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Thread: Babies Born January - June 2005 #6

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    Hey ladies,

    Bec + Fi-its was great to meet you guys in person... next time i'll have to bring declan along, he can meet the two little girls he always perves on (he sits next to me looking at ticker pics and saying "ooooh purdy" LOL

    Deb - hopefully your m/s takes a holiday each time you have to drive, although if i remember rightly, you do generally feel better when you drive and your feeling sick, as you cant sit there feeling sorry for yourself, you have to concentrate on driving.

    Well, i got home in one piece, got a new key cut today - managed to salvage the key from the boot (for those that dont know, during the BB dinner i get informed my DH, and not darling husband, has snapped the key in half in the car boot... i had to cab it home. ANd it wasnt cheap.) And i wasnt too late to the BB Nickers and i were going to today. BUt i smacked my wrist today, and was hoping to knock myself out with some sleeping pills, but declan had gastro by the looks of it.. As we were leaving the bbq, he threw up all through the car, and has kept going. About 15 times since then. I've had enough of sick kids...

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    Bec, YAY at getting to have breakfast child free. Oh what a sad life when we get excited by that Good to hear that you had a good night out. I'm sure it was well earnt. Sounds like Eliza was good for Nick, that just means that you can do it more often. And what is it with men not bathing the kids when we're out ?? Mark is the same.

    Deb, What a shame you guy's can't stay in Melbourne. What about a cheap roadside motel. During the week it should be cheaper ??
    Sounds like you are going to have a very long day. Hopefully Gab sleeps in the car for you. I know I can't drive for 30 mintues in the car with Tehya without her spewing, God only know's how she'd go on a 3 hour trip.

    Hope you MS p's off now and leaves you alone, that was enough of a symptom hey

    We had visitors over for lunch yesterday, was nice, they even brought up lunch with them. Have to love that. Really owe them.

    Mark has been weird lately, hardly even talking to me. I wonder why, he's been talking to everyone else. Seem's that he's really not happy and has told my mum, my dad, and my gf's husband, and who know's who else, that he is not happy here, that if things don't change he's going ot put the house on the market, sell up and split. Real nice hey. I hate that I don't have the security of having a house in my name over my head. I always had my own house, ok it was government housing but still I wasn't getting kicked out. It took me alot to feel secure enough to give it up when I was with Mark, then we bought this house. I knew that it was a step in the right direction for us, but now with threats like these, I can't help but wonder if I did the right thing.

    I dont want to go back to being a single mum, I have double the kids now, and double the damn work. Still, I know I can do it. I don't take to these threats lightly. I once had a boyfriend who threatened to leave on numerous occasions. I can't live like that, so the next time he did it, while he was at work, I packed his stuff for him. He was gone that afternoon.

    Bloody hell, who know's hey.

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    New thread time


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