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Thread: Babies Born July 2006 #4

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    Fraser Guest


    hey kids,

    pretty tired today - the young man no longer requires sleep.... or so he seems to think.... He is so blo*dy adorable at the moment it's hard to put him into bed for his naps - I just kiss and kiss and kiss him - so it's more than likely my fault he wont settle! he has found out he can squeal and shout really loud for fun! he does it heaps just lies on the floor and shouts and squeals - he's not unhappy he's actually having a great time- but it does make you jump out of your skin when you first hear it!

    Bubs - thats great about your weight loss - you must feel super. gawd wen you write down TTC 2008 it seems like such a long time away - we were thinkign late 2007 - if we take as long as we did to get Charlie we'll probably have another one in about 2011... I can't believe we're even talking about this!!

    Cassie - I hope Dylan sleeps well tonight - we have been having heaps of problems getting Charlie to sleep at night the last few days - we have had to turn his cot around because it is too light in his bedroom and he gets cranky

    Fee - Thats good Cooper was fine about his needles. Drs are such spaz's sometimes aren't they - ours weighed Charlie the day after the clinic and got a different reading... ??!!?? I have a clinic appt tomorrow morning and we wil find out once and for all (instead of guessing) what Charlie weighs. I think it might be around the 9 or 10 kilo mark - he's into Toddler nappies now.... boo hoo

    Kelly - yaaay for Charlotte rolling! good on her!

    well better go - the boy is squealing for me!


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    New thread time girls


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