i got some fess little noses (thanks belly belly for the tip!) which works a little....

    well, we've got a day with daddy today. very exciting!! chat soon ladies xxxx luv nik and amy

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    OMG Sophie slept 7hrs again last night, she went to sleep at 11pm and didnt wake up again until 6am even though i woke every hr to see if she was awake, i thought she might wake up for a feed as she only had half a bottle at 10pm but nope. Oh i forgot to say yesterday that i weighed myself at the dr's and i'm roughly 78kgs so about 2weeks before i had Sophie i was 89kgs so since then i've lost 11kgs,didnt get weighed the week before i had her the dr forgot and the day i had her i was suppose to have my weekly check-up haha, should buy a set of scales for home (if i can EVER remember to buy them when we do food shopping haha).

    My sister was visiting yesterday she was up here with friends from Sydney going to sea world & dreamworld and spent the day with us after we got back from our dr appt (hence why i didnt post much yesterday), was good to see her but she has NO patience with Sophie the squirm and Sophie was pulling her hair but she never pulls my hair when i have it out. But she had lots of cuddles with Sophie, fed Sophie twice and changed a smelly/stinky nappy which was alot seeing as she doesnt have alot of patience.

    Jess- my god Jaylen does wake up early!!. 1 month old WOOHOO. My back has been sore but i think its because i kinda sit forward to feed Sophie otherwise she spills her milk but its killing my back so might have to work something out, my back is fine once ive had a sleep very weird. Sophies asleep now has been since about 6.45am (qld time). I tell ya i'll be glad when DLS ends.

    Sazz- thanks for sharing what your doing in regards to the cooled boiled water. I didnt take offence to your post or take it the wrong way. Glad Celeste is being good for you. I know i almost fell over yesterday when Chris said Sophie had put on 510grams!. Shes becoming quite a porker better not say that she'll end up with a complex.

    Going to go have a 2nd breakfast so hungry this morning.
    Kate- Glad the dr appt went well, did they weigh & measure BTK?.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Nik, that Fess Little Noses works wonders but I have those cotton buds that are bulky on one end so you can't put the bud right up their nose. I use those and they are awesome, they really pull the boogers out. Madeleine gets some now and again. That's good you DTD, we did recently too and it was do have that fear though don't you (I had 10 stitches so was super scared!!)...

    Madeleine back to drinking her normal 220mL every feed now and sleeping from 10pm-6am...she's been a bit out of sorts with her feeding since she was vaccinated on Tuesday

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Hi Lovelies and bubs!

    OMG, just before I say anything else, it's the Kew Festival today and they are having some kind of fireworks display down at the park which is only about a 3 minute walk from here. It's been going on for about 10 minutes. It sounds like what I imagine a war zone to sound like. All the animals are FREAKING out. I feel so awful for them. We are minding the dog on the corner of our street too and Mum went and locked her in the house because every time there's fireworks, she goes mental, jumps the fence and nearly gets run over up on the main road. Why would they have fireworks in a residential area like this? Fark, I'm so angry. The poor animals have NO IDEA what's going on. I'm going to write to the council. I reckon it should be banned. Dad's going off his TREE about it. lol Sorry, venting.

    Bindy, what's this Fess stuff you mentioned? Is it something that you squirt in or something like that? I tried picking a huge booger out of Billy's nose this morning but he cracked it. The dr told me never to put those cotton buds up there but I did the other day and got some rippers out!

    Jo, I want BTK to sleep like that. Poor little bugger was so interrupted today that he got all cranky tonight and would only sleep in my arms or his bouncer. He slept in the bouncer so I picked the whole thing up with him in it and put it in the cot! I know, unsafe but hell, he was sleeping. They weighed and measured him the day before at mummy club. I forget what the measurements and stuff were. I posted them yesterday I think. Awesome about your weight too mate. I dread even looking at the scales but that's normal. LOL It worries me that some scales might explode with my fat as* on them.

    Jess, one month? OMG. That HAS flown. Ooo, I wanna know the goss about this mate of yours now! I'm coming down your way very soon so maybe we can go out for lunch and a beer or something. Or dinner out at the pub or whatever. Will have to organise it with you.

    Hi Nik and Carol!

    Oh, Michael told his mum that I won't let Billy visit there as they smoke in the house. She said "what, the smoke's going to kill him?" I feel like calling her and saying, "yeah, it could!" I'm an ex smoker and there's still no way I'm letting him in the house. It was bad enough when she visited and held him and when she left I had to change his clothes as they smelt so awful. Michael told her he agrees with ME! pmsl! Love it. He hates smoking so that's good.

    Got my bed back today. woo hoo! Can't wait to sleep on it.

    Ooo, just realised Billy had his last feed at 3.45pm! He must be exhausted cos it's already been like nearly 6 hours!

    Having a glass or two of wine tonight. I have a severe problem with moderation but have decided that a few wines, once a week won't hurt anyone. Am having a lovely time all by myself. Aghhhh!

    I hope you're all having a great night.

    Back later or tomorrow.


    ps. Bindy, thanks for telling us you DTD also. I'm feeling less scared by the second - not that I'm planning on it but it's just good to know I won't break!

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    ps. Maz-a-licious... where are you? Everything ok???

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    Kate - Little Fess is really gr8 stuff. We used it for when Cara was a bub & we have more for this little bub too! We've used it already Its good for when they have a stuffy nose. You get the drops to use for their nose & also this little gadget that you can use to 'suck' the goobies out with! Ive never used that though,lol. You should definately buy - you will use it at some point.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Oh thanks Carol. Yes, one of the girls at mummy club was talking about that. Do they crack it when you squirt the stuff in? My GP said to put saline under their nose and they breathe it in. I guess it's the same principal. He's pretty cruisy so it should be fine.

    Girls, get this... I'm getting another tattoo done on Wednesday...


    How cool. Was going to get "Billy B" written next to it but I'm thinking just the berry itself might be enough. Thinking maybe on my bb. Got one on the left bb so maybe the right? What do you think?

    why am I still sitting here typing? Really all I'm doing is thinking out loud... I need to start that diary I went and bought!!! That'll keep me out of trouble, or at least keep the posts shorter!

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    kate - yer we will have to catch up 4 sure when u come down here!
    omg u dont wanna know the goss about my m8 hehe so damn confusing, pretty much we both like each other but we're trying to stop our feelings lol

    well i think 2nights going to be a long night, jaylens got a bit of a rash on his bum and we are both having thrush stuff, so a combination of it all is just making him cry all the time non stop! gave him a bath with the bedtime stuff and creamed his bum and about to give him a bottle... i think he has fallen asleep in his bouncer, o well he can wake up to have a bottle lol!

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    Kate- oh i seen you post yesterday but didnt see whether you'd posted his weight/length i was just curious. OMG dont people think when they decide to let fireworks off, letting them off in residential areas should be banned its so disruptive to everyone. I want everyones bubs to sleep through the night, soon enough they will. Although not the safest thing to do (put the bouncer in the cot) it was better than moving him from the bouncer to the cot and wake him up. Yeah my weight i'm about the same as what i was before i fell pregnant just got a few jelly areas that were more toned before haha, at times i dread the scales but then im curious and curiousity killed the cat so i end up jumping on the scales. Good for you dont let Michael's mum anywhere near BTK, tell her to change her clothes before visiting next time. Did you enjoy your wine, stuff moderation if BTK is settled have a few glasses.

    Bindy- Sophie's nose hasnt been too bad so far, if it does i'll look into this fess stuff thanks for letting us know about it. And thanks for sharing that you've DTD, the more i hear you ladies in here that have DTD its making me less scared to try. I only got my injection done on Friday and cant remember how long i have to wait for it to start working so will try and hold off a little longer. Good to hear Madeleine is back to feeding normal after her needles, not looking forward to getting Sophie's needles done but Chris is going with us so we'll be right i didnt see her get the needles at birth i was either in the shower (TMI washing her $hit off me haha) or they'd taken me off to theatre.

    We are missing a few ladies arent we, i hope things are going well with Mel & Tiff and to everyone else HELLO

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    Im soory girls - smack me later (Oh behave baby)

    I am super tired...since Mat and Vy had their needles on wednesday my house has been caos! I think I got like 4 hours sleep over 2 days there...ah lost it big time pmsl

    I didnt even realise a new thread had started! dame it!

    Now i have to go back to the old thread as DTD got my attention Jed's at me for it (again) but when ever we get close to doing it one of the amigo's lets rip.

    ah and there goes one of them now

    BBL lovelies

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    Hi ladies!

    What have I started with the DTD!! Hahahahaha. We are having the same prob as Maz though. When you get a spare moment, our little angel decides she wants to wake up or cry....oh well....

    Amy went to sleep at 3.30 yesterday and didn't wake up until 9.30. Couldn't believe it. If only she pushed that back about 3 hours and I would get some really really good sleep! I'll cross my fingers that we get there eventually. Not much else to tell here. That fess little noses is good. Amy is still congested but it does seem to work a little and we sometimes put the shower on hot and close the door to fog up the bathroom. That clears her up a tiny bit too. That suction thing you get with the fess stuff doesn't seem to work cos Amy's boogers are a bit too hard. Bindy, thanks for the tip on the cotton bud things. I did that yesterday and got one out that just went forever and ever hehehehehe. I was worried when we tried DTD cos it felt like it was stretching and just wasn't comfortable but all ok now thank goodness. Doc must have done a pretty good job stitching me up! Glad Madeleine is feeling better.

    Kate - Stupid fireworks!! Michael's mother obviously isn't the most intelligent person if she thinks that cigarette smoke won't affect a baby. that's gross that he stinks after she's held him. Yuk. I had a glass of wine last night and it went straight to my head. I felt like I'd had three or four!! Hehehehe. Nice to relax though that's for sure esp cos we could actually relax while we were eating dinner cos Amy slept so well yesterday afternoon!

    Jess - Sounds like you and Jaylen are having a rough time of it. Hope you both get better soon xx

    Jo - Yay on Sophie sleeping :-) and on the weight. I've got 5kg to lose. Am starting back at the gym on Monday afternoon. Am really looking forward to it. I really missed it when I was pregnant. Used to do the high impact stuff before and loved it.

    Maz - hope things are settling down for you soon. Good to hear from you

    Well, better go clean some bottles and get the next feed ready. My bbs are smaller than they were when I was pregnant now. Amy stills gets about 2 half feeds of bb a day though which is better than nothing. Don't think I'll make it to 12 weeks but 9 weeks isn't bad is it!? Oh my, 9 weeks tomorrow. WOW!

    Luv Nik and Amy xxxx

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Nik, some of those boogers are really long aren't they! They just keep coming and coming don't know when it's going to end!

    Madeleine went to sleep at 9pm last night and didn't wake until 6am this morning...bless her...she's done this 3 nights in a row now, let's hope it lasts.

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    hello ladies!

    kate - omg a strawberry thats so cute! i was going to get a strawberry on the back of my neck but i found this little celtic heart thing that i hav fell in love with so i will be getting that soon! i want to get jaylens name somewhere but i dont know where... i was thinking on the top of my shoulder...

    nik - u have started something with the DTD hehe!! oh yer hes been pretty unsettled during the day, fell asleep on me a few hours this morn though... thrush is nearly gone though and so is his nappy rash... oh i havent even weighed myself yet lol... i need to start doing exersise, my belly is flat, just a bit flabby but my legs are fat haha

    got photos printed FINALLY yesterday, $30 worth haha! got double prints so putting them in an album for mum for her bday from Jaylen! i dont know what else to get her, want to get something big cuz shes 50 !!
    WELL everyone should get that bedtime bath i have decided haha! jaylen was pretty unsettled last night so i gave him a bath with it and then gave him a bottle, and he slept from about 10.30 till 4.30! 4.30!! haha!! usually if he goes to sleep at 10.30 he will wake up at about 1! so had a good nights sleep, luckily cuz he been crying nilly all day hehe..

    just another question, do i HAVE to go to the #2 teats since hes a month old? i dont want to make a bottle 2 easy for him... would rather him have to suck more?

    better go hes being a bit histerical lol, i dont think he likes that bouncer i bought him...
    Last edited by _JeSs_; March 9th, 2008 at 11:52 AM.

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    yep lol, the min i put him in his other bouncer he fell straight asleep! was thinking of taking the one i bought back but he might like it when hes older and it turns into a toddler seat...

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    Oh Kate, Fireworks are the one thing that Sammy truly becomes terrified at- someone let some off in a backyard near us, and she was shaking like a leaf for hours, and would not leave our side. Would not go outside for a wee or anything. Poor darling!
    The strawberry sounds perfect, a great token to BTK. As for location- its your body!

    Addy is asleep. The first morning all week that she has slept in her bassinet after breakfast. Oh well. At least she sleeps well overnight!

    Gotta go, hope everyone else is great, sorry no other personals today but I read them all and hugs to you all!

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