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Thread: Babies Born May 2005 #5

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    Hi Girls - Matthew`s feeling better today, he seemedl off colour yesterday and last night but is much better today.

    Having a crap time with DH at the moment, he`s gone out and brought a $4500 motorbike for Michael - you might remember Michael having a dummy spit at Christmas time because he didn`t get a motorbike well it has obviously made DH guilty and he`s gone out and brought this very expensive bike without talking it over with me. I have no idea where the money came from and I have been brought up to share 'big' presents with my younger sister so it hasn`t gone down too well with me, I feel so heartbroken that Alister has to stand on the sidelines watching his brother ride this bike, if DH had mentioned it to me I would have said one bike to share or 2 bikes or no bike at all, I do not believe in giving one child one thing and nothing to the other when it comes to something like this. It goes to show how different we`ve both been brought up.

    Belinda - I`m feeling okay, although a bit stressed lately, I haven`t been eating much, I get too full just by eating small meals, my chocolatye craving seems to have gone and at times I forget I`m pregnant, bubs is kicking madly and I`m sure he can hear his big brother as he seems to wake when Matthew cries. How are you going?

    Angel - Sorry to hear you forgot your camera but glad to hear the class went well.

    Picked up the pixiephotos today, they are better then I expected.

    I have to go, MIL has just yelled at Matthew Grrrrr - Can you tell I`m having a great weekend - NOT

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    Your certainly full of news lately Dee, just wish it was all good news!

    Wow at the bike purchase, and i completely agree with you on the sharing presents or at least getting 2 items. It doesnt seem fair at all

    And MIL yelling at Matthew, sounds like a great weekend your having!

    Hope it gets better soon

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