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Thread: Babies Born March 16th - 31st 2008

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    Luey - your quote "Can Wee at least a metre and has projectile poop (a good metre also)! . IS fantastic at weeing over himself and his clean clothes and mirror after a bath or in the bath. Mummy needs to learn to wait a bit longer after he has done a poop as htere is usually more to come, especially when his legs are lifted and I am in the process of swapping nappies over" ... I sooooooo hear you! It made me laugh out loud when I read it. I swear there's been a couple of times when, if I hadn't been standing directly in front of Cam, his poop would've hit the opposite wall, a good 2m away. Boys, huh?

    Speaking of boys, both of mine (DH and Cam) are tucked up in bed together. Cam was a bit crotchety in his cot, although he was tired he didn't particularly want to sleep. As DH was going to bed anyway, we decided Cammie could take a nap with daddy. Bingo ... Cam fell asleep within one minute next to dad .

    I find if Cam has a sleep before his final feed of the day (generally 10.30pm ish), he drops straight back to sleep after he finishes BFing.

    Hope everyone is well and all bubs are behaving.

    Andie xx

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