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Thread: Babies Born in June 2006 #10

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    Just quickly popping in to say i hope everyone has a good couple of weeks. I'll try popping in when in Sydney when i get a chance.
    I still wanna catch up with melbourne Junies so keep me posted if u pick a date.
    I get back on the 2nd (but that first week very busy with dh 30th & wedding annav.)
    Tuesdays i have mothers group, other then that i am flexible. just send me a text if u lock in a date! Oh and Simone gets back from Perth on the 1st.
    Ciao for now!!

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    oh my!!!! balloon boobs - Sam fed at 5:45pm last night - had a nap while we had dinner (nice change) then woke up so I bathed him in preparation for the last feed. I put him in his cot while I dealt with DS#1 and he was happy so waited and waited for the call for a feed but it never came - he fell asleep. I semi swore cause I expected he'd be getting me up around eleven rather than the normal 2-3am and the resulting 3 hour feeds after that but NO he slept all the way through until 6am - can't believe it. Had to express the 2nd BB cause I was so full on both sides and he only needed one. Anyway sorry girls I can't believe it cause the longest he's ever slept is 8hrs (which I've always thought was fine just wished it was from 9 til 5 rather than 7 til 3 but you know one call at night is easily dealt with). I imagine he'll want to feed every two hours today to make up for it and I certainly don't expect to be so lucky tonight.

    Have a good trip to Sydney Nic - hope you don't swelter in the heat wave - its cooler for me to stay here in Townsville rather than go to Sydney - how strange is that.

    Dee - good to hear from you - enjoy your holidays - your off to Charters is that right??? hope the thrush clears up quickly

    Karen - good to see you.

    Ali - hope the suspected mastitis is easing if not take Karens advice and go see the GP for antibiotics - I forgot about that stage - but it will certainly help it clear up before everything gets really bad.

    KL - Moogoo was a brand of shampoo and skincare ingredients that are good for if you have a dry scalp/skin problem.

    Anyway I see we're awake in the bouncer so had better go investigate - have a good day girls

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    Creating a new thread for you girls


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