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Thread: Babies Born June 2005

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    Has anyone seen Heather around lately? Just wondering how they both are.

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    lozi Guest


    Hi there everyone! I have a baby the born in June and dont know too many people with babies. I was hoping I could join your group. I am not too familiar with these forums so hopefully i am doing this right

    looking forward to chatting with you all soon


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Awwwwwwwww I haven't been getting the reminders for this thread ](*,)

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    Stormi Guest


    Hi Laura,

    Of course you can join the group!

    I'm Lisa, my daughter Makenzie was born 16th June. I also have two older boys - Cooper will be 7 in March and Riley will be 4 in March.

    We just chat about the babies and what we're up to and ask advice and have a bit of a giggle.

    So do you have a boy or girl? Whereabouts do you live?

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    lozi Guest


    Hi Lisa,

    Max was born just one day before Mackenzie 15th June! your three little ones must keep you busy. I live at Watsons Bay in Sydney, where do you live?

    Thanks for making me feel welcome.. i am looking forward to chatting


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    belmarks Guest


    Ok, something weird is going on, I was supposed to get all these replies to this forum, and I've received nothing. I wonder if Belly Belly has a virus or something?

    Anyway, welcome Laura, my son (first child) Coby was born on 12th June (emergency caesarean). I live in Fletcher (Newcastle). Wow Watsons Bay - must be a nice view!!

    Coby is going really well, sleeping much better now, he's in a little routine (I think) I started doing all the baby whisperer stuff with him and its worked so far, so hopefully that trend will continue. He's growing so much now, I swear I can go in there in the morning to get him up and he's grown overnight. Do any of your bubs seem like that too??

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    Sometimes the Notifier does play up Bel.

    Just locking this thread girls


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