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Thread: Babies Born June 2006 #29

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    IK - oohhh... glad Oscar is turning a courner, poor little tyke.

    Baths - wow, what an event. Hugs to you darling, I know it must be bittersweet. Your little girl is becoming a woman... it is amazing.

    Mel - just saw your ticker... Marley is 7 months old...Wow... I remember seeing that under Nixon's name and thinking that is a LONG way off for us, but here it it... Congrats Marley!

    Hang in their Simone, I know it is hard not to be emotional however my experience is that if you can sepearate your head from your heart in these matters you will be able to acheive more and save more of yourself.

    Me: not much to report. DH has taken Ally this morning, but it is now 8.30 and I want her back as I miss her and she MUST need a feed... grrrr... he is not answering his mobile either... He must think I want a sleep in or something, but I just want to be with them...

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    just caught up a bit.
    Bath- wow Verity is growing up, isnt that funny (not haha funny but u know what i mean) that you got af back around the same time. I remember the first time af visited me it was such a drama.
    Year 7, school day, mum made me have some sanitry items in my bag for JIC but this particular day i took a different bag to school, ofcourse it was the day my period came so i had to go to the front office and ask for something. They handed me the biggest fattest pad i had ever seen! (was like an overnight one) Now most of you would know your first period is pretty light, so one of the office ladies actually drove me home to get what i needed and was more appropriate. hence my whole year end up finding out about it and copped s#it about it from all the boys...... So i am happy she got af BEFORE she starts highschool and doesnt have to go through what i did!

    CC- did he just take Ally on a walk or something? yeah he prob thinks he is doing a good thing but they (well my dh doesnt) realise or even think to find out when the next feed is or when its sleep time unless u tell them!

    Tenacious D- what a cracker! I love Jack Black he is funny. Not everyones tatse but i enjoyed the show. Besides it being a sauna in Festival Hall.. it was like an instant sweat box as soon as u walked in. lucky i had a skirt on i end up rolling up between my legs and stuck a bottle of water down my top! (good holding spot actually)
    it was a whole show they put on like had characters etc, they end up going to hell and they had to get some members for their band they had Kernal Sanders, Charlie Chaplin & Anti Christ (sorry for the religeous people) The drummer was amazing (kernal sanders) and really made their music come alive.
    we had dinner first down somewhere at the docklands on the water that was nice athough it was eat and go so we could get back for the start of the show.
    So i had a good night, stayed up till 2am chatting with my neighbour until dh came home.
    going back to festival hall in a week and a half to see Muse, hopefully they DAY prior to the show wont be as hot but i will know not to wear much or very light clothing.....

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    New thread time girls


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