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thread: Babies Born June 2007 #11

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    Dec 2005
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    i need to do more then that, i swear Lachie drives me crazy sometimes..... You know alot of whats been going on, but now he has gotten to this "throwing" thing, throwing things up in the air and eeing where they land, or racing a car off the table or lounge, generally ends up hitting something or someone, he doesnt listen which i expect of course at his age, but he knows when he not allowed to do something because it can hurt someone.
    Also helping Cam with rolling over and stuff is getting to me, itry not to but with lack of sleep and Cam how is is, doesnt take much fo me to get to boiling point with him these days! Which i HATE...

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    Mar 2008

    the return of dragonstorm

    well yes im back now with some time to play i ve come back to my den of information swapping. my DS is now fully in control of every aspect of our lives. sleep, eat, walk, play, tickle, punch, jump, scream,jump, pull this, pull that, knock it over, start again, poo, wee, shower, no sleep, run, ouch, sore tummy......you name it, he runs it.

    and aint that grand!!!!!8)

    till next time

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